2020-02-06 - Training Rewards


Steve treats Betty to pizza after another training session.

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Storyteller: {$storyteller}
Date: February 6th, 2020
Location: Mario's Pizza, Brooklyn, NYC

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A successful lesson in self-defense deserves a good slice of pizza. Given both Steve and Betty both live in Brooklyn now, the super-soldier brings it upon himself to introduce her to the best of what the borough has to offer. It continues with Mario's Pizza, an establishment considered a staple for those wanting to eat at odd hours of the day. This definitely includes the Rogers-Barnes household with their unpredictable positions at SHIELD.

"Choose whatever you want," Steve asides to Betty as they stand in the short line waiting to get to the front. He's in a comfortable leather jacket with fleece lapels, hands in pockets, and jeans over his combat boots; a Dodgers baseball cap over his wet hair (damp from a brief rinse-off at the gym's locker-room) keeps him mostly anonymous. "'s'on me. 'm bringing home extra for Buck as it stands. Dunno when he's gonna be back from his business trip out of town, so if 'm asleep, he'll have something to fish out of the fridge."

"You're so amazingly cute I sometimes can't stand it. All I can say is 'shucks darn' that I didn't meet either of you when you played for my team." She smirks, giving a little adoring dig toward Steve. Where he was fine, settled, she was still taking in deep buckets of air. She wasn't like he was, naturally, and there were some things she couldn't 'do all day', as it were. The smell of pizza, however, was face-smacking amazing.

Pondering, she looks over the menu and nibbles at her lower lip. "Mmm, two larges of whatever. Three maybe? I could murder a pie right now." Pause. "Extra cheese and pepperoni, please. And a coke." Beat. "A big one, or one in a glass bottle if you have that." Her own attire is a bit more fitting for the gym. She was still in hugging capri type pants with a light jacket over her torso. Low socks and sneakers to match - her body would hate her later once her natural heat settled and she felt the chill of ever present winter again.

Steve nods, giving Betty a polite smile. "We'll go for four since one of the pizza's mine to start with. Buck'll get the other one, you can have yours, 'nd the fourth can be for a different flavor profile." They advance to the register and the order is put in (with extra cheese and pepperoni for Betty's pizza). The clerk blinks a little bit, but makes no comment as to the volume being ordered. Betty gets her Coke in a vintage glass bottle, the Captain gets a pitcher of water, and the man then takes the number placard along with them to a booth by the window.

He slides in and then leans into the booth's backing with a quiet sigh. The number placard is set facing outwards. Icecube click into the frosted plastic glass as he pours himself a brimming volume. "So, what d'you think of Brooklyn so far?" Steve sets aside the pitcher and sips deeply of his water. By his innocent expression, the answer might be judged off of some bias in matters.

"Sounds good!" It didn't miss her attention that he didn't comment about her subtle flirt. He was a good man, one of the best after all. The slight green of the bottle in her hands causes her to smile brightly. Offering thanks, she follows Steve to their booth of choice Slipping into her side, she takes a sip and sets her drink down.

"I like it so far. It's…nice. I have a soft spot for Queens. I think I always will, but so far the placed you helped me get is amazing. I still need to get you and Buck over for dinner with Hank and me. Don't think I've forgotten about our pending double-date."

"We haven't forgotten either," Steve promises. "Just a matter of scooping out some time to do it. It's been rough for us with our own daylight hours as it stands lately." The admission comes with a sigh and shrug of the broad shoulders. "We knew what we were getting into when we moved in together. Nice thing's the both of us have vacation time in spades to access, 'nd really, these days, not much is gonna stand in the way of a request."

He glances over as a gaggle of tourists wander past the broad windows with their phones out and a brochure in-hand. "'m glad it's panning out well for you. Figured the access to the subway was worth it, even if the garbage 'nd electricity was a little higher'n usual."

"I can afford it now. That doesn't worry me. Jonah was a bit miffed when I told him he didn't have to help me anymore. I think he was both sad and proud at the same time." She smiles gently and takes another sip. "You and Buck don't get much time together?" She inquires now, a soft pout forming on her gym-blanched features.

"Bet Jonah was. He seems to have taken a shine to you." This, Steve supposes by memories of what Betty's shared with him over the months. He takes another deep sip of water before he continues.

"'s'not that we don't have time together." The super-soldier's expression turns inwards as he thinks of how to explain it. "Neither of us're going anywhere, not anymore. We know where each other's going if they're out of town on business. Days off are treasured things because they almost weren't at all. Quiet's a thing we're both not used to, but at the same time, there's something to lying on the couch with your feet up 'nd reading the paper — maybe turn over laundry if you're feeling audacious." He grins and a dimple shows at one side.

"Well yeah. He's the reason mom and me came to New York in the first place. Mom use to work for him, and when we got into trouble, he helped us. Gave me a job when I was 16, and paid for our lil place in Queens." She nods, hunching forward and crossing her arms atop the table. "He's a good man. Stubborn, but good. He's actually a big fan of yours." She smirks. Who wasn't?

"No, I get that. I just like knowing that people I care about actually get to do things that make them happy. I'm new to this whole…hero stuff. I don't even think I can be called a hero, honestly. But I also understand there's more to life than just your duty, y'know?"

Steve nods at the history of Jonah helping out Betty and her family, and by the cast of his small smile, he approves. The big fan would be pleased to know of this, surely!

"Life can't happen without some form of duty, but it's not all racing off to put out every fire. Firefighters're around for that, to pick an example. Can't put out every fire that starts up yourself. 's'why you need back-up, a team, friends — " He lifts a hand off his sweating water glass in another form of a shrug. "Everybody's a hero somehow. Maybe some of us are heroes in small ways, 'nd some catastrophes end up giving a bigger impression. There's a work-life balance, I agree."

Betty Brant nods gently, sitting back as their pizzas arrive. Her face is bright and grateful as her voice gives a very pleased 'thank you' to the wait staff. Muttering, she comments about hating to wait due to not wanting to melt the insides of her mouth away. Due to that wait, she sits back and faces Steve directly. "Thank you," she begins, "for everything you've done for me so far. A new place to live. Support. Training?" A soft smile, she lowers her eyes briefly. "Thank you for allowing me to be your friend, S-" she pauses and looks around. Seems safe enough. "Steve."

"No problem, Betty," the Captain replies. No one seems to have overheard the slip of his first name and, so far, no one's seems to have noticed him at all. It's nice, this breath of anonymity. "Dunno that it's a matter of 'allowing', necessarily. Not the right word," he muses with no real intent to continue further on that thought. "Figure helping you find a new place to live 'nd making sure you're safe is more'n enough to pay back for when things got hairy."

And if he's aware of his pun, Steve masterfully hides it as he collects two slices of still-steaming pizza for his own plate without using the serving tool. What's a grease burn? Maybe the Captain has 'asbesto hands' — or it's the serum, healing what burns in rapid ease. Kids, don't try this at home.

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