2020-02-06 - Non-Biometrics


Whilst trying to program the biometrics for Jono - who doesn't HAVE biological systems - Hank finds himself bullied into taking care of himself a bit better

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Feb 6 02:46:17 2020
Location: Institute - Library

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Jono's been at the school a couple days now, and Hank is STILL working out calibrating the biometric sensors to the lad's non-physiology, sheesh. He had to invent a new math just to compensate! Okay, granted, Hank /likes/ inventing new maths…but he's rather odd that way. Today finds the man dressed in cobalt blue dress slacks, size twenty dress shoes, a white button down shirt and a vest to match the slacks. At his throat is an honest to goodness bow tie and his specs tonight are round with silver frames.

"Alright, Mister Starsmore, we've got most of the readings I need, methinks. There are however some additional forms we need to fill out before your final enrollment will be complete." Hank places a flat silver square on the table top that's about three inches on a side and a quarter inch thing. "Try this, press your hand to it…"

Jonothon is anything but neat. Not dirty of course as he does bathe, but with his hunched appearance and mussed hair he might be a little out of place. There's a not about paperwork, for that's not a surprise. The silver thing, well, that is. Dark eyes flicker between it and the scientist. Press his hand? Here's to hoping he gets to keep his hand… Jono touches the silver square and watches as a hologram flickers nearly to life, and then shuts down again. An eyebrow arches at Hank. But the teen lifts his hand and tries again with similar results.

Catseye strolls in, tail twitching lazily behind her, and basket in one hand. She gives Jono a briefly curious look before rounding on Dr McCoy, "Drove out here on school night. Guess /why/? Seems /someone/ bypassed minder program. Or thought they did. Thought could get away with only SIX HOURS sleep in last 48." She looks at Dr McCoy with wide-eyed mock innocence. "Any idea WHO, Doctor McCoy?" Yup, she's annoyed if she's using his last name.

Hisako is looking rather less relaxed than Catseye as she enters the library, frowning at her smartphone's screen. Anyone looking over her shoulder - physically or, heaven forbid, telepathically - would pick out that the object of her annoyance is a list of books she needs to check out, mostly early 20th century science-fiction and horror.

Hearing Catseye genteelly scolding Hank, though, gets the Japanese girl to lower her phone and take a more deliberate look around than just 'don't bump into anyone or anything' navigation. Rather than take a side in the debate, though, she bows politely to the young man who's so heavily wrapped up. "Good evening. I don't think we've crossed paths yet," she says politely, offering a friendly smile. "I'm Hisako."

A sigh when the holographic…whatevers…flicker and don't quite coalesce, and then Hank smiles. "So. On the right right track." See? Glass half-full, not half-empty. Settling into a seat, he taps the side of his glasses and they morph into a visor, golden-amber in hue. From a pocket in the vest he pulls out a small case, and then right there digs out some tools and opens the device up. "I wanted to make a biometric keyed terminal interface for you, Jonothon. It would only work on the grounds but it would help with your school work and such."

And then Catseye saunters in, the slow tail swish of doom and use of the last name telling him he's probably in a bit of trouble. "Ah, hello, Catseye…this is Jonothon Starsmore, from the UK, he's a new enrollee." Yes, distract with new person! That absolutely has a miniscule chance of working.

And then ANOTHER distraction arrives, at least in potential, the odds increase to merely abysmal! "Hisako Ichiki, meet Jonothon Starsmore, Jonothon…Miss Ichiki, also known as Armour."

Suddenly.. a room full of people! Jonothon seems a little amused at poor Hank, but isn't the type to find pleasure in other's troubles, so he looks first to Catseye, and then Hisako. There's a simple nod of the head and he lifts a hand in greeting. Hank takes care of introductions, leaving the skinny teen to hesitate before he asks, « Armour? » Not quite getting it. Of course if you have mindshields you may not even hear him at all. His mental voice does have a British accent as well.

Catseye nods politely to Jono, then turns back to Hank, "Doesn't smell like is dying, and a biometric interface is -not- worth skipping sleep. Lack of sleep leads to -mistakes-. And been skipping meals too." And then Hank dives into the work and she growls a little, and pulls out a custom tablet. "HenryPhilipMcCoy. Throw math and schematics to Catseye's pad. And EAT something." She pushes the picnic basket at Hank, giving him a steely look, her tail fluffing a bit. Nope, not distracted at all by Ichiki's arrival. If Hank tosses her the info, she'll dive into it while he hopefully eats some of the food she brought.

Hisako nods, "Armor, yes. It's good to meet you, Jonothon; I'm sure you've already heard your share of this, but welcome to the Institute."

She pauses, looking between Hank and Catseye. "Perhaps a break *is* in order, Doctor," Hisako says wryly. "I'm sure Jonothon isn't in so much of a hurry to start his classwork that you need to skip a meal tending to his needs. Besides, if the Danger Room decides to break down or something, you'll wish you were already caught up on sleep beforehand." She gives the basket's contents a quick glance, then raises her eyebrows. "Might be making up for more than one meal there. Can I steal a bun for later?" she asks the feline mutant, smiling semi-playfully.

The teen actually motions a sigh, for all he can't make one. Jonothon does not breathe, so he may come off as subtly disturbing since he doesn't move in ways a human should. There's a little frown at Hisako, but he decides that he isn't going to ask again. Instead he motions a hand to assure that breaks are just fine. It'll bring him to lean back and slouch slightly in his chair. From that he watches the interactions. Catseye's method of speaking threw him to start, and he wants to figure it out a little more.

A miniscule hunch of his shoulders when his distraction ploys prove fruitless, fortunately, the basket has a nice fruit salad, so it is not! Hank studies Sharon's set expression, and focus, then nods and yields - the info swiped to her pad. Mind, there's not obvious display or anything, though the inside of the visor /does/ have some flickers of light, which fade when he does the swipe.

"I am almost positive it is a fault in the finger print reader's extrapolation algorithm, Catseye."

Having given a possible clue as to what to investigate, he does check out the basket and after selecting a deli sandwich, offers a bun to Hisako. "There's enough here to feed me for a week." A pause. "Well, two days, still. I only missed…" A moment to recall. "…two meals, AND I had a protein b bar just ten hours ago."

Catseye smiles at Hisako, her tail hooking in a happier question mark shape. Really, if you're familiar with cats, you can follow all of her moods by watching her tail. "Yes, brought extra in case there was a crisis so help self. Easier to get DoctorMcCoy to eat if can just shove prepared food into hand between working. Sometimes will eat without realizing Catseye gave food." Her tail loops in amusement. "And if was crisis, Catseye would be working with DoctorHank through the night, so extra food is good. And doesn't go to waste here." Not in a school full of hungry students!

Catseye pulls up the formula, runs through it, then her eyes look upward, blinking as she runs numbers in her head… "Did not put cap on amplification function… when gets a better than expected reading, causes buffer overflow." She taps the pad with her nail tips, using them like a stylus as she quickly drafts an algorithm. "Add this and tweak as needed."

Catseye seems to have an adversion to pronouns. As if her thoughts weren't in English… which, to be fair, most of them aren't. Her mind works mostly on a non-verbal level, language a thin veneer laid on top.

"Chocolate," Hisako requests of Hank. If that's the bun he holds out for her, all the better; if not … well, if he wants to save the chocolate for himself, who is she to argue?

Bun in hand, she pulls out a seat next to Hank and sits down, dividing her attention between the pastry, her phone, and Jonothon. She's not quite sure what to make of him yet, and a little hesitant to broach topics at random. But he's also not much of a talker, or so it would appear …

She pauses abruptly, looking between her bitten-into roll and the new student. Who 'speaks' via telepathy, and whose mouth is covered up entirely, and who hasn't asked about a sandwich or a bun or anything. Hisako's gaze slowly tracks over to Hank, as if seeking guidance on whether it's a good idea to *ask* what she's wondering. On the other hand, Hisako's not a 'transmitting' telepath either …

Jonothon hasn't asked, no. And frankly he doesn't seem interested either. Which.. isn't exactly honest. He would love to be able to eat, but that's the way things go with powers sometimes. The dark head tilts at Hisako as she glances between roll and him. Yeah, he's picking up on that body language, and mostly seems amused. If the smiling eyes are any sign anyway. He does eye Hank too, and reaches over to slowly cover the silver square and pull it towards him. Nope, not working on that until after food. It'll get slowly tucked into his jacket where it's close to his torso.

At the mention of prepared food, Hank eats the sandwich he selected…completely unaware that he just snarfed a full size sub in like three bites. "You hid a copy of the minder in one of the server's banks of ROMs, didn't you?" Hank asks the purple haired cat girl. The INSTANT she finds the error, he is about to reach for the small plate when Jono joins the conspiracy and snags the thing away before he can.

The Brit youth is given a mildly reproving look, and then he simply accepts (a big part of him thankful for people doing so) that he's going to have to wait.

And yes, by sheer good fortune the bun Hank selected for Hisako was chocolate! He also made a little room for her when she sits.

A second sandwich is taken out, and this one eaten far less rapidly. Once he IS eating, Hank eats with a good appetite. "Jonothon, we tend towards using codenames. Catseye prefers hers to her given name, Sharon. Hisako's is chosen to reflect her power, and I go by Beast."

Catseye gives a sniff, "Hid -multiple- copies of the minder in multiple locations. Self-healing, self-restoring. To watch over DoctorHank while Catseye is at Columbia." She nods to Jono, "Legally, is Sharon Frost. But have lived more as Cat than as Smoothskin. Someone calls Sharon, Catseye expects it to be a teacher or adopted Mother." And with the last name of Frost, some might guess who adopted her. "Currently double-majoring, Programming and Electrical Engineering. Though about Mathematics, but need to be practical. At least for first degrees."

"Not that I always use my codename," Hisako admits. "I try to stick to my regular name in informal settings, as it were. 'Armor' is more for … well, when I'd want to keep my civilian identity under wraps."

In short, save the codename for superhero things, it sounds like. As if she doesn't automatically think of the Institute as a 'superhero' context.

Suddenly a great many things make sense now! Jonothon hadn't made the connection of Armour being a code name! He sure didn't think of his time here as being to learn to be a superhero. Currently he doesn't believe he has one, for all Xavier is sure to have given him one regardless. « Seems I'm the only one not in the loop. » Which has been a trifle frustrating. He'll learn. The teen does lean forward and poke that basket, trying to make it slide closer to Hank. His look is firm. Eat!

"Of course you did." Hank says with a mix of chagrin and approval. And it is just not worth his time to hunt them all down, also no doubt according to Cat's plan. The surname, however, that's news to him and he looks up with interest. "Really, you're a Frost now? Interesting." A glance to Jono. "She's a shapeshifter." And clearly she's also rather on the smart side.

A smile to Hisako as he replays part of the conversation, and realizes he missed her look. "Ah…the Professor sent Jonothon the invite." He looks to the young man as he pushes food towards him, and then takes up the tupperware bowl of fruit salad, before turning back to the young lady next to him. "His powers present a unique problem for the security systems here, so I was working on a 'Starsmore Detector', starting with the portable terminal he's got in his pocket where I cannot effect the needed repairs." Nope, not even a dram of reproach!

A smile to Sharon. "Please, finish the repairs and calibrate it? Once done it will upload the schema to the security system for the rest of the Institute."

Rising, Hank looks to all three present. "Forgive me, now that I've taken a moment to eat, I think I might just be in need of some shuteye." A gentle grip to Hisako's shoulder, and a scritch behind Cat's ear before he turns towards Jono. "We'll finish the enrollment in the morning after I've had some sleep."

Catseye gestures, indicating the lavender cat-slitted eyes, lavender hair, lavender tail. "Can't hide that Catseye is mutant. So might as well be Catseye. Describes who Catseye is. 'Sharon Smith' was sounds made up for human paperwork. 'Sharon Frost' is better, because MotherMotherFrost adopted Catseye, Frost means something." She nods to Hank, "Was part of Christmas present. Made Priscilla and Catseye legally daughters. Board of Directors less than amused." Catseye looks thoughtful. "Might have been what triggered the kidnapping." Wait what?

Catseye nods, "Will do the updates, go sleep." She purrs at the scritching then looks over at Jono for the device.

"Sleep well, Hank," Hisako says to the good doctor, waving. "I'll be trying to hunt down these books that were assigned in Survey of Comparative Literature …" She holds up her phone, managing to convey a cheerful sort of mild annoyance about the homework in question.

Catseye's mention of 'kidnapping' *does* get a curious look from Hisako. Not merely interested and concerned, either. Like she might want to have 'words' with whoever tried to kidnap one of her friends.

Jonothon nods and gives Catseye the silver square without issue. He only wanted to be sure Hank didn't find another distraction. There's a nod to her, but he doesn't really say much. Instead he rises to his feet, « Thanks, gel. » There's a nod to the two women, but he decides not to linger. Pulls out his phone and takes himself out of the library.

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