2020-02-02 - A Little Short Sighted


Continuing their journey inside the barrier, Samurai, Zeal and Batgirl find a new … ally. (Back dated scene)

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Feb 2 10:05:46 2020
Location: Inside The Barrier

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As Batgirl, Silver Samurai and Zeal exit the forest they've been traversing, they find the sun is starting to dip low in the sky. Not night, but late afternoon, and the effect on the meadow that stretches before them is quite stunning.

To their East and South, mountains tower quite close. To the West - it's all meadow. Straight ahead of them, they can see the outline of a village, smoke curling lazily into the air.

"This Amara is likely to be in those mountains, or under them, if she's a Drow." Batgirl says to her companions as they walk. "Given the hour, do you want to try the village given the hour or continue to the mountains?"

A shadow seems to move across the line of the mountains. Makes sense, there are birds out this way.

The SIlver Samurai is as ever, quite obvious. He would shed his armor to move more fluidly and quietly. However that seems like a good way to get dead. So he's left the armor on. He glances around. That shadow… what was that?

Probably a bird.

"The mountains. We do not want to spend too much time here. Let us get there and then depart. The longer we remain the less certain the mental protections become and we do not want to be trapped here."

Golem-Zeal looks to her liege lady, and ponders. "Mayhaps there will be a smith able to effect repairs to mine fingers." She has two on her left hand that were damaged in the big fight against the orcs, in the real world that was a lot of fun! Not. And who knows, repairs here might translate to repairs /there/. One can hope, right?

A firm nod. "I think we needs must check the town, it could prove a place to gather intel for use on our mission." She adds, and then nods. "The call is yours, my inclination is the town."

Ken's words however, give the girl pause. She sees how on edge he is, even for him, and she is well aware of his greater experience, indeed both he and Batgirl have far more experience than she. "And now I am conflicted, m'lady, Silver Samurai's words are wise as well. There is something to be said for swift action taken decisively."

Avery also noticed the shadow, she keeps her senses peeled in case there's more of them, but yeah…probably just a bird.

"This is a democracy, you know." Batgirl mutters at the pair, looking between the village and the mountains. "Mountains. The Samurai is right. We were told that these charms won't last indefinitely and we've been here long enough as it is."

She turns towards the foothills and follows a path that can barely seen in the grass. It winds next to the forest and climbs slowly. "I would have preferred to rest some but I don't think we can afford to."

Her bow is slung over her shoulder and there's a slight hitch to her gait. She's not complained about pain but anyone who knows will recognise that's what it is.

The shadow passes again and then again ….

Zeal and Samurai feel a rush of wind as *massive* wings beat down over them, and Batgirl is grabbed in a pair massive talons.

That, is a goddamn dragon and it rises so quickly that neither can get a shot off. They can follow it visually - to see it perch on the mountain ahead of them. They'll have to get there.

Unfortunately Ken doesn't have anything to MAKE a shot with so the speed of the dragon's escape is all the more galling. "Batgirl!" He calls out before swearing sulphurously in Japanese. Yeah. He doesn't like this. Not one bit.

"Come on!" It doesn't actually occur to him to tell Zeal to teleport. He just takes off at a run. He's quite fit. He can run for quite some time.

"A democracy? As you wish, m'lady." Yeah, direct contradiction in terms there, she's agreeing - with her sworn lady, the holder of her honor. About being in a democracy. She nods about the chosen path, and is ready to get underway when there's that swoop and snatch. Golem-Zeal is shocked to not have time to act, the attack was just that sudden, she's accustomed to better reaction times. "Lady!" She takes a couple steps herself in pursuit and then skips ahead of the Samurai, and offers a hand. "Master Samurai, take my hand!" She offers it, and should he grip it, she then inhales, and then they skip through space and the Space Between Breaths to emerge on the rocks behind the dragon — assuming nothing blocks her of course.

The Dragon has roosted on a high perch. Zeal can certainly get them there. When they emerge from the Space Between Breaths the air is thinner and chiller and the Dragon is guarding the entrance to a cave.

It's only a matter of moments before a blast of heated breath washes over them. No flames at this point but there could well be.

Of Batgirl, there is no sign.

This dragon though, is a beauty. Or … big. Depends on how you look at it. Its head and shoulders are outside the entry, the rest of the body inside.

"This isn't really the time to-WHOAH!" Oh yeah. She can do that. He'd forgotten. Once they arrive Ken just steps into the middle of the road with his blade. He just CANNOT hide with this armor and there's no real point in trying to do so. He does motion to Zeal though. Perhaps she can get in there and search for Batgirl. She can't have gone far, right? Hopefully?

"You require more regular brushing." He says to the dragon in a very disapproving tone after the heated breath has washed over them.

"Hold hands?" Zeal manages with a hint of a smile, and then they Walk Between, and he steps forward which gives the much smaller woman a chance to see what she can see, if she can make out sufficient details to port past the dragon she will, but if not she'll skip-step between to a spot where she will hopefully be out of sight and mind. Clearly the Samurai is inviting the dragon to dance, and that might just give her an opportunity to slip past and seek her Lady liege.

Either way, she is not going to stay where dragonfire is a potential hazard - particularly not wanting to clump up for mass damage.

Zeals skip-step, takes her close enough that she see just past the dragon. It's dark in there but she can make enough to be able to port just behind the monstrous creature. When she does, she finds herself resting just behind an enormous hind leg - which has to be worrying. The rest of the cave - for this a cave - is shrouded in darkness - Zeal had better have a way to create light or find a torch.

As for the Samurai, the Dragon moves its massive head to peer at him. "I try, you know. But it's hard. Reaching the back fangs when bones are so scarce."

The damn thing speaks with an English accent and all. "Tell me, are you one of those who call themselves St George?"

And yes, Zeal can hear all of this.

The Samurai keeps his blade held up. That's an interesting question and he has to wrack his brain for an answer. Something about knights and dragon slayers. English he thinks. Maybe welsh. Occidental mythology is not his strong suit.

"No…" The word is drawn out like he has to make sure that he isn't. "No, I am not. I come from a land where dragons are symbols of wisdom." When they haven't gone insane. Cough, Legend of the Dragon King, cough.

Where ARE the other two?

Zeal doesn't have any means to make light, so…once she's in that spot behind the dragon she takes a moment to seek somewhere a bit less worrisome to settle, then unbinds her location memory near the Bayonne Bridge, and spends time, perhaps a couple minutes committing this new location to memory in its place.

She looks past the dragon and into the woods. She's got solid woodcraft skills, it won't take her long to make a couple torches. Once that's done, and one of them lit, she jumps back to the cave, and then will move quickly to delve deeper

If it goes well, the Silver Samurai will keep the dragon distracted long enough for Avery to find Batirl.
Either way, he'll likely see the flicker of torchlight that appears behind the dragon.

"Is that so. You would be one of the first in this new land to not do so. So many think to try and prove themselves against me. It really is no fun, just melting them but I have to. Do you know what I mean?" It's such a *chatty* dragon. "What land do you hail from where Dragons are so revered, Knight?"

From where Ken is standing he can see that the dragons front left … paw? … has something sticking from it. And it looks like it's going bad.

As for Zeal, when the cave lit, she can see something that glitters a little further back and the shape of a person sitting atop it.

"From the Empire in the Land Where the Sun Rises." He does not say 'From Japan' because that might not mean anything to this dragon. But the Land of the Rising Sun is evocative and even if you don't know where that is, it sets the imagination spinning.

Samurai DOES see the torchlight and knows he has to keep talking. Or try to, anyway.

"What is that in your… hand? Paw? It looks painful."

Listening in, Avery can't help but think 'Dragonslaying /is/ a true test of one's mettle!', and then she remembers that what she remembers of dragons - isn't, and she almost sighs, only remembering to keep her profile low at the last moment. Seeing the glittering in the dark, and the seated person, she moves towards it at a pace that is the best compromise she can manage between stealthy and speedy, after all, she has no idea how long the Samurai will be able to keep the dragon busy.

Just in case she holds a short blade in her free hand, the length pressed to the back of her arm so it is not visible readily on her approach. Softly. "Lady?"

The Dragon looks at it paw, a curl of brimstone smoke coming from a nostril. It's large, multifaceted, eye landing on Ken. "Ummmmm. Would you believe I stepped on one of the Knights that came at me? And now I can't get him out of me." Ken can see more clearly as the paw is held up, that it's a femur sticking from the pad of the foot. And it's festering.

Inside, Batgirl has her bow held ready, aimed at the approaching Zeal. "Zeal…." she hisses. "… where's Samurai? The dragon is still out there." As she goes to put her bow down, a chain slithers to the floor - one that had clearly been attached to the woman. "Can you get us out of here?"

The Samurai huhs and goes to pick up a small, thin rock from the path. He motions for the dragon to bring it on down. "Let me see."

When the dragon does so he very carefully cuts the bone off. And then pulls to get the bit stuck in out. Mmmm.

"Let me just… cut a little here. Might hurt." He does cut into the dragon's 'palm' but very carefully and lightly. There. That's done it.

"Clean that." Is all he says, tossing the rock away.

"Oh yes. About the woman you took back down there in the valley… why?"

Relieved to find her lady, Avery doesn't even bat an eye at the nocked arrow. "The Samurai is presently distracting the beast, though, she seems well spoken and not very bestial at all." Observes the golem girl. "Aye, I can get us out, but only with line of sight, it is possible that she might well see us, m'lady." That said, she stands ready to teleport them to freedom, forewarned and all that.

The blade is tucked away once more, and Avery leads them back to the entryway, and stubs out her torch, before offering Babs a hand. "Ready?" People really seldom are, even when they think so, still, Batgirl has been through this more than just about anyone but Avery herself. Inhale, infinity of light and chill, vertigo…and then an exhale later they're outside the cave, some small distance behind the Silver Surgeon…err…Samurai!

The Dragon hisses, more smoke curling from its nose as the Samurai operates. It's a sigh a of relief when the bone is fully removed. "My thanks. How do I call you, Knight? My name is Xathies and for your kindness, I am in your debt."


"Woman?" Xathies actually looked confused which is no mean feat for a Dragon. "The valley … oh, you mean the bandit? With the redhair? Wait, that was a woman? I thought it was a man. One of the bandits who have been raiding my lair … I was going to keep him to become part of my hoarde."

The dragon almost squints at Ken as it speaks. It seems to be trying to see him, more clearly.

Batgirl and Zeal appear just beyond the Samurai, in full line of sight of the creature. "Is there someone else there, I can … smell them."

"Possibly. That woman is a… freedom fighter. We were looking for the elf Amara." Samurai has to try to explain and rather quickly in terms this dragon can understand…

"She has a follower. One who is good at getting places. That follower probably took exception to her being abducted. I would not try to keep her as part of your hoard either. Redheads. You know."

He's in trouble for that later.

Prepeared for battle, Golem-Zeal is a little surprised to hear fairly congenial conversation ongoing. Well, THAT is a relief. Peridot eyes study the dragon, admiring the clean lines of her massive form, truly, she's a beautiful creature all said and done. What is /really/ surprising is that the dragon cannot seem to see them - possibly not at all, but perhaps just poorly. Her voice turned a bit metallic, Avery speaks. "I am Zeal, Lady Dragon."

She moves a couple steps closer as the Samurai seeks more information, and is prepared to jump them all to safety if there's need…hopefully they'll all be in her arm's reach!

"Lady …. I think not, Zeal." Xathies chuckles and squints at Zeal and then Ken. "Are you telling me, Knight, that I took the wrong person?" The way the dragon is peering, might indicate that he's trouble seeing.

"I heard that." Batgirl says quietly to Samurai as she draws closer. "The Samurai is right. I am not a good addition to your hoard. I was ready to escape by the time Zeal appeared. I am known as Batgirl and this is Silver Samurai."

"The elf Amara?" More smoke curls from Xathies nose. "She is nothing but no good. It is her predations that cause the villagers to seek me out. I was promised a quiet lair, away from everywhere, and … she is ruining that. Why … do you seek her?"

"So that the village may live in peace." That's the simplest answer and not entirely a lie. They want to break the spell but it's no good explaining to anyone in here that there IS a spell. Especially not if this Dragon wants the spell there.

"Hello Batgirl. This is Xathies. You may have met." He looks at Zeal and nods in greeting. "Now where were you before that this is an improvement?"

"Ah, forgive me, Lord Xathies." Zeal says with a hint of embarrassment very visible, were she flesh and blood she'd surely be blushing. "mm, red heads are known for their fiery temperaments." She observes, and yeah, she might be in trouble too! She nods confirmation when Batgirl makes her own introductions, and then listens intently to the dragon about Amara.

Silent once more, she lets the Samurai and her Liege speak of the plan. Avery does keep her eyes open though, well, they're /fixed/ in the open position of course, being actual semi-precious stones, just in case there's any of those raiding bandits in the area. Because that would be in keeping with their usual luck!

Xathies chuckles, causing sulfurous smoke to belch from his nose. "You are forgiven, Zeal. And that Samurai is a good question. Where I was once a place just like this - almost. A high weir where I could nest. Plenty of land for me to hunt on. Then … the buildings came. A small village at first but it grew and grew. Soon, my weir was threatened by the progress and my hunting grounds no more. I … had nowhere left."

The Dragon sighs and looks out over the view "My eyesight isn't what it once was. The pollution from the cities have affected it. It was in England, Silver Samurai, that I once came from."

It's quiet for a moment. "If you are going to make it better for the village, it will make it better for me." He ponders, turning his head to look at Zeal, then Samurai, then Batgirl in turn. "I owe you for your kindness, Samurai. I would ask a boon from you all though … I can show you where, take you too, Amara's lair, if you agree."

"We would be obliged and honored if you would do that and may offer you some advice beyond that. What boon would you seek of us?" The Samuari glances at the others and then takes a step closer to.

"You might consider relocating to Japan. Less pollution, and if you go to one of the mountains away from civilization you may find the locals make offerings to you. Especially if you give them wisdom or boons like good weather."

Because dragons are a thing and Kami are revered.

Avery inclines her head to the dragon, and then reconsiders, making it a full bow as he cannot see very well. "You are kind, Lord Dragon." Of course he can scent that Zeal is not made of flesh and blood, but copper and wood and leather in spots. She listens intently to the dragon's story, and it really does strike a chord in the girl's presently entirely metaphorical heart to hear how his life has changed over who knows how long a span. "Dragons…are immortal, Lord Xathies, are they not?"

She bows her head to the dragon, once more. "An it be within my means, I will aid you should my Lady Permit, ancient one." She definitely thinks that the Samurai's advice is good, smiling encouragement to the great beast.

"We are extremely long lived, Zeal. Whether that is immortal or not … " Xathies answers, sort of. "Japan? This is the Land Where The Sun Rises?" He questions the Samurai. "You would introduce me there and help me … relocate?"

"When you are ready, I will take you on my back. I won't be able to get you all the way there, but close. And it will save you much travel."

"I would ask you visit with me, from time to time. It grows lonely and … you didn't attack me."

Well now. That's going to be difficult, isn't it?

"I would be happy to and I would be happy to come visit while you are here." Samurai says carefully, as if mentally making sure he can do that. "And we would be happy to do that, but the hour is growing late and it would be best if we were not caught out at dark. We shall return soon and take you up on that. After we visit, as is proper of course."

Isn't that right, everyone?

See, Avery is fairly sure that if they break the spell that the dragon may not be able to be visited, not easily, surely not by herself. She cannot travel to other worlds - well, other worlds besides the Space Between Breaths, and that has never a destination - merely a conduit. She DOES hope that the Samurai can relocate him, because honestly, a dragon to visit would be /awesome/. She'd totally memorize a spot in his new cave, and she'd visit frequently, maybe even bring a friend along, and treats!

Okay, so, she's a little fascinated by a dragon that isn't a murderous lands wasting brute. Since she's rather terrible at misleading or lying, Zeal simply stays silent until the Samurai makes his offer, and Avery nods. "And I will come too." She promises and she means it.

Batgirl nods from behind the other two. "We will visit with you but for now we must return to our village." Kens already covered this off.

Given Zeal now has these coordinates, she should be able to get them back and forth, shouldn't she? Batgirl isn't sure how that works.

Xathies snorts, smoke belching again from his nostrils. "This is all good. I will await your return and then convey you onwards. Forgive my indiscretion, Batgirl. I meant no disrespect. And I think your companions are correct that a redhead might be problematic… "

Batgirl snorts and gestures to her companions. It's time to go.

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