2020-02-01 - With Spidey You Get Wonton


MJ surprises Peter at a Chinese buffet

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Date: Sat Feb 1 21:46:46 2020
Location: RP Room 2

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There are a few things in this world that some people declare evil.

Murderers, politicians, and dentists. But there was nothing more evil than what Mary Jane had planned for Peter today.

Due to school, Mary Jane really hasn't caught up with her best friend. Her relationship with Miles was still going strong, but their dedication to getting good grades took top shelf, and on top of the video that Mary Jane was involved in, featuring Mari McCabe's latest design nearly took a dozen reshoots due to a very picky artist. But she loved the work, yet loved her friends more. So she decided to rent out a space, keep the cooks and owners onto the chinese restaurant that her and Peter used to hang. The buffet was stocked with hot foods still, and people were there to cater to it.

As Mary Jane waits, she claps happily as the owners wife hangs a sign that says.. 'Happy Birthday Peter Parker!', knowing damn well it wasn't his birthday. A few onlookers walk past to peek in the window, saddened that it was closed, in which.. Mary Jane gestures to let them in anyways. Oh well!

"Okay, Um.. play some weird nursery rhyme music or something, he should be here any minute!"

Today, Mary Jane was an asshole.

Peter Parker didn't know what he was in for, just showing up in his usual hoodie and jeans. He'd been up late doing Spidey stuff, so he was a little drowsy and achey after going a few rounds with a street gang that had turned out to be larger than he had expected.

He notices the sign and blinks for a moment, cocking his head. He looks around for a moment, as if expecting some sort of camera crew to pop out. The door is opened for him and he hears the strange music as he comes into the restaurant, noticing that it's mostly empty. "Uh oh," he mutters to himself. He doesn't know what MJ has in store, but he can already tell that shenanigans are afoot.

"MJ?" he calls out. "What's going on?"

MOSTLY empty, save for the little family in the back who were currently in the midst of grabbing their food and sniggering quietly at the sound of Peter's confusion.

"Happy Birthday!" Mary Jane performs, her hands outstretched, as if she had presented the world to Peter and handed it to him. All in all, it was a very elaborate and really no nonsense lunch. Lunch for two, well, now seven, all paid for by Mary Jane.

"So I haven't seen you in a while, I figured a chinese buffet all to ourselves would make up for me being a horrible friend?" She makes a face, as if she were going to get scolded. "Annnd..pretty sure I missed a birthday so. Happy birthday?"

Peter Parker can't help but laugh, shaking his head, "You're a very strange person, Mary Jane Watson," he says. He sees the little family back there and gives them an apologetic wave, "Sorry for the weirdness!"

"And you're not a horrible friend, you're just busy. You're an up and coming superstar of stage and screen. I'm surprised there aren't paparazzi outside waiting to snap a picture of you in your natural habitat - stuffing your face," he teases.

He goes over to peruse the buffet, "Ooooooo, beefy rolls."

"And you're not?" She's refering to him being Spider Man! She gets up and follows him, grabbing herself two plates which were placed upon the serving area, slid down so that she could add her food. "Oh god. So, I haven't eaten a real and decent meal in a -very- long time. So I wouldn't be surprised if someones lurking in the shadows.." Yes. She loads up on General Tso, Sweet and sour pork, fried rice, the chicken and a few spring rolls. She even gets a few beef sticks, crab rangoon and shrimp balls! Love those shrimp balls.. "Mm, I miss my natural habitat.."

Peter Parker gets a fairly similar pile for himself, throwing in some orange chicken and a healthy pile of spare ribs. He settles in at the table after getting himself a coke from the soda dispenser, "I've mostly been going on convenience store food myself. Haven't been able to get to my aunt's in a while and I don't have enough money to eat out too often. Oh, I did have a Digiorno last week. Luxury," he grins.

Mary Jane nearly looked ashamed at the amount of food she was preparing to eat. It almost looked as if she had done this all for herself..

As she settles into the table, she picks up chopsticks and gets ready to eat. "All salad here.." She says sadly, munching away.. thankful that her hair is tied back into a ponytail. "So, what I think I'm going to do is order a food service for you and Miles." She picks up a piece of orange chicken, then quickly pops it into her mouth, chewing before she speaks.

"You mainly because of your extra activities. I know it's pretty weird not knowing when you'll be home, but one single delivery that covers three days at six a.m should do the trick." She had forgotten her drink! "I'll be right back!"

Peter Parker considers, "Is it one of those where I'm sauteeing chicken and stuff? Because I have no idea how to do that," he grins.

He digs into his ribs, using a napkin to clean up the mess it makes on his hands and face, sitting back contentedly. He makes awkward eye contact with the family again, who seem to be watching the pair intently, gossiping among themselves. One of them recognizes MJ, at least, but they have no idea who the guy with her is.

"Get me some of those sugar rolls while you're up!" he calls to MJ.

A plate of sugar rolls were obtained for the both of them, she had totally forgotten about it! Her cup of soda was filled and soon she returns to the table, placing the plate in the middle. "No, it's not one of those. They prepare it for you, all you have to do is either put it in the oven or the microwave. It tells you which to choose." She begins eating again, then shrugs.

"I know you're well and all, but you do need to eat. Especially if you're not seeing Aunt May as much." Thankfully, their aunts are friends, right?

Peter Parker whews, "Okay, that I can probably handle. Microwaving is absolutely my speed," he says. "Yeah, she calls and bugs me about how much I'm eating a lot. I'm trying to get her to Facetime with me sometimes, but she's not super great with it. She mostly uses her phone to play bubble pop games, I think," he says.

He takes a sugar roll, stuffing almost the whole thing into his mouth and momentarily silenced as he chews the doughy treat. "So, you lined up your next project yet?"

"Maybe?" Mary Jane confesses. "Since Valentines day is coming up, I've spoken with a director about doing a quick Lifetime movie. Nothing like, women overcoming adversaries or running away from danger. Something loving. Her premise was about a family of unlucky people who happen to find love at the same time under weird circumstances. I think that's pretty cool and lowkey." She picks up a spoon, just for the rice, and begins to eat.

"Everything is being filmed in New York, script is all ready, I just have at least.. two more days to read it and decide if I want to be in it. She hopes to do what Tyler Perry did and shoot it in five days.." She laughs at that, then shrugs. "I mean, I think I may say yes anyways, but.. I still want to read it first." Another bite. "So, can I ask you a hypothetical question, you know.." She leans in close.. "..as Spider Man.."

Peter Parker nods, "Those movies are pretty popular. You can get quite a following that way," he says. "But I dunno, doing one of the cheesy ones could be fun. Chasing after some scumbag ex-boyfriend because he's stolen your credit cards or something like that," he grins.

He arches an eyebrow at the conspiratorial whisper and leans in a little as well, "Sure."

"Hah. I would love to do something like that.." Mary Jane admits. "..but people get stuck in those roles. I don't want to be that girl who's forever in Hallmark or Lifetime movies." Though, when it comes time to talk about Spider-Man, Mary Jane begins to hop her chair so that she could sit shoulder to shoulder to him. One never knows if the people she let in could read lips, or have sonic hearing. People are just weird.

"So, this is purely hypothetical.." She says before she takes a drink. "..um.." How could she say it? "…what.. would you do if you knew someone.. or.. knew of someone who was like you?"

Peter Parker purses his lips, "I mean, I know a couple of people like me already. Spider powers for some reason seem to be one of the more…common themes," he says. "Not really sure why. Might be an interesting reason for a case study. Maybe a sort of affinity between mutagenic spider DNA and human or maybe it's…" he trails off, then shakes his head.

"Science aside, um…I mean, as long as they're a good guy, that'd be cool."

"You see, I figured that as much." MJ says. "I've seen at least two other people like you and one was a really angry tech-girl. She was pretty swell though, decorated my cast and everything." But that was beside the point. "I remember research in our school, and when we took that trip. I was kind of considering diving into that, though my science is rusty. There -has- to be some sort of origin point as to where all of this came from. I still don't know how it happened to you aside from the Maybelline effect.." Hah, makeup! "..but if it happened to others the same way.."

Hypothesis aside, she nods her head. "Yeah, they're a pretty great person. But.. lets just say that they're a bit.. eh? New? Would you actually try to help them not die? Or just let them come into their own?" She doesn't even know what she was getting at. She was really just genuinely worried.

Peter Parker frowns, "I think I would always try to help someone not die, given the opportunity. I don't want anyone dying, much less somebody dealing with some of the same issues I had. You mean getting killed crimefighting or as a side effect of their powers? I didn't have any negative side effects, but some people's physiology handles the manifestation of metahuman abilities differently. If they're sick, they need to get help."

"I get the feeling this isn't quite as hypothetical as you're saying. It's not you, is it? You haven't gotten secret super powers, have you? Am I contagious?"

"I don't know, probably both." The plates were pushed aside now, Mary Jane did destroy what she had eaten. And if there were any indicators that she had spider powers, the amount of food she put down would be it. "Mainly crime-fighting, though. You know I've seen some horrible things.." She trails off, then shakes her head.

"And it's really not hypothetical, and really.. if it was me, I don't think we'd be here talking about it like this right now." She glances around. "Okay, we would, but that's totally beside the point. And we'd have to actually kiss or something adultish for you to be contagious. I think.." Is that how it works? Cue the paranoia! "But no, it's.. lets just keep it in the hy-pos. Okay?"

Peter Parker raises an eyebrow, "You know not everything contagious has to require that kind of contact, right? But I think you would've manifested something by now and it was just a theory anyway and…"

He shakes his head for a moment, distracting himself by eating a few pieces of General's chicken and chewing them down.

"Okay, sticking to the hypothetical. I won't pry. Goodness knows I trust you to keep my identity secret, it wouldn't be fair to ask you to violate someone else's. If they wanted help with crimefighting and stuff, I'd be happy to help. But I wouldn't force it on them either. I know I was stubborn when I started out."

"I think the main problem is.." Mary Jane confesses. "..is keeping the secret of both people who I actually want to .. know of each other? Does that make sense?" She drinks down the rest of her soda, and with her own food gone, she starts in on Peter's. Where she's packing all that food away is anyones guess. Probably from her diet of tic-tacs. But either way, with this situation, it's going to take a lot of engineering to get those two together.

"And yes, I know that's not how it works. I was just.. reaching." MJ admits. "But, you've given me a lot to think about.. and.. really, just know that this isn't the reason why I asked you to come out here. I just miss you is all."

Peter Parker nods, "It's a tough situation. If it's someone you trust and think is trustworthy, then I'd be willing to…I guess be open with this person, if you think it would help. Ask them if it's something they'd want to know. Be nice and vague, too, and then we can do like a game show reveal to one another, I guess. Wait, is it a famous actor? Is it Keanu?!?" he says with wide eyes.

To the last, he nods, "I miss you, too. We have to make a point to hang out more. Maybe without taking over a whole restaurant. If you don't mind having peanut butter sandwiches and playing Xbox with me at my place?"

"Oh god, I wish it was Keanu. I wish I -knew- Keanu. Keanu would probably be like.. one of those god level aliens who just want to spread joy and peace, though." She grins, then tugs an arm around Peter's neck to bring him into a cheeky hug. She then lets go..

"Oh yeah. I'm totally game, I'll bring the snacks." Speaking of, she tugs Peter in again with the cheeky hug, quickly pulling out her cell-phone to pose them for a picture.

"Say cheese!"

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