2020-02-01 - Welcome Home Darcy


(January 31st) Jimmy, Priscilla, and Sarah meet Darcy at the airport.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Feb 1 20:56:59 2020
Location: LaGuardia Airport

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The flight in was uneventful, but still Dsrcy was very hapy to be home. She texted Jimmy as soon as she was allowed to, chatting about everything except thwbdetiails of her 'vacation'. -okay. landing. see ya inna bit!- was the last text she sent, putting her phone away as she disembarks. carry on collected, Darcy walks down to the gate, eyes looking for her bright ray of sunshine.

Jimmy arrived bright and early to wait for Darcy to arrive, buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Early enough, in fact, that he flew there himself rathre than bug Sarah to go with him just yet. This has given him plenty of time to stew in his own buzz while he waits by the gate — including zipping from one to another, when the flight plan changed and she was set to land at a different gate from initially expected. When she texts, he smiles, every time. The last one gets a, 'See you soon.' After that, he shoots one off to Sarah. 'She's landed. Ready to meet my girl? Thanks again.'

For her part, Sarah had been ready and waiting for Jimmy's text, and replies quickly, 'Be right there. Meet you at baggage claim.' Probably unsurprisingly, for the primary airport of the city their headquarters is located in, SHIELD maintains a small, secured office at JFK, and it's to there that Sarah opens a portal from her apartment and steps through. Not long after, she's arriving at the designated spot, and looking around for Jimmy and Darcy. The WAND agent is dressed comfy casual, jeans and a thick green cowl-necked sweater, with brown suede ankle boots and her stylish dark-tan Burberry trench over it all.

Darcy finally emerged frkm the tunnel, makeupless and travel weary. She looks around again, then spots thebtall blonde and almost glowly. With a bright smile, Darcy teies to beeline it, not really shoving her way toward him
"Jimmy!" she calls out, hopping up to wave over her day to be seen. #ShortGirlProblems

Jimmy spots Sarah coming out and lifts an arm in greeting, calling her attention. Height is good for that. He isn't literally glowy, not right now. But when he sees Darcy, he turns metaphorically glowy with the smile on his face. As soon as she's in reach, he squeezes a hug around her shoulders and gives her a kiss he'd been saving up. "It's good to see you. And this—" He waves an arm, gesturing to Sarah. "Is my friend Sarah. Priscilla's girl."

"Hi, it's a pleasure to finally meet you," Sarah says to Darcy in greeting, with a warm smile. Her voice carries the accent of an educated Londoner, but not with any hint of putting on airs or trying to sound posh. "Welcome home."

Darcy swoons lightly at the kiss, her hands clinging to his shoulders until he pulls away so she can talk again.

"whew! hi. missed you too," she coos, eyes sliding toward Sarah. she steps back and offers a hand.

"Liekiwse. and thanks!"

Warnings! We don't give no stinking warnings! Priscilla just melts out of the crowd a moment or two after assuming her own form, and sidles up behind Sarah to slide her arms around the Brit from behind, smiling over Sarah's shoulder at Darcy and Jimmy. "Surprise. And welcome home." Wait. Where'd she come from? How did she get here? How did she know?! Yeah, she's not telling.

If anyone's surprised by Priscilla's arrival, it's not Jimmy. He laughs when she melts out of the crowd, and slips around to get in a similar position relative to Darcy — each one hugging a love from behind. "Hi there. So the whole crew's here. We should go claim Dars's bags — I'm carrying — and then see about getting out of here."

Sarah is in the middle of shaking the offered hand when Pris comes up behind her, and she turns her head to smile up at her gorgeous girlfriend, saying, "Hey, love. Glad you made it." She happily snuggles back against the taller woman as she replies to Jimmy, "And I've got the transportation covered, of course. The only question is where we're going."

seeing pris, darcy smiles brightly, finishing the hand shake and leaning back into her beau.

"Heya Gorgeous! " is greeted before Dsrcy rolls her eyes up at Jimmy. He's gonna carry her bags? He's lucky she likes him. a nod and she's shifting to the topic of destination.

"Well, dropping off my bags at the embassy and getting a shower sounds like a good idea, but so does some Mongolian Grill. I'm not packing anything vakuable, so I'll leave it in the car." dsrcy says.

Pris offers a warm smile and a wink to Darcy, and even offers a playful eyebrow waggle to Jimmy as he matches her pose. "Hi, Beautiful." she offers back to Darcy. Most important for her is leaning over to kiss Sarah's cheek though. "Glad to have made it, and happy to see Darcy home. Not nearly as happy as Jimmy, but who could be?" she teases. "Your hands will be full with a Darcy, Jimmy. You should let me haul the heavy stuff." Yes. She's teasing. But she's willing and offering.

Wait. They have a car? When did that happen?

With a playful grin, Sarah says, "Who said anything about a car? You've already had to deal with airport queues, and the 'joys' of airline travel. You're not going to have to face New York traffic after all of that. I'll portal us to outside your building, or to Jimmy's place, or wherever you want to go, so long as it's someplace I've been."

Jimmy grins at Darcy's suggestion of a car, but he keeps it quiet; that's a line for Sarah to pick up. He laughs at Priscilla's words, and though his cheeks flush, he does make an effort to fire back. "Oh, but Darcy is so much more than a handful. But I insist. I'll carry them until we can drop them off in the Embassy, then out for some Mongolian."

Portal us? At this, Darcy pauses. her head tilts tonone side, and then she smirks.

"Ooh, okay. but dont portal troll me and plop the yellow one right above the blue one, kay?" she quips on a wink before turning to Jimmy. her smile is angelic sweet and devilishly wicked.

"oh, you know it," is said to him, just to see him tomato more.

Priscilla is happy to just trundle along with the group towards the luggage turnstyles; she doesn't agree that Jimmy shuold be the only one carrying, but she doesn't argue. That'd be churlish; she tries never to be that. "Yellow? Blue? Portal games?" She doesn't get it. But clearly Darcy meant it to be funny, so she just grins. "Mongolian barbeque, hunh?"

Following along to help with the baggage gathering if needed, Sarah says to Darcy, "You'll laugh, but MI-13 uses those games to encourage creative thinking. I got out of the clockwork horrors' nest partly by using portals to arrange for one of them to shoot itself in the back." Once the group gets Darcy's things together, she asks, "So where would you like to go first?"

Jimmy gives Priscilla a stern look. As they reach the baggage claim, he makes sure to pick up all the bags by himself. There's just a little extra shine to his skin as he does it; this is far from the heaviest thing he's hefted. His blush does, in fact, brighten when he hears Darcy's comment, and he can't manage to keep up with the playfulness. Instead, he helps Priscilla's understanding. "Portal, it's a video game. You have to solve puzzles by using a gun which opens portals between whatever surfaces you shoot." And then he looks to Darcy for her answer to Sarah's question.

"Not surprised at all, actually. Major Pain's told me stories of some of the training she's done. Video games are wicked great for playing with skullsets in a safe to the soldier environment," Dsrcy states, walking with the group to baggage claim. She points out her bags by stepping ro grab it, clcikcing her tongue when Jimmy beats her to it.

"oh come on. i can carry some!" she grouses lightly before being distracted by the question.

"hmm? oh yes. ever been to the asgardian embassy? best to port in just outside. i've been gone a while and the boss's had to deal with a temp. there s no telling what kinda mood he's in."

Pris ohs at Sarah and Jimmy, nodding along. She knows what video games are, sure. But she has never played them; it's a thing, and not worth getting into, but there are reasons why, starting with never having been able to afford any of that stuff.

"Aga —" Pris startles when Darcy clarifies where to portal to first. Nope, she had no idea that's where Darcy worked. It's all cool and stuff. But. Y'know. Wow. Totally going to be avoiding her bosses, that's for sure. "Wow."

"I can put us just down the block from the embassy," Sarah replies to Darcy, with a nod and a smile. "I've made note of spots that offer at least a bit of discretion while traveling around the city. Best not to have a portal suddenly open in the middle of the sidewalk, and have someone on the other end walk through, right?" She looks around for a moment, then adds, "Speaking of discretion, let's use that corner over there."

Walking over toward said corner, Sarah gestures with one hand and speaks a strange-sounding word, and a portal irises open in the middle of the air, oval in shape and edged with shifting, glowing magical symbols and geometries. As Pris and Jimmy will know, she normally makes them about the proportions of an ordinary door such as might be found between rooms in a house. This time, she's made it a bit wider, so as to make it easier for Jimmy to carry Darcy's luggage through. "After you," the sorceress says, smiling and gesturing the others forward.

Jimmy pokes his tongue out at Darcy. Yeah, he's carrying the bags, what'cha gonna do about it. He tilts his head. "Major Pain, is that one of your derby friends?" He smiles at Priscilla. "Loki's actually pretty easy to get along with; you just have to start off from a position of respect, you know? Don't try to rib him like Darcy does, not until he gets to know you." He follows along with Sarah to where she's dropping the portal, and gives Darcy an 'after you' nod.

The thing about being the personal assistant to the Norse God of Mischeif and Trickery means that discretion isnt always something that happens. He doesnt cate who sees, who gawks, or what they think. But Dsrcy understands, her smile soft for Jimmy as she gives in and lets him have the bags.

"He's just as amusing as you'd think," she says to Pris of Loki, moving for the portal.

"Yeah. She is absolutely not allowed to drill sergeant anyone " is added, chcukling as she steps through the portal into the alley. "Thank you!" is bubbled her eyes dancing at the chance to try something new. Portaling! woooo! Maybe she's gotten used to Loki teleports? But she slips through without much in the way of whoadizzy. .

Pris honestly does not think Loki would be amusing at all. But she doesn't mention that. She leaves that for others. She just would like to avoid meeting any demigods, thanks. She's not anymore in favor of Sif or Thor, either. It's nothing really against Loki as a supposed villain. "I think I'll start from a position of simple avoidance." she admits for Jimmy's benefit. But she can come along, sure. That just gives her more snuggle time with Sarah while they deliver the bags and then prep for mongolian barbeque. "Are we … going to Mongolia?" she questions, only half-teasing.

And once everyone else has transited, Sarah steps through the portal herself, then dismisses it with a wave of her hand. The oval irises shut just as quickly as it opened, and vanishes once it's contracted to a point. "There," she says, grinning. "Better than a cab from the airport, and a lot faster." She slips her hand into Pris's and gives a squeeze, smiling up at her love.

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