2020-02-01 - Dazzling Emerald Bloodbath


Three supers happen upon each other at Coney Island.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Feb 1 04:06:12 2020
Location: Coney Island

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Friday night at Coney Island is a time and place for partying! So, where else would Alison be? She is in her civvy clothes for now - jeans and t-shirt despite the cool January weather - sitting on a bench overlooking the sea, while eating a hot dog that is in danger of dripping sauce and mustard all over her clothing. A backpack at her feet containing what she will need for her concert later; at 2 in the morning. And when we say 'concert', it's more singing to a CD to drugged out ravers. It's a job.

Lydia doesn't come to Cony Island by herself all that often, but she had found herself with some time to kill after visiting the aquarium that's all but next door to the amusement park. Besides. There's funnel cake. Who can pass up funnel cake?

Her glowing green countenance is particularly noticeable, this time of night, so she's given a wide berth from the park's inhabitants. She's walking along with her funnel cake in one hand when she spies Allison. She looks familiar. Lydia thinks for a moment and remembers!

She walks up to the singer, saying, "Hey there! I'm Lydia! We met during the whole Mojoverse thing!"

"Oh god! Oh god! My harness! Oh sweet Jesus fuck!"

The noise is coming from the iconic wooden Cyclone, where a man dressed in some kind of red and black full body spandex getup is flailing about and holding on for dear life.

The others on the ride suddenly cry out in terror as the man goes flying from the roller coaster. He lands in a heap right next to Lydia and Alison, his legs and arms and even his neck bent in horrible ways. A pool of blood forms beneath him, but he's… not dead. Not yet.

"Ohhhhh, God." The man groans, and begins pulling himself up, his limbs cracking as they pop back into place. "That sucked so bad."

Ladies? Meet Deadpool.

It takes a moment for Alison to recognise Lydia, but once she does she is all smiles and excitement. "Oh my gosh! It's Lydia, isn't it? Wow!" The blonde stands to give the other woman a hug, now they can both share in hot dog mustard. "Wasn't that a crazy night? Has it happened to you again? You know, the disappearing into a fantasy world thing." Just in case Lydia needs clarification.

"I can't believe I was dressed as a Jester. Not sure how to take…" Speaking of fools, Alison is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a red and black comet landing nearby. She lets out a squeak of alarm before staring at the slowly reforming lump of bloodied flesh and cracked bone. It doesn't look hurt, and Alison can only nod in agreement about the suckage. "Yeah, I bet it did."

Who doesn't know Deadpool? No matter how much you try to forget, he's always on the net doing something stupid.

Lydia shakes Alison's hand, the touch of the green haze gives of a slightly numbing, tingly cool feel to it which clings to the skin for a short moment before dissipating. "It was soooo crazy!" she agrees! "I haven't had anything like it happen since. Did you…."

Lydia squeaks in surprise at the sudden appearance of Deadpool, dropping her funnel cake to the ground. In a kind of defense response the ever present phosphorescent green haze that constantly surrounds her snaps to her skin to create a kind of glowing green armor, but she quickly relaxes when she realizes who it is.

The sight of a man splatting against the pavement like that would be grisly at best, and the whole regenerating thing doesn't make it any less grisly. Lydia winces in sympathy as she watches helplessly. "Um. Are you okay?" Then she recognizes him. "Oh! You're Deadpool!"

"Yep!" Deadpool grunts. He yanks his left leg back into place, then adjusts his head with a crack and the sound of flesh squelching beneath red spandex. "Totally fine. Healing factor and all. I'll be right as rain in like, a minute or two."

Tugging at his costume, he grumbles a little. "What really sucks is how spandex gets all weird when you get all noodly under it. It's like, all loose in the wrong places, and really tight in worse places.

Case in point, as he tries to get up, Deadpool falls over to reveal a horrible wedgie, which he begrudgingly picks out with a yelp of agony. "OOOOWWWWieeee! That was not pleasant!"

Finally pulling himself to his feet, he sighs and turns to look at the two. "The one and only. Do not go on that ride though! At least, don't go on it and try to distract the super hot ride operator when she's checking your ride harness."

Alison watches Deadpool 'reconstruct' with a mixture of horror and curiosity…and an understanding wince at the wedgie that looks to have gone deep-diving. Spandex can be a curse. "Okay, I get that you heal and all that. Everything seals up nice and tight. But, doesn't that mean that the inside of your suit is still covered in the blood from what happened? That must be really uncomfortable. You'd have to wash that all the time." A beat. "You do wash it, right?" She looks over to the ride and nods. "Okay, don't try and pick-up the safety person. Good life advice in general."

A shake of her head towards Lydia. "No, nothing else has happened like that. No more bells on my head." Another munch of her hot dog before pointing out, while chewing. "Oh, you dropped your cake. We should get another one. And I need another dog." She quirks a brow at Deadpool. "Do you eat or does the healing thing mean you never have to?"

Lydia suddenly realizes that her funnel cake is now on the ground after watching Deadpool get himself together with a mix shock and horror. It's one thing to know about that healing factor on paper, but another to watch it happen right in front of you. She looks down at her snack looking sad on the pavement and lets out a sigh. "Oh, man. My funnel cake."

"This is why I don't wear spandex," she explains to Deadpool. "Then again, I try not to splat myself all over the pavement either." She nods to Alison, "Yeah. I could actually go for a hotdog now. The smell of yours was killing me. Do you know if they're kosher?"

"Of course I wash it!" Somehow, Deadpool's face mask looks cross with Alison, as if it's stuck to his face somehow. "Laundry day at the laundromat is so gross. And expensive. I have to wash it separately, otherwise everything goes red and that's such a drag."

Looking from one to the other, he suddenly gasps. "Oh my God, you're Dazzler! I heard you're gonna be at a party later. I am so there. After I clean up. Which… you know, I'll… I'll be right back."

Turning, he makes for the nearest men's room, dripping blood from his suit as he goes.

"I doubt there is any meat at all in a hot dog" Alison assures Lydia with a laugh, "But I think they also sell kosher ones. It's Coney Island, everything is available here…for a very cheap price." She is surprised that she has been recognised as Dazzler…but also quite proud. "You're a fan, Deadpool? Wow, I'll make sure to put the posters. Hey, want to give me a quote I can use?" That may not be a good idea but off the red and black man goes to get cleaned up and frighten people in the rest room. "See you soon, DP."

Alison nods towards a hot dog vendor. "Come on, first dog is on me" she smiles to Lydia before leading her astray…and finishing off the hot dog in her hand.

"Dazzler?" asks Lydia curiously. "Stage name or superhero name?" She bets her girlfriend would know. She knows just about everything there is to know about superheroes. She looks at the actual superhero (if you could call Deadpool that. It's debatable) as he runs to the men's room. "I think I understand why his costume is blood red now."

She finds herself being led to the hot dog stand, the smells of which are positively mouthwatering. "Hi," she says to the vendor. "Are your dogs kosher?" Finding out that they are, indeed, kosher she orders herself one with kraut and mustard. "Thanks, Allison!"

People have certainly cleared out of the men's room, especially as the blood-dripping man tells them to scoot. He's not still bleeding, of course, but all of that blood does eventually soak through spandex.

It isn't long before the sound of three Dyson super-driers can be heard coming from the men's room, along with a lot of giggling.

"Both" Alison smiles about the Dazzler name. "I guess I don't understand that whole secret identity thing. I do wear face make-up but it's more a fashion thing than anything else. I'll be putting it on later. You think Deadpool's costume started white?" She thinks on this a second. "No, it would have turned pink, not red."

Alison hands over the money for multiple dogs and sodas before glancing over at the people fleeing the rest room. "Hmm, you think he's going to the bathroom as well? That would scare people away. What do you call yourself when you're being awesome, Lydia? Other than being awesome as Lydia of course."

"Uh," Lydia says sheepishly, as she takes her hot dog. "I don't really have a superhero name. I'm just a college student and I help out when I can," she explains. "But when you glow green all the time, it's hard for trouble to pass you buy, you know."

She takes a bite of her hotdog, and struggles to keep the juices from squirting all over her coat. "Mmmph. So good." she says around the mouthful of dog. "I understand why some people do the secret identity thing. They're trying to protect people they love 'cause they think that if their identity was known, bad guys would go after them." She shrugs, "For me, a secret identity just wouldn't work. I stick out like a sore thumb no matter what."

She look over her shoulder at the giggling, "What is he doing in there?" She, then, remembers something. She looks around for a place to put her hotdog and settles on placing it on a nearby railing, and asks, "Can I get your autograph," she asks, pulling out a small notebook from her bag. "My girlfriend collects superhero ones."

"It ain't easy being green" Alison sings for Lydia's benefit before giving her a wink and a smile. "There's some mustard on your…" A quick wave of her hand at Lydia's chin. "I guess I'm lucky there is no family that I love." She doesn't sound too convincing. "College students are the future. They should be helping the world" says the college age blonde.

Alison seems surprised to be asked for her autograph. "Really? You want my autograph? Wow. Okay. Sure. I have a girlfriend too. Possibly more than one, not sure." For a person not used to signing autographs, lucky she has a pen in her bag to do so. "I guess I should sign 'Dazzler'. Who is your girlfriend?"

It takes a while, but when Deadpool finally emerges from the men's room, he is as fresh and clean as one can get after taking a whore's bath in a Coney Island sink and drying one's spandex with high powered hand driers.

Finding the others, he trots right on up, feeling a bit brisk as some of the spandex is damp still, and it's COLD out.

"Be Dazzled, not vajazzled." He says this directly to Alison, and he sounds dead serious. "Put that on your poster and you'll sell every ticket."

"Kamala," Lydia answers to Allison, using a thumb to wipe off the mustard, licking it clean afterwards. When Allison is done with the autograph, Lydia turns to Deadpool and holds out the notebook to him. "You too. I don't think she has yours yet." Deadpool's comment garners him an incredulous stare, but Lydia refrains from commenting.

Alison rolls her eyes at Deadpool's comments. "But what if some of my crowd want to be vajazzled? I'm quite good at that and wouldn't want it dropped from my itinery." Her brow furrows before leaning over to whisper to Lydia. "I thought she only wanted superheroes." Burn! "DP…why would you name yourself after a sexual position? Sorry, I just wanted to point out that your spandex is still wet in places that make you look like you've done a whoopsie."

"I suppose he's close enough," Lydia says, adding insult to injury. She giggles as Allison points out the wet spot, feeling a little bit ashamed that she's getting enjoyment out of such a childish thing.

She waits until she gets Deadpool's signature, munching on her hotdog and steals a glance at her watch. "Oh, goodness! I didn't realize it had gotten so late. I still have a paper I need to be writing!"

She turns to Allison and gives her a grin. "It was really good meeting you again! I'll be on the lookout for one of your concerts and will be sure to catch one!" She thanks Deadpool for his signature, and pockets the notebook. "It was real…." How could she possibly describe an encounter with Deadpool? "Interesting to meet you. Don't fall off a rollercoaster again, okay?"

And with that Lydia emerald green wings made of solidified ectoplasm unfolds from her back, and she lifts into the air, wheeling around once to orient herself before shooting off towards home, leaving a glowing trial in her wake.

"Hey, to each their own," Deadpool answers. "You're right, it's not the best. It sounded good in my head?" He considers the sexual position remark, and raises a hand to stroke at his chin all Obi-Wan style. "You know, as much time as I spend on the internet, I'm not familiar with that one. If it's anything like the Cincinnati Bow Tie, then I'm totally adding Captain to Deadpool."

As for the signature, he grabs the pen and signs away. "Shucks. I'm totally a super hero to some people." He switches to a British accent. "And a bloody menace to others!"

Noting the wet spot, he looks down at it and sighs dramatically. "I knew it felt drafty out here." He points at Alison twice. "I'm gonna come up with a better one. You just watch. By the time you're rocking that party later? I'll have one. And if I don't, I won't show."

Probably a good thing, either way this pans out.

"We should totally hang" Alison nods to Lydia. "Nice to see you again." She watches the Green Fairy fly away and sighs longingly. "Wish I could fly." There is still a Deadpool to deal with, as she listens to him while munching on a hot dot. "You didn't say if you were hungry" she notes apologetically about not getting him some food before laughing at his comeback. Such as it was. "I'll hold you to that, DP" Alison winks as she rises. "But if you will excuse me, it's time for me to get ready." A flamboyant curtsey before she is off. "I guess I won't see you at the show then!" she calls back over her shoulder.

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