2020-01-28 - Bound Here


Investigating rumours of ghosts haunting an unused part of the New York tunnels, T'Challa comes across an old … friend. Sort of.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Jan 28 04:14:56 2020
Location: New York

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"It's just this way." Vixen is saying as she leads herself and her companion through tunnels that run under New York, under the Waldorf Astoria to be exact. "The information I received says there's been activity of the clandestine type down here but they've been freaked out by what they're calling Ghosts." Yes, Vixen said Ghosts and given what she's experienced in the last few months, she's a believer.

Which is why she's asked for some company.

"Now whether its ghosts or just someone using clever to keep people away, I don't know. What I do know, is that Klaues men are involved in this."

They aren't in the subway, but in a tunnel that leads to, what is supposedly Track 61 - a secret train station directly under the Waldorf Hotel.

She had asked the Panther and the Panther had told her to 'Ask the Prince.' Which might seem dangerous especially if Klaue's men are involved but T'Challa does know how to fight. Vixen has experienced this. He's fast and clever and he has a bit of power to him even if it is understated most of the time.

"Ghosts. Interesting." There are Ghosts of course, all over New York. But not everything that appears to be a Ghost actually is one. T'Challa is here of course, and not in his panther suit. He cannot really deal with ghosts and still have it on. Well, he can but that would give things away and he hasn't told her yet. He really needs to, though.

The Prince clasps his hands behind his back and looks around. ARE there any ghosts? Or is this just something playing at the supernatural. They should know soon enough.

In the part of the tunnel they are in, there's nothing. It's as quiet as a place like this will get - there's the dripping of water every now and then, the skitter of rodents and other ambient noises that can seem ominous in the dim light that's afforded.

"Well, to be honest, T'Challa, I hope it is *just* ghosts and not someone using that as a cover. No offense, you're good but I'm not fond of putting you in danger." Vixen murmurs. "Just up ahead, there's an intersection and through that the entry to the station. Are you seeing anything? I'd say I'd try and scent something, but down here … I don't dare."

Just ahead, something pings on T'Challa's radar. Something is there and it's supernatural.

T'Challa frowns and cants his head slightly. "Well there is something up ahead." That pale ghostfire crown springs into being above his head and a short spear appears in his hand. Despite the suit - and he IS wearing a suit even in these environs - he looks rather… old school doing that. Regal. Almost tribal. The dual effect of the crown and spear, possibly but maybe something more. The presence of an ancient mantle.

"Let us see… Hello! Who is there?"

T'Challa had received a degree of teasing from Vixen for wearing the suit into the tunnels. She positions herself rather protectively of the prince, calling the spirit of a panther to her. She wants to be quick and strong, if she needs to be.

There's no answer to T'Challa's call, but a wraith of a woman appears. Pale and ghostly, she hovers in the air and points back behind her, around the corner. "Well, I guess that means it's not a hoax, right?" The dark skinned woman glances at T'Challa and starts to move in that direction. "Is she telling us to follow?"

Beyond her, not that he can see them, T'Challa can sense several other spirits. There's a feeling of menace coming from them, though it's strange. Resentment, might be more like it.

"Not necessarily. Ghosts are not regularly spoken of by people because they do not regularly do things that people can notice. If someone is noticing them, it could be a ghost. Or it could be someone using some manner of ruse." T'Challa says. In this case though he can tell that there is at LEAST one ghost. She's right here.

"I am not sure. She is making it easy for us to follow, so we should do so. Be on your guard though. There is no guarantee that she is doing so out of any good motive."

Especialy not with that feeling rolling through the area.

Vixen gives T'Challa a look and moves with care into the intersection. It's more like a hall with passages intersecting. Not overly large, but large enough. There has to be a half dozen spirits lingering here. Some in the 'hall' and others in the passages.

They're from different eras judging by the dress of the spirits - turn of the century, 20's, 50's, 70's and 90's at least …


The woman, who is wearing a poodle skirt and sweater set, floats forward once to face the Prince.

The feeling of resentment and associated malice is really obvious now - none of those present are happy to be here. "He said you would come …" the woman says in a wispy type voice.

"So nice to be expected." T'Challa says, glancing to Mari. Was she expected to? Not from the looks of it and it's hard to say but he doesn't think any of the resentment is directed at her. "How do you know my name? Did he tell it to you?"

And who exactly is he? The Prince has some suspicions but he learned a long time ago that leaping to conclusions was a good way to get into trouble. He's gotten into plenty that way himself.

"This is Mari McCabe. What are you all doing here?"

"Waiting …" the answer comes from several of the others.

"For you …" others finish. The woman nods, her pony tail bobbing as she does. "He did yes. Made us wait here, till you came… Said you might be bringing another who binds spirits…." The way she says that isn't nice. It's very hostile, in fact, as she glares at Mari with the panther spirit behind her.

"He bound us here so you'd come …" T'Challa's guess is probably a good one. "… and told us how to free ourselves."

The ghosts start to close around T'Challa and Mari, in a semi circle to start with but a couple are trying to slip behind them. "Something tells me, we're not in Kansas, T'Challa." Mari mutters. T'Challa is better suited to handle these … negotiations.

"We are not." T'Challa knows at this point who is behind this but how that man has this kind of power he has no idea. Found it or hired it is his guess. Not that it matters at the moment. Things are about to get somewhat dangerous. He concentrates. His honor guard is near by. He calls them to him. They'll be here in a few moments. He just has to stall.

"And what did he tell you to do? Did he tell you that you could oppose a king? I do not think that will work out well. What is it you desire?"

"Didn't think so." Vixen answers, letting the panthers claws extend from her fingers.

"He told us that she would have something we needed. And if she didn't come with you, she would follow when you disappeared." The rockabilly woman whispers.

"All we had to do was wait and you'd come looking." A man in somewhat victorian era clothing adds. "And here you are, man." A hippy answers.

They close around the pair, almost penning them in. "We need that pendant and your crown …"

A rather normally dressed woman darts forward to make a grab for Mari's pendant, the spirit caller falling back, slashing with her claws. "T'Challa, do we fight?"

"Wait for it…" T'Challa calls a shield onto his other hand, a ghostly representation of the cowhide shields used in Africa hundreds of years ago. But much sturdier. He waits for a moment.

"Think about this carefully. There is no going back from this if you push it."

Also, T'Challa isn't sure how he WOULD give them his crown. It's not really a physical object…

And then several other ghosts materialize. Wakandan warriors. The Kingsguard.

"NOW we fight." The King of the Dead says calmly to Mari.

The Kingsguard arrives none too soon. Mari's claws cause etherial blood to flow from the ghostly arm. The spirit keens and the others rush them. It probably doesn't matter if the Ghosts can't get T'Challa's crown - there's something about the way they're responding.

Bound and compelled to attack.

"This isn't normal, is it." Vixen grunts, taking up position with the Kingsguard - claws slash and tear as the ghosts come at them.

Several make grabs for T'Challa trying to hold and pin him down, to tear the glowing crown from his head.

One makes a grab Mari's arms and another for her pendant. She's going to have her hands … or claws … full for the moment.

"Very not normal." T'Challa confirms as he twists to avoid a grab, shoves with his shield and then strikes out with his spear. The thing hits much harder than if just his muscle was propelling it. Of course ghosts are not made of flesh and blood and their corpus can take it a bit more. Which he is going to make them. He's very competent with his weapons and the ghosts charge in behind him to keep the hostile spirits off his back.

Mari winds up next to two bare chested Wakandans of immense height who also try to clear her flanks. She does still have to deal with the one with the hands at her neck though.

Huge, barechested Wakandans? Mari might almost believe she's in that type of novel. Except, you know, someones trying to kill her. "See to your King." she grunts at them, ever grateful for their support. "If I fall, it is of little matter."

Rather than trying to push her ghost away, Mari uses her spirit claws to draw it closer. When she smiles, it's to display the spirit panther fangs she's manifested.

Ugh. This is going to be foul, she's sure. She bites down hard on their neck.

T'Challa is most certainly competent. The ghosts though are incredibly strong and determined. They tear, paw and rend at him trying to bring him down - trying to ignore the Kingsguard to get to the crown and the man.

Two are down. Four, now the flanks have been cleared. That leaves … two. One of whom is trying to rend T'Challa's eyes and face.

It is absolutely of some matter, but the ghosts advance forward. T'Challa has one hanging off his shield at the moment as he bashes it with the pommel of the spear repeatedly in the head. When at last it falls off he descends upon it, striking at the chest, throat and face in rapid succession before moving on.

Then another is in his face, trying to claw his eyes out. He shoves it into a support pillar and turns to deliver a smashing sideways blow as his honor guard moves in. He steps back to let them.


Where did she go?

T'Challa can chide Mari later. Her concern is for the princes safety - an international incident isn't something she wants but more importantly, he's important to her.

The spirit doesn't impact the pillar so much, the blow T'Challa delivers more etherial than anything. It's stunned though and bleeding blue ichor from the wounds he's inflicted.

The Honourguard finishing her off nicely. She dies with a wail.

There's an earthly scream from just behind T'Challa. When he turns, Mari is mauling her spirit. She doesn't stop till the thing dissipates, then she looks at T'Challa - a feral look in her eyes. "Are … you ok?" she manages to ask, voice a little hoarse and gravelly.

A speaker crackles somewhere in the corner. "Well, well, T'Challa. It looks like you beat my little ploy. I learned several things from this though…." He recognises that voice, for sure.

T'Challa makes a sign to Mari that he is alright as he straightens up and dismisses his honor guard who melts back into the ether from whence they came.

"Klaue. I do not suppose you will make this easy and come out to deal with me personally, hmm?" He suspects no. Klaue has never been about making things easy except for himself. The fact that he was watching is disturbing.

"In, time, T'Challa. In time." Klaue responds with a chuckle. "I'm enjoying our little game, aren't you?" Of course Klaue knows who the Black Panther is. So the 'game' is indeed enjoyable for him.

Mari gives a T'Challa a 'wtf does that mean' look, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Spirit essence tastes *foul* and starts to look around the hall.

She might have found something, judging by the way she stops in a corner, but she waits for the men to finish their discussion.

"Yes. And I always win our little games." T'Challa turns to leave. He's not going to entertain this maniac anymore. He does pause though to look and see what it is Mari is looking at. They'd best be on their way as quick as possible either way. Hanging out some place where Klaue can observe them is the definition of a bad idea.

It's a sigil, etched into the wall. Mari shakes her head "What's the bet that's how he kept them here? They deserved … better than what they got."

"I can destroy it, if you want. Or you can." She knows that T'Challa can be quite strong if he needs to be. "I don't think we should leave it, though."

He didn't respond to her 'wtf' look - they'll discuss that later.

Either way, they're leaving.

T'Challa nods and very quickly takes a picture of it. "Destroy it." He says quietly. And then they'll go. They can discuss this and should in depth but that can be later. He doesn't want to give anything more away to Klaue.

And any way if they stay he might get bored and decide to send them another challenge to entertain him. He's that kind of psychotic asshole.

"With pleasure." Mari answers drawing the rhino spirit to her. It's an easy punch - the armour of the suit that covers her hands taking a lot of the impact. It still *hurts* though.

Then they're on their way, Vixen more on alert than she had been coming in. They'll discuss this. Later.

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