2020-01-27 - Rehab and Scones


Tea, scones, and careful talk of both rehabilitation and mysteries.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Jan 27 12:48:57 2020
Location: O'Riley's Teahouse

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Early afternoon on a Monday in January is not exactly prime time for many businesses - and the teahouse is consequently a haven of cosy quiet from the dank cold of the city outside. For such a civilised venue, Scandal has eschewed her customary leathers… though the long Winter overcoat, gloves, woollen hat, and scarf are all still black. A murmured word to one of the staff checks whether her guest has arrived and where her reserved table is to be found, then she strides confidently in that direction.

An invite brings the goth-girl to O'iley's. She is here. Pleased to be here, actually, taking a casual seat as she arrives and joining Scandal. She knows who she's here for, after all. A little wiggle of her gloved fingers in the other woman's direction.

"Hi," she offers.

The Brazilian offers a warm smile - tinged with wry amusement - and somewhat self-consciously returns the finger-wave. Then she busies herself with neatly arranging her coat and other defences against New York's cold onto a spare chair. Beneath, she wears knee-high boots, tight breeches, and a tailored waistcoat (or vest) over a blouse. That last item is white, everything else is predictably dark in tone.

"It's good to see you. Thank you for coming," she says warmly.

"It's good to see you too. It's been a while. Been keeping busy, I presume?" asks Eve, casually, as she leans back. Tea is going to be ordered because, well… it's a tea house. This is what you do.

Fortunately, Scandal can appreciate a good pot of tea from time to time as well, and gladly assents to the request - adding a few scones to go with it. "Only with mundane matters, I am afraid. I could discuss the complexities of concepts of 'empire' and how such things might be formed, if you want to hear about my latest reading for my studies. It feels… rather insignificant, given so much else happening. Not least on Staten Island."

"…y-yeah. That whole thing. I'm staying awa6y from that. I have a feeling IO ought to stay away from that." She grimaces, quickly. "I want to help, but I definitely shouldn't. You know?" She glances in that direction. Her expression twists into a grimace and she looks very uncomfortable with this fact.

Scandal blinks, arching a brow as she cocks her head. "I… confess that I don't, at least with regard to your case," she says cautiously. "There are certainly a whole range of things in which it might be unwise for me to meddle, but… do you have reason to believe that what is happening on the Island is particularly… risky for you?"

"Given the mutual acquaintances, I presumed you'd picked up on that," replies Eve, "I mean, I'm living with Harley Quinn these days." She lets out a lengthy, long-suffering sigh. This was not a forseen developoment for her. "She's a sweetheart… most of th etime." A pause, then she adds, "But, yeah. It would be a risk."

Chuckling softly, Scandal slightly spreads her hands as she shrugs. "I try not to presume too much. And I had not heard of your living arrangements, no. Those certainly do suggest some… readiness to accept unconventional elements in your life, at the very least."

"My existence itself is unconventional," replies Eve, amused. She taps a her finger against the tea cup gently as sshe leans back.

Scandal arches a brow at that, flicking a glance around to be sure that they're not being eavesdropped upon. "Your *existence*…? Now that sounds intriguing. I tend to consider my own background rather unusual, but in New York… that can be a decidedly relative notion."

"…no kidding. There's a reason I stick around this madhouse," replies Eve, glancing out the window. "I feel positively normal around these parts." She smiles at Scandal, though, then. And has a sip of tea.

"Given mutual acquaintances that does not surprise."

Scandal laughs softly, inclining her head. "Would it be overly rude to ask quite what is unusual about you? For my own part… I'm afraid that I am somewhat less than reputable. Though I'm now officially a government-sponsored reprobrate, if that helps at all."

"Hardly the only one I know," remarks Eve, dryly. Teasip!

"So, what can I do for you? Or has this truly just been a social call for tea?" She arches an eyebrow at her. It's as blue as the rest of her hair.

Scandal arches a brow in return, then chuckles faintly and inclines her head. "I apologise if I pried too far," she says quietly. "But, ahh, yes. It is an attempt at sociability. I… know very few people in the city. And I am endeavouring to… undergo what the authorities deem rehabilitation." Another shrug, this one somewhat tight. "I… could say somewhat more, but do not want to either perturb you. Or bore you. Amicable contact is welcome, in its own right."

"Neither would happen, I assure you," replies Eve at that bit. "It's just, you know, not a conversation for a tea house in public, at any rate. Another time to tell you more, and the same can be true of you." Another tea sip.

"Glad you're seeing rehab. Tell Ivy hello for me."

Scandal can't help but laugh. "Perhaps not the type of 'rehab' commonly associated with that word, but yes. Thank you. And… Ivy is aware of my situation, at least in broad terms. Though I don't think that she knows the details of it, or of my background. Not, I confess, that I am terribly *interesting* in comparison to some of those who pop out of shadows and turn up in the streets of the city!"

"I think you're plenty interesting," replies Eve with a shrug of her shoulders. "I'd pun on your name but I suspect you get that way more than enough." She taps a finger on the edge of her cup again.

Laughing again, Scandal shakes her head. "My childhood home was in the far West of Brazil. My name was clearly *exotic*, but I had little notion of quite how… humorous my father had chosen to be in giving it to me. I suspect that he regards it as both a badge of honour, and a means of training me to cope with life's challenges."

"Sounds like he's a prick, then," replies Eve, casually. She looks down at her cup and then sits up straight. "I should probably get going, though, actually." She leans forward. "Work calls and what not."

Scandal snorts softly, then chuckles and inclines her head again. "Thank you for coming. And… I can certainly let you pick the venue next time. Either for more tea, or somewhere private enough to ask and answer a few questions."

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