2020-01-26 - To Start Tracking


Fenris returns home from the attack on Ambrose, to share his concerns with Astryd.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Jan 26 09:18:05 2020
Location: 74-36 62nd Street

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Fenris has been 'treating' Astryd for her … malady … for several days now. She's supposed to recover fairly quickly each time, but she doesn't. The result is an even more pale Valkyr.

The pale, stern, blonde is in the kitchen of the Kerensky residence, the smells of baking fill the house. The TV is playing a Youtube video - a news report on … what might be ritual killings?

Fenris comes in from where he had been out. He looks, and smells, like he's been in a fight. It's not the worst thing, at least he hasn't tracked any gore in the house. That he has been out this particular evening might make her suspicious. That he seems to have lingering magic hanging about him doubly so.

"Hello Raven. How do you feel?" The old wolf takes his coat off and his tie and goes into the kitchen to hug the blonde.

Astryd puts the latest 'loaf' on the counter, closing the oven door with her hip, as Fenris walks in. She's frowning at the report on the video when she looks at him, nose twitching a little at the smell. "And where have you been, my heart?"

It doesn't make her suspicious, but it does make her concerned. Someone is messing with them - or at least her. They may be trying to mess with him. Hugging the tall man back, Astryd doesn't seem worried by the smell of him - but definitely checks him over for damage.

"I think, you have a story to tell me, don't you my heart? I have a lovely apple tea cake that's cool enough to eat, if you'd like this. Or would you rather something more substantial?"

"Out." Fenris says. "In Battery Park. There was trouble of a magical variety." He takes a look at the news on the TV and frowns. That is rather more widespread than he was hoping it would be.

"That sounds delicious. Along with something stiff. Mulled wine, perhaps?" Not the stiffest thing in the world but it will do. Once food and drink are acquired he moves to the table.

"Someone has started a wolf cult." That alone should explain much. This won't be the first time that this has happened but… it isn't really common. No one in their right mind worships Fenris except maybe Betty Brant.

Astryd sniffs at Fenris and looks up at him. "Was Loki there?" Fenris had said magical, after all. "Mulled wine, coming up. It will take me a moment to get that ready, why don't you wash your hands and get the cake out? Then sit …"

She hasn't answered how she feels, Astryd is well aware of that.

As she prepares the wine, her hand stills as it stirs, her back to Fenris - he can't miss the tensing in her shoulders. "Have they … now. Is that what the news reports are about?" It's almost … too casual, too nonchalant … the way she says it.

"For once no. But Thor was. And Sif. And Ambrose. And a mortal sorceress. And someone that no one expected…" Fenris takes a bite of the cake and a drink of the wine.

"I have to presume yes. Can't be completely sure. If that is all about that then there is more than one wolf cult or the cult is bigger than I suspected."

Fenris sighs. "It's early days. I can't tell yet if this is just foolish mortals trifling with what they don't understand or if this is something more… pernicious. But I suspect the latter. They seem to be calling upon the Destroyer Wolf…" And not 'Fenris' per se. Or rather Fenris… and the creature he is supposed to become.

"Thor was there? And Sif? Why were they there? Were they with Ambrose?" The 'human sorceress' doesn't get a mention. "They're saying there were ritual killings, Fenris. This isn't good, if they're related. We've survived this long by being careful and keeping off the radar."

The term Destroyer Wolf has Astryd sighing. She sometimes calls him that but not often. "Do you feel it, my heart? When they call on you?"

"Thor and Sif had gotten wind of the wolf cults, somehow. I guess the Embassy's intel is occasionally good. Ambrose…" Fenris shakes his head. "I am actually not quite sure but from the looks of it he was asked there by someone. It was an ambush. I think he was meant to be taken."

Which means that he is possibly in continuing danger.

"A little. It isn't a strong pull. But the fact that I can feel it at all means they're doing something… rather frighteningly right."

"They had?" Astryd ladles some wine into her mug and sits next Fenris, running her fingers down his arm as she thinks. "That you're feeling is indeed rather frightening." She's thinking on that.

"What do you mean, Ambrose was nearly taken? I don't like the sound of that at all. Not if this is related to worship of you."

That Fenris is barely feeling it, is a good thing in the blondes opinion. That will change, she knows that. It's not the first time in a thousand years this has happened.

"Several… beast things came out of the trees and attacked us. They tried to grab him and they tried to grab Thor. They might have tried with others but Sif had a sword and sorcerers are tricksy." So there is that. Fenris had a blade too, so there was never any question about getting him. Also… he are apocalypse wolf.

"I'm not sure it IS related to worship of me. The person in question seemed to be someone Ambrose knew. Then again we are talking about people invoking aspects of me so… perhaps."

All and all it's not good. The Old Wolf sighs.

"What are you thinking, raven?"

Astryd listens, sipping her mulled wine as Fenris talks, tracing symbols over his arm idly. "If it had just been Ambrose, it sounds like they might have had a chance - except for The Jackal. You and I have both experienced at least some of that."

"That the Asgardian Embassy got wind of it, is mixed blessings. They are able to help deal with the disturbance however, knowing our brothers and sisters they may decide that 'fixing' you is the better option and there may well be one who decides they can do it."

And *that* would be bad. Fenris would never allow himself to be chained or caged again. And Astryd? She would do anything to keep her Lord free, particularly now.

"I'm thinking we've seen similar to this in our long life on Midgard, Fenris. What worries me is the ease of communication - it makes worship, that much easier … We need to get ahead of this and do something to protect Ambrose."

"Yes but there were a lot of them. I think they might have gotten him were it not for the unexpected company." Fenris says. Another bite of cake gives him time to think.

"That's possible. I doubt anyone presently IN the embassy would make that call but One Eye might if he got wind of it. And we have to assume that he will at some point."

Fenris shakes his head and pushes the plate back so he can get another drink. "The other complication is that Loki is sure to hear of this at some point. And while his fatherly concern will doubtless be touching, if I'm honest he can do some rather ill advised things in the name of that concern." Loki is clever. But he, like all the other asgardians, are not well known for being prudent.

"It can't have been easy to find rituals to draw on my essence. We should figure out who might have had them and how they got out to these mortals."

Beat. "Well you could always try binding Ambrose." That's a joke.

"It's not the All Father I'm worried about, my heart. One of his sons or nephews might decide to show him they are worthy of the title of Warrior. I certainly don't expect any who are here to do anything. In fact, they may decide to stand with you and that … might be just as bad."

It's a tricky situation and it almost echoes Fenris' concerns.

Astryd dishes out another slice of cake now that Fenris has finished, waiting to see if he will take it. "We both know I am … affected … my heart. What if … we use that to our advantage? What if we play up the effect on me, make it seem that I am a fervent worshipper and see if we can find them? Then I can find how they found the rituals… Of course, we should investigate in other ways. Betty might be one who could aid us there, as well."

The last suggestion gets a soft snort. "If I was to bind anyone else, my heart, it would be you …"

"That would be but there's little we can do about it if so. We can't stop the information from getting back. We should just deal with this problem as quickly as possible." Easier said than done, the Old Wolf knows.

He does, at least, take the additional cake.

"We could use you as bait yes. Or as an infiltrator. We might need help though. We should speak to Ambrose and possibly Loki. Loki if only so his own interventions don't step on ours." He pauses and looks very seriously at Astryd.

"That said we need to be careful. Because you are still very much cursed and while you are in the bowels of a cult would be a bad time for it to flare up."

Betty's name gets a nod. As his only official and sanctioned worshipper she might well help.

"If any of One Eyes come against you, my heart, it is my blade they find in their heart." Fenris is right to be worried about Astryd. She wouldn't have been quite so bloodthirsty before.

"We will need help and we do need to ensure your Father doesn't get in the way - he and Princess Sigyn could be helpful in fact. If we coordinate our actions accordingly."

The Valkyr sighs as Fenris looks at her. "I will do anything to protect you, you must know that. If you have concerns about me, then send Betty or someone else."

"That would also make things worse." Fenris points out wryly. "We'll go see them both tomorrow, if possible. If not, as soon as possible. We have to get this… done properly. We're ounly going to get one shot at this. If it goes badly…" It will get out of hand and the mortals will notice and… well.

"I don't think we can. It will have to be you and possibly Ambrose. It's too much to get this far into it right now though. Let's deal with what we have tomorrow and take it from there, raven."

"I will follow your lead, My Lord." Astryd answers. There's a certain amount of teasing in her voice. "I won't let anything happen to you, Fenris. We've spent to long to remain free of the All Fathers influence."

With a nod, the blonde rises and starts to tidy the kitchen. "Tomorrow we will look into this further, my heart. And decide what to do there from there. Now, go and shower and I'll be up soon."

"Don't linger too long." Fenris rises to kiss Astryd on the cheek and then indeed goes up to show. Because he stinks. And she doesn't want to be next to that all night.

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