2020-01-25 - Stirrings of Trouble


A meeting of the Asgardians and a travel to Cover Story to update Kelda on the more subtle troubles of the Embassy.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jan 25 01:09:09 2020
Location: Asgardian Embassy

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Wartorn and ragged are the two words that likely would spring to the fore when one would glimpse the Thunderer upon his return. The threat had been dealt with and the worthies had retired upon sharing counsel on what this Oliver and is ilk could mean with their predations and ritualistic summonings. Much of it slipped past Thor to one degree or another, though he offered his hammer in support of those there should the need arise.
Yet once they adjourned it was to the Embassy that the Prince of Asgard returned, the door being opened by the guard and held for Thor to pass through. In the foyer he paused long enough to let Mjolnir thump to the ground where it rested with mallet head downwards and the leather strap resting against the haft.
As he moved a silvery light slithered and licked across his somewhat marred armor, causing it to disappear as it crawled over his form and left behind it clothes more mundane in its wake
His stride was even as he moved through the building, steps carrying him inevitably… to the drink cart.

As it happens, the drink cart is where the Lord of Lies is presently receiving his own libation, mead of course, and in a proper horn. When he sees his (somewhat battered) brother's approach, he orders another and moves to intercept. Loki's presently in his favored black on black on black on black - suit, tie, shirt, and shoes.

"You need a drink, brother." He offers both words and the rather large drinking horn - it was from an Aurochs.

Eyes of green study the Thunderer. "So…what news, dear brother?"

Anyone with an inclination towards magic will feel a tickling at their senses. In the foyer of the Embassy, a breath of cold air slinks in — but not from outside, from the pane of reality itself. Crystalline fog full of winkling ice crystals spreads onto the floor and then swirls up to the vague height of an Asgardian. As it falls down again, it reveals a familiar face…if the brothers have memories reaching back a good thousand years or so. Fair as the first breath of spring on a winter day, the magess (for she shines as a beacon of elemental wintry magic to the Sight) looks about the place.

"Pardon, but I search for the brothers Odinson. Are either of them present?" Her voice is soft without being delicate. She has the bearing of court in her fall of pale-blue robes trimmed in white fur, tied with a darker blue sash that falls down from her waist, this decorated in delicate runnels of silver. Her flaxen-blonde hair is pulled back into a braiding down her back. "If you would," she asks of one of the nearby Einherjar, " - tell them that Lady Stormrider seeks them." Her faded-violet eyes are bright, her smile small but true.

At first the mead is accepted as if it were his due right. No initial words of greeting nor acknowledgment. Simply a nice long drink as the horn is tilted back and he takes several steady swallows, consuming the whole draught and then enjoying a brief 'ahh' after wiping his mouth with a forearm. The empty is set down on the cart and he moves to refill as only /then/ he replies.
"Foul matters torment Fenris and the good Leftenant we met with here some time ago. Beings of ill portent that thought it wise to raise hand against Thor Odinson, but quickly learned the error in their ways."
That said he tilts his head slightly, likely assuredly in the same moment that Loki gets that feeling of Kelda's arrival. Thor may well feel it as well though he is not trained the same as his brother and only considers it perhaps… an instant of disquiet.
That does not stop him from asking, however, what passes. "What is it, brother?"


Unsurprised that the his brother downs the mead in one go, he IS Thor, after all — Loki just does the same with his own, truly, politics and bureaucracy are thirsty work! Loki's brow furrows at the news Thor imparts. "Indeed? Anyone I need to worry about, dear brother?" Or kill, that's pretty obvious in the way Loki's lip curls, and his interest is definitely piqued.

Getting hismelf a refill even as Thor does.

And yes, he definitely senses the incoming world-walker. "Feels like a breath of Jotunheim, though I am the only true Jotun magus, of course." Vain? You betcha!

He looks to the direction Kelda arrived from. "Ice Magic, I'd say."

The Einherjar studies the woman magus, and then chin points, silently towards the drinks car. "There, frozen one." Her voice is like the rubbing of stone on stone, and then the Einherjar inclines her head respectfully as she continues her silent vigil.

"I thank you," replies Kelda to the Einherjar with a curt little nod. She then turns and makes her way in the direction indicated by the roughly-spoken guard. Her robes glide upon the floor and her boots show in little peeks with each step, their color a velvety grey in leather. But there — the brothers she seeks.

"My lords." Lifting her voice to carry before her strains the elementalist's voice and it can be heard. Her hands remain clasped before her stomach, her chin uplifted in the pride that all Asgardians show in various colors and intensities. "It has been some time. If I am not recognized, all me to introduce myself. I am the Lady Kelda Stormrider. I come to aid you in a time of need." She stops an arm's length from the pair and continues to wear that small smile as she then curtsies.

The expression on Thor's features is one of puzzlement. But not the usual one he wears, this one is couched with wariness, a tinge of measurement and judgment clear in his bright blue eyes. And when Kelda speaks his gaze finds hers while he looks on now with a hint more curiousity.
Then he spares a glance for his brother. Perhaps a silent look shared in the language of siblings before he turns back to give a nod in acceptance of the new arrival. "Lady Stormrider. You are not unfamiliar to the halls and Court of Asgard." He uncurls a hand, the mead forgotten for the moment. "I and my brother bid you greetings, though I would know also to what you would so lend your aid."
A beat, then he rests his hands upon his hips and asks, "Or come you to renew an oath of fealty?"

The Einherjar, inclines her head once more at the the thanks from the Magess, but says nothing further, the rough voice is pretty plainly a result of the wound that likely killed her - a slit through, the lips of the injury held closed by staples, the medical kind.

"Lady Stormrider? It has been a long while, if I recall correctly we met…what…three-quarters a millenium ago, in Eire, did we not? You sought information on a tome of lore you'd recovered in your travels, if I recall aright."

The tome in question was an ancient one, Svartalfar in origin. It was a vile thing ultimately, still, with the aid of Loki and his wife they were able to unravel the protections woven into the tome, so there's that.

Loki meets his brother's gaze. "I too would know what aid you offer and what it pertains to, Lady Stormrider…" A blink at the oath bit, and then he turns green eyes on the woman in grey to await her answers.

"Your sense of time remains accurate as always, Lord Loki," replies Kelda to her fellow mage. "The tome remains where it was last laid, far beyond the interest of those who seek it with cruel means in mind." Her attention then shifts back to Thor. Despite his formality, she remains cool and composed, still wearing that moonbow's curve of friendly amusement on her petal-pink lips.

"My oath to your family remains as it stood those centuries ago, Lord Thor. It has not changed despite my absence at court. Migard, yes…" She takes a moment to look towards the nearest window and all that lies beyond it. "Midgard has changed. My offer of aid is two-fold, you see. It lies half upon my word given to protect all that Asgard holds dear," she explains, a hand extended briefly from its place before her sash, " — and half of it is…beyond simple explanation. I know not how to explain but of an uncertainty and a storm on the horizon, if I may. How do the Midgardians put it…" Kelda muses, her violet eyes sliding to one side. "A 'gut instinct'. Whatever aid I may render, I shall."

As Kelda speaks, the Thunderer nods along with her words, listening intently and then at the last she grants them he takes in a deep breath and holds it for a moment, then lets it free with a slow exhalation. Turn to the side he starts to begin the task of taking up his drink, but then he seems to remember himself and turns.
T"Will you join us, Lady Kelda?" He gestures with one hand to the mead offering her a horn of her own, while his other hand also moves toward the seats nearest to Loki granting her a place of prominence were this a formal occasion. How much of these actions are by choice and how much are simply habit, it may be hard to tell. Yet however it is, it is done.
"There are matters that have passed here on Midgard. Those who seek the downfall of us and ours as well as the relations we hold with the mortals."

As Kelda speaks, the Thunderer nods along with her words, listening intently and then at the last she grants them he takes in a deep breath and holds it for a moment, then lets it free with a slow exhalation. Turn to the side he starts to begin the task of taking up his drink, but then he seems to remember himself and turns.
"Will you join us, Lady Kelda?" He gestures with one hand to the mead offering her a horn of her own, while his other hand also moves toward the seats nearest to Loki granting her a place of prominence were this a formal occasion. How much of these actions are by choice and how much are simply habit, it may be hard to tell. Yet however it is, it is done.
"There are matters that have passed here on Midgard. Those who seek the downfall of us and ours as well as the relations we hold with the mortals."

There is a faint echo from Sigyn's magic that warns Loki of his wife's approach. Some might think it more amusing to try to surprise ones spouse, or if a suspicious nature not want them to have a chance to hide things. Sigyn would far rather her husband have a chance to… tidy things up before she arrives if needful. While Loki is clad in black, Sigyn wears a dark green suit with a blouse of brushed gold silk, and looks as at ease in Midgardian garb as Loki does. The one thing she refuses to concede to is to Midgardian hair styles, her hair still an improbably long mass of Asgardian braids even after being coiled and pinned in place. She smiles at the unexpected face. "Lady Kelda, what a pleasant surprise," as she moves smoothly to Loki's side.

"I cheat." Loki answers with a bright grin. HOW he cheats, and in /what/, well, those things are not elaborated on. "I still think that the tome should have been unmade, but, twas and is not my tome, and I am sure you have your reasons, Lady Stormrider, for keeping it locked away and not destroyed." Loki's 'gut instinct' was to destroy it by fire, but that might have been rash.

"Hunch, Lady. 'Hunch' would be the more modern vernacular." Oh, Loki's being helpful, he must like her a bit.

The Trickster secures another drink, this one /not/ mead, and sets it at their table along with his own mead. He nods in support of Thor's words. "Indeed. Though this is not the best of places for discourse on the topic in detail, I offer my home and place of business as a better venue."

As his wife appears, Loki offers her her drink, a dry white wine.

"Thank you, Lord Thor, I shall." Kelda takes the drinking horn with delicate fingers and glances between the two taller brothers. "I would that information be shared with me, if you please. I cannot imagine who would wish to break that which we have tried so hard to sustain. The Midgardians appears to adore us now, though not worship us as they used to." She sighs. "I cannot say that I miss it. It was always uncomfortable to me. I simply wished to help them be comfortable in their duress. Lord Loki is correct: I have a strong 'hunch' that trouble is brewing."

Sigyn's arrival brings the elementalist to smiling a touch more strongly. "And Lady Sigyn, greetings to you as well. I did not expect you to be present and I am pleasantly surprised for it. I came seeking to speak to Lord Thor and Loki both as to the state of the Embassy's presence here on Midgard. As you might have surmised, I have been gone for some time. The tome you and Lord Loki aided me with: it is still safely secured away," and she nods towards Sigyn. Her gaze flickers to Loki.

"You think the Embassy unsafe, my lord?" This she asks more quietly yet, very nearly a whisper, her eyes a little wider.

Thor takes a seat himself then, holding this latest horn of mead in both hands and seems more contemplative and less inclined to just tilt the whole thing back this time. He nods along with Loki's words and then Kelda's, even as he lifts a hand and a smile to Sigyn when she makes her appearance, lifting himself back to his feet until she makes herself comfortable then retakes his seat.
"There are degrees of safety." Is the start of Thor's answer to Kelda, and she may likely know what he means. "Matters are not what they should be, however. I am recently come from a conflict that had elements of mysticism that I am not familiar with. The man called Ambrose likely will be here to speak with you, brother." That last word has him turning his head to look at the other Prince.

Sigyn smiles and nods to Thor, then accepts the glass of wine from Loki. "We would be glad to continue this discussion at our place. Indeed, being able to play hostess is one of my favorite past times." Her smile widens, and the corner of her eyes crinkle. "There is much improved about Midgardian food from when last we met here, but not all of it. I enjoy using what I'm learning to make things that are new but suit the Midgardian palate." Nope, she is not going to talk about sorcery or anything more serious than cooking or shopping while at the Embassy.

Loki checks his watch, and then rises, downing his own mead. "Well, it would seem my office hours are past. Brother, Magess Lady Stormrider, will you join my wife and I at our home for dinner?" He says this with the calm assurance that Sigyn's meal, whatever it might be, will be delicous. And bonus, they'll be under their wardings, that's important! Especially considering the topics of conversation soon to be had.

A gentlemanly hand is offered his wife to help her rise, he'll allow Thor to do the same for Kelda should he wish to.

And then he lives up to title 'The Mage of Asgard', and with a few muttered words in Jotun, and an appallingly deft and elegant /abbreviated/ gesture, opens a gateway from the Embassy to just outside Cover Story, his home. "Please, after you?" Because of course - 1) Polite, but 2) the gate will collapse after he goes through.

Yes. He was showing off a tad. Just a smidge.

"I would be honored to join you both," and Kelda half-curtsies towards Loki and Sigyn. She gives the Trickster God's antics a small, cool smile of approval and then steps through the gate to just outside of Cover Story itself. The wintry touch of the air seems of no issue to the elementalist, who looks around before stepping to one side, her drinking horn still in-hand.

"What a clever place to take up a hearth, Lord Loki. You've access to many Midgardian things." Patiently, she stands until the rest have traveled through and falls into step with the group. Any staring by pedestrians is ignored.

Once they are through the gate, Thor murmurs sidelong in its wake. "Dire times indeed that we cannot speak freely in our own holdings." Which might perhaps give some insight into the Asgardian's outlook that in the Court of Asgard he feels he can.
Then it's to the others he looks, until his gaze rests upon Loki, though with a glance spared for Sigyn, "I know not if my company would be a fine thing for a dinner. Though I shall impart what I know of the current situation." He rests his hands on his hips and frowns…
"Bide." He seems to realize something and then reaches a hand out to the side. And just seems to stand there.

Sigyn steps through the gate, her boots clicking lightly on the fresh swept bricks of the path. "You are more than welcome to join us for dinner, Thor. Loki would not have made the offer if it were not truly meant." Lie, yes. Offer to share Sigyn's cooking with someone if he didn't really mean it? Nope. Sigyn knows where Loki draws the lines, and her husband would gleefully throw someone out a window to keep their hands off of one of Sigyn's meat pies. And she's made not only the chicken pies with the wine and dried fruit that Loki likes, but also a beef stew with a blend of Midgardian and Asgardian spices, and has been practicing with pastries of late… though she keeps having to make up extra cream filling because a portion of it keeps mysteriously (or not to myseriously) going missing whenever she's ready to fill another batch of pastries.

"And my cover story is that I am a merchant dealing in rare books." Loki says with a grin at the pun and double meaning. What? Loki loves stuff like that! So much fun to be had by artful truthing. The chill doesn't seem to bother Loki any either, but then again, he IS a Frost Giant, albeit a short one. A nod. "In truth I /do/ trade in rare books." A smile. "At least those I have more than one of." Because: Bibliophile.

Loki's smile fades a bit at Thor's words. "And then some." He agrees. At the mention of not being a good dinner guest, Loki's expression darkens ever so faintly. "Brother, you are family. You are /always/ welcome in this home and any other in the nine realms. Always." A pause. "Now, if you are not in the /mood/ for dinner, that is entirely a different matter."

It is very true that Sigyn's cooking is not something he would share with just anyone, not even close.

Perhaps a bit nettled, he waits for Mjolnir to arrive. "You COULD just carry it with you when we gate." He notes.

"It has been some time since I have seen Mjolnir in its element." Kelda, at least, seems amused by the necessity to await the legendary weapon. Still, her smile doesn't hold — it fades into something barely present even as she looks about, both for the arrival of the hammer and at Cover Story itself. Perhaps wisely, she has nothing to contribute to the concept of family issues.

"On a…related note," the elementalist ventures with a quiet wince on her features. "Has anyone in the passing centuries heard of a staff with a star-sapphire surrounded by icen tines at its spear-point? It seems I have lost my own focus in my time away." Kelda appears very morose at this confession.

A flash of the relationship behind the formality is there when Thor answers Loki with what can only be termed a brother's tone of voice. "I /could/ but I did /not/." And creating another magical portal just for Mjolnir seems like such a waste of time and effort…
Especially as a moment later with a loud /WHOM-thwap!/ the mystic hammer blurs across the distance and then lands perfectly in Thor's outstretched hand and he sets it inside his coat, hanging from his hip. "There, you see. No problem."
Though assuredly back at the embassy people might… feel differently.
"But come, brother. Perhaps you are right. Perhaps my mood will be made better by Lady Sigyn's efforts. A meal might be just the thing."
Then Kelda asks of a spear and he tilts his head in her direction even while walking toward the door of Loki's home. "I have seen it naught, though there have been…" He looks toward his brother as if for confirmation, then back to Kelda. "Artifacts that have gone missing, or been found of late. A fair number."

Sigyn sighs softly, "No, I have not seen such, though I will keep my eyes open." She leads the way upstairs to their apartment above the store. "There is a faction of humans, one of a most evil nature who have been collecting magical artifacts with the goal of attempting a rite both ill conceived and beyond their control." She gets out a barrel of mead of her own brewing, and after Loki does his duties as host, sees about getting supper on the table. This is how most Asgardians think of her, dutiful wife and home maker. Kelda and Thor are among perhaps a dozen or so who realize that she's a sorceress on par with her husband. In truth, that is part of why they get along so well. Both are potent sorcerers with different but complementary strengths.

"Oh, it is a splendid weapon, there is no doubt of that." Loki admits, then slants a glance at his brother. "Its wielder can be a bit of a lump though." Yes, he's VERY obviously teasing, this teasing comment swift on the heels of the 'but I did /not/', yeah — they are definitely brothers, adopted sibs or not, truly they are brothers. He thumps Thor on the shoulder with one hand, the other resting on the opposite one. "Always welcome in our homes, Thor Odinson, my brother."

Once they get inside, he does indeed take the time to be a good host, seeing to his guests comfort and once Sigyn has given her explanation, Loki nods and pours the mead. His ire is manifest in how warm the room grows, he /is/ a god of Fire after all. "Let us speak in some detail of this foe…"

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