2020-01-24 - Liquid Lunch at Luke's


Matt, Clint and Thea all head to Luke's for lunch

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Jan 24 17:05:59 2020
Location: Luke's

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The lunch crowed at Luke's hasn't arrived just yet, but that doesn't mean there isn't work to be done in preparation for it. The smell of ribs, cornbread, baked beans, and buttered corn permeate the air of the tavern (and outside for those with senses to pick it up).

Luke himself is manning a large, portable, grill there right next to the bar with a couple racks of ribs over the burners as he meticulously tends to them, making sure they get just the right amount of char on them without burning.

He is in his normal attire of jeans and a t-shirt that proudly says 'Luke's' over the right chest. Over that, an apron that has the faint stains of old BBQ…and a few new ones.

Clint Barton makes his way in, pulling back his hoodie to reveal a purple stocking cap, tufts of dirty blonde hair jutting out from the edges. Bad hair day, maybe. Mostly he just needed a haircut. He gives a nod to Luke, whom he recognized from a previous visit, and settled in at the bar patiently enough.

No pressing business today, SHiELD or Avengers or personal. Normally they kept him on his toes but, other than weird happenings out on Staten Island, things seemed to be relatively mundane. And that stuff he would leave to WAND. They'd call him in if they needed him to throw a few arrows at the problem. Well, shoot a few arrows. He could throw them very well, but that would be…look, he had some free time and he thought he pass it with some cheese fries and a beer.

Thea was just finishing up some errands, and lunch at Luke's would be her reward. Hair that is a deep auburn currently hangs loose over a light gray fleece that is half unzipped. Jeans, black knee high boots, and a green v-neck make up the rest of her look. Makeup and accessories are minimal and silver today. She will stride through the door for the bar with the confidence of a regular. "Luke! It smells amazing. Hope you plan on dishing some out for me. "

Through the doors walks in what appears to be something of a white-collar job looking fellow. He wears a standard three-piece suit with a watch about his wrist, red shades over his eyes, and what appears to be a walking stick that is common amongst people who are blind or possess extremely poor natural eyesight. Its one of the best damn lawyers in the city, Matt Murdock!

Though speaking of SHIELD, they haven't been bothering Murdock too much lately and have mostly been letting him keep doing his Devil of Hell's Kitchen thing, but nonetheless he approaches the bar. "I'll take a whiskey please when you have the time." He speaks to Luke, perhaps with the intention of surprising the well-demeanored fellow or just getting his attention.

Looking up from the latest batch of ribs, Luke glances at his watch. "Sweet Christmas, is that the time? I thought I had another hour!"

The big man places the rack of ribs down on the growing pile of cooked meats, and pulls the apron from his body. "Ok, ok…give me a sec. Whiskey for Matt, Ribs for Thea and…I don't know what you want…Clint, right? I remember you from the dart game over the holidays. You make an impression. What can I get you?"

Luke makes his way around the bar and starts setting up the various request, starting with the quickest and easiest first. A glass is pulled down, a few fingers worth of amber liquid poured into it quickly and slid down the bar towards where Matt is located. "Glass is in front of you, Matt. About your 1 O'clock give or take."

He turns to Thea, "I'll dish it out, as long as you pay for it." Luke says with a white-toothed grin. "You want all the fixings, or just the meat?"

Clint Barton nods, "That's me, yup. Cheese fries and a draft, whatever you got's fine," he says.

He tilts his head and notices Thea, remembering her being here the last time he was around, "Guess you're gone of the fixtures, huh? Welll, at least the decor's nice," he says with a wink. He makes note of the blind guy, but doesn't think much about it one way or another. He's not one of those super badasses who can read who the heroes are by the way they slump their shoulders. He's lucky if he notices them when they're in costume.

Thea grins at Luke. "You know me, I want it all. And you know I'll pay for it. Probably in more ways than one. ". She will nod to Clint, with a faint smile. "Barton. " She will notice the man with the cane ordering whiskey. "I will take a bourbon when you have the time. How's things? I have been busy lately. Missed my favorite watering hole. " She smiles at Clint briefly. "Not a fixture yet. Working on it. "

Matt gives a thumbs up in Luke's general direction but doesn't look towards him. Understandably, mind you, but at the instruction on where his glass was, he moves his left hand to take the glass and give it a sip. "Excellent as always, Luke. How've you been? I understand its been a bit longer than either of us might prefer."

He notices Clint and Thea, and turns his attention to them. "I don't think we've met yet. I'm Matt." He extends his free hand in their direction, apparently with little mind as to if they wish to shake his hand or not. Just being friendly!

Moving about behind the bar, Luke set up the orders in turn. Clint's cheese fries are set before him after a few minutes, along with a pint of the Brooklyn IPA that is the new 'hit' currently. Next up, Thea is poured a bourbon and a plate of food is set in front of her, "Oh I'm sure. I don't know if you mean some antacids, or an extra workout, or what by having to pay for them…but they are worth it. Of course, I'm biased. Things are good. Had a bit of a holiday slump after people realized what they spent during the holidays, but it is picking back up. How about you? Things good? How's your friend?"

He turns towards Matt, "Well enough. Tavern is turning a profit, so that is good. Other interests, well, they happen when they happen. You know how it is."

Thea will shift over to shake the proffered hand in turn. She will shoot a quick look at Luke, a cocked brow. But she isn't feeling nosy, today. " Thea. Pleasure. "

She looks at Luke again, flashing a grin. " Which one? And an extra workout? Never. You should know me better than that. " After all she can just bump her metabolism.

Clint Barton takes the hand, too, "Clint," he says, introducing himself to Matt in turn. He could throw the last name in, but people recognize him sometimes and, frankly, he'd rather not. Some people enjoyed fame or notoriety, but Clint had grown up anonymous and he kind liked it that way.

He starts munching down on teh cheese fries thoroughly, watching the exchanges of familiarities, "No darts today, by the way. I've done enough showing off around this place. Thirty seven arch enemies and rivals is enough. No need to make more.

"Good to hear Luke. Happy things are going pretty well for you so far and I hope they stay pretty active. People like this place, nothing but good reviews, mostly." But Matt completely understands that sometimes events happen as they arise and Luke is living a relatively normal life at the moment.

But then he looks over at Thea when she speaks and shakes her hand. "Nice to meet youk Thea." But to Clint, he gives a firmer handshake. "Nice to meet you, Clint. I'm sensing you're a good shot?"

"That dude can hit a bullseye every time." Luke answer to Matt as he starts to clean up the bar from the mess he made making orders. "I swear he can't miss. It's uncanny. Thea's friend was just as accurate. Maybe even more so. I've never seen anything like it."

Luke turns to Thea, "That friend. I don't remember her name. The one that was in here playing darts, the one you were looking for and found. How is she?" He pauses, "No extra workouts then? To bad. There is something to be said about working up a nice sweat. It's honest."

Luke glances at his watch, and slings the bar towel over his shoulder. "Excuse me for a bit, I have a shipment coming in that I am going to have to go unload. I'll be back momentarily."

Thea grins at Clint, "Only thirty seven? Slacker. " She is clearly teasing, before she reaches for her drink.

"That dart match was one for the books, no doubt. Domino. She's well, seen her around a bit. " She laughs. "Depends on the workout if you ask me. "

Clint Barton points a finger at Thea as he lifts his beer, "See, these are the kinds of conversations that get me in trouble. I never start them, but I always fall in just the same," he says. "Don't worry, I'm sure I'll find a way to pick up the number soon enough. I have a gift for pissing people off," he says.

At Matt's comment, he nods, "I'm a pretty good sharpshooter with most things. Not much fond of guns, though. They feel like cheating."

Matt looks at Luke for a moment as he mentions that Clint apparently could not miss to save his life. "Wow, that good huh?" He speaks noticeably to Clint at the moment. "I wouldn't be any real competition, but I'll try and test my own skill against you." But….he's blind, isn't he?

But he chuckles for a moment. "Yeah, so do I. I'm a lawyer." They do tend to piss people off, usually. "They may be cheating, since you can't really dodge them unless your fast enough. Plus with the science behind them, they're sure shots if you have it aimed properly."

Then he looks at Thea for a moment. "Domino? Interesting name."

Thea just gives Matt another long look, before she swigs at her bourbon. "He's hustling you, Barton. " She sounds amused as she digs into her platter of ribs. She will wink at Barton. "Would I get you in trouble? Me?" She sure /looks/ innocent enough.

"That's how she's known. She's an albino who wears a lot of black so…" Thea just passes that off like everyone knows some albino by one name. Totally common, right?

Clint Barton chomps on a fry, "Oh, I think she's probably a lot more than that, but I wouldn't want to make any untoward accusations. Just saying, she kept up with me awfully well and didn't seem to be trying that hard, so I think I got hustled then, just like I suspect you're right about our new friend Matt here trying to tweak my nose."

"Every woman I've ever met has gotten me in trouble, Thea. It's just a matter of degree."

Matt tilts his head for a moment. "Interesting." But thats all he seems to comment on that particular situation. He doesn't seem to pass judgement on Clint for his apparently horrible relationship experience, but Matt seems to smile all the same.

"Not so much tweak as it is properly flick." Matt corrects with the intention to be silly and playful, not so much serious. "So then, do you two usually frequent Luke's bar or is this a first time for either of you?"

Thea smirks at Clint. "She's got great aim, I will give you that. Went through hell with her. She's a good one to have at you back, when push comes to shove. " She will grin, licking sauce from her thumb. "We will see if you still call me trouble if I have to be your medic in the field sometime. "

She glances at Matt, a quick smile. "I am trying to be a regular. If I could wrangle my schedule better. You? "

Wandering back in from the back room, Luke carries in a keg, one in each hand, and casually sets them back behind the bar.

"How's everyone doin'? Anyone need a refill? Another order of ribs?"

Clint Barton shakes his head, "I'm not a regular anywhere, but I've been here before. Nice place. Good food. All the waitstaff are hotties. Including Luke, I'm sure, even if he isn't on my personal menu," he says.

"I'm sure you would look past my personal failings to do your duty as a medic. Hypocrital oath or something," he says.

Matt looks over at Luke and he gives the man a bit of a smirk. "Good to see you back, Luke. Carrying in more drinks? If so, I'll take a refill if you don't mind." Even though Matt's a customer, its one's own reward to be polite. Nevertheless, he looks in Thea's direction when he hears her voice. "I come in every now and then. Unfortunately for the same reason, really. My work schedule tends to take up all of my time when I have a case."

Looking over to Clint. "You could always just ask one of them out Clint, unless you already have and they all ended badly."

Thea laughs at Luke. "More napkins? And a bourbon refill and the lawyer's next round on me."

"Doctors take that, Barton. Not me. Never taken a single oath. That way I can't break any. But I would take care of you anyway, whether you are trouble or not."

She glances at Matt, expression serious a moment. "I tend to take more jobs than I need. My own fault ."

"Feeling generous today, Thea?" Luke says as he washes his hands in the sink, giving the auburn haired woman a wink. "Another shot of whiskey, Matt? The same, or are you feeling adventurous with the lady's pocketbook?"

Turning to Clint, Luke chuckles. "I'll take that as a complement." Luke comments as he pours another draft for Clint, sliding it down the bar towards the archer. "On me, flattery will apparently get you somewhere today."

He looks back towards Matt, pulling down another glass while he waits for an answer, "How is the lawyering business now anyway, Matty? I had another laywer in here not to long ago. What was her name…Walters? Know her?"

Matt looks at Thea for a moment. "Understandably. More work, more pay. Unless you're a workaholic, then it just gives you something to do more than you have time to do it." He shrugs for a second before he looks over at Luke. "Another shot, sir. Not feeling very adventurous at all. The business goes pretty good. Walters? Heard about her, haven't quite had the pleasure unfortunately. I hear she's good competition though, might take a hit in the law firm." He smiles though, as if amused.

Though his attention turns to Thea once again, a smile touching his expression as he looks between her and Clint. But he just silently sips the last little bit of his whiskey so Luke can refill.

Luke Cage nods to Matt, picking up the bottle of whiskey and going to refill it when Matt gives him the opportunity. "Didn't talk to her much, she just was in here for a quick bite to eat. Has her own firm, much like you, but I am sure there is enough business to go around for you folks. This is New York."

Matt looks at Luke as he refills the cup as soon as he slides the glass over to him. He gives a little sip to the whiskey, not really a drinker himself, but he does give a small smile. "True. But we both know it can get heated in the courtroom. If she's as good as people say she is, I'd rather not have her opposite of me. But who knows? The challenge could be very fun."

He shrugs for a bit.

"So whats been new in your life, Luke? You meet a girl yet?"

"I meet lots of girls." Luke says with a bit of a snort. "Meeting them isn't a problem."

Luke reaches out and grabs himself a glass, then casting a glance over at Clint grabs another. He fills the two glasses from the same whiskey bottle and slides one over towards Clint before reaching down and sipping from his. "How about you, Matt? Any ladies in your life?"

"I don't doubt it, but I mean a -keeper-." Matt tells the guy who looksl ike he could knock over a building. But then he shrugs a little bit. "Not really. I've met a few ladies that have the possibility in the future, but for now, I'm afraid I'm married to my work." Both the night and day jobs.

"Either way, I think we'll both find them eventually, especially since pretty faces seem to be increasing in number."

Luke Cage says, "How would you know?" jokes Luke with a grin.

Luke shrugs, "Honestly, Matt, I don't know. I had my chance once, but that ended…tragically. Not sure I will find another keeper like that, not sure that I want to. But…who knows. The world screws with us in weird ways so I shouldn't say anything is impossible."

Luke takes another sip from his whiskey and rolls his shoulder in a shrug (not that Matt can 'see' it). "You might be right. Eventually someone might be willing to put up with you.""

Murdock smirks at Luke. "Lets just say I have specific experience in hearing."

Matt sees with more than eyes, after all. But he does nod. "Well, I've learned that nothing is impossible. After all, I seem to be doing pretty well, despite my condition." He shrugs, but he gets off of his stool and takes his cane back into his hand. He gives a smile for Luke and leaves the money (with a good tip) on the bar, pinning it there under his glass. "Thanks for the drink Luke. Maybe next time I come back, I'll have someone who tolerates me." He laughs a bit as he leaves.

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