2020-01-20 - Future Catnip Dealer


Eve discovers something going bump in the night in Central Park. Or did it discover her?

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Jan 20 19:55:41 2020
Location: Central Park

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Eve has had a rough go as of late. A lot of changes and not enough tiem to process them, especialyl with her new room mate being none other than THE Harley Quinn. She wasn't even advertising for a room mate, but THAT HAPPENED.

She's still processing it.

She's in a remote part of the massive Central Park, communing with the local flora. They've all bent inwards, these flowers, /towards/ her. It is plainly unnatural, and she is meditating amongst them. More are sprouting about her, too. Hey, her control of her powers is… imperfect at times.

The single largest natural space for miles around is Central Park. And while it may not be piled meters deep in snow right now - which she would vastly prefer! - it is no longer unseasonably warm. And right now Amur Khatun is out for a stroll. Healed up after her ordeal, she awoke to find that she was no longer restrained. And apparently the bipeds didn't think a ginormous tiger could get out.

Ginormous very smart tiger.

She got out.

Having no terrible love for concrete, asphalt and steel, Amur Khatun has come to the one big natural space she could smell. And in the heart of all of this she found the scent of plants actually growing. So she has crept curiously closer, on giant cat feet. Slinking from shadow to shadow. Peering around.

Mmmm. Look. That's a little biped. Isn't that interesting, the way the plants lean towards her? And she smells … Other. That too is interesting. So Amur Khatun creeps closer, stalking the little biped. Wuffling as she sniffs more. Closer.

Eve is immediately aware of the proximity. All living things within her Personal Bubble of Space are sensible to her, after all, and it might come as a surprise to the tiger that she's been notice. Even has no idea /what/ she's turning to look towards, but when she sees the tiger, her eyes get huge. That's not supposed to be here! "OH FUCK," she says.

Seeing a tiger stalking through the botanical gardens towards you? That's one thing.

Seeing something twelve feet long from foreshoulder to rump, with a full five-plus feet of tail and a massive head, standing over six feet tall from paw pads to shoulders? That's something else entirely. And curious as she is, Amur Khatun exudes an aura of dangerous intent. Of threat.

But the tiger does not pounce. Not really. Does not attack. She just pads closer, and her giant head brings her nose in close, wuffling at the biped, tickling with her enormous whiskers.

Don't move. Don't breathe. Don't even blink.

Eve does all of the above. /All/ her bodily functions just… /stop/. All at once. She wills it so. Here's hoping that the /bizarre tiger/ that just appeared will lose interest. Of course, her eyes /still/ follow her, but what else can she do? She's not going to /attack/ the damn thing. That's just likely to make things worse.

The tigress wuffles her ginormous muzzle across the interesting-smelling biped. She rubs the ruff of her cheek against the woman. Then she presses the opposite side of her huge head against her chest, listening for the heartbeat that seems to have stopped. Then she chuffs, touching the biped's face with her damp nose. That usually makes the other bipeds squeak or something.

That is… not… normal. Eve's eyes slowly blink at this.

There is something off about the whole scenario and this a gentle resumption of her heart and movement.

"… the fuck?" she asks, after a nose wiggle and a squeak.

The tiger wuffles over Eve, tasting her scent. Then she chuffs, and rubs her cheek ruff against the woman again. She makes other inquisitive sounds; they would be cute and tiny, but out of a creature this huge, they are perhaps not nearly any of those things.

There is the nervous slightly terrified laughter of someone who has no idea what to do with the scenario being presented to them.

"Nice kitty. Very pretty enormous murder kitten."

The tigress' massive tail gives a little side to side swish of pleasure as Eve lets out those words. She likes those words. Yes. Likes those words. She nuzzles at Eve's chest and tummy, and then sits up, watching the little biped expectantly, a little curiously. She wuffles at the plants which were - until she interrupted - leaning in and growing towards the biped.

Ack! The nuzzling from the massive many many hundreds of pounds tiger sends Eve sprawling onto her back. She just sort of stays there.

"Yes, I can do that. I speak to them and tell them how to change. I put them back when I'm done," she adds. This is true, mostly.

The tigress probably weighs about a thousand pounds. Maybe a bit more. But she is very gentle. She knows her size, and Eve's, and doesn't push too hard, doesn't do harm even by accident.

Clearly there's more going on behind those eyes than a mere animal.

But since Eve is now sprawled out? The tigress stretches out and down against her. She doesn't lay on the woman, but just presses her furred form against her, and then touches her nose to Eve's shoulder.

Eve seems to have deduced that. Now there is a giant murder kitty atop her and she isn't quite sure what to think about that. So she just kinda rolls with it and awkwardly pats her. Because what else can she do? "Yes, hello. You can call me Eve."


The tiger seems to acknowledge the biped's mouth-sounds with a chuff, and then leans up and over to nuzzle at the little biped's chest, marking this Eve with her scent. Then she rests her head on her own paws and watches the plants curiously, warm amber-green eyes shimmering in the night air.

"So, you're some kind of magic. You're making me itch," she says to the ginormous tiger. It is a reasonable answer to why the tiger is a tiger here and not attempting to eat her and seems to understand her well enough. She looks sheepish, letting the plants seemingly begin to revert to their previous, and far more mundane, orientation and shape.

As the plants revert the tigress noses at this strand or that, as if she is trying to ask them why they're going away. Then she turns back to watch the woman curiously. More mouth sounds. She chuffs, then yawns large - so large, such big teeth she has! - and watches the woman.

Eve cringes a little at all those teeth. It's a natural and entirely human reaction. She's been mangled by teeth like that before and knows exactly how much it hurts.

"Sooooo… you just hang around the park, orrrr….?" She's not quite sure what to do here, even if having a conversation with a magic tiger is fascinating.

The tigress climbs back to her feet, leaning over to nuzzle at the biped with the blue hair, wuffling at her cheek. Bipeds don't like her teeth, and she knows that. But she couldn't help it; she needed to yawn! Poor biped. She nudges at the woman with her big head, gently.

"Awww, who's an adorable and friendly giant murder machine?" She tries to raise a hand to go and scratch said murder machine under the chin. it's tentative enough that she will halt of the tiger calls for it with its body language.

It does definitely appear that the tigress is quite friendly, and she must like being called adorable. Her tail swishes behind her as she lowers her head, turning to the side to expose more of her chin to the scratching while wuffling at Eve's tummy. What a nice, interesting biped she has found.

It's not every day that you get to pet a tiger and, well, it's a novel experience. Eve gives a friendly, vigorous scratch to the chin and seems to enjoy herself. Her unease is diminishing.

"Sooo, are you some kind of wizard? witch? Shapeshifter?" She is curious, of course.

The tigress looks up, meeting the biped's eyes with those huge luminous orbs of hers. Oh. More mouth-sounds. No. Not that one. Mmmm. Not that one either. Wait. That last one. Her vague memories of her other self tell her that mouth sound is more right than the others. She lifts her head just a bit more … and touches her big, wet nose to the biped's. Isn't that what 'on the nose' means? Yes?

"Awk," says Eve when she gets a face full of TIGERNOSE. She flails a bit more before getting herself back under control.

"O-oooookay. Shapeshifter. Coooool." Technically, Eve is also a kind of shapeshifter, after all.

The tiger tilts her head back down, nuzzling Eve's chest and then down along her tummy, stropping her fuzzy cheek against her, marking the biped with her scent.

"Gwah, that tickles." Eve flails at this, which may not have been the best idea. "Well, at least you're not in trouble. Not sure what could give you any, though" More petting follows as she is scent-marked. She can feel it, understand what it is, on a certain level. She doesn't comment on it, of course. "If I had a cat…"

At least for the moment, Eve does have a cat. A very, very big cat. A friendly cat who seems to like her, and given the huge rumbling churr - the closest she can manage to a purr - she is pretty happy right now. Eventually she lays back down, this time putting her big head lightly on Eve's lap, wuffling her tummy.

This is not how she expected this day to go.

"Aww. Yeah, this is fine." Nothing is on fire. She lays her hand atop the tiger's head and scratches her between the ears. "Oh, I wonder if I could make catnip…"

Comfortable, content, the tiger and the biped rest in the park. Only an hour or two before dawn, they cannot remain forever. But for a while they can keep each other company, with the tiger providing lots of warmth and basso vibrations and her gently captured biped providing nice scratches. It's a wonderful arrangement.

But as dawn approaches, activity picks up on the pathways around the park. The tigress' ears flick and swivel, capturing and following those sounds. After a bit she leans up, nuzzling Eve's chest gently and then climbs to her feet. She twines around the woman, stropping against her legs, and then strolls off languidly back through the bushes.

It might almost be as if she never was. But Eve has tiger hair all over her pants. And, slightly less romantically, some tiger snot subtly schmeared on her t-shirt.

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