2020-01-18 - Good Food and Good Family


Jimmy, Sarah, and Priscilla have dinner together. Sharon and Emma come home.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jan 18 00:42:09 2020
Location: 2 East 5th Avenue - Penthouse

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It having been some time since she has caught up with Jimmy, Priscilla has decided to throw a tiny 'dinner party', inviting her girlfriend and Jimmy - and Darcy if she's free, though Jimmy's RSVP to the invitation state she unfortunately would not be - to her home with Emma and Sharon.

It's a dramatic difference in style and ambience to that of Pris's original place in the apartment above the old auto mechanic shop. And one of those differences is the high-end top-flight kitchen. Said kitchen is currently quite fragrant, as Pris has been working for days to prepare - from scratch - a jambaliya gumbo, as well as some Lousianna-style barbeque, a half-dozen different vegetable dishes, and homemade sweet cornbread.

Pris' youth culture is definitely showing. That and her unrestricted sense of appetite. She has cooked in sufficient quantities for a small to medium-sized army, which apparently her adopted mother and sister have found hilarious, teasing her for days.

Pris answers the doorbell dressed as casual as ever, a pair of those painted-on bedazzled jeans and one of her strip-club-advertising t-shirts. Barefoot, she welcomes Sarah first with a big hug, and then a kiss on the lips, before drawing the beautiful Brit into the penthouse. "Hi. I'm glad nothing came up, and you could make it." Then she remembers her manners and offers to take Sarah's coat and such and hang things up in the closet. Must remember; not living in barn anymore.

Sarah happily returns that kiss, and afterward, as she's shedding her coat, she takes a deep breath of the wonderful aromas wafting from the kitchen. "Something smells delicious," she comments, smiling. She's dressed in a nicely-fitting pair of jeans and a thick, comfy, cuddly cowl-neck sweater in marled green and black. She takes a moment to shed her black suede ankle boots by the door, joining her girlfriend in barefootedness.

Jimmy hopes, really fervently hopes, that his veil holds out on the way to East 5th Avenue. Heavensent isn't the most famous hero, but nobody benefits from being seen flying over New York's skyline… clutching a trifle to his chest. Priscilla has the actual meals done, but Jimmy insisted on bringing the dessert.

When he arrives outside, he drops the veil. Rather than go via the elevator to the front door, he 'appears' standing on the balcony, one arm holding the dessert while the other raps on the door. He's dressed as casually as they ever see him. Yes, jeans. But still a buttoned, collared shirt and an overcoat, even if there's no suit jacket or tie.

"Glad you like the smells. Hope the same can be said of the food." Pris offers as she is folded in half, tucking Sarah's boots away in the closet; yes, there's even a shoe organizer suitable for boots in there. Because Emma gosh-darned-Frost. Then Pris rights herself and takes Sarah's hand, almost ready to take her on a guided tour when a knock sounds at the balcony. She tilts her head slightly to the side and then smirks, letting out a soft, warm peal of laughter. "Excuse me, honey." she offers.

Pris walks over to the balcony and unlocks, then slides open the balcony door. "Hi, Jimmy. C'mon in so we don't let out all of Emma's heat." Not like the posh blonde's systems can't handle it, or that her wallet can't cover the cost. But Pris is who she is, and even being adopted by Emma Frost isn't going to change her that much. "Follow me to the kitchen and you can put that down. Then I can hang up your coat."

Pris waits until Jimmy's arms are empty before she gives him the hug of welcome that has waited a bit; they really haven't seen one another in some time. The last she can remember is the evening she 'called him back' into being from within his bronzecrafted duplicate. She gestures towards Sarah and smiles. "Until that night, I didn't even know you two knew each other. Welcome, both of you. I'm glad you could come to my little party."

"Hello, Jimmy," Sarah offers in greeting, smiling warmly and stepping up to hug him once Pris releases her embrace. She's seen him since that night, several times, but mainly when their paths have crossed for SHIELD-related reasons, encountering one another on the way in or out of the Triskelion, or a couple of times sharing lunch in the cafeteria there. But social occasions like this, not so much. "A lot happened in that one evening," Sarah replies to Pris. Including, of course, the true beginning of their relationship, not counting their first meeting some time before that.

Jimmy is well aware that he still has shoes on, and the carpet before the balcony isn't geared for that. So he keeps his wings spread and floats just a few inches above the ground — you know, as if Sarah needed more cause to feel like the shortest one there. He actually goes to the entryway first to toe off his shoes, so he can drop back to being human.

Once he has the trifle set down, he laughs and goes for the hug, squeezing around Priscilla's middle. "Sarah's the one who got me involved in SHIELD in the first place. And in case I haven't said it already…" He glances between the pair, smiling. "Congratulations." By this point, he's scooped Sarah up for a hug in return.

He nods to Sarah. "Mm. Feels like it took weeks' worth of nights to actually have room for everything that happened." The smile on his face is genuine, Priscilla could feel, but there's a sense of concern in the background. His mind isn't all on the people here.

"I did not know that." Pris offers regarding Jimmy being recruited into SHIELD operations by Sarah. Not that she is surprised. But what really makes her glow - no halo, just a happy pleasant glow - is Jimmy's congratulations offered to the couple. She beams at Sarah and sidles up beside her, sliding an arm around her back at the waist. "Thanks. She's awesome, and I'm really lucky. Incredibly so." She gestures with her other hand at the penthouse surrounding them, and grins. "As you can both see."

Then Priscilla resumes hostess duties. "What can I get you two to drink? Trust me, anything you think of, we have. And then I can take you on a little tour of my new home." Food and more mutual visiting can wait until after, surely. "How have you been, Jimmy? Doing OK, I hope?"

Sarah leans into Pris a bit as the taller woman slips her arm around her. "I still say I'm the lucky one, but I won't argue the point," she says, turning her head to look up at her girlfriend adoringly. To the beverage offer, she replies, "Actually, if you wouldn't mind putting some water on for tea, that would be lovely, with how chilly it's gotten outside."

Jimmy smiles. "I'd say you're both lucky, and I'm sure many people cry out in anguish for you two being off the market." He slips out of his coat and puts it where Priscilla directs, now finally dressed for visiting instead of travelling. "Tea does sound good, or just water for me." Jimmy doesn't drink, at least not often. That's something that the other Jimmy did, trying to push the boundaries of his healing factor.

His expression does soften after Priscilla's other question. "Just missing Darcy. Worried about her; she had to go back home for a little while for some family things. Seeing you two together like that, it made me think of her."

"Tea it is." Pris promises, giving her girlfriend a firm little one-armed squeeze. Then she extends her left hand, taking Jimmy's right shoulder and offering a little squeeze of reassurance. "I'm sorry you're missing her, Jimmy. I hope everything is OK. Maybe you should go check on her, or at least call and offer her the idea. I know I never quite realized how amazing a support system can feel until lately."

The curvaceous mocha-skinned dancer slips into the kitchen and seeks out Emma's tea kettle, well aware the posh blonde keeps one handy and uses it often. She puts water on, and then takes time to put out tea cups on saucers, fetch a little cup of real cream and a tiny bowl of sugar, then adds tiny spoons for each saucer.

"Tea should be just another couple of minutes." Pris says, and then gathers up both for their tour. The penthouse is - as one must expect for the home of Emma Grace Frost - posh in the extreme. But it definitely has homey touches. Pris especially seems proud to show off her sister's room - Sharon, whom she also calls Catseye - complete with its super-sized catbed on the floor and the wealth of Columbia University swag. And then Pris shows them her own room, complete with its own small balcony, a very neat array of swords and other martial weapons arrayed artistically on one wall, a tall black laquered quad-fold dressing screen, and a huge king-sized bed. The room is very purple, in quite a few shades. Pris does show them the inside of Emma's home office, but they only get to glimpse the half-open door to Emma's bedroom. The last part Pris shows off, though, is the bathroom she shares with Sharon. It is huge, with a four-head glass-enclosed shower stall and a tub that is almost more a small swimming pool. And the lighting array has preset switches for a variety of times of year and day to adjust the lighting perfectly.

"Ms. Frost clearly spares no expense with the appointments and furnishings," Sarah comments, clearly impressed, with moments of amazement interspersed as Pris conducts her and Jimmy around the domicile. "This is beyond beautiful. Like you, love."

"Things will be okay," Jimmy says. Things can't be awesome all the time; that's not a realistic expectation. But you can accept the bad with the good and always look ahead and strive to making things good. "And you're right, I should see about visiting. We do keep in regular contact" He lifts his phone, flipping through to a text chain. "But that's different from" He suddenly, jerkily locks his phone, a blush rising on his cheeks. The phone gets safely stwoed.

He whistles softly during the tour, clearly and openly awed while he looks around. "This place is quite something. I'm glad you've got a family like this around you now, Pris." Sarah's comment makes him laugh, and he grins at the sorceress. "And you don't let a single opportunity pass you by, do you."

Priscilla cannot help but giggle softly at Sarah's commentary. "So, I'm overdone and glitzy, but posh and stylish, hunh?" she teases her girlfriend, beaming.

Pris glances at Jimmy, agreeing with his more philosophical commentary, until the phone beeps, and she feels the rush of emotions to follow as the phone is swiftly put away. She grins and leans over to bump her shoulder against Jimmy's. "Tell her we send our love, OK?" she teases good-naturedly. "At least you have a nice status update, and she's thinking of you."

That said, Pris guides her guests back to the living room as the teakettle whistles insistently. She heads into the kitchen and pours the still-steaming hot water into the saucers, then dips in the tea-bags and lets them steep

"So, our meal tonight is all homemade, things I learned to make back home. Jambaliya gumbo, barbeque chicken, spiced collard greens, creole-style snap beans, black beans and rice with shredded cajun sausage, and peppered sweet cornbread." Pris beams, gesturing to each of the dishes as they rest around the kitchen. "I have set the places at the table. I just have to get all of this out to the table and we can sit, eat, and visit."

Looking delighted at the feast awaiting, Sarah asks Pris, "This all looks and smells wonderful, but where are the other six guests?"

Though there's still the underlying appreciation and excitement, Jimmy's blush and awkwardness get brighter when Priscilla's teasing makes it clear that, yes, they know exactly what he just got. At the request, he takes a deep breath and draws the phone out again — careful to angle it so the others can't see his screen — and shoots back a text message. "I just hope I can read whatever she sends back without my whole face catching on fire."

He goes into the kitchen. "I'll help bring things." He tilts his head as he looks at Priscilla. "Aren't we already visiting?" He laughs to Sarah's comment. "I'm guessing she plans to have leftovers for the next week. Or maybe month."

Priscilla hangs her head a bit, just a hint of darkening tone to her cheeks. Then she looks up, lightly elbowing Sarah in the ribs, more a token gesture to return the teasing. "There aren't six more guests. If Emma and Catseye get home, I assumed they would be happy to share. But other than that, I figured I'd keep the leftovers and take them to one of the shelters." Pris has no idea that shelters cannot take unsealed, already-cooked food, and just means well.

"I actually love it when Darcy makes you enflambe, Jimmy." Pris teases, and gratefully accepts help as they make their way to the table, arranging the pots. It's not as stylish as the chafing dishes and servers available in the kitchen's cabinets, but it's the way Pris learned to do it down home back in the day. And they have hot tea to sip, water, and Pris makes sure to bring a jug of milk in an ice-chilled carafe; she cooks 'the right way', and prepares to help soothe enflamed mouth tissues.

"So. How was your week?" Pris asks both guests as they settle in for dinner.

Sharon smells the food and finally emerges from her room. It's hard to say what will attract attention first, the lavender hair, the fluffy lavender tail peeking out from her jeans… Or the fact that she regards stairs as for sissies, vaults over the second floor landing rail, and drops to the foyer landing gracefully in a slight crouch before standing.

Ok, probably the leap.

Giving Priscilla big-huge-kitty-eyes Sharon says hopefully, "Dinner smells good… Shrimp in the Jambalaya, yes?"

Jimmy huffs at Priscilla, his eyes narrowed. "A far cry from when you felt bad about making me blush. You like when I get enflamed now?" He helps to bring things to the table, until everything is as Priscilla directs. And though he's a guest, he waits for the other two, to be the last one seated.

His chin lifts when Sharon comes out of the room — even before the door's actually opened, and he looks towards her as she comes to the balcony. Something he senses gives him a startled look a second before she makes the jump, and then he's on his feet again to welcome her. "Ah. Hi. You must be Sharon."

Pris would surely sense Emma's approach, her 'attunement' to her adopted mother is such that she'd be aware of Emma's shielding as psychic presence as the elevator approaches. Likewise, with Cat's senses, she'd probably smell her mothermotherfrost as the private elevator whisks the woman closer, intensifying lingering scents with /actual scents/. Sadly, she smells of cologne, smoke (cigar and cigarette), and fatigue.

When the door is opened, she looks around the place for her daughters, and inhales deeply of the Cajun feast's scents so redolent in the room. "Ah, so…your guests have arrived." She says. A moment is spared to remove her coat and hang it up properly, and then she steps out of her boots, thigh high, white leather, her clothing underneath is 'merely' coture, an elegant mix of business-like and revealing with an ultra mini-skirt, and a half jacket over a sheer white lace and silk confection of a top.

Once out of her boots, Emma moves with a reasonable facsimile of her usual grace, to approach the gathering. "Good evening all." To Jimmy and Sarah, she smiles. "I'm Emma Frost, welcome to our home."

"When it's Darcy doing it? Then it's cute, it's not my fault, and it's done out of love." Pris answers, smiling at Jimmy as she meets his gaze. "Don't hate me." she teases with a wink.

The sound of Catseye leaping and landing from the stairs draws Priscilla's purple gaze, and she grins at her sister. "Hi." she offers, warm tones of genuine affection in her voice and shining from her eyes. "C'mon in. Shrimp in the jambaliya gumbo, yes. Milk in the carafe." She stands and walks over beside Sharon so she can make official introductions - even though she's sure Sharon's nose has already identified the guests. "My sister, Sharon Smith Frost, also Catseye, this is my girlfriend, Sarah Black, and my friend Jimmy Baxter."

Once Sharon is seated, Pris directs everyone to start passing their plates around, making sure people only get what they want, and only as much as they want; perfect 'family style' serving. "I hope everyone enjoys."

Sarah looks at Jimmy curiously for a second as his reaction precedes Sharon's arrival, but that gives her enough of an inkling that something is happening so as to not be quite so startled as she might have been by the catgirl's arrival, particularly the method thereof, and instead she begins to break into a smile of recognition — as Catseye rather unmistakably matches how Pris has described her new sister to her. "Hello," the British brunette offers. "I'm Sarah."

And then the elevator arrives, and Emma makes her entrance. "Ms. Frost," Sarah replies to the billionaire's greeting, standing up just a tiny bit straighter and putting on her best manners. "I'm Sarah Black. It's a pleasure and an honor to meet you."

Catseye smiles warmly. "Glad to meet you, Sarah. Jimmy." Her tail is up and hooked, that of a happy kitty to those familiar with feline body language. When Emma arrives, Sharon gives her a sympathetic look. "Long day at office? " She hands the food around the table, helping herself to double sized portions of everything. With as tall and lean as she is, either she works out constantly or has a non-standard metabolism. Probably both.

Jimmy gives Priscilla another, hotter huff, and a glare. There's no actual hate or anger there; he's just… huffy, about things that make him blush. Which, of course, is the perfect cue for Emma to arrive. The outfit only makes Jimmy's eyes pop for a brief moment before he yanks them away, but it's enough to be noticed — especially by the two psychics in the room.

He dips his head in welcome to Sharon, a hand lifting when Priscilla introduces him, and then a half-bow to Emma. "Ms. Frost. Lovely to meet you at last; Priscilla speaks so highly of you." He helps others get served before he takes any for himself. "It all looks delightful, Priscilla. And—" He finally takes a bite and lets out a groan, his eyes falling shut. "Yes. You've done great work."

Does anyone at this table have a normal metabolism? Couldn't prove it by Priscilla, that is for sure. "Mother, you're clearly tired. Please, come, sit. I will get you … iced tea, right? And you can get to know my guests and enjoy the food." She gives Emma a hug, as if she could draw the tired out of the posh blonde and infuse Emma with her own vitality. She sees Emma to her seat, and then heads for the kitchen. "Don't anyone wait for me. Enjoy the food." She definitely seems to be brimming with pleasure that her effort to bring her friends and her family together has worked out.

"Please, Sarah, Jimmy, we're having family style dinner, you can call me Emma." Unfortunately for Jimmy, Emma then removes her jacket, folding it carefully over the back of a chair, and then settles into a seat when Pris suggests one. She actually groans a tiny bit, and then offers a head scritch to Cat, and leans into the hug from Pris, shoulders just briefly betraying her fatigue. What Jimmy most likely notice is that Emma's mind leaks…pretty much not at all, he can sense she has one, but her shields are nearly perfect constructs. "Yes, Sharon, it was a long day. The board once again trying to push Frost International going public, they want a stock split, you see."

Sapphire eyes study Sarah and Jimmy, though not rudely in either case, and then she nods fractionally. "It is a great pleasure to meet you both." She will, if allowed, clasp one of Sarah's hands between her own. "I am delighted that Priscilla has finally brought you home to meet us." To Jimmy, she then offers a hand. "Charmed, I am sure. Please, be at ease, you're a friend of my daughter's, that's surety of welcome."

Mentally, to Pris and Sharon. «I am so glad you brought your girlfriend and friend home, I shall add them to the security if you wish.» Which is not a trivial offer from Emma. «So far I approve. We'll see if they measure up to my very exacting standards.» And yes, she's TOTALLY teasing.

"As you wish, then… Emma," Sarah replies, her smile filled with genuine warmth as her hand is between the telepath's. "What you have done for Pris, making her part of your family, I can't tell you how thankful I am for that," she continues. "I am adopted, myself, though in my case it was as an infant. Family is important. Sometimes, it can be everything."

« I think they would both prefer to be just guests, MotherMotherFrost. » Priscilla thinks back to her family, quite naturally using - mentally - Catseye's name for Emma. « But I would like to make sure Sarah is added to the approved guests list downstairs. Given her creds, I don't expect that will be an issue. »

Priscilla returns after a few minutes, putting a tall glass of iced tea in front of Emma and another carafe - this one of more iced tea - into the ice bucket with the milk. She then sashays to her seat past Sarah and Jimmy, both of whom get their own unique glance and wink; Sarah's is a good bit saucier, while Jimmy's is more teasing. Then Pris settles and looks down the table, smiling. "I am really so glad that all of you could be here, this evening, together. It means a lot to me."

After sampling some of the food herself, Priscilla rejoins the conversation. "Emma, perhaps we should just pool some available resources and buy out the board? If they're that short-sighted, they're clearly not taking the best interests of the company, its people, its future or its employees in mind." How does Pris think they'd get those kinds of resources? It might not be a great idea to ask. Alien-hunting stripper ninjas may have interesting ideas about personal property.

Pris beams as Sarah shares her approval. "Emma and Sharon have both welcomed me into their hearts, as well as their home. I'm still learning how to be a part of a family. But it's pretty amazing."

Sharon nods, "Owe MotherMotherFrost everything… Adopting Priscilla as sister is icing on the cake." At Priscilla's suggestion of buying out the board, she tilts her head. "Could be done. Or arranged for replacements to be required." She smiles, a flash of very white, very sharp teeth. "Stupid people make stupid mistakes, hide them badly. Smart people can outsmart themselves. Might take time but… is option." And there's always the 'do you want them sliced lengthwise or crosswise' option if they try to retaliate physically. Sharon has a zero tolerance policy towards danger to her loved ones.

Jimmy eventually returns to his chair, settling comfortably. He does pout when Priscilla pops up again; he's here for her and Sarah most of all. But he does as she wishes, staying at the table with his meal. He looks towards Emma with a touch of concern: first for the fatigue which he can see just with his eyes in that brief slumping; then for the utter lack of what he senses from her. He glances to Priscilla with an eyebrow raised, but whatever questions he has, he doesn't think it loudly.

He takes Emma's hand, his touch light and brief: no crushing handshake here. "Thank you. I'll do my best not to overstay." His smile turns wistful as he looks back to Priscilla. "Mm. Hopefully someday soon, we can do this with Darcy, too." That, and the talk of family, make him go quiet and settle back in his chair; he doesn't have much to say on the topic.

"Sarah, Jimmy - my beloved daughter loves you both as kin, are you familiar with the concept of 'Ohana'?" Emma makes up a small plate for herself, unlike the bulk of those present she does not have an uber metabolism, still, she eats and enjoys very much, her manners meticulous. "Oh, I have been thinking about it, to be sure. After the…incident a couple weeks back, and this current drive, I'm about done with them I think."

Eyes of sapphire glint with just a hint of dire potentiality - yeah - in fact she IS a scary business shark, thanks! And the she shakes it off. "Apologies." This is a party after all.

A long sip of her tea, and she smiles to Jimmy. "Oh, you'll do fine, and we'll need to meet your Darcy as well, I think."

She sighs happily, one can almost SEE the tension unknotting as she relaxes. "It is good to be home. So very very good."5r

Sarah nods to Emma. "It is not unrelated to the idea of 'chosen family', as I understand it," she says. "Which would seem very much applicable in present company." She glances aside to Pris, giving her the quick version of the adoring look that she's seen so often from Sarah.

Priscilla is the gifted one with languages, and she beams at Emma's use, nodding emphatically. "Ohana. Yes, this is appropriate." She may not know all of Sarah's story - she's learning, but giving it time - or Jimmy's, but she senses kindship with them and always trusts her instincts. They have served her well, even when they get her blown up to bits.

"I agree with Emma, Jimmy. Hopefully soon. But until then, I do hope you'll take the advice of a friend, and go see her." That said, Pris watches each person enjoy their food, and derives real, deep pleasure from it all. She could give George Bailey a run for his money.

Catseye purrrs as she eats. She tries not to, but… well, she's happy and perfectly capable of purring as she eats and drinks. Like a true cat, it's a vibration of the vocal cords, independent of what her breath or mouth is doing. "On another subject, picked up last of texts for new semester. Professor had booklet printed up off campus." She gives a small snort of disgust. "Think trying to -find- the place was a test. So annoying, but got it." Her tail loops in amusement, "Also got chocolate mousse cake from little korean bakery I found. Food sooooo good there."

Jimmy nods. "I've heard of the Disney version. Ohana means family, which means nobody gets left behind or forgotten." He nods to Emma. "I'd love for you to meet her. She's good for me. …and I'm sure she'd approve of your fashion sense. Very stylish." He doesn't eat in any hurry, himself; his metabolism is mostly normal, with the special bits having nothing to do with nutrition. He savours it, enjoying each bite in ways Priscilla can feel. And he nods to her. "I will. I'll grab a bit of time off work to fly down." Now, is he talking about a plane, or…

He tilts his head, looking at Catseye. "Oh? Can I ask what you're studying?"

"Perhaps I was not clear enough, Pris loves you both, that makes you family too." A grin, and a saucy wink from Emma. She does saucy very well by the by. "Provisionally of course. Her love gets you the chance to earn places here." And though she's teasing, mostly, Emma /does/ have trust issues. Hell, a year ago she /couldn't/ have made the offer.

Jimmy most likely could sense some of the pain Emma is in, her shields are formidable yes, arguably her strongest talent, but physical contact will let him sense a bit more, and they did touch.

A fond smile to Cat. "I shall have to make time for a visit to this bakery, we can all go sometime." For a cold fish, with an ice queen rep, Emma surely and very obviously adores her adopted daughters. "Ah, professer Willoughby, Sharon? I know the man, he's brilliant, a sadistic ass, but brilliant. You'll learn a lot, not the least of which is the patience and forbearance NOT to gut him."

A happy sound as she savors the food. "Exquisite, Pris, you've a real talent for this." She doesn't seem phased by the talk of flying, after all, Jimmy /could/ be a pilot!

She is silent to let Cat answer the question he puts to her, however.

Somewhere, amidst all the talk, Sarah has been sampling the various dishes on her plate, with more than obvious pleasure. "This is amazing, love," she says, gesturing at her plate with her fork as she looks again to Pris. "Outstanding. The different flavors of the ingredients combine in such interesting and delicious ways…" And there's that adoring look again. Yes, she's very much in love with her girlfriend.

Catseye tells Jimmy, "Double major. Computer Science and electrical engineering." Her speech patterns are slightly off, as if English is not her first language, but certainly nothing is wrong with her intelligence if she's up to handling a double major like that.

After the brief touch of hands, Jimmy looks distracted. His brow furrows as he looks in Emma's direction. "Thank you. I'll do my best to not let you down, and in doing, let down Pri— I'm sorry, are you okay? Your shoulders look really tense." He holds out a hand, but doesn't actually lay it on Emma, merely indicating the possibility.

Yet, that doesn't detract from him paying attention to Sarah and Priscilla — with a smile for their clear love — as well as listening to Catseye. He whistles. "That's impressive. Sounds like a really demanding subject load."

Priscilla listens to Cat's story and grins; she's never had experiences like that, but she can tell it amuses and pleases her sister, and that's awesome. That Emma approves makes it that much better. But as awesome as the approval of her sister and mother may be, the glowing approval of her girlfriend makes Pris glow a little. "I'm very glad everyone is enjoying the food. That makes it worth all of the effort." Including her new cookbook.

"My sister is brilliant." Priscilla offers. This is from her a statement of absolute fact. Those who do not recognize this brilliance are simply blind and stupid, and that is not her problem. Knowing how Emma hates being called out, questioned or cornered by those she doesn't know, Pris tenses up when Jimmy questions Emma on her condition, expecting her adopted mother to react poorly to this. "I'm sure Emma will want a soak in the hot tub later, what with the stress of the board and such."

Emma does not in fact like showing weakness, in fact, much like an animal she associates that with death. A lot. Still, watching Pris and Sarah make calf-eyes at each other is — good, very very good in fact. Pride shows in her eyes as she looks to Catseye. "Sharon is in fact brilliant." Emma states. "As is Pris, they just have different strengths. Which is why they work so well together."

She looks to Jimmy, and after a moment shakes her head. "Perhaps later. I think a hot soak will suffice. The offer is kind, Jimmy. Muchly appreciated." Pris and Sharon would feel mom shove her instinctive bristling into a box for now, ruthlessly suppressing the snarky reaction that might have come. "Actually, yes, the hot tub is just the thing. After dinner, mm?"

Catseye shrugs at the comments about brilliance. "Need the challenge, previous school was not challenging enough. Would have been easy to stay there, had job as assistant. Easy, safe but… would have been stagnant." After dinner she brings out the chocolate mousse cake, and share around as the conversation lazily drifts through the evening.

Jimmy lowers his hand, nodding. "Certainly. I just like to chip in where I can, and that's a nice easy way of helping if someone's feeling a bit stressed." He gets back to eating, leaving Emma's shoulders alone. He grins at Sharon. "You must be bright, if you're tackling a double major like this just for the challenge." He smiles over to Priscilla. "Thanks again for this, Priscilla. Even if the initial plan was just dinner, meeting your family is lovely."

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