2020-01-18 - Bad Valkyrie No Biscuit


After a battle with summoned mythological monsters from the distant past, Brunnhilde, Loki, and Carol Danvers meet at a New Orleans bar to discuss the situation. Brunnhilde is encouraged to not be so growly at Loki.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jan 18 05:12:46 2020
Location: Storm King Mountain Park

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So, Carol will discover, when she checks the location for that text, that suddnenly Brunnhilde's signal has shifted a few hundred miles to the Southwest. As after a brief break to clean up in the nearby pond in the park (and a clothes change via her sword for Hilde), the group….was convinced by Loki to go to New Orleans. Yay portals! Astryd actually bowed out to go warn Fenris and others about the situation shortly thereafter though, leaving Hilde just…sitting across from Loki. Eyeing him.

…with a American beer. It's as close as she gets to water.

Loki grins. "You'll love this place, honestly…The Harlequin's Romance is a very lively little bar. Sure, Midgardian booze isn't very strong, but the food is good, the music is live, and the company worth seeing. Mortals are such fascinating creatures."

Pitch accepted, he does indeed summon the portal, and being Loki he cheats and simply morphs himself clean en route, and materializes them in a nearby alley. He's dressed in black on black on black, with more black. Suit, jacket, tie, pants, shoes. Nothing but black.

Oh, and his hanky? GREEN! Hah! You were expecting black weren't you?

The nice thing about having close encounters with ancient Kree super-science? You can do suborbital hops pretty easily… even if you change course halfway through to New Orleans.

However, since it is New Orleans, Carol decided to change out of her costume and wear something a bit more appropriate for the city. In this case, she's got a crimson silk blouse with black jeans, walking into the aforementioned bar to see two of her favorite Asgardians… and one of them glaring at the other.

With that, Carol walks up behind Brunnhilde and places her hand on the ex-Valkyrie's shoulder, "Hey, got here as soon as I could, everything alright?" With that, she flashes Loki a curious look, then takes a seat next to Hilde.

If Brunnhilde had a tail, she'd be lashing it with her ears folded back slightly, so she jumps slightly at Carol's hand on her shoulder, then relaxes as she sees who it is. "You made good time…" she says, her expression softening a bit as he stands up to plant a soft kiss on Carol's cheek. "Join us…we had to deal with giant mythic monsters being summoned in a public park. Astryd needed to go talk to some people.":

The bar is actually pretty fun, good music - a trio of Creole girls belting out rousing Jazz. The food, and yes Loki ordered plenty to eat, he burned a lot of calories in the rite he did to shut down the summoning Cairn. "Really, Brunnhilde, would it kill you to glower a bit less? At least try to have some fun."

Loki sure is, there's a lot of very pretty boys and girls to oggle after all. And the food really is rather good.

He looks up as Carol make's her appearance. "Everything is fine, better than fine, have some beer."

Carol wrinkles her nose, "Diet coke with lime for me." She keeps it at that, though she does take a dig at some of the nachos, the ancient Asgardian torq around her neck a nice touch to her outfit. She nods over at Brunnhilde, "Yeah, you know who was doing it love?"

With that, she then places a warm kiss on Brunnhilde's cheek, taking some more of the bar food as… well, a suborbital hop tends to burn at least as many calories as a banishing rite, really. "Wasn't sure if the rest of the Avengers were needed for this one, but I figured you probably had it handled. And it's always nice to get out of New York for a bit." With that, she looks a bit wryly between Brunnhilde and Loki, not asking if there's any bad history there.

Mainly because she already knows.

Hilde scowls a bit at Loki but at least Carols' arrival seems to have improved her mood a bit. "We don't know. There was a magical cairn that summoned them. Beings of ancient Sumerian and Akkadian myth." She shake sher head. "In a park…we're not sure why. One of them said something about collecting people." She gives a curt nod to Loki. "The younger prince here sealed away the magics involved and banished them."

Also she will try the bar food as well. Because her stomach rumbles and she remembers she hasn't had anything to eat. And she's seriously debating if the beer would be better poured in the nearest plant than actually drunk, so that coke actually sounds more appealing right now….

"Or diet Coke with lime." Loki looks to her. "Of course you know that is an appetite stimulant and likes to eat your tooth enamel and leech the calcium from your bones, right?" A smirk. "Or course you probably don't need to worry any more than I would." He chuckles. "The Ape is the guardian of one corner of my office by the way." At the embassy, yup, he has a giant stuffed ape plushie in his ambassadorial post - Loki - putting the ASS in amabassador!

"Really, Hilde, m'dear…why so many scowls. Have I wronged you in some way?" Loki doesn't THINK so, but who knows? He's wronged a lot of people over the millenia. "As to the cairn, I have several runestones I plan to research, and scry on. Stop by Cover Story or the Asgardian Embassy sometime if you'd like to know the results."

Carol snickers, "Probably not as much as the other ones, but I can't really talk about that." She shrugs, and looks wryly at Loki, "I don't drink alcohol. Ever." And she says it without heat, but there's definitely a tone of finality about it as she takes one of the hot and spicy wings.

"Besides, using cosmic energy burns up a lot of calories, and I haven't had a problem with diet soda yet. At least compared to regular ones… way too sweet for me. But it's good to know the ape isn't being a deadweight." She grins at the thought.

"…I am not a fan of the Asgardian royal family." Hilde mutters. And really, if she was thinking more clearly on the subject, she'd at least be willing to entertain the idea that not EVERYONE in the royal family is as bad as Odin. But then, you know….betrayal, betrayal, stripped of powers and sold off to a mortal effectively, more betrayal and burning alive…it's kinda hard to let go sometimes. Though admittedly she's torn on whether Loki is an annoying member of the family in question who is WORSE in some ways, or if she shoudl give him a chance for Father All-Dick comment earlier.

Instead, she steals a sip of Carol's coke.

"Really? No alcohol…not ever?" That seems to make Loki a sad panda. "No, Ikol is a very valued member of my staff, though Darcy is the only one who gets paid." A sage nod. He briefly toys taking on the form of the toy, but…living muppets might scare the locals.

And then Brunnhilde mentions the royal family. "Oh, me either, well…I love my brothers of course, but I sometimes hate them too. It isn't like I'm in good standing with the family…I've been exiled from Asgard more than I've lived there."

A shrug. "But…we can have an adversarial relationship if you'd rather? Myself, I'd just as soon not, it is has already been a fairly long day."

Carol smiles a little at Loki, "I had some… ah, self-control issues, so best that I don't have any." She slides an arm around Brunnhilde's shoulders, "Though, well, sounds like common ground to me there… plus, I still want to punch Odin in the face." Because well, you can be mean to Carol and she'll shake it off.

But if you ever #### with her friends? Oh, it is ON.

Hilde's eyes narrow slightly, but before she says anything, Carol's arm slide around her and she….takes a deep breath and calms. "….it's true you are not in good standing with them. Frequently." she echoes Loki, grudgingly. "And you are not the arrogant twat that your brother is."

"Ah, well, cosmic powered individuals with control issues probably shouldn't drink, or medicate outside of a doctor's orders." Loki admits, and downs some more beer. "And everyone wants to punch old one eye in the face, I'm sure Frigga probably /has/." He does make sure there's no ravens about, damn spies!

"I get on with brother Thor, actually. And most of the others, but that said, I am my OWN sort of arrogant twat, thank you ver much." He even looks rather offended, before he laughs and orders more food and drink for everyone.

Not that diet Coke counts as 'drink' to him, but each to their own.

Carol nods, "Well, Thor pulverized my room once in Avengers Mansion. He got overexcited about his hammer or something." She makes a bit of a face, then chuckles, "Was a bit of the reason that I decided to get my own space outside of there. Just nice to have a bit of privacy. Particularly since I now have a roommate." She winks over at Brunnhilde, then snatches a plate of food to devour. Along with that accursed diet coke.

"So I've heard." Hilde comments back to Loki, dryly, rather than in a growl, at least. She settles back. "…and if Frigga has punched that one-eyed bastard, it's only what he deserves. Repeated." She sighs, eyeing her beer, then shakes her head and just upends it in the planet, then waves down a waitress for a coke instead. "But fine. You are not him, and I will…try to remember that."

"Really? Must have been a bad hair day." Loki shakes his head. "Truly, he's got a /good/ heart, but his impulse control can be lacking — mind you, this is ME saying this." Because Loki's moderation and self-control are legend!

"I'm sure having the privacy to enjoy each other's company fully was a bonus." Loki adds unabashedly.

He eats with gusto himself, but that's not uncommon for a Norse god, at all.

"Oh, absolutely, I can be a right bastard at times, but…mostly I just like having fun, and bastardy can be very fun."

A grin. "No, I am not him, I mean…I could be, mostly, but no…I'm not him."

Carol grins, "How about Thor if they were a cat?" She does have a fondness for cats, after all, as she gives Brunnhilde a squeeze on the shoulder, reaasuring her as she speaks with Loki. "But yes, being an Avenger is certainly… interesting, to say the least." She gets a bit of a wry look at that.

Hilde exhales. "Well…now that you're here let's…relax. And we can fill you in on what happened. If it's happening elsewhere in New York, we need to stop whoever is behind it…before there are any dead innocents associated with it." With another pause to munch on a buffalo wing, she starts laying out what happened….what happens next can wait for Astryd's return.

And she's sitting peaceably, at a table, with a royal of Asgard and the bar is still standing.

So all in all…good day?

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