2020-01-16 - The Store Wars


Eve saves Harley from her own carefully laid plan tro raid a department store.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Jan 16 01:49:43 2020
Location: 2 East 5th Avenue #12E

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The new plant-based decor has been phased out and things have been relatively quit. one might almost believe that Harley has gotten over herself and is finally settling into a sane, quiet home life. Coming home today Eve will be greeted by the sight of Harley with a map of NYC laid out on the kitchen table, red pins placed in various points all over Manhattan, a few more in the other boroughs. She seems to be regarding this map with great severity, a sharpie in hand as she circles a couple key intersections. There is silence.

Eve has arrived. And there she is, staring at the map and Harley and the red circles.

She advances towards her quietly, having set down her bag by the door, and leans to peer around her shoulder. She's not really tall enough to go over.

"What… what are you doing?" she asks aft er a moment.

"I'll teach them to double cross me," Harley mutters, still working determinedly on whatever fever dream she's laid out on ehr table. "There's no way I'm going to… Oh! Hey, Eve. I didn't see you come in." Harley looks up slowly, blonde pigtails bobbing slightly as she twists so that she can look back over her shoulder at her roommate. "I was jut thinking about a few things. S… How was work? Did you have a good day?"

"Good enough," adds Eve.

"But now I'm busy wondering who doubnle crossed you and how much trouble you're actually in," she adds, leaning over to place one hand against the counter and squiiint at the map. Squint!

"I called ahead to the department store to ask them to hold thhis outfit for me and the guy sold it before I could get there. Unbelievable, right?" Harley gestures broadly with her sharpie, a finger digging deeply enough into the map to leave an indent of her fingernail. "The pumps I wanted are going to be in tomorrow afternoon. This time they're _mine_."

"… what exactly are you intending to do for pumps?" asks Eve, carefully. She's a bit worried that the cracks in Harley's sanity are going to start showing again. She pulls her phone out.

"What pumps?" she asks after a moment. Concerned. VERY CONCERNED.

"Coordinated strike. The only issue is logistics… Oh, you're going to call for me? You are *amazing*. With your help there's no way I can lose. You're the best, Eve." Harley springs up form the table, suddenly coming to her full height, so that Eve would need to be attentive or risk taking a shoulder to the chin. "Bernadetti four inch strap heels in sky cerulean. Take notes so you don't make any mistakes! I've mapped out every store locaqtion and notes on when their delivery trucks are going to arrive to their stoores…" Harley will go on for osme time. The plan is actually impressive in its scope and thoroughness. As well as… Terrifying, in its own way.

It is indeed terrifying.

Eve looks down at her phone, then holds it up for Harley's inspection. She's going to do something BOLD here.

Right as Harley watches, she clicks 'buy', 'this is a gift for someone else' and taps out 'Harleen Quinzell' very obviously for her.

"You mean /these/ pumps, right?" she asks, clarifying. She is very pointedly ordering them for he.

"…Yes," Harley replies slowly. She is staring at the phone as the order is being placed. Unmoving.

THe order is placed. Eve is paying /way/ more than she needs to do for the pumps. Rare items do that. But, you know, SUCH IS THE PRICE OF FRIENDSHIP, right?

"…it'll be here… sooooooon?" she offers, worriedly, giving Harley a concerned once over.

"Okay. Thank you," Harley replies carefully. She glances at her map, then back to Eve. "And these are mine? I don't have to run any errands or help you rob a bank to pay for them or anything?" A beat. "Just kidding! Now I guess we just… Wait." She plaes a hand over her map.

"…we're friends, so yes, they're your's. I just wanted to save you the trouble of your extroidinary lenghths you're willing to go for your pumps." She looks down at the nmap.

"Also, you made me dinner. It was nice."

She looks uncertain. Anxious.

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