2020-01-16 - The Sorceress and the Wasp


Nadia and Nico head toward the boardwalk! Part one.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Jan 16 14:26:48 2020
Location: Coney Island

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Nico can be quite persuasive when she so desires. In this case she has all but dragged Nadia out toward the Boardwalk, taking her by the hand and insistently ushering her in the direction of Coney Island. "I know it's movie night, but I thought we could try something new today," Nico states matter-of-facctly as they're crossing the street toward a line of shops and cart selling 'Coney Dogs'. "As much fun as watching random horror movies and making fun of the bad makeup is."

Ever since her involvement with the trap for the Razors Nadia has been in a bit of a slump. Some of her allies were rather a lot more violent than her morals would have liked and the killings that took place certainly didn't help. Even if she suspects a certain degree of death would have been unavoidable. "I don't know why the scientist is always evil in those movies," she muses. "It can't be good for peoples confidence in technology and the people who make it…" She hrms. "Although I would rather like to have more analog levers in my lab. It always looks rather satisfying when they trigger an experiment by pulling on a lever and shout it's alive."

"You know it strikes me as very impractical building an amusement park on wooden planks over the water. Surely you could build a better selection of rides if you're not worried about the weight plunging the whole thing into the sea…"

"It's hard to create monsters without using science or magic. They don't just grow up in random forests usually. They have to introduce the antagonist. Besides, horror is about paranoia and fear of the unknown. So they target… People who don't know a lot, I guess. Huh. I hadn't really thought about it."

Nico tugs on Nadia's hand to pull her toward the windows of a shop that appears to sell New York City souvenirs and possibly the occasional antique. "Depends on what you think is practical, I guess," Nico will comment as she stares at a snow globe featuring the wonder wheel. "People build houses along the water that keep getting washed away in storms because they like the view. …People are stupid." The young goth shrugs, reaching up to brush a stray lock of hair away from her eyes as she adds quietly, "And my… Mom… Always used to tell me that if you don't understand why a business does something it always comes down to money. So…"

"But surely a better ride would attract more customers?" Nadia insists, following along in Nico's wake. "Or do you think people like the added thrill that the whole construction might just end up in the ocean?" She shakes her head. "Not all people are stupid, although I think groups of people do geniunely suffer from worse decision making abilities. Herd mentality means that less confident individuals follow those who appear certain even if that certainty is based on nothing." A pause, then she adds. "Rather like the boardwalk I suppose."

"Guess so," Nico agrees, nodding. She finally straightens, turning away from thee glass to give Nadia a brief smile. A person can be smart, but people are stupid," she replies somewhat wrily as she steps away. "Anyhow. There are lots of things it *could* be. We're going to need to apply the scientific method here. So… Let's go check out the ferris wheel." So saying, Nico heads in that direction, leaving Nadia to fight or be pulled along in her wake.

Nadia Van Dyne lets out a long suffering sigh and keeps following. "You know I can't resist the scientific method. But if we walk past a hot dog stand and there isn't a queue I think we should get snacks," she replies, forcing a smile. "After all I bet there will be a queue for a lot of the rides. Even if the weather is a little on the cold side." Not that it's cold enough to really bother her. Compared with a Siberian winter New York is positively lovely. "You know I should look into making some sort of super insulated clothing that just seems like a regular outfit. Ideal for winter but without looking and feeling bulky."

"That would be nice. Hot dogs, then the ferris wheel," Nico agrees judiciously before scanning the people surrounding them. "…Aha," she calls, pointing toward a nearby cart. There are a couple customers, but itiss the wrong time of year for things to be especially busy. "Going out in this skirt in winter is murder. If you make something like htat let me know, okay? …Let's get coney dogs. I haven't actually tried one yet."

"It'd work best with some tights or something," Nadia muses, wheels already turning inside her head. "Some sort of microfilaments and a system that turns motion into energy. That then creates heat which the filaments can spread out. The only concern would be if someone had technology control powers and used it to burn you butt. Probably not an issue if it physically can't generate a dangerous level of heat."

She digs in her purse for some money for the hot dogs. Given she plans on ordering at least three it'd be very unfair to let Nico pay. "Do you want any extras on yours? Onions or sauces?"

"Ah. I see you're not familiar with the classic Coney Island hot dog," the seller interjects cheerfully. He's a man in his middle forties with dark hair that is silvering around the edges and a slight paunch tht belies what is an otherwise athletic build. The man presents the two women with a hot dog topped with what appears to be a meat sauce and a number of onions across the top. "We're famous for these."

"I want one of those," Nico will reply slowly, looking over the cart in question. SHe glances at Nadia. "And I'm pretty sure she wants four so… How much will that be?" The man is staring at Nico as if she has perhaps grown a second head, but so far she stands firm.

"I'll just have three I think," Nadia adds cheerfully. "The sauce adds a lot of extra volume," She doesn't offer any reason why she wants so much food, simply presenting however much money the stands price list suggests the order will be. "Besides I need to leave room for trying other things…"

"I've been thinking I might learn to cook some Russian dishes this year. If I get the time. Admittedly I was also thinking of starting my own space program so.. Maybe time will be something I'm short on."

"Your own spae program? …Why am I not surprised?" Nico shakes her head, but she's smiling slightly as she moves to collect her hot dog. SHe takes a large bite as she turns to stare up at hte ferris wheel, those brown eyes thoughtful in place of words. Nico will stand like this for a long moment before she begins to walk. It might be a bit messy, but hot dogs can stand being eaten whilst in motion.

Nadia Van Dyne somehow manages to carry three hotdogs, walk and eat them without making a mess. The Red Room trains for poise at dinner parties and it seems like those skills might have found new uses with street food. "It's really much easier than it sounds," she points out. "Now I'm working with RESCUE I have better funding. Plus I can cheat like you wouldn't believe by shrinking everything I want to launch. Makes the rockets I need much much cheaper and more obtainable."

"I went to space once," Nico observes. "It's big and empty. Did you have a destination in mind? You've probably met some aliens by now, right?" Soon enough the pair reach the short line to the base of the ferris wheel with Nico staring at it intensely. Rather than speak further she takes another large bite of her hot dog, stuffing both cheeks full. She gently urges Nadia toward the line through the wonders of body language.

Nadia Van Dyne almost chokes on her second hotdog. "I uhm. Yes, I have met one.. Even did some consensual testing and experimentation on her. Kind of as I expected aliens who grow up in alien cultures have very different values and ideas about what is normal." She shrugs. "I guess I'm not really one to speak in that regard though. But I'm not planning on going there myself, at least not at first, no I'm going to put some satellites into orbit so I can scan the entire city. Maybe a space telescope or something which'll let me look at other star systems." She grins. "Honestly I'm not really sure yet what I wanna do. I've been so busy with other things I haven't had time to see how it fits into my plans for the next five or so years."

"Woah," Nico calls, lowering her food and immediately taking a step toward Nadia as she starts to choke. "SLow down. I get you're always hungry but you probably can't keep doing that if you die from hot dog inhalation." After ensuring Nadia is not going to die Nico goes back to standing near the ferris wheel, her food cradled carefully in hand. "You're not planning to go to space? Jeeze. I can't imagine doing all that and NOT going," she replies ernestly. Then she shifts her focus back to the wheel, squinting. "Five years isn't so long really. I think I kind of want to go up when you're done, though. Just… Kind of float around, right? Anyway. Almost ready to head up? We have to finish eating first." Nico, for her part, is already packing away the last of her hot dog. "Maybe we can go to Mars and build a dome."

"Not immediately go to space," Nadia points out. "I'd want to make sure my rockets are safe first. And I expect I have to get some sort of legal permission to fire rockets too. That all takes time. I'm sure once everything is running smoothly I'll take a trip up there." She nods. "I'm sure I'll be able to find some space for other people! And yeah a trip to Mars might be neat. Bit classier than having a secret Moon base. Although even with the best tech I can think of it'd take weeks if not months to get there. Never mind the time to get back. So if something went wrong…." There's a shrug. "Honestly it's probably quicker to travel between planets by using the transportation gateway to fold space and walk there."

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