2020-01-15 - Nico and Dani Go to White Castle, pt. 1


Nico meets Dani talking to her flying horse about burgers. They decide to go to White Castle.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Jan 15 00:22:03 2020
Location: Central Park

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It's a Tuesday evening in Central Park, and the snow is just starting to fall. Currently the main attraction, though no one has actually worked up the courage to say anything, is a woman in armor having a lively conversation with a horse.

A winged horse, to be precise. Well, she is talking, and then acts like the horse is responding, as they are apparently debating… dinner choices.

"Look, all I'm saying, is that White Castle is an inferior burger… yeah, I know it's cheap! THAT IS THE POINT! Why can't we do a Shake Sha… oh, no, we are not doing McDonalds. I have my limits!"

Nico is squinting at this spectacle, as are so many others who are not aware of the valkyrie who spends so much time at Central Park. She tilts her head slightly and purses her lips before turning on a heel to head in the direction of the armored woman nearby. Nico's dress is comparatively mundane, with the gothic lolita inspired skirt and dark makeup. On a normal day, Nico might get a stare. Today, there isn't even a second look.

"Definitely White Castle. Horses eat a lot," the girl opines in a soft, nearly monotone voice. "You can spend a hundred bucks at a burger stand or twenty at White Castle. Plus, there's chicken rings." She shrugs slighty, doing her best to maintain an aloof air. But… There's a winged horse and a woman in archaic armour. Instead, the stare are at least sidelong as she reaches up to brush aside her hair.

The horse neighs agreement with Nico, which causes Dani to shoot him a wry look, "Oh, fine." She then grins over at Nico, "Yeah, it's definitely got the bulk factored in, that's true." The armored woman gives Nico a polite once-over, then smiles, "I'm Dani, and the burger fiend here is Brightwind." She takes off her helm, revealing her Native American features and braided hair.

"Nico." The smaller woman offes up a two-fignered wave as she looks between Brightwind and Dani, brown eyes darting rapidly back and forth between the pair. "So… What brings a carnivorous flying horse and rider to Central Park today? In town for lunch…?" She does her best to keep her expression neutral. It mostly succeeds.

Dani laughs softly, "Oh, he's not carnivorous, he's an omnivore. Flying isn't all magical… well, it helps, but you still need way more protein than just grains will provide you there." She smiles warmly at Nico, tilting her head, "Actually, with the Embassy here in New York, I spend a lot of time there. And I have finally started classes at NYU, so." Wait, she's a student?

"Okay. Omnivorous flying horse. How else woudl he eat buns? That… Makes sense." Nothing makes sense. Nico takes a deep breath and shifts her weight slightly to the left as she looks from horse to rider and back. "I have a couple friends who go to NYU. …Cool." She's stilll staring at the winged horse. Can you really blame her?

"So. Embassy. Sooo… Where are you from?" A hand reaches out toward Brightwind hesitantly. Nico probably doesn't even realize she's doing it.

Brightwind, at least, doesn't seem to mind Nico, shifting over and placing his head under her hand, letting her touch him easily enough. Dani, meanwhile, smiles a bit, "Oh, I'm from Colorado, I only work in Asgard." Hey, it works for Captain Kirk, right?

"Seriously, I fell into a portal to Asgard five years ago, and due to a weird set of circumstances… I was adopted into the Valkyries. Which is super cool, but also super busy." She smiles over at Nico, tilting her head a bit, "So I'm guessing you don't go to NYU then?" One eyebrow arches as she looks at Nico a bit curiously.

"You're a Valkyrie from… Colorado. Huh." Nico laughs softly, relaxing visibly, and finally gives in when Brightwind bumps her hand with his head, proceeding to rub hiher hands through his mane and over his ridged forehead. She lets the horse cue her as to how this should be done, apparently all too eager to comply. THen Dani asks a question and she looks up a bit jerkily before shaking her head."Nope. Not in school yet. I only moved to New York a little bit ago and I haven't really decided what I want to do about it yet, honestly. So. How DO you become a valkyrie then? Are there try outs?"

Dani smiles, "Not really, the horse chooses their rider. And Brightwind picked me. Well, I saved him from some hunters from Niflheim, so we bonded over that. Plus I can talk to animals." She hrms, "Well, not really talk, but I can communicate with them, which really is just talking I suppose."

"When I was a kid I used to talk to our cat all the time. Except He only ever asked for more food." Nico shrugs. "It was worth a shot.I guess I'll have to fly around the old-fashioned way, right? Anyway, pretty sure you guys were heading off to lunch, right? Don't let me hold you up. It was nice meeting you, Dani!" Nico seems intent on turning to go.

Dani grins, "Likewise, Nico. But hey, if you didn't have any plans… want to come along? I mean, it's just going to be White Castle, so nothing special, but…" She shrugs, then extends a hand, making the offer to keep talking, if she wanted.

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