2020-01-12 - Finders Keepers


A raid on an Order Facility nets Ranna a nice little boon.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Jan 12 23:40:17 2020
Location: Hell's Kitchen

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The number of cyber ninja in New York is as much a disadvantage as an advantage. Obviously with more Ninja in town the Order of Si Fan can conduct wider, larger operations that don't depend on their somewhat unreliable allies in the Hand. However the sheer number means that they're easier to find and easier to trace.

The Tech-Ninja known as Shiranui has been doing exactly that for the last few days and finally located a facility that seemed to serve as a supply point or armory for them. Unlike Hand Ninja, Si Fan Cyberninja were far more likely to have things of use to Shiranui, so he waited until it looked empty and arranged to be there with a friend.

The door to the place flies open as a Si Fan operative flies through it, chest smoking. It hadn't been empty but no one had managed to trigger an alarm. That should be the last one. Shiranui holsters his TK projector weapon and walks through into the armory proper. Racks of guns. Experimental alloy melee weapons. "This is more like it."

Shiranui had been convinced to let Ryoshi come with him though, he'd made her promise that she wouldn't get involved in the fighting. Her wound is still mending, the stitches dissolving, and it's important she doesn't cause more damage.

She's followed him in, letting the cyberninja do the heavy lifting so to speak.

"Ohhhhh." She murmurs, turning about to look at the armory. "It's been so long …" She sounds almost in love as she makes her way to a rack of swords and staves and runs a gloved hand over them. Shiranui will see the weapon ripple as she applies her gift to it - the blade going for flat to serrated and back again.

"Do you need a few moments?" Shiranui says as he goes over to one of the racks. The weapons themselves are useful and he'll probably take a few but he's more interested in the components. He's kept a lot of his equipment functioning - particularly his armor - by salvaging parts from armories like this.

Of course the first step is to see everything that's in here. So he goes through opening drawers and lockers until he gets to a large one at the back of the room with a very complex lock on it.

Which he just smashes. Locks don't keep everything out.

"Whoah…" Inside is a suit of silvery armor. It's clearly cogmium alloy. He's never seen that much of it in one place though.

"Yes please." Ryoshi quips as she admires the weapons. "It's not like I need them with my bracers, but still … they're beautiful." Shaking herself, the small ninja moves around the armory, checking cabinets and drawers as she goes. "Unsurprising they kept it well stocked. What are you looking for, for yourself?"

Ryoshi knows that Shiranui salvages parts for his suit and weapons - though he's rather close mouthed about that.

"What have you fou—-" She stops not far from the locker and just stares for a long, long moment. "… That armour is for our highest order Warriors. What's it doing here?" Shiranui might notice that it's not very large. Certainly not tall enough to fit one of his stature.

"Power sources. Neural interface components. Exotic alloys. Things of that nature." He has to keep his armor working somehow and that requires a lot of different and unusual things. Shiranui steps back as Ryoshi notices the armor.

"Isn't it a little small for a stormtrooper?" He leans forward to knock on it twice. "Looks like it's mostly made of cogmium. I'd ask who it is for but if it can resize itself it can probably fit a few people. Do you know anyone who might be in the area and wearing this?

"Gather up the swords then, they're all made with Cogmium." Ryoshi answers. "There'll be a section in the back for the bio-electrics." She barely spares a glance for the other ninja as her eyes fix on that suit.

"It would resize, yes. Maybe they made it that small for transport." There aren't many who are as small as Ryoshi. "And Order warriors hit what they're aiming for." She's a little miffed about the Stormtrooper comment.

"There weren't many in this area before I was … removed." the small ninja murmurs. "If this is here though, they'll have one of the best. Fist or Katana, maybe? Maybe they've raised someone else up."

The woman steps forward and touches a gloved hand to the suit. "I never expected to see a suit like this, not in my life time."

Kian will see the glint in Ranna's eye, though. "What's the saying the Westerners have? Finders Keepers?"

Shiranui starts gathering up the blades. There's a lot of them and some of them are quite large, so he focuses on the small ones. He'll take what he can. He'd like to destroy the rest but he doesn't have the equipment for it, so theft it will have to be.

"You're going to take the armor? Is it even going to work for you?" Among the things that Shiranui does not know, is how Si Fan tech works as it applies to cogmium. The metal is a strange one and while he sees it in use a lot the principles behind it's operation are foreign to him.

"Bring the swords here, I'll make them easier to carry." Ryoshi looks over to Shiranui, seeing him picking and choosing. "They're made of cogmium, you've seen how I manipulate it."

She's making doe eyes at the armour, he can see that. "I … " It's highly likely she was about to say shouldn't but the smaller ninja snaps her mouth shut.

"It will work for me, I think. I don't think Doctor McCoy disabled that part of my implants. There will see tech that I won't know how to use but I can learn it. And … there will be tracking we'll have to disable. It should be in the Hud."

Tentatively she takes it from the locker - it's supple, almost like leather in the way it moves.

The other tech ninja looks over at Ryoshi, nods and begins stacking the blades near her. He's halfway through that when there's a noise at the front of the room. "I don't think those are for you." There are two cyberninja. Both women. That's unusual and it probably means these two came to the armory to pick something up, not to respond to an alarm, otherwise there would be more of them.

Shiranui spins and pulls his blade. "Like the lady said. Finders keepers."

"Well we found you. Does that mean we get to keep you?"

Blades and energy weapons come out. "Surrender and this doesn't have to get worse for you than it already is."

Ryoshi manages to drag her attention for the suit as Shiranui stacks the swords. If he's watching, he'll see her concentrate on each one, reducing them down to multiple daggers and throwing stars. Easier to carry that way and they respond just like the metal on her bracers does.

At the voices, Ryoshi drops back and takes up a gun. She shouldn't be fighting. Not yet. This is bad.

"Worse than it already is? You've got a death sentence on my head." Sliding a look to Shiranui, Ryoshi doesn't hesitate - just pulls the trigger, aiming right at the womans chest.

With the armour she's wearing, it's not likely to penetrate. But the energy jolt might just short out the tech.

"Yes but it could be a very painful death sent-" The woman is shot and her partner immediately lunges forward. Shiranui intercepts the lunge with his blade and soon there is a nasty fencing match going on. It's not like a film fencing match or a competition fencing match. These are two people who are very good with a sword doing their level best to kill one another and it is not at the moment at all clear who is going to win.

Meanwhile the one Ryoshi shot does an instant stand and blasts back with the very hefty energy blaster in her hand. Probably a plasma weapon. Which does put holes in things when it misses.

Ryoshi just shakes her head. Always with the talking. Shiranui knows for a fact that she rarely speaks when she fights. Even less so when the implants overrode her.

The small ninja is still quick, even if she's not all that mobile at the moment. As the women rises, her is hit by the razor sharp edge of a chakram. It should shear right through the metal - but even if it doesn't, it's going to make firing it hard.

Ryoshi *can't* fight at full capacity at the moment - the operation on her back hasn't healed fully - and the armour lays on the ground taunting her.

Shiranui might not see it - the way the suit seems to liquify and flow over Ryoshi. Soon, the woman who generally wears loose fitting clothing and a 'mask' is covered in silver. "We need to go. Get the bags and out the back …"

"I'm sort of occupied at the moment." Shiranui says as he dances back. His opponent is close to un the same level as he is in terms of swordsmanship. Shiranui has more tricks though. He summons one of his incredibly short lived shields and then hops back to put some space between them. His blade extends into a segmented whip which he uses to try to keep both women back.

"Out the back. Get our stuff. I'll cover you!" This might be a chase, he suspects.

"Make sure you do follow." Ryoshi grunts. She can hear the women sputtering about the fact she put the armour on. It's heavier than she's used to - but not all that heavy.

The chakram flies out, past the woman who's weapon the little ninja hit, to be drawn back again, this time into the back of the second woman. "I can't retrieve that one … " She tells Shiranui. It's stuck fast in the womans cybertech.

Scooping up the bags where they've dumped their haul, Ryoshi moves backwards through the building to the back door. "Locked." She says, muttering to herself. All Kian can hear is the 'crunch' as the handle is forced - Ryoshi isn't that strong, he knows that…

And yet, the door opens out into the alleyway.

There's not more weapons flying from the Order Ninja now.

Shiranui glances behind him. He has to give ground and he has already called his bike. When Ryoshi breaks into the alley it's already there. "Get on get on get on!" He yells. He's at too much of a disadvantage two to one in this small room. Fortunately the other two don't immediately have their transport ready and when Kian speeds away they're likely to GET away.

Or are they. Not two blocks out something comes up on the HUD of Ranna's appropriated armor. It says 'Override.' Uh oh.

One arm crocks back and a crosshairs appears on the back of Kian's skull.

Ryoshi moves as quickly as she can. The armour just seems to flow with her as she gets on the back of Kians bike, hands holding his waist as he takes off. When the message comes up, Ranna swears roundly. "Shit shit shit…."

Kian can't see it but he can feel when her hand leaves his hip.

"I told you we had to disable the security in this." She didn't - she said tracking. "Try not to do anything while I fix this … my ability is depleted from that lock." Two options. Take the suit off and try to jam it a bag as they move (which is difficult because she's depleted and their moving) or try to break the override … what had her mother said about that? She can't remember.

Wait, what's that tickling in the back of her mind? She can 'feel' the suit and its sensors. With a force of will, the Order Ninja tries to break the override."

"What are you…" As Ranna tries to override the override her cocked back hand punches. Shiranui sees it just in time to dodge but this makes the bike wobbly. She punches again. Ryoshi finds herself doing unwilling kung fu as Shiranui tries to both steer and block.

"Stop! That! Would! You! Get! Control! Of! That! Thing!" The tech-ninja grouses as he engages in a deadly serious short ranged fight with Ryoshi that looks a little bit like a Jackie Chan action sequence.

There's the suits external comms switch. She should be able to shut it down.

"I'm *trying* to. Keep the bike steady. It's hard enough as it is." Ryoshi shoots back - verbally, that is. With her implants interfaced, she can dial through the menu options.

No, not that, not that, not that one. *Punch* *swerve* *skip two items accidently* *go back, go back*. "Got it … "

Well, nearly. The bike swerves again as Ranna's arm punches out again, she has to scroll back several options before she can shut the comms down.

The last punch comes as Kian throws them into a turn. When she finally does shut it down it nearly throws them both. It's only because he is a VERY good rider that they both stay in the seat. When it's finally done the tech ninja looks over his shoulder.

"All the bugs worked out?" The tone is dry and somewhat acerbic even through the modulation. "Are you sure that thing isn't tracking us? I can't get us off the grid until we know a death squad isn't going to show up wherever we go half an hour later."

It's also testimony to Ranna's ability to passenger that the bike does swerve and wobble when Kian does that. "Doubt it. Got that one though. I would have preferred to do this in slower time but I work with what I have. And no, I'm not sure … but I've turned everything I can find off."

Which means it's fairly sure.

"I need to get somewhere and redress my wound. I think I pulled it…"

"Alright." Shiranui mentally goes through the list of places he has, thinking of one he was going to burn soon anyway. "I can take us somewhere. We just won't be able to go back when we leave." They can at least make sure the suit isn't being tracked.

"At least if you can get that thing working and under your control you won't have to worry about being shot again."

Mostly. The bike turns and he takes a ramp onto a 'low' street looking for a place where he can get into the underways. It's just up ahead by a few blocks.

He's pretty sure he left booze at the place they're going. Which is good. He'll need it.

"Among other things, yes." Ryoshi answers. Finding a suit is a stroke of luck really. It still bothers her that they found it at all. Someone very important has been bought to town - and that doesn't bode well for either of them.

Poor Kian is going to have to help with that wound and it's possible that Ranna is going to need to sleep for a bit.

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