2020-01-08 - Psychic Intervention


With Emma Frost in custody, Deadpool and Domino use her as a hostage to find out who is behind the kidnapping job.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Jan 8 00:00:00 2020
Location: RP Room 6

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It doesn't take long for the pair of mercenaries to make their way to the 'hideaway'; a nondescript spot in a nasty warehouse run by a skeezy redditor who owes Wade lots of favors. He's calling in one today; namely, a place to lie low with a very powerful and high profile prisoner, and all the comm scrambling tech the hideaway's proprietor has access to.

"Hey. Pimples. Other room."

"It's Jason," the overweight tech guru lazily answers. "Not-"

"Shush!" Wade shoos him off. "No eyes, no ears. Go!"

As soon as they're alone, Wade has his phone out, and is pulling him his contact info for Chalk. This one won't be a phone call… it's a video call.

"She still sleeping over there?" he asks Domino, while the scrambled line begins to ring.

There's really only one option left in Domino's mind when it comes to dealing with a post-drugged Emma Frost. Short of continuing to dose her you have to give her sufficient motivation to behave. The way in which Dom can think to do this involves standing behind the psychic so eye contact cannot immediately be established..and have a big scary handgun leveled at the pretty blonde's temple.

Of course Dom's playing it safe, finger off of the trigger and -she still has a freaking gun pointed at Emma.- The rules are a little different when working as a mercenary.

"Psychic Barbie still slumbers" the albino confirms, yet in her metalhead guise while she keeps her attention more on Emma and less on Wade. She's expecting some fireworks, though not from Miss Frost. Those would come later.

Emma is slowly starting to wake, the blood from ears and nose crusted on her porcelain skin, eyes of blue open slowly, the left eye spider-webbed with red lines, and a mass of red bright in the corner of her eye. She's proud, this woman, and strong. She does not whimper, the price she pays probably visible.

"You realize that there will be no ransom." She says in a reasonably stable voice. Her gaze is bleary, she's clearly in /agony/, and half turns her head a bit to examine the rather spectacularly customized handgun pressed to her temple. "Don't worry, at the moment I couldn't read the mind of a mouse, let alone cause you any harm."

At the moment.

"Let's find out how much we can get for her on eBay," Deadpool snarks, before reaching into a pouch and producing a roll of TUMS.

Hearing that Emma is waking, Deadpool quietly curses under his breath. "Shut her up," he tells Domino, needlessly. He eyeballs the phone as it rings through to Chalk's phone, going as of yet unanswered. "Pick up, assmunch," he says to himself.

Sure, it's just another job. That doesn't mean that Domino has to like it. Everything leading up to this point had been fun, no question! But getting to this moment, it brings out another side of her.

"Activity" she simply warns Wade before her attention goes fully to Emma. "This isn't my hand to play, Miss Frost. I'd like to believe you but I have a pretty good idea of what would happen if you were lying. Merely a precaution."

Wade's quick demand is met with a bit of a scowl from the albino. "Don't mind him. His night's been even more eventful than yours. Let's try to keep it down, no reason this has to get any worse."

Then comes a somewhat more concerned glance back to Deadpool. What happens if this 'Chalk' joker doesn't answer his phone?

Chalk does answer his phone, though it does take several rings. Domino would be treated to a fellow albino, today he's dressed in a white silk button down shirt with mother of pearl buttons, and mirror shades again, he loves him some mirror shades. "Ah, Mister Wilson. I trust this call is going to contain good news."

Clearly the man has heard of the event, and the gas truck, and…the lack of mention of Emma Frost. "Give me the good news, and remember the arrangement…keep THE TARGET unharmed, beyond what is needful for ten days, then release her as mentioned, in Washington Square Park." A pause, and then he looks to another phone. "Ah, five days will suffice, your wage will be paid in full at that time." And then he smiles, pale skin veinous, and teeth gleaming. "So…DID you succeed or is this merely a call to once again insult my fashions?"

Emma listens to the words of the albino, and her eyes narrow a bit as she tries to force scattered wits to pay heed, to memorize the voice and manner. She looks to Domino, and then nods fractionally. "No, I don't suppose you can." She appears to appreciate the respect she is paid, and then she adds. "You do know that if you let me live, there will be repercussions, yes?"

"Mmm. Chalky." Wade is visibly munching on TUMS when Chalk picks up the video call, and delivers that first pun with silken ease. "Oh, hey. Yeah, good news."

Wade turns the phone so that Domino and Emma come into view. "There she is," he tells Chalk. "She's not naked yet, but, y'know, I don't want people on the internet calling me a sexual predator or anything." He looks back to the phone, making sure to point out, "You did forget to remind me about the naked part."

Wade turns the phone back so that Emma and Domino are out of Chalk's view. "Here's the thing," he tells Chalk, and his eyes roll dramatically. "It's… totally a thing."

Suddenly, all signs of the goofy merc are gone; the old special forces guy is back, and he's staring at Chalk on the video call with a hard look on his face.

"Terms have changed. We're gonna need to know who wants this done, and why. If we're satisfied with the answer, we'll do the job, but only if you pay the sixty now, plus another eighty when the job is done. If we aren't satisfied with your answer, we'll just cut her loose, right here and now… only she'll know who you are, and she'll be better prepared for the next ones you send after her."

The hardened expression fades, and Wade provides the albino on his phone a mirthful grin. "Chalk it up to job security."

Crap on a cranberry cracker -Chalk really is white!- It's SO WEIRD seeing another albino! With billions of people inhabiting the globe it's easy to think that Neena's the only bleached one out there until another comes out of hiding. She can tell even from the glimpse of the small image on Wade's phone that Chalk is very much like her.

And you know what? It sure is convenient for her that Chalk is there to take Deadpool's sarcasm. Way to take one for the team, buddy!

As the phone is turned toward the two mutant ladies Domino smiles cheerily and makes a peace sign over Emma's shoulder with the non-gun-bearing hand.

As soon as the phone is turned away Dom groans softly in response to Wade talking about 'the naked part.' "Oh my god I am so sorry," she sighs to Emma.

Dom knew the job entailed catching Emma. For what purpose she -didn't- know. To hear that all they have to do is keep her detained for a couple of days is ..peculiar… What the hell are they supposed to do, keep her drugged for most of a week?? Something feels a little off about all of this… But, it's still Wade's call.

"The plan had always been to let you live," Neena replies in a soft voice which should escape the call with Chalk. "We can work out how much shit we're all in later. Right now we're trying to figure out why this idiot wants you out of the picture so badly. Any ideas?"

Waaaaait… Cut her loose 'right now?' Like -right- right now? Like where she can immediately melt both of their brains now? Jeezus, Chalk had better pay the extra fee or this is gonna get downright uncomfortable.

Before such uncomfortableness might occur Neena *snrks* at Wade's 'chalk it up to job security.' Here we go!

Emma winces at the punnage, sure, it is occasionally a good spice, Wade is clearly an absolutely devout devotee of the 'art'. Ah well. Emma hasn't been kidnapped before, aside from /self-inflicted/ pain, this one doesn't seem so horrible - except for the puns so far. She can't help but test the strength of her bonds, she doesn't know the safe word after all!

Her gaze studies the visage of 'Chalk', and then she stiffens a bit at the terms, and then a bit more at the addendum that Deadpool adds that were not mentioned.

Even in agony she's very VERY far from stupid, icy blue eyes narrow to dangerous slits as she considers upcoming events…the most important of which is a Board of Directors meeting in three days, one which she absolutely cannot miss as the main topic of note is whether or not Frost International should go public. Currently the corp is privately held, and she has a sixty-percent share of the stocks. If it goes public? Yeah, things could change.

A lot.

A little surprised by DeadPool's extorting their contact, she laughs very softly.

Indeed, Chalk /is/ quite white, and with Wade's talk of changing terms, he grows even a bit whiter, his blue veins very visible, and his pulse throbbing visibly at his throat. He removes his mirror shades, and turns a baleful, albeit pink, glare on Wade. "Mister Wilson, you are absolutely /not/ wanting to go down this path. My employer—" And then Emma interjects. "Is one of my board members, and /far/ less dangerous an enemy than I am."

She looks to Domino, and nods. "Yes, naked." A shrug, well, assuming she's not utterly immobilized in her seat of course.

Chalk blanches even further as Emma speaks loudly enough to be overheard. "Well, hrm, I need an hour to confer with my employer, I cannot make the decision without his permission."

Quietly. "Her permission." Emma adds. And then nods to Domino. "I do have some ideas, and though you /did/ kidnap me, it seems you MIGHT be considering alternatives. This has…possibilities we might all wish to explore."

Wade is absolutely unphased by the attempt at intimidation. What he doesn't expect, however, is for their prisoner to shed light on the matter.

Turning his masked face to Emma, it's clear that he's gasping with an open mouth behind red spandex. "Wait. Did you say 'board member'?" he asks. "Like… boardroom or -" He spins back to the phone, the eye-sockets of his mask narrowing. "Wait a minute. I was gonna make a chalkboard joke, but you- well, she beat me to it." His head then swivels back to Emma, and he gives her a big, grinning thumbs up. He approves of the pun!

Of course, he's not really that stupid; but now that Wade understands this whole mess a bit better, he's even more hell bent on trolling this dude as hard as is possible.

"Half an hour," Deadpool counters. "Clock's ticking."

Disconnecting the phone, Wade sighs, looks down, and shakes his head. He seems… disappointed in something.

Domino's no stranger to the delicate art of detaining others against their will and the black cords had been more than strong enough to support the hellbino's full weight, complete with all of her gear, while doing some highrise acrobatics. Emma's welcome to try escaping all that she likes. Neena's not concerned enough to warn her against the idea.

When Emma stiffens at the terms Dom takes notice. It would seem that Miss Frost here has a pretty good idea of what the score is. Fantastic. They're making progress! The -lady- behind Chalk is on the board. How very interesting…

Another look is passed to Wade, a slightly arched brow now accompanied by a distant but somewhat amused smirk. "Looks like another rousing game of Hot Potato." Offers, counter-offers, demands, counter-demands, and now..these two mercs have their ace in the hole.

When Wade ends the call Domino looks somewhat concerned at his disappointment before she walks around to stand directly in front of Emma. To appear a little more on the same level she crouches down, oddly enough placing the seated Emma in the 'high' position between the two. The tricked out pistol with its -completely- aftermarket spiked handguard comes to rest within two thinly gloved hands, no longer pointing directly at Emma's head but ready to return in an instant.

"We did kind of kidnap you, yes. It wouldn't have been any fun otherwise. Oh god that shit was -awesome,- you shoulda seen it," she says with a grin and a note of pride.

"Now then. Deadpool and I aren't unreasonable people. Let's explore."

Emma sighs when DeadPool turns her comment into a pun, and then almost against her will she adds. "I certainly did not mean taking a two-by-four to someone's 'turgid manroot'." Is Wade's mind leaking or something … because, that was all sorts of wrong, and NOT something most would expect from the White Queen.

She cants her head a bit to the side as he looks disappointed, a brow quirking in elegant though unspoken question.

Yup, the suspect pool is pretty slender, she is almost certain of who the 'mastermind' is. Almost, but…a nice little mind-melty should get some answers. Assuming they can reach an accommodation that's satisfactory. Is she angry? Oh, yes, beyond words…her throbbing head is afire with her rage exacerbating things. She does not SHOW that rage, however.

She looks to Dom as she gushes about the kidnapping. "I assume the truck was a diversion, one that could not be ignored and under cover of the panic that ensued you both made your way into the building and sprung your trap in the stairwell?" Except for the stairwell bit being mostly improv, that's not too bad a guess. "Regardless, you're both clearly quite skilled. You were able to kidnap me, after all, and you've been smart enough not to cross any lines that could be unforgivable." Emma inclines her head to both mercs.

And then, despite her pain, she smiles and it is chilling enough to prove her surname was prophetic. "So…how would you like a…" She really wants to wave a hand airily, but nope, she's tested and not found her bonds wanting. "…finder's fee, a tabula rasa, and possible job offer?"

Wade might have sulked for a moment or two longer, were it not for Emma's remark about a 'turgid manroot'. No, that was not mind reading. He turns around to face Emma and Domino, inspecting the latter first before coming to the conclusion that, no, that remark did not come from his partner in crime.

"Jesus," he mutters under his breath, before taking a few steps to draw a bit closer to the two.

"Psychic interference," Deadpool confirms. It totally worked, too. He doesn't boast about the job though; instead, he suddenly has an outburst.

"Do you know how hard it is to come up with chalk jokes?? Every time I get close, it ends up being some joke about a classroom, and kids, and that guy -" He waves his cell phone around for a moment "- is so creepy that even I can't make a joke that comes anywhere close to involving kids."

He sighs again, then finally shoves the phone back into one of his many pouches. "We're involved in a corporate dick-waving contest," he tells Domino, but is including Emma in the revelation as well. "Except there's no dicks. Is that a… a… what even is that?"

Reaching down, he tugs at something right around his groin. The suit has a tendency to get real uncomfortable after certain healings, like having your hip dislocated while being ejected from a crashing gas truck; and while adjusting himself isn't polite at all, he does raise a hand toward the computer screens of the players involved, breaking the fourth wall by blocking their view of his, ahem, 'adjustments'.

Domino just..has to pause and glance between the two with the curious exchange. Nnnope, Whitey here's not getting involved in that tangent.

It's always fun when the hostage compliments the hostage-taker. Domino can't help but smile and dip her head slightly in a silent 'thank you.' Emma's got the play mostly figured out. In all honesty Dom didn't expect Deadpool to be there to help catch Emma. How he wound up on the third floor in one piece is something of a miracle. Not that Emma needs to know it had been blind dumb luck. Yeah they -absolutely- planned this run down to the finest detail. Because they're goddamn professionals.

Another glance at Wade's outburst. While he's looking ticked off Neena's smiling again. "You're doing great!" She'll probably never stop saying that.

Looking back to Emma she's snapping fingers and pointing ceiling-ward a second later when Wade calls it like it is. A corporate dick-waving contest. "Like a couple of queen bees fighting over the hive. Chalksticks couldn't hack it without a little foul play. Pathetic. And a little insulting that he roped us into their drama."

Whatever it is that Deadpool's doing over there now Dom is instinctively feeling very glad to be looking elsewhere. Like at Emma who looks fit to start bursting gaskets.

"Aah, the ol' 'I'll pay you more than the other guy' routine. That would be -extremely- unprofessional of us to turn our backs on a contract to instead go with the next highest bidder, buuut..considering that this 'Chalk' chucklehead is a total fuckwit I'm willing to hear our options."

Emma nods. "A bit more than that, yes, but essentially corporate politics, very high level." Clearly she's psychic enough to know when to stop attempting humor, obviously she's not that well suited to such.

She looks to DeadPool as he rants, and shakes her head. "No, in fact I do not have any idea." Her belly flop of a pun proves she's not going to be ghost writing anyone's comedy routines in the near future, that's for sure.

She doesn't even try to come up with a gender apt version of a dick waving contest, nope.

Emma, alas, is not spared the sight of the adjustment and pales a bit at the /sound/ of bones popping back into place, ouch.

"Actually I was rather hoping you'd entertain a contract under my auspices during the half hour window, simple snatch and grab. I would pay, oh, eighty-K each were you to acquire for me one Desdemona Wexler, at this time of day she's going to be at her 'love bungalo' with her physical trainer." She provides the address. "Assuming she doesn't get a very upsetting phone call, of course." A tight smile. "She has two bodyguards at all time, and the security code on her alarm system is 1574268. I would never ask you to break a contract, I admire professionalism very much."

"Thanks," Wade answers Domino, before turning back to consider Emma Frost and her counter offer.

A quiet sound is given, and he considers pulling Domino aside so that they can talk quietly… when he reminds himself that Emma is a telepath. There is no privacy here.

"Chalk's nobody," he tells Domino. "Some boardroom shit swizzler who thought he could play badass and hire some thugs to do his dirty work. He's not Hand, or Triads, or HYDRA, or whatever else." He then turns and gestures toward Emma indicatively. "She's dangerous. I'd rather be on her good side than Casper The Unfriendly Chalkstick's."

Frost's attempt at humor didn't go unnoticed. Domino just has other matters on her mind! Most of those side comments slip beneath her radar. Hanging around someone like Deadpool sort of turns it into an automatic response.

Case in point, when Emma mentions the idea of them running a -side- contract for her -right now- Dom looks slightly taken aback. "Interesting play" she thinks aloud. "And I suppose you'd be content to sit here in this roach infested hole while we go get our hands dirty?"

Whether they're planning to honor Chalk's contract or not is beside the point. If Emma gets free it means -nothing good- for these two mercs.

Back to Wade she rolls eyes and gently sighs. "This isn't my first dance, Deadpool." All the same, his thoughts on the matter mirror those of the hellbino. If they -didn't- side with Emma the contract had only specified detaining her for a couple of days. What happens once she's released back into the wild? They'd never see her retaliation coming. Besides, they stand to make -even more money- by taking up her offer.

Eye contact is held with Emma when Domino tells Wade "That she is. And dangerous people make for -very- interesting pals. Desdemonda could use some company tonight. But whatever shall we do with the illustrious Miss Frost while we're out hunting?"

"Chalk /is/ nobody, Wexler is the problem." Almost certainly. In truth Chalk has gone to ground, he's pretty sure that Wexler is screwed, and is hoping he's small enough fish that when things sort out, he'll be considering too minor a player to be squashed. Cowardly? Perhaps, but you know - eagles soar, but weasels are never sucked into a jet intake!

An approving nod at the dangerous comment, but she says nothing as the two mercs discuss their options.

A faint smirk when Domino compliments her play. "Not my first hostage situation, though it is my first as the star." She admits.

She nods, emphatically. "I give my word to make no attempt to free myself while you run my errand."

There, the ball is in their court.

Priscilla Kitaen dropped Sword.

"Yeah, yeah." Don't second guess Domino. He knew it already, but Wade can't help the mild sarcasm.

Turning back to Emma, Deadpool nods his head. "Looks like you got yourself a deal. Got any terms on the bodyguards? As in, if they get real problematic, they might end up dead, unless that cancels our contract."

His masked face turns toward Domino, and it would seem an eyebrow is lifted. Do they let her loose from her bonds, or keep her caged up? Difficult choice to make, there.

Domino nods once, confirming she's on board. Wade asks the 'difficult' question about the ultimate fate of the guards involved. She can play nice..if she absolutely has to.

The bigger concern remains what to do with Emma. The look from Wade has the albino frowning slightly. It wouldn't seem right to leave her all alone while trussed up to the office chair. She -is- still a critical asset to their first contract and setting her free for any reason still seems like a foolish idea. Maybe what they need is an Option C.

"We still have a van. Feel up to a little roadtrip, Frost?"

"If there's breakage, there's breakage, do try to minimize such, however. I'd rather it be kept quiet, and low key. Either way, you both get paid." A firm nod. "Again, you have my word."

Even without use of her powers, that look from Wade is pretty easy to read. "Better to leave me tied up, your pale friend here went to considerable lengths to make the bonds sturdy but not constrictive unless I try to get loose." Smirk intact she adds. "And I am rather fond of my limbs remaining intact, thank you."

Domino's suggestion of the van, well, that's novel. "Interesting play." She murmurs in very deliberate homage to Dom's earlier compliment. "Actually, I /could/ do with some fresh air." She says then, decision made. "And here or in the van, I will not make any attempt to free myself."

MotherMotherFrost had a charity event to attend, an event that was disrupted by a gas truck slamming into the building. Then Emma … did not come home. Sharon tracked the cellphone signal to had crapped out, and followed it to that site only to find nothing. And that was when she… lost it. For the first time in years she didn't worry about her clothes, just shifted, fabric flying apart in shreds as the lioness replaces the girl.

Catseye grew up in this city. UNDER this city. She know, even in a furious, feral state how to cross and recross it, searching the island for a trace of Emma. The Island of Manhattan is 22.83 square miles of land. It will take a while to search on paw unseen.

So Catseye gets started.

They are sisters. Perhaps not by blood, but moreso because of that fact. When Priscilla heard of what had happened, she was just as upset, and just as prompt in her response. She doesn't have quite Catseye's skill with tech, or her sense of smell. But she has her own very particular set of skills. And she uses them here, following Catseye, staying connected to Catseye. Where Sharon goes to ground, the alien hybrid assassin known as Voodoo hunts in the sky, aboard her hovercycle. Where Catseye uses scent, Voodoo uses the power of her mind. Voodoo has her own claws. Blaster. Grenades.

After about an hour of Catseye's pursuit underground, the mental voice of her sister makes itself known again. « Nothing up here, either. How long until you need food, to keep going? » There is no question in her mind or attitude that Catseye will keep going until she cannot anymore. Neither will she. But they will support one another.

Catseye is currently in a feral fury, and that means the verbal layer of her mind… isn't really working very well. Food? She's been well fed. In this form, she won't need to eat more than once every five or six days. She needs water more often, of course. Every three or four days at least. Finding MOTHER much more important, and there are scurrying things in the tunnels she can eat, and water from snow melt. All of this is in images or impressions, rather than actual words.

Voodoo is used to reading even alien minds; she can make this work. She has to be patient about it, but she can get it done. « OK. I'll be up here in the air, looking for her mind. Twice as fast, together. I'm here. If you need anything, I'm here. » Pris will have to eat sooner than that, drink sooner than that. But she can make that happen. The hardest resource for her is going to be keeping the hoverbike powered up. But she'll manage. She'll pick up extra power cells later, just in case. And call Sarah. « Remember: You are not alone. I love you. »

"Road trip!" Deadpool exclaims, and actually leaps up into the air with glee. "I'm totally calling shotgun. With an actual shotgun."

He crosses the room to a table, where he's stowed a pair of pistols, a semi-automatic, and some spare clips. As he gets to work suiting back up, he seems absolutely exhilarated by this turn of events. "I'm gonna call this one: 'Boardroom Bonerville, Episode 2: Chalk is a Chump'. Don't look at me like that, Domino! I can feel you judging me!"

Turning back to the others, he claps his hands together and rubs them in anticipation. "Let's go make some chimi-fucking-changas."

Neena slowly facepalms with the pistol still in hand. Wade's dead on the money, there is serious judgement going on here!

Whatever. Wilson's gonna Wilson and Domino's going to roll Emma by the office chair back to the van.

A van..which has a -massive freaking pawprint on the windshield.- And the hood. And probably the roof.

"Hunter..?" she cautiously calls out while leaving Emma beside the sliding door. "Watch her for a sec?" she sides to Deadpool while creeping toward the hood, now with a custom sidearm filling both of her hands.

Soon she's doing something entirely un-Domino-like, leaning toward one of those pawprints..to sniff at it?

Her eyes narrow. Tiny fangs bare. From one feline to another ..pseudo-hellcat thing… This is not Hunter's print. "We've got company."

Catseye found a van with Emma's scent… Other scents vaguely familiar, but in her current feral state what mattered was the scent of MotherMotherFrost. After investigating the van, she stalked up the side of the building sniffing… then Domino came out of the building and spotted the prints. It was very hard not to growl, especially when she can smell MotherMotherFrost so very very close. But instead she crouches low, clinging to the wall more like a spider or gecko, golden eyes narrowed to slits as she waits.

Meanwhile her sister has found Emma's mind. But that was a lot harder than it should have been. « Mom, are you OK? Your mind … doesn't feel right. » Voodoo is hovering on the bike above the building, out of easy line of sight while she checks in on Emma … and on Catseye. Well, that and she's arming up. Someone kidnapped their mother. Unless given very good reasons, these two are likely to just slaughter every living thing but Emma, and then burn it all to the ground and leave.

Yeah. They're pissed.

"Boardroom Bonerville?" Emma says more befuddled than judgmental. She does find Wade's glee a bit disturbing, maybe even borderline off-putting, but…he's on-board with the plan, and not at all on the board, which is a good.

For her own part Emma is in a great deal of pain, but…she's not in emotional distress, which is a bizarre contradiction. She's also not shielded—at all. Which never happens when she's not home. Ever. Something is very very amiss. She frowns at Domino. "Company?" Her voice is definitely a bit rough, but in her defense she did do herself actually mental injury in the events a few hours ago.

And then she feels Priscilla's mind touch, and it /hurts/, but she holds on with sheer tenacity. Her mind voice a pale whispery remnant of its usual diamond clarity. «I am okay, yes. I hurt my mind, but I am not otherwise injured. Please…let Sharon know I am well, and that there's a plan in motion to capture those responsible for my kidnapping.» A pause, and then she realizes that her daughters are probably VERY close. "Catseye, I am well." She speaks up. "Do not do anything precipitous, everyone remain calm."

Dear lord, this could go /pineapple/ shaped, pears are too soft.

"It's… look, I get excited," Wade informs Emma, trying to defend his terrible choice of words. "Just, just forget it."

The moment Domino seems to be alerted at something, Deadpool swings up beside Emma. "Oh, we don't like company," he quips, and unslings the assault rifle from his shoulder. It's immediately aimed out into the roadway beyond as he adopts a stance that is military in nature, designed to flank and protect Emma.

"Things are getting all Jurassic Park up in here," he says, noticing one gigantic paw print on the van. A brief look is given to Emma. "Friends if yours?" A pause. "I hope? Otherwise shits about to get real fucking messy."

Well, there's his answer. He remains at Emma's side, the weapon pointed in the best possible direction for a quick re-aim along his entire visible firing arc.

It wasn't Hunter..but something is itching at the back of Domino's mind. Is she -really sure- that she doesn't recognize the marks on the van? Not really. Though it's a safe bet that there are only so many giant intelligent felines in this city and while she had personally met one she had also SEEN another. How Emma Frost fits into all of this she isn't yet sure. At least not until Emma speaks out, and Neena hears a name which she DOES recognize.

"Steady, Deadpool" she quietly 'suggests.' Emma's right. This is a good time to exercise some calm. Though it'd be a lie to say she doesn't feel better knowing that he's well armed and covering her six.

"Come on, then," she calls out to the shadows. Dom's gotten to be exceptionally good at seeing in the darkness but those pesky cat sorts are also damn good at hiding. "Let's talk. Feline to feline." Her pistols are redirected upwards, fingers clear of the triggers. Still armed, now less hostile. "This doesn't have to go south."

Catseye is clinging to the side of the building directly above Emma and Deadpool, facing downwards. Her lips pull back from a very large set of fangs as she tastes the air. MotherMotherFrost smells like she's in pain… MotherMotherFrost is making Human Sounds and isn't in her head and that is Wrong. The other two humans are making noises too. Only two things keep her from pouncing down directly on to Deadpool, the fact that his posture is set to guard Emma, not threaten her, and that Priscilla is doing all she can telepathically to keep the giant lioness calm. She sends the image to Priscilla, Deadpool and Domino have weapons aimed out at the darkness, not at MotherMotherFrost.

Emma's daughters are a feral purple lioness and an alien hybrid hunter assassin; pineapple shaped indeed.

« Catseye, I have MotherMotherFrost. She wants us to hold still. » Voodoo uses all of her control training from Emma to ease this along, to minimize the pain and support both currently non-telepathic minds into a network together.

« Mother, if either of them aim at you, I will not hold back. We won't. » It is the first time Pris has consciously exposed this part of herself in action to Emma. The cold, hard, murderous professional. Prodded by a profound emotional connection, longing, and mutual concern, it's a blazing purple firestorm waiting to be unleashed.

Literally. Left off the leash.

A voice calls down from a height above and behind. "It doesn't have to? No, perhaps not. But it will, and badly. We protect our own. And she is ours." The voice is calm. Cool. And - strange to Emma's ears - completely devoid of accent. It sounds like digital audio manipulation. But it's all done with shapeshifting.

"Yes, Deadpool, these are friendlies—provided you intend me no harm, all should be well. I would very much like to be moved out where they can see me, and request and require that you put away your guns so we can all try to talk like civilized people before there's a mishap." And a bloodbath ensues.

She looks out to Domino, and is somewhat relieved to see that her guns are not at the ready any more.

To Pris and Cat she sends, regardless of the pain (what's a few more dead brain cells?). «Sharon…» Invoking the human name, she hopes, will calm the feral leanings. «I am well, I just need to heal, these are not enemies.» She's of course sending to both girls. «I've hired them to get the /true/ person to blame is Desdemona Wexler. SHE is the one we wish to talk to…»

Steady, he understands. Wade Wilson might be an unstable, dangerous, and mouthy mess, but in situations like these, he at least recognizes the danger in jumping the gun.

"Clock's ticking," he mutters, then slowly raises his rifle into the air, before crouching down and leaving it on the ground. "Steady," he calls to the would be friendlies, before stepping back behind Emma's office chair.

He suspects Domino might not like what happens next, but this one's his call. He doesn't just wheel Emma out into the open; instead, he quickly undoes the bindings that Domino put her in. He reaches down and lifts up his mask just enough to reveal his mouth, nose, and the terribly disfigured skin around them. "We're all in this together now," he tells Emma, meaningfully, before offering her an arm if she needs help to stand.

"Yeah? Well I protect my own ass, and you're still hiding," Domino calls back. "You got a problem with the situation then you can take it up with the board member who wanted her out of the picture for the week, but right now we're working -for- Frost so you can dial back that bravado."

Emma even confirms what the albino claims, not that she's aware of it!

Meanwhile other matters are churning away in the back of Neena's mind. -Catseye.- Why could Dom not recognize her mark..? Probably because Catseye had been touring the city full-tilt and had picked up countless other scents which masked anything the albino's 'guest' from the abyss might have recognized. Her connection to this infernal entity is still a bit rough in places but she has to combine the unfamiliar and the unknown with what -is- familiar and known.

Catseye is of the same pride as Hunter. One which seemed to have recently accepted the hellcat. Neena's not going to fight them. There's an itch in the back of her shoulders but when the creature which lusts for blood and the hunt is telling her 'no' then she has to listen.

Even -Deadpool- went to lengths to 'show clear.'

The remaining gunner, some pasty white chick done up like a death metal enthusiast with two large black dots over her eyes and a shit ton of leather and spikes, puts down her sidearms.

With the last weapon lowered, there's a soft yet somehow large sound, like the fall of a 600 pound dandelion, as Catseye drops STRAIGHT DOWN, making it quite clear that she could have easily landed ON someone if she wished. She's usually compared to a lavender lioness… but lioness don't have curly manes, nor are they so HUGE, more the size of a tiger than a lion. And Catseye stalks between Emma and the others, leans gently against Emma, then of all things starts to PURR.

The guns are up. Emma has declared these friendlies. Voodoo does not quite understand that declaration, but she will accept it. Emma is family.

Emma Frost is the mother Priscilla never had. But she does, now.

There's a soft whine from above, and a hoverbike flies down to a stop in front of Emma's position. Astride it, the figure in skintight purple with gold accents has a sword in one hand, a blaster in the other. There's nothing of the skin of the woman inside that outfit showing, but there's no denying the frankly prodigious curves as she dismounts, advancing towards the others.

Voodoo stops and takes a knee beside Catseye, running her fingers through lavender fur as she looks up at Emma. "I would rather you let us eliminate her." she says, caldly. "But your enemies are yours. You will fight them as you see fit. We will help."

Emma was just about to accept Wade's offered arm, but then Cat is there, and she instead ends up leaning on her daughter the purple lioness, eyes shuddering closed as she lets herself have a moment to try and banish the pain. Try - and fail, but hey, she puts up a good front for everyone except her other daughter, of course. Because: Empath.

"Death is too kind." Emma states in a flat voice, not at Pris, but at the thought of letting Desdemona Wexler get away with her betrayal. "I want to leave her broken, and penniless." Her smile is /cruel/.

Yes, definitely an overdeveloped sense of vengeance. "So…we need only go to her, I hired Deadpool, and his friend." Emma doesn't know Dom's name yet. "So…they're friendlies now."

Hugging Catseye, she sighs softly. "I am sorry if you were both frightened, things are well in hand now, though…truth be told…perhaps I should wait in the van and let you all take care of business."

Emma Frost: Not STUPID, she can delegate!

"Whoa!" Wade backs up when Catseye… acts exactly like a cat with Emma. Behind the mask, his eyebrow shoots upward, and he's staring. One would assume not in the good way, until his head tilts. "Oh that is too cute," he preens, and his hands clasp together joyfully. "That's -"

Another gasp is given, and Deadpool leaps backward as the purple spandex girl jumps down from…

"A hover bike? Is that a god damn hover bike?" He turns his face to Domino, and this time his voice is filled with jealousy. "It's a god damn hover bike."

He turns back to Voodoo, and his head cocks the other way. He's staring again; potentially not in the good way. Then his head draws back on his shoulders, and he turns his head just a bit into Domino's direction, where he can clearly still see Emma's purple assets.

"I think I like this gig," he tells Domino, before looking down, shaking his head and quietly scolding himself. "Asset. Singular. Bad Deadpool."

Looking back up, he waves happily to Catseye and Voodoo. "Hi! I'm Deadpool." He puts his hand down, and clasps them together in front of himself. Not to hide something, no, of course not.

"It's nice to meet you ladies." A pause. "We should go and take care of Desmerelda Villalobos before we run outta time."

There was a time not all that long ago where being around a giant purple cat would have rocked Domino's world. While she's moved beyond that stage there's another one close at hand. Priscilla descending on her fancy floaty bike soon has the albino metalhead holding an upturned hand toward the lady in purple, similarly glancing back to Deadpool with -another- clear expression of 'WTF?' before openly stating "What the hell is this..? Hey lady, the future called. You're in the wrong timeline."

As for the giant purple kitty? Shiny eyes shift back to the great cat who is definitely more familiar in sight than she had been by the scent left upon the van. Neena quietly approaches and holds out an empty upturned palm toward Catseye. She may as well make sure that such recognition goes both ways. After all, Dom looks pretty different from the last time they had met.

Then to Emma, an introduction is given in as brief of a manner as possible: "Domino." Em's welcome to abbreviate or outright disregard it as she sees fit.

Deadpool is given another glance and smirk. "Now that it's four to one in favor of the ladies?" What's not to like, right? Even Dom doesn't mind! Purple's a good color and hoverbike chick has a lot going in her favor.

Such as a -goddamned hoverbike.-

Catseye's lips curl back from her teeth as Dom offers her hand, and she inhales. Not a hostile baring of teeth, rather just trying to take in scent for the e vomeronosal organ that human anatomy just doesn't have. Then she gives Dom's hand a friendly little nudge. Yes, she remembers Dom, she really never forgets anything, and that can be a goddamn curse, but right now she's kind of mislaid somethings like, you know, language.

Emma may be putting on a brave front, but she still smells hurt. Can not fool the giant kitty nose. She considers… always hated this maneuver in training, but… She ducks her head and leans against Emma gently, crouching a little. Yes, she's inviting Emma to ride kitty-back.

This group is starting to look more and more like some bizarre album cover.

Voodoo stands impassively, though she does put away her sword, sweeping it behind her into a scabbard slanted diagonally (because 1990s!). Then slings the blaster into the holster along one of those demonstrably curvy well-muscled thighs. She gives more scritches to the giant purple lioness, and then stands, offering a brief nod to Emma.

"I will take care of communication. Tell me what we need, and I will take care of it." This she addresses to her mother with her intent clear: Emma is out of commission telepathically. Her daughter is not. She does not even bother telling Catseye to stay with Emma; she knows her sister will do that anyway.

"Let's go. Just in case this bitch decided to hire a second team to clean you up." Yes. Voodoo knows how to do constructive paranoia.

Eyes of blue are a bit dubious about riding kitty back, though she /did/ practice the maneuver…in fact she was the one who came up with the idea in the first place. Still, it isn't that far to the van. "I will manage." She reassures Catseye, and she scritches then takes a firm grip of the mane, so she can hold on and gimp over to the vehicle.

"Desdemona Wexler, in charge of Frost International's Consumer Electronics division, one of my board members. She's leading a bid to have FI go public, and if I am not at the board meeting she and her allies will be able to push it through and I might lose control of the company."

Granted she essentially stole the control in the first place, but hey, she IS doing a good job running it.

"She has a condo just outside of the city that she uses for her assignations with her physical trainer. She has two guards, one is a knife specialist, he's slim, and VERY good with blades, he's Steven Hanks, predictably goes by Shanks."

Emma continues as she makes he way slowly to the van with Cat's help. "The other is a low level mutant who goes by the codename Durance Vile." She shakes her head. "He is highly trained, and his power is the ability to paralyze a victim - his touch can actually stop your heart, but all he needs is eye contact to paralyze."

A nod. "Desdemona herself is rather an excellent dancer, and highly skilled with swords."

"Something like that," Deadpool tells Domino, before watching the interplay with Catseye and Emma for another moment. He really, really wants to give the furry one pettings. He also wants to make sure he isn't staring at the other one.

However, when Voodoo takes his side on the whole 'let's get moving' thing, his head zoom-rotates back over to Voodoo. "That's the spirit!" he exclaims. "Oh, I hope she did. I really hope she did." He turns toward Voodoo and stage whispers at her, "I totally dig the slanted scabbard thing. It's so 1990's."

A brief turn of his face to the computer screen. Is he… is he looking at Priscilla's player and mouthing the word, 'Sorry?' It would certainly appear so. Fourth wall, eat my ass.

He shrugs his shoulders, showing Voodoo that he's got not one, but TWO swords in similar X-fashion behind his back. Because men, you know, they can't just be happy with one thing. "Gotta double it up, truck nuts style."

Yes, Domino; he is very much hitting on Voodoo, and this is what it looks like. He's listening to Emma, clearly, for what he suggests makes a great deal of sense.

"Purple here and I will take on the mutant," Deadpool proclaims. "Can't make eye contact with us, after all." He looks over to Voodoo and gives her a thumbs up as they head for the van. "You ready to kick Duran Duran's Vile ass?"

That one little nudge to Dom's hand seems to be all of the reassurance that she needs, gently brushing her palm against the side of Catseye's nose in return.

The mercs present still have a job to do. Now with reinforcements! "Alright, no one get bent out of shape here" she says in a level tone while going back for her guns for the purpose of returning them to holsters.

"There's enough of us here to block every exit, Des will back herself into a corner for us." Then coming to stand beside Deadpool she lowers her voice to speak to him directly. "These two are gonna need their moment. Let's back their play."

Right, moving out. Dom looks to the fancy hoverbike..before turning back to their totally average 'flies beneath every radar in the country' disposable van. ..Sigh. "Next time I'm taking a fucking Lamborghini" she declares while moving to take the wheel.

"Weapon experts shouldn't be an issue but I'm not partial to having a post-staring contest cardiac arrest. That power of his work through sunglasses?" Alsooo Wade here should easily bounce back from that sort of attack. Dom knows who she'll be taking cover behind during such an encounter!

She can also recognize when he's hitting on someone. Neena rolls her eyes with a gentle breath but is left smirking in the end. What's the worst that could happen? Pris cuts his head off? That just means they get to enjoy a more peaceful drive for a little while.

Catseye lets Emma lean on her, helping MotherMotherFrost into the van, then curling up against her legs. Seatbelts do NOT fit giant lavender kitties, she will take her chances, thankyouverymuch. Whole lot of human sounds happening, that right now she just doesn't get. Thankfully, Priscilla is willing to be the telepathic speaker-to-cat while Catseye gathers herself and purrs at Emma.

Revenge … Catseye is definitely into revenge. Some of the images are down right horrifying in the graphicness of her ideas. Though as her human side slowly creeps back in, some of them get more amusing, if impractical. After all, where would they get cocaine, a clown costume, and a teddybear wearing a strap-on this hour of night?

Once Emma is safely situated, Voodoo turns around to head back towards her hoverbike. But she pauses as she does so to give a good, solid slap to the buttocks with each one, one on Deadpool and the other on Domino. One can almost hear her mind evaluating emotions and deciding not to leave anyone out.

« Dancer. Swords. Right. I really feel like that one should be mine. » Voodoo sends to Emma and Catseye. Then she remembers that she promised to handle communications, and loops in the other two minds, carefully. She needs to remember - it's very important - to concentrate on keeping down the telepathic 'volume', using the finesse she and Emma have worked on so hard. Heightened emotions can make that harder.

« If you think it best, I can help Deadpool with the mutant. I do need to know: do we need the minions alive? Obviously, we want her still breathing so she can sob in horror. But I was not certain about the others. » Priscilla Kitaen is a woman full of love and compassion. Voodoo? Voodoo is a cold-blooded professional, and a killer. Guess which one is on the telepathic party line?

"Desdemona is quite good, oh, the trainer…she likes her trainers to be buff, and frequently rotates them, she gets bored quickly - so I cannot inform you reliably about the trainer, still, expect some combat training there too." Emma says.

Once she's seated, she actually lets herself slump, after all, she should have known that Cat would scent her pain, would not buy her brave act. Emma is a little bemused by the Voodoo's cold demeanor, but she had an inkling that was how it went, they've been en rapport too often for her not to to have a very good feel for the woman.

Still, the Pro is who's needed right now.

Emma uses Cat as a footrest, drawing comfort from her purring and solidity.

"Deadpool and Voodoo on the mutant seems wise, Domino, I am unsure if the effect works through shades or not, I'd suggest just not taking chances." Emma is thoughtful. "If there's breakage, there's breakage. Do whatever it takes to get the job done, but do not go out of your way to shed blood, even Desdemona's, though if you wanted to give her a nice facial scar…"

After all, Emma was to be released /nude/.

A hand is waved in a very 'shucks'-like manner to Domino at mention of cardiac arrest. "I've already had one of those tonight."

It isn't long after this that he'll find his sexy ass being slapped. He stops for a brief moment, then turns to Domino, eyes raised high behind the mask that somehow seems to translate these emotions through emotionless white eye-lenses. "Make that two," he tells her, matter-of-factly.

Telepathy ain't no thing to Deadpool. The problem is, his brain is a mish mash of weirdly healed head injuries; there are absolutely beautiful things in there, like dancing naked through a pasture while listening to The Sound of Music soundtrack, there are also horribly frightening things, like being strapped into a latex vac-bed while a space alien takes a FleshLight to your… ahem. Let's hope none of this bleeds through as psychic feedback.

As he climbs into shotgun, he straps his seatbelt on and crosses one leg over the other. However, something seems to cross his mind; he reaches down suddenly and begins checking pouches all over his costume, one after the other. "Let's see here."

From one, he pulls out a bag filled with cocaine. "Ah, there you are!" And from another, he retrieves a small, pink and purple plushy My Little Pony doll, only the unicorn has been replaced with a ovipositor.

If you don't know what that is, google 'ovipositor sex toy', because the writer is not gonna explain that one. Make sure safe search is ON, and you either open a secret window or clear that internet search history.

"Uh, heh." He gets to stuffing that doll back into the pouch where he found it. "That's… you didn't see that."

Surely, psychic feedback isn't real.

Alright, getting slapped across the ass is one of the last experiences Neena expected to encounter with this meeting! "One game at a time, Violet." Not that she's complaining, apparently.

When Pris brings the two mercs into the telepathic fold she'll be the one in for a bit of a surprise. Where the albino is concerned there's..something else in there with her. The mutant's initial reaction has her on the defensive. The OTHER entity is more like a silvery glare and a hiss from murky, churning shadows of black and red.

Neena stops short, one hand darting out to the side of the van to keep from falling over while the other soon winds up at her forehead. A low growl manages to slip out before she forcefully clears her throat, trying to hide the fact. Enough time is allowed for her to mouth a choice curse before lifting her head and attempting to 'walk it off.'

She'll be fine being the driver. Really! Everything is okay here.

"Read my mind" she mutters with a -heavy- coating of sarcasm. "Given the choice I'm all for putting the hired help down hard but if we need to keep this run clean…"

Aaand speaking of clean Neena may never feel that way again after Wade digs through some of his personal storage compartments. The STARE that she's giving him..!

Okay, yes. She is -definitely- the right one to be sitting behind the wheel.

"And I thought I was fucked up" she mutters under a breath while starting the van and shifting into gear.

Catseye's thought has no language layer at the moment, and humans… humans are supposed to have one. Thoughts are conveyed in quick flashes of images. Desdemona gutted with incredible accuracy, especially the smell… Des left high, in clown costume, with the toy Deadpool pulled out. Deadpool and Pris fighting together against one shadowy figure, Catseye pouncing and mauling others while Domino shoots… It's interesting, not normal or possibly sane, but given that Deadpool is in the loop, she's actually dragging the average back towards normal instead of pushing it away!

Ooooohkay. An empathic read is one thing. Telepathic is at a whole other level.

Note to self: Stay out of Deadpool's brain.

Voodoo is only really reading current, active thoughts, so memories one does not dredge up and partially relive won't come through the link. But a lot of other very disturbing things will. Such is life.

« Alright. Scarred can be arranged. If we can stop the help without killing them, we will. But we will not hesitate to do so if necessary. I'll fly cover, check rooftops, look for anyone trying to follow the van. Stay in touch, we'll figure out a scouting plan once we arrive. Catseye, you are in charge of MotherMotherFrost until we have a scouting plan in place. » Voodoo is not about to leave her sister out of this event. But for now she trusts no one else alive with their mother.

The hoverbike lifts off and heads out.

The ride to the house is not too bad, strangely, Chalk does not call back at the 30 minute mark. Show of hands - who's surprised? Yeah, nobody. At all. Currently the man is finding the deepest hole he can crawl into, he's even gone so far as to use makeup to look more normal toned, and colored contact lenses! After all - an albino /does/ stand out.

Safely ensconced in the back of the van, Emma actually manages a bit of a nap en route. Not much of one, but she does seem a bit better off for it.

The 'love bungalo' is a penthouse condo in an upscale fenced in community, yeah, not even going to give this crew pause.

Aerial recon shows that the the top floor sports a pool, currently not in use, a hot tub, which is. Desdemona, Pris would have been able to get an image from Emma's mind so everyone knows what to expect, is 'en flagrante' with her trainer of the week. The two guards are both under cover, though the smaller one is monitoring a security console with various camera views.

There is also a small gathering ongoing in a glassed in atrium on the grounds, looks like a wedding.

"Hey, don't kink shame," Deadpool scolds Domino, before turning and looking back at Catseye.

The doll is casually reclaimed, and he hands it back to her. "Seriously, I kept trying and trying to like it, but I just, I just can't."

His head swivels to Emma. "She totally knows I'm crushing, doesn't she." Surface thoughts, and all that. Wait til she gets a look at your face, Wade. There's another surface thought for you.

Probably one of the less disturbing ones.

Stop the guards without killing them? Ugh. "Fine. But it's probably going to get messy" Domino reminds everyone. With a pause for some consideration she glances into the back of the van again then nods once to herself. Coming right off of a kidnapping gig she -did- happen to come prepared for non-lethal engagements. Handy!

While looking back there her attention also lingers on Catseye. Boy, wouldn't this be an interesting story if they got pulled over for a broken tail light…

To Wade she easily replies "I didn't say anything." But it's pretty clear that she's smirking!

The radio is kept off for the duration of the drive. One, Emma's napping. Two, Catseye is probably napping. Three, no amount of music would make this situation any less awkward for everyone involved. ..Okay, maybe it'd have worked for Wade.

As the van pulls up not far from the condo Dom leaves the engine idling, probably for the warmth as she's kept it pretty toasty inside during the ride. "This is fancy" she offhands while peering through the windshield. "Well. It's been four years since I've crashed a party."

Leaving her seat she steps into the back and picks up an odd looking staff which had been neatly tucked out of sight. It kind of looks like a bar for bench pressing without any of the weights on it. A hidden switch is flicked then a small power meter blinks to life, reporting a full charge. "I hope they have good medical insurance."

Catseye is fine with being left in the Van to guard MotherMotherFrost while the others storm the building and deal with the guards. Messy? Catseye going in would be messy. Claws and fangs don't have a 'stun' mode. There's only 'murder' and 'maim'. She catnaps on the ride, but when the van pulls up her eyes open and she gives a long, slow, feline stretch. BIG KITTY with BIG CLAWS and BIG TEETH. She nudges Emma into the back bench seat, a little firmer in the corner then crouches down in front of Emma. Guard Cat on duty!

Once they arrive, Voodoo relays « OK. You stay there. Good Catseye. Keep an eye on MotherMotherFrost. I'm going to sweep around the property. I should be back in six minutes. If I'm late, don't wait for me, and arm up heavy. »

That arranged, Voodoo does as she said: she flies a circuit around the properly, sweeping carefully both visually - she has nightvision as good as Catseye - and telepathically, making sure to note the location, disposition and intent of everyone inside without even once coming into view of anyone or any security devices; silent hoverbikes have significant advantages for alien-hunting stripper ninjas.

Voodoo brings the bike down and lands beside the van on the far side from the property, locks it down and dismounts, leaving it looking like any other motorcycle. Then she starts pulling out additional gear from the saddlebags: grenades, explosive packs, recharger packs for her blaster, extra blades, etc.

« OK. She's in the pool, enclosure, roof, with the trainer. Guards are under cover at opposite ends of the roof. Ground floor, glassed atrium full of civilians, some kind of wedding. My recommendation is I take my partner on the bike and we fly back up, drop into the pool and then take out the guards. I've seen no sign of anyone following us, or noticing our approach or arrival. Thus far, we are clean. »

Not for long, though.

Emma is too tired and hurts too much to protest being put in the back seat with a guardian, she /does/ however, stay en rapport with Pris, though she lets Pris maintain the link…which is a bit odd for control freak Emma.

The building does have a fair amount of guards other than the two upstairs, ten in all Pris finds in her telepathic-flying recon.

They are reasonably well armed, and fairly well trained, and truly — probably not much of a bother for the crew assembling for some righteous ass kickery.

"Desdemona is an odd one, I /think/ she might be a poisoner. For a flatscan she has a fairly sophisticated mind shield." Which is concerning for her. "Regardless, proceed when you're ready. I just need to make a phone call, the signal to proceed will be when the power goes out to the building. Questions?"

And yes, Emma calls in a favor, and about five minutes after the recon, the building will go dark, only for a few minutes but that will be an ETERNITY for the folks up top!

Throughout the ride, Wade is humming quietly to himself; it is clearly a mix in his head of Toto songs, starting with Rosanna, going through Hold The Line, and finally ending with Africa. He's just gotten to the keyboard solo when the van pulls up, and makes it though a couple of notes before getting lost. "Ah, fuck it."

He reaches to lift up his mask to his nose, sighing dramatically. "Jesus, Dom, you've got it on 'Ballsweat' in here." He unbuckles his seatbelt and cracks the window in order to get a little fresh air, before listening to the voice inside his head.

"Even telepathically she's sexy," he says under his breath, then turns around and prepares to get his gear, which is precisely when he notices Catseye yawning and claw stretching.

His head tilts to the side. "I really wanna pet you. Is that cool? Like," He holds up his hands. "Not being creepy, but, it just, I…" Cutting himself off, he shakes his head and says, "Later."

Grabbing his gear, he gives a quick nod to Emma, before casting a look at Domino. "It's like riding a bicycle," he says of the party crashing, before speaking aloud to the air so that Priscilla can hear. "See ya on the dark side of the moon."

Two pistols, two katana blades, and maximum effort; it isn't long before Deadpool makes his rendezvous with Voodoo. "Ready to make some noise?" he asks.

Neena quietly glances to Wade as Voodoo brings the mission report. Between the alien chick and the big kitty in the back there have been some language barriers to work around. She looks about ready to say something, mouth open and all, when she stops herself short with a headshake and a blank shrug. "Sure! Sounds great. Get the drop on the muscle and we'll close in on Des and her trainer pal." If they're in a pool they're going to have a heck of a time trying to make a run for it. Physics for the win!

Also..who is Voodoo's partner? She isn't taking -Catseye- up there, is she? Oh, that would make SUCH a mess on splashdown.

Actually Domino really wants to see it happen nowOh! Ooooh. -Deadpool- is catching a ride withright. Twenty bucks says he does something inappropriate enough to never make it to the roof.

Then comes the question of how to cover twelve stories in less than five minutes without the aid of a hoverbike. Outside of the building the albino looks up at the older structure, eyes the fire escape, mutters "Nuts to that" and loads up another grappel line in the same launcher she had used to break into Emma's building. Some toys are universally fun, there's so much you can do with a grappel gun!

"Top floor, corporate creeps and contract criminals."

"Hold on, Deadpool." Voodoo offers as she mounts her hoverbike and activates its engine, then its transformation. "Hold on tight." To Dom she projects, « We'll wait until you're ready to drop in. »

And then Pris takes the Hells off, straight up into the air and over the roof of the building at a height of about a hundred feet from the surface of the pool. « I'll drop into the water. I can be back out pretty well instantly from this height. From the sense of their minds, the controller is the one to the north, so that's where I'm going. I assume you will, too. Dom, you're coming up the south wall, the one closest to you will be to your right eighteen meters. »

Coordinated, Voodoo is in mid-air when the lights go out. « Five. Four. Three. Two. One. »

And then comes a big splash from the deep end of the pool, as Voodoo drops off the bike straight the Hell down. She pikes hard, landing flat-foot at the bottom of the pool and bending her knees until her rump is on her heels, then pushing off with incredible - improbable - strength, clearning the water with just a slight arc to the north. Her eyes are lensed over, her mind is shielded, and she's coming on almost too fast to see in the pitch dark.

This is, to be blunt, not likely to go the controller's way.

Catseye waits until Domino leaves, then turns her gaze back to Emma. Human sounds… she left those somewhere around inside her head. It isn't that she forgets, it's that language is a very thin veneer that has been artificially layered on her mind, and when she realized Emma wasn't coming home she cast it aside as she dived fully into the hunt. But it's still in there. She just has to pull it back into place, try to make it fit again…

Catseye headbutts Emma gently and manages a single word. "Mother." Then turns her attention back to outside the van.

The guard, the slim one with the knives barely makes a sounds as the Pris missile impacts him. There's a fairly sickening crunch as he's hurled into a wall. A soft groan, and then…/he twists/ free of the wall, his bones that got broken slowly drawn back into alignment. "Not BAD." He whispers in a voice wracked by pain, resilient as he is, the man's mind is screaming with the agony of multiple broken bones as they slide back into place. "There's only one thing that can kill me…blunt trauma is not it." He states with a smirk…a frankly irritating smirk, so fucking smug.

Then again, he appears to be akin to Achilles, only one weakness, one -physical- weakness anyway, to exploit.

When Dom makes it to the roof, that impact plays out, and that little wiry guy makes his villain speech, because monologuing IS a thing. The other guard barely has time to even notice what is going on, and so he turns to face Voodoo when she lands, presenting his back to Wade, and his flank to Domino as he pulls out a pair of obviously custom crafted machine pistols and cuts loose at the Alien Hunting Ninja Stripper.

Desdemona and her flavor of the week are more than a little dismayed by the sudden assault. "FUCK!" The guy says, even as the woman pushes him out of the hot tub and towards the only attacker she's seen - Pris. The guy is buff as hell, and very naked, and yeah, he was caught in the act so the slipping and sliding is less than pretty.

Desdemona, however, rolls out of the tub and (also naked), stands with a pair of blades in hand, Spanish steel, espadas, and clearly made for business. She puts her back to a pillar as she takes in the scene.

In the van Emma, nods to Cat, and rests her head against her daughter's mane, a few tears of pain leaking out where none can see them. She hurts. She feels bloody useless.

"Okay," Deadpool says, and sounds kinda sheepish. It's a good thing he's got a dancers belt on under that spandex. Climbing aboard, he clings to Voodoo and then tightens his grasp when the hoverbike goes straight up.

His mind is a blur of panic and adrenaline; fortunately, the former Special Forces soldier is well trained enough to know when to keep his physical mouth shut. The minds eye though is a terrible thing. We're assuming here that certain parts of his internal psyche are just… not being accessed.

A quick breath is let out once the bike stops. «Oh yeah. Gotta take out the heartbreaker. Dream maker. Love taker, don't you mess around with me!»

Someone needs practice with his passive telepathic dialogue.

«Did that work? Oh shit, did you hear me mind singing Pat Benatar too? I swear, I don't only listen to Yacht Rock. We should totally do karaoke some time. I do a mean Chic-holy shit!»

That last part comes when Voodoo gets the drop on him. Deadpool briefly checks the weight of the hover bike, before pulling a grapple line from one of the pouches on his belt. Once it's affixed to the bike, he goes into a free fall right behind her, counting down in his head.

A hand squeezes the brake, and he releases the line a moment before striking the ground in a roll.

A flashbang grenade is sent rolling toward the pool, where Desdemona and Arnold Classic are in their birthday suits and gearing up for a fight. However, he's not headed that way.

Twin katana blades are pulled, while at the same time, he's vaulting into the air, body spinning like an acrobat. One of the blades is flung with hairpin accuracy toward the guy unloading on Voodoo, aiming at impaling him at the kneecap. He lands and charges, swinging the blade around so that the business end is behind him, the hilt before him like a club, and swings it down toward the back of the dude's head with all the force he can muster.

Eighteen meters. Domino quickly does the math. She's going to have to get a little closer to hit her target with the kinetic staff. No problem!

When the lights all go out in the building there's a pair of polished mercury orbs hovering in the darkness, wide open and seeing clear. It isn't much in the way of warning…though neither is Deadpool's flashbang.


The window separating the albino from her mark explodes outward into sand-like fragments, the invisible force projectile flipping some furniture, tearing down already dark light fixtures, and vaporizing glassware and bottles. Where she WOULD have taken out the dude with the machine pistols the sudden act of going completely blind by a flashbang had her pulling the shot which instead slams into the very pillar which Desdemona is hiding behind!

There isn't going to be a pillar there for long. Des may very well be walking out of this with -several- new scars. Dom can flip traffic with that kinetic staff.

How they can make out Voodoo is an interesting question, but it's too late now and apparently she missed it. But she is woefully unimpressed by gumby the reassembling goon … and then she is literally torn apart by automatic weapons fire.

It's pretty disgusting what several dozen high-speed projectiles do to a woman's body. There's blood everywhere.

And then Priscilla, still alive, reaches into the mind of the man she had been approaching, and unleashes a precision strike, just the way Emma taught her. Brain go night-night.

And Voodoo lies on the ground, her shapeshifting body working on reassembling itself so she can get back up on her feet and deal with the naked bitch with the swords who thinks she can dancefight.


Catseye headbutts Emma again and purrs reassuringly. "MotherMotherFrost hurt. Rest. Catseye found. Catseye protect." The only thing preventing her from trying to climb into Emma's lap is 1) Catseye is on guard duty and 2) over a quarter ton of kitty does not make a lapcat. Much. Needs a bigger couch than the van has at the very least.

"Thank you, Sharon." Emma murmurs and just leans against Cat as the others fight.

Desdemona is literally flung forward by the shattering of the pillar, her back cut to ribbons as she ends up slip-sliding on Pris's blood. Eew.

As luck would have it, she ends up clinging to…Deadpool?

NOT really the best of hand holds.

Arnold Classic (His name is actually Artur Villareal) shrieks like a deflowered virgin as Wade's sword punches through his knee, which shriek is cut short by the blow to his head that pops out one of a pair of full eye covering contact lenses, ooh, shiny, it has like…a display inside and stuff, fancy-shmancy!

That Voodoo is still alive is horrifying. But then again, so is the blade man, Shanks. Granted, he's also taking a telepathically induced nap.

No worries though, there's still goons aplenty - there's plans for things like power outages, and really, flash bangs are /not/ quiet, nor is automatic weapons fire. Up onto the roof a trio of guard teams emerge - two groups of three, and one of four.

Color this a target rich environment, the teams spread out so as not to be easily cluster fucked.

Quickly, Deadpool wraps his arm around Artur Villareal's neck, clenching his biceps and cutting off his air flow with a military-style choke hold. He turns his head to take stock of what carnage his flashbang left, only to find the mark itself clinging to him.

"Ooooh, it's a cuddle puddle!" Deadpool exclaims happily. He yanks Villareal's head over and slams it into Deademona's head, intent on knocking them both out expeditiously.

Reaching down, he yanks the katana out of Villareal's knee with a vicious sound that subtitles would read as 'flesh squelching'. A brief look toward Voodoo has his eye bumps shooting up behind the mask. "Ooh, I can do that too!" he exclaims, before swinging his swords about and eyeballing the new arrivals.

"You three are not invited to the cuddle puddle!" he declares, before glancing to the side and hoping that telepathic link is still up. "Anyone got eyes on Vile?" The heart stopping mutant hasn't been seen.

Wade puts a boot on Desdemona's chest or back, whichever is available, intent on keeping her down.

With her vision still FUBAR and noise coming from every direction it's all Domino can do to realize that more baddies are closing in. It's the different way that sound bounces off of the surface of the pool which gives her a plan, blindly firing the staff into the body of water.

It sounds like the world's biggest cannonball, likely fracturing the pool's foundation as spray leaps up toward the ceiling and a giant chlorine-infused wave is shoved out at one of the goon trios. It's hard to go wrong with the shotgun approach!

Soggy bodies hitting the floor also sound a little special. Dom -kinda- knows where they are but close counts. Another blast is angled up toward the ceiling, shattering more glass and splintering metal supports which have no choice but to rain down upon the three. It may not be death by a thousand cuts but they aren't going to be happy mooks.

Two heads crash together, Desdemona's already pretty wracked up by the shredding of her back, the crash of flavor of the week's thick skull into her own drops her and him both between the choke out and the impact, yeah, both will be taking naps.

And that's when the stave blasts the water into the roofing by the living area, and creating a sort of liquid sonar for Domino's next shot. The thugs under the glass get pummeled by water, then nearly cut to ribbons by the glass as it falls. One unfortunate soul ends up impaled by a section of the steel frame…yeah…he's pretty much a goner, the brachial artery severed — he bleeds out in moments.

The bottom of the pool then gives up the ghost, and Wexler's office is ruined by wet and concrete.

Seeing the carnage, the remaining seven guards stare in horror as Pris (and even unconscious Shanks) heal from their injuries as people watch.

One might call this all a bit messy, yes.

And then Voodoo's shredded body climbs to her feet, staring ta the men as her hand pulls up a pair of softly glowing globes, one in each hand. That shapeshifting-altered voice, a femme Vader-esque vibe, speaks. "You have one choice. Run away, or die with us. Tik tik boom, morons. Five. Four. Three. Two."

The worst part for them? Voodoo isn't kidding. She is in pain, and furious, and has decided she is done f__king around with people. She'll survive, after all. The rest is just gratis.

« Get the package up, please, Deadpool. Domino, just hold on, I'll keep guiding. I know your ears are shot for now. I apologize, I did not realize he was using the flashbang until it was too late. »

One touch to a control on her belt and the hoverbike floats down to their level. "If you fire, morons, the person who signs your paycheck won't be there to sign anymore. Your day is done. Byebye." Voodoo motions with one grenade-filled hand for Deadpool to get on the bike, and then she climbs on in front of him, still holding the grenades. She's waiting for Domino to decide to zipline for the ground floor. And then she lifts off.

Time to go, damnit.

Catseye nudges Emma gently. "Hear hoverbike returning." In her current condition, MotherMotherFrost might need those few extra seconds warning to get her gameface on.

"Holy…" Deadpool just looks on as Domino does… all of that. Behind the mask, he's blinking. "That's totally not fair!" he calls out, before a glow catches his attention.

"Oooh, that's pretty," he quips, before reaching down and scooping up Desdemona in a fireman's carry. He climbs aboard the hoverbike, clipping the grappling line left over and wrapping it around his chest and his quarry, before grabbing hold of Voodoo when she gets aboard.

"Yeah, sorry about that," he says, with genuine apology in his tone that is quickly followed by a laugh. "So used to flying solo!"

Hmm, that..kinda sounds like the pool just gave up the ghost… Oops? It also sounds like Domino miiight have just slaughtered someone in the wreckage and Deadpool's calling her out on fairness. "Yeah, well neither am I!"

She can see now, too. It's a weird trippy psychic link sort of vision but it's enough to get her out of the building and back to the grappel line for some serious GTFO action.

"That was fun" she thinks aloud while boots hit the ground. "We should do it again sometime."

Eyes bright, Emma hugs her kitty daughter, and does indeed need the warning to get herself back into the game. It is not easy - her head feels like it is going to fly apart at the seams any second now.

On the roof the guards look at the carnage, at the handful of grenades from the shredded and still healing Voodoo, and their KO'd boss and her baddest ass guard on the ground.

One guard charges forward…well…tries to, the others dogpile him, and even ziptie the guy as the leader of the guards very visibly puts his gun on the ground and steps back. "We are all meat popsicles, ma'am."

And then it is exeunt stage hoverbike and zip line, alas, the condo is a near total write off. Oh well. There's something to be said for success! And though the face wasn't scarred there's stuff that can be done to ensure that the back is left a mess forever—not a total loss.

LOG NOTE: Work In Progress, to he continued!

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