2020-01-04 - To Clothe A Spider


Miles and MJ visit Mari.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jan 4 21:04:16 2020
Location: McCabe Industries

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Mari has been busy. Both as Mari and Vixen. With her own business; the work she, T'Challa and others are doing in the Disaster Zone; and the work she and Black Panther are doing in the Disaster Zone, the woman rarely seems to rest. Which might be right.

McCabe Industries has been making the headlines with a range of fashion wearable tech - that is not just fashionable but incredibly functional, as well clothing made from fibres that provide some level of protection.

Miles Morales received a message a couple of days ago asking him to drop by the McCabe showroom - Mari had something to show him.

It's getting on in the afternoon, the weather is cold and Mari is in the main showroom, working with one of her shop assistants on a display.

Miles has been busy himself. With winter break drawing to a close, he was finishing some of the projects he had procrastinated — delayed on taking on until the last moment. Balancing the whole hero life and school life thing was hard! But when he got the message, he was already over at Mary Jane's place, showing off his latest piece of work.

So, there was a delay in the unvieling, because Mary Jane already knows his secret and all of the things he does as well, a poor man's Spider-Man.

But it also explains why there's a taxi that pulls out in front of the store instead of him jumping in, or what-have-you. As he gets out of the car, he comes around to open the door for the redhead, grinning widely. "I don't know if you've met her, by Ms. McCabe has some /amazing/ designs. I mean, if she's cool with it and all." He's worried about that a little. Maybe he should have asked permission first?

Well, he could always beg forgiveness as he opens the door to the studio, for MJ to enter ahead of him.

Mary has been busy as of late; with the movie now in theaters, she's taken the advice of a well known philanthropist and businessman to settle down, stay in the city, and come up with a creative way to do her interviews while studying at Julliard. A lot of remote interviews, almost all of the presenters and showcasers sympathetic when she shows up on a big screen while everyone else is there in person. Education is important! But there was still a twinge of jealousy and regret at not globe-trotting around to be with everyone in person. But it was good!

The bad was that she barely slept.

The only good side to that is that she wouldn't have gotten sleep anyways, most of her nights were fueled with redbull, Ripits, and a very enormous pot of coffee. And where there wasn't coffee, there was sugar and exercise, hoping the crash of it all will allow her to sleep. But then the dreams that would wake her up again which sends her repeating the process. Press interviews remotely, school, working out, drinking coffee and sugar filled energy drinks, sleep for two, rinse.. repeat..

So it was a thankful break in routine that Miles invited her to see Mari. Mary Jane was asked to do a video shoot for Yo Gotti, which surprisingly enough aligns with her main profession; Modeling. So an outfit or two was needed, thankfully the director allowed her that creative process in picking what she was to wear. McCabe, as Mary Jane always fangirled about, was kismet!

So as she steps out of the cab, she was wearing her best. Polka-dot dress, long furred boots, some sort of Russian type fur cap and large glasses. To a fashionista, she looked a mess! But Mary Jane thought she was at the height of her prime!

"God no, I've never met her! I always wanted to! I mean, pardon me if I fan girl but.." She looks around to make sure no one sees her doing this, but she internally 'eees' while she wriggles one hand (the other holding a venti quadruple espresso shot iced mocha latte no-whip) and jumps into place! She immediately calms, rights herself, and steps confidentally (not) into the studio, keeping her face stoic which -may- just crack if she sees her fashion idol..

Mari is most certainly not aware of the adulation that she's held in. She knows she was popular when she modelled, now she's more of a business woman and super hero - though she uses the stock she generated as a model to its fullest.

"Ah, Mister Morales …" the ex-model offers a broad smile to the youth as he enters. "Thank you for coming in, I appreciate it. And … you've bought Miss Watson with you. I must say I'm a fan, Miss Watson." She holds out a hand. "Mari McCabe, please call me Mari."

"Sarah.." The dark skinned woman glances to her assistant. "Please arrange some refreshments. Hot chocolate? More Coffee? Another Coffee? What would you like?" That's to the two young people and if she's mortified by MJ's outfit, it's not showing.

"Hi, Miss McCabe!" Miles starts, and then realizes, and calms down with a small chuckle. "…Mari." he remembers that she wanted to be called by her first name. "And I see you already know Mary Jane." There's a smile at that, pleased as punch that his girlfriend proceeds him in popularity.

"I hope you don't mind that I brought her. Totally jealous that I got to meet you first." Miles casts a wink at MJ with that, before he settles back down, in his hoodie and blue jeans and sneakers. Very much from the neighborhood, as it were. "Oh! Hot chocolate will be fine, please. And I wanted you to see what I was working on…" He gestures towards the canvas he carried in with him, but hasn't unwrapped yet.

Guh! Mary is punched that Mari knows her name! Pleased punched, not gutted. Though she looks particularly gutted, the wrong choice of expression as she tries to hide her excitement. In fact, a myriad of emotions play across her face, due to lack of sleep, and her need to just cry because.. Mari knows her name! All of the ee's and bounces try to burst through her frame, which nearly makes her visibly sick to not express herself such. So she does it through..


"Hooo-lee cow she knows my name.." She says in a near tremble, glancing back towards Miles, her face beet red and her eyes near watering. The hand that was held out was grasped, her own fingers chilled from swapping her coffee hand to hand. "It's such an honor Mari McCabe.. I.. I mean Mari… I .. followed your career Mari McCabe I.. Mari.. eee…" She quietly lets out.

"More coffee yes yes.. I mean.. eee.." She's embarrased now, holding tightly to Mari's hand and near bouncing and shifting. "I.. oh gosh.. Mari McCa.. Mari do you have a bathroom? I.. gotta go.. I mean, not like that but.. bathroom?" She looks around, finally minding herself and releasing Mari's hand in the process. "I.. I got something in my eye.. its so NOT the coffee but I'd like more!" Eeee.. "So jealous…" OF WHAT?! She probably meant of Miles..

Mari is visibly amused by MJ's greeting, letting the younger woman babble and gush. "I must say it's been a while since I elicited that type of greeting. It's nice to know I haven't lost it. Perhaps you might not want another coffee, though." She teases a little, raising a chin to Sarah to get the requests. "We'll be out the back, Sarah. Let me know if you need anything more here, but I trust you."

She's so relaxed, Mari is, as she leads the pair out to her workroom. "The bathroom is through there, Miss Watson." So matter of fact as she lets the pair enter.

The workroom is well lit, fabrics lined up on one end and a electronic work table at the other. Above it is a projected hologram that turns slowly - a lovely dress, with fur lined cap and boots. Much like what MJ is wearing but … more elegant.

At the other end is a covered mannequin and Mari turns to regards Miles as MJ decides whether she really needs to use the bathroom or not. "I would love to see what you're working on and I have a request for you as well. Also, the commission you requested is ready for fitting. Is now a good time to do that?" Meaning - does MJ know your secret?

There's a worried frown as Mary Jane excuses herself. "I don't think I've ever seen her like that…" Not that Miles didn't do his own fair share of fanboying when he came across Black Panther of all people. Speaking of, Miles moves to the canvas and works on unwrapping it. Once he does, he stands the canvas up for inspection.

It's a riot of asymmetrical colors, focusing on red, green and yellow, bright and primary, but ripping through it in a slash of metallic claws are a pair of hands that could look a lot like Black Panther's claws ripping it open, and extending out. It was obviously done in a spray paint medium, with the colors highlighted to make them pop from the canvas.

"I call it breaking through… it's about how everyone notices the flashy superheroes, but there's the ones that work in places like the Disaster Zone or Harlem that make the difference." he explains as he waits for the critique.

Then at the question, he ohs. "A request? Sure! I mean, I owe you so much! And.. yes, I can do a fitting now." Mary Jane knows the secret.

Mary Jane walks with a bounce as she follows them, and once the bathroom was pointed out, she chooses a safe spot to place down her coffee.

Then flees.

The bathroom door wasn't slammed, but closed with a quiet click, in which Mary Jane begins to disrobe, removing the hat and the coat that she wears, her bare hands now upon the sink as she begins to run the water. Thankful to not be wearing makeup, Mary Jane splashes her face to wake herself up. One way to wisen herself after meeting someone so famous, to not embarrass herself when something important was to happen. Like Miles finally getting his duds!

After a few long moments, Mary emerges from the bathroom, carrying her hat and coat in tow. Her coffee was picked up, and a stool was settled on, just content to watch the two for now.

Can't bug genius!

Watching as MJ bounces off to the bathroom, Mari chuckles and when Sarah arrives with beverages and food she waits for the assistant to leave.

"Very well, then."

As Mari unveils the mannequin, the suit she's been working on is revealed. It's predominantly black with a stylised spider motif on the chest in deep ruby red, the eyelets of the hood outlined in the same colour. Red webbing spills over the hood, down the shoulders and over the torso.

Along the wrists and forearms, the same webbing motif is repeated, accented with silver.

"What do you think? The material this is made of … I'll get to that in a moment. There's some light armour plating builit in, that I can vouch for myself. I redid my own suit, recently, and took it for a test run. It works well." Indeed both the young people will see the bruises on her arms - hard to see against the dark skin but there none the less.

"As for you, Miss Watson, what do you think of the design I'm working on?" The dress, cape and boots that is lazily circling above the table. "I could use someone to promote it …"

While the two are doing their things. Mari isn't quite sure how MJ will react to her statement, she looks at Miles painting with awe. "This is … very good, Miles. Extremely good. And of course, I approve of the subject matter. What were you planning to do with it?"

There's a smile "Let's finish with your costume first and I'll get to my request."

"Well, I have to get it /graded/ first!" Miles says with a grin, as Mary Jane comes back out, and he looks back towards her to see what she thinks on the painting. "It was inspired a little by meeting you and your friend. And just.. realizing that the street people need help to, you know? There's always going to be heroes to take on the big bads, but stopping a mugging or rescuing someone from a burning building and all that… and yet, you were there."

Then she's unvieling the costume, and nervousness becomes complete awe as he stands there, looking at the costume that Mari came up with. And his jaw slackens slightly. "This.. is for me?" he asks, looking rather incrediously at the idea as he reaches up to run a hand through his hair. "Mary Jane… what do you think?"

Legs swing as Mary remains on the stool, sipping a bit of her watered down coffee, watching as Sarah enters to place the tray of foods and drinks, then quickly finishes her own off. Once the cup was emptied, she sets it off to the side to discard for later, then looks at the two and the designs with a curious eye. She's calmed somewhat, the telling tell of needing to use the bathroom for that reason were a few darker strands of hair that were wet from the splash of water.

As Mari addresses her, she looks towards the design that Mari made.. which.. close to what she herself has chosen to wear today, but three thousand times better. It was amazing! So much so, that Mary Jane slips from her chair and begins to study it. "Gosh.. how can you do that.." It was a really good question, how can people create and be damn amazing at it. "Promo.. oh! I have a video shoot coming up!! Can I wear it?" She wouldn't even post it to Instagram yet! In fact, she rightfully assumes that the shop was off limits to even take a few Snaps in..

Now it was all business!

As for Miles suit, once directed to it, Mary Jane approaches and leans into it, her lips curling into a frown that marks her own 'not bad' statement. It was really beautiful! Not to mention, the painting that was displayed by Miles equally matched, Mary Jane was in a room full of raw genius.

"Honestly.." She says to Miles.. "..you couldn't have picked a better woman to do this for you. It's perfect!"

Mari chuckles again at the young peoples responses. "I'm not sure about perfect, Miss Watson. Miles does have the benefit of me beta testing a prototype though. I'd like you try it on, Miles, see how it fits. I've made it as light as I can, so you can wear under clothes, if you want, but I've designed a bag for you to carry it in. It should fit a pack and be unobtrusive…" beat "You did ask me to create you a costume, did you not? Yes, it's for you."

She's been thinking at least. Taking the garment off the mannequin, she hands it to Miles and points to the changing area near the bathrooms. When he takes it, she's right - it's light, there's still weight to it though. "Sing out if you need help…"

"Many years of practice, Miss Watson. To answer your question. And you do? I would very much like for you to wear it - if you give me take your measurements, I'll have it fabricated." Which means this is likely to a MJ special. Does Mari do multiples of her designs?

"Now, as to the fabric this from …" the ex-model raises her voice slightly. "It's a new design that T'Challa has applied for a patent for." In her name, not that she's saying that. It was a generous gesture of trust by the Wakandan. "The fabric is made from a substance that will resist most bladed weapon attacks and provide some protection from impacts. With the added armour plating, you should be able to survive being thrown against a brick wall at speed." She knows that from experience.

It's like Mari can see MJ's fingers twitching to pick up her phone. "Would you like to post something to your social media, Miss Watson?"

Taking the costume when it was offered to him, Miles leaves the painting behind. He quickly goes behind to the changing area. "If one of you makes a comment about pink bunny slippers…" he quips with a laugh as he works on changing. "How does it handle weather? Will I need to layer?" comes the question. "Like you know, a hoodie or something?"

After slipping into the costume and taking up the mask, Miles steps back out, and pauses for a moment. "Well?" he asks, as he looks over the form-fitting suit. "Do I need to ask you to zip me up?" comes the playful question to Mary Jane, though he's listening to what the two women are saying.

Though he's quick to add. "I'd rather not find out if I can survive being thrown against a brick wall."

"Looks perfect to me.." Mary says, it wasn't underhanded, it was more praise! Her eyes go back to the outfit, and soon she was standing and twisting a little to the side. Looking down at herself, imagining the custome designed McCabe design on her own form, her head bobbing as she thinks of the video. "I would totally like to wear it.." She was circling it now, then soon turning to look around the workshop to a mirror. Her own ideas were dancing, and while she -could- do her own makeup, she has her own person do that for her. With her own input!

She approaches the mirror and puts her hair up, dropping it, putting it up again in a different angle.. "Okay! Give me like.. five seconds.. I'm figuring out my hair!" Gosh, this was so exciting. Mari is making damn near military grade outfits, and designing a portion of a video shoot, talk about a collaboration..

"Who's T'Chaga?" She questions, then shrugs it off. Approaching the counter top again, she settles into her previous seat, then winces one eye at Mari.. "Uh.. how about a selfie when we're done?" Cause, this seems important!

As Miles steps out, she glances towards him now, both elbows planted upon the counter top. She rests her chin into the palm of her hands, then smiles. "You're probably going to have to get thrown into a brick wall sooner or later, may as well be now, right?"

Seeing MJ's actions, Mari grins. "Just stand still for a moment … " When the hyperactive model settles, Mari positions her just so and snaps an image, within moments it's uploaded to her design table and the outfit displayed is now shown on MJ's form.

"You can move the image around, see it from all the angles." Mari gestures, showing MJ how the system responds to hand movements. Oh yes, she has all the tools.

"I can also prepare this out of the same sort fabric, Miss Watson. There won't be armour plating but you might find it useful, I think?" It's not highly publicised that Mari clothes many of New York elite in similar fabrics.

"T'Challa." the woman corrects slowly, watching as Miles appears. "A friend of mine from Wakanda." Nothing about being the monarch, or ex monarch. Just a friend. Miles might want to add to that. "Who has a brilliant engineering mind."

"I'm sure you don't want to find out, Miles, but trust me … if you are going to super hero, even at the low end, you will. Better to be prepared, don't you think?" With a critical eye, the ex-model circles the now Black Spider. "How does it feel? Can you move? And … can you go invisible? That's the only thing I couldn't test."

"As to the favour, I was hoping for. Would you like to do some designs for me?"

"T'Challa is /amazing/." Miles chimes in. But he's not sure if he can give away that man's secrets, so he's going to behave for now. He's watching what Mari is doing with the image maker, and just still totally amazed by that. "Maybe she should need something fire proof." Okay, bad joke. And he knows it immediately as he bites his lip hard. "Sorry, mouth engaged before brain on that one."

Though at Mari's request, he starts moving around. Feeling out the suit, how it feels on him. How it moves and flows. But then comes the request. "One moment, we'll find out!" he comments as he moves to pull the mask on, covering himself up.

And then he focuses and then goes invisible, fading from sight and hopefully pulling the costume with him like he does his normal clothes. "Did it work? Can you see me?" he asks as he stands there. "Designs? From me?" he asks in some confusion. "I'm just a street artist, Mari."

As still as Mary was going to get, she remained that way until her own figure was up and on display. She wows at it for a moment, then settles in to play with the settings; making herself taller, then smaller, then medium sized so she could actually use this moment to play with her own hair while studying the image. Hrm.. "Down, extensions.." Soon she was grasping her phone, opening up the notes app to write a few notes to herself. At least she knew how to style her own hair, but not outfits.

"Why would I need fabric like that?" She asks, but then it hits her. All of the crap that does happen around her, it wouldn't hurt to have a little bit of armor.. "But nah.. I'm fine…"

As Mari and Miles' speak, his little comment gets her a frown. "Fireproof? Really Miles?" Yes, it was too soon. In fact, she was butthurt enough about it to turn her back against the two to begin typing furiously. It was just the notes for the photo-shoot. Nothing more. Even through that typing, the drink for her was taken, gulped in big amounts, placed with a near non-spilling slam and .. there she was.. typing again.

"Because it's a dog eat dog world and you're a public figure, Miss Watson." Mari offers mildly. It won't matter that MJ said 'nah', guess what the outfit will be made from! "Let me know if you can see anything that you'd like changed." The ex-model might not include them but she'll try her best to, educating MJ as she goes.

"If you like it, I can have it sent to production today." No, it's not even made, it's something the woman was working on!

"Oh, wow. You really do go invisible… and yes, the suit goes with you." Mari cants her head and looks at Miles. "How long can you do that for? And does attacking or being attacked make you visible again?" Call it professional curiousity.

"Would you please tell him, Miss Watson, there's never 'just' anything. We each have our strengths that we work to. And yes, Miles, designs. I mentioned it the last time you were in here."

Mari takes a plain fabric band from her work bench and wraps it around her wrist, much like a 'wrist slapper' that was popular not too long ago. "This is my latest innovation - not the band itself but what it can do." With a gestures over it, her calendar appears on it, then her emails and then a social media feed. "Wearable tech. Taking what we already have and integrating it into my designs. That's the start but I want to make a line that appeals to a younger set, a commercial range if you like. I have a business partner who can do the distribution…"

Thank you, Emma Frost.

"… but I want the designs. I think a line of 'Miles Morales' would be quite cool, don't you?" She's going to let them both think on that. What Miles might not realise at the moment is that she'll pay him for this and set up royalties so he gets a portion of everything sold. Plus, acknowledging him as the artist.

"I never saw how long I can go invisble before I turn back automatically." Miles responds as he starts to fade back into view. Reaching up to take off his mask, his frown is obvious. "I'm sorry, MJ. I know.. I just.. I tried to make light because I was scared.." he admits. To Mari, he explains. "…a mutant with fire control tried to burn Mary Jane during a scene at her movie.. she suffered some smoke inhalation." His hands fidget with his mask.

"It was a bad thought. I'm sorry." he looks to MJ, hoping for her forgiveness, though that may come later as he turns his attention back to Mari as she shows off the wearable tech. "Oh, that's /cool/. Does it link to your smart phone? Can you take pictures with it?" he asks, then bites on his bottom lip. "I can see what I can come up with. What would you like to have?"

"That might be something you want to test, Miles." Mari comments. "One of the things I found that helped was to train with my abilities and learn my limits. Not rely on them solely in combat - not that I had that luxury sometimes but … you know."

MJ gets a critical look from the older woman as Miles explains. "You're right to worry, Miles. I'm sure it was scary. It's one of the reasons, T'Challa and I upgraded my costume - getting shot wasn't fun and I can't rely on my spirits to always protect me."

Yeah, the young woman is definitely getting a 'Mari special'.

Leaving off on that topic, Mari lets Miles divert again. "It does and it can. I plan on having a range of them - not everyone will want a camera for instance. We're still working out some of the details for the commercial range."

As to designs, Mari looks at the artwork that Miles bought with him. "I like that style. I confess I haven't seen much of your work and I'm willing to be guided by the both of you as to what the younger people might like. "Tribal looks are favourite of mine, of course. Something featuring the icons of Mohanda and Wakanda of course. I can give you the type of designs I've seen that appeal - but this isn't about appealing to me, but the younger set."

Yes, she's giving Miles artistic control. "I'm assuming you've got work that you've already done, why don't you select a couple of those to start with?"

"I hadn't really thought about testing. I mean, with Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl…" Miles is the odd-man-out on it all. "Mary Jane gave me the name Black Spider. It was better than what I came up with." he chuckles. "I toyed with Kid Arachnid." Reaching up to rub at his head, he blows a breath out the side of his mouth with a deflating noise.

"I'll bring my phone with me next time, it has my folio on it. But I admit, it's a lot of urban street art. Tagging and the like." There's a hint of a smile at that as he starts to come out of his shell. "It'll be hard to bring a brick wall here."

There were questions, but Mary wasn't going to ask now. But she was finished with her notes, then turns to face the two with a slight smile. "Okay, done. I don't see anything that needs altering." She has her size, production can start! "You're not really a kid, though.." Mary Jane points out, but.. she stays out of it for now! They were talking business, her portion is at least done!

"Urban art is good, Miles. If I wanted something else, I wouldn't have asked you. I like what you've done here and I think you might find an audience for your work that will save you from the scrutiny of the authorities."

There's a smile associated with that. Mari doesn't think it will stop him, but it might slow it down. "Do that. And if there's something you're particularly proud of, let me see it."

"Practice, not testing. Getting used to your powers and keeping them honed. I'm sure you've noticed how your art has improved and keeps improving the more you do it." beat "If you want and we can arrange the time, we can practice together sometimes." It's an offer.

Looking over to the distracted MJ, Mari smiles again. "Maybe the two of you would like to help us with our efforts in the Disaster Zone as well. Patrolling is good, of course but there's a group of us offering humanitarian support to those who remain there, while we wait for our authorities to help clean it up."

They both would have heard about some of the efforts, there's been publicity to that effect. Not that any of those involved have tried to profit from it - all of the publicity has been directed to improving the plight of those who remain in the remains of that area.

"Then I'll see what I can come up with." Miles comes up with a renewed optimism as he gives a firm nod of his head. He sees that Mary Jane seems to have questions, but he's not going to tug her back in at the moment. Instead, he turns his attention back to Mari. "Sure, I'd like to practice with you and Black Panther sometime. Even if I didn't get a chance to meet him for very long last time." he offers up hopefully.

"But the disaster zone is near where I live, so I'm more than willing to help."

"I can definitely do what I can. Word of mouth is an amazing thing.." Could Mary Jane patrol? Probably not! But she could at least help, bring and buy food for the people, clean up where she could without actually dying from it. Especially since Miles lives so close, she had to do something. She was thinking, clearly.. as she falls silent. "Ooh.. I think I have something in mind.." She doesn't tell them what, but it'll be definitely cool.

"I'm glad to hear that. Each of us doing a small bit and what we can, makes a difference. When we do our next foray, I'll get you along, Miss Watson. You too Miles."

Mari smiles and presses a button to send the design on her table to production. "Miss Watson, that will take a couple of days to fabricate. Can you come back then for a fitting?" beat "Miles, you're more than welcome to practice with us and patrol if you like."

Now that's all done, the model settles down to sip her hot chocolate. "I believe Miss Watson, I promised you a selfie."

They can spend some time just relaxing before the two younger people leave.

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