2019-12-20 - Time to Hunt the Hunters


The assembled allies set a trap to draw in and neutralize the Razors before more people are hurt.

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Storyteller: klavdiya-vasiliev
Date: Fri Dec 20 00:00:00 2019
Location: Mutant Town

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The elements of the Pride and their newly allied Russian expatriate friends have gathered and prepared to face the threat of the Razors. Given the mysterious group's noticeably lethal intent and capabilities, they have had to take this seriously, lest some of their own and others affiliated with them be killed. They cannot afford to simply wait out a group like this.

Given the presence of such super-spy excellence as Black Widow and Darkstar, the decision has been made to bait the trap and draw in the Razors, and then finally take them out and neutralize the threat they represent. It will be dangerous, but it seems to be the only viable solution.

Thankfully, the weapons and resources provided from the Pride's caches (don't anyone get uppity enough to run the serious numbers on those weapons, please) and those provided by Domino's most recent employer offer the group at least a chance of facing this threat. One cannot assume it will be even ground, but perhaps it will not be so uneven as to assure their demise.

They have to try. Far too many innocent lives hang in the balance.

Were it not for the sheer well armed and numerous nature of the Razors, Lexi… or Whiplash, if she's using her code name… would be very uncomfortable with so many new people who are mostly spies… which does not usually indicate people who should be easily trusted, in her opinion. She's seen spy movies! Someone always gets betrayed and shot in the back of the head or something. Atomic Blonde is one of her fav movies! But, well… she really likes seeing her friends get sniped from a half mile away more. So she's really to float some trust here, begrudgingly, for all the new people. Those who were directly involved in saving Diya, of course, get more leeway.

Also, she got a date out of it so obviously said date gets a major pass too.

Ahem. That said, the mauve mutant is mostly a contributor when it comes to getting into an area and concealing oneself, or scouting the area. She's much more of a thief than a spy, but there's certainly plenty of crossover.

Natasha arrives in full Black Widow gear, the infamous dark outfit, the unassuming belt of surprises about her waist, guns holstered in place and of course, last but not least those wonderful gauntlets of even more surprises. With any luck, those Razors never even heard of the Black Widow at all, regardless of myth or actual classified sighting information. It's always better to face a foe who doens't know much about you.

It's the equivalent of charity wetwork. A job with no payout, no reward beyond feeling like something good might result from it, and a high risk of not surviving the night. Despite the lack of pay Domino's missed these kinds of overly dangerous skirmishes. The mercenary gigs pay the bills and provide minor thrills but nothing ever compares to something like …well, this.

At least she won't have to show up in multiple layers of heavy winter clothing thanks to a couple of bucks and a smart (and quite possibly idle) mind. The albino's all covered in black and blends in with available shadows quite nicely if not for her face. Combat webbing overlays the new thermal suit where plenty of blades and firepower are kept on tap.

This isn't her show and she's only gotten involved for a small piece near the end but she's ready to provide some serious fire support for those running with higher stakes. It's quite an interesting crew to be signed up with.

Thea, or "River" as she goes by on times like this, is indeed armed to the teeth. Black hair is braided back from her face, to keep it out of the way. Her favorite custom riding boots, with the fun inner loops filled, black pants, and a slim fitting black coat. She's lingering in Domino's orbit, idly spinning a Chinese ring dagger — something Domino is used to seeing her do. It means she's bored, or has too much energy. Either way, it's not a good sign for the people they're waiting to come up against.

Nadia is very much a reluctant ally in this particular endeavour. The previous incident in Mutant Town resulted in a lot more bodies than she's comfortable with. Sure they might be bad guys but that doesn't mean they deserve to die! Despite that she can't really ignore heavily armed kill teams roaming around New York starting gun battles.

And thus the Wasp is high up above providing air coverage. An insect sized speck high above, loaded up with countermeasures to known Razor gear and scanning for jamming or communications chatter with some custom built gear of her own. Thanks to the magic of Pym particles and stolen Red Room schematics she's come prepared with all manner of extra toys over her usual loadout. Sonic dampeners, foam dissolving sprays and a custom tweaked comms array that should punch through any jamming the Razors can muster.

Sadly, Laynia is probably pretty well on their radar now, though… her power levels as regards to old intelligence files are much higher than listed when was active in the sixties. Having baited the trap herself, WITH herself. She's broken her normal MO enough that she's wearing lightweight body armour under her clothes, and is presently moving to a supposed rendezvous with person or persons unknown for the express purpose of finding out more about the Razors, she made more 'discreet' inquiries through the same channels she used before, betting that they're still compromised, and changing things up so that she doesn't appear to be sloppy about her tradecraft.

That's how the game is played — move and countermove, mislead, misdirect, misinform and then go for the kill.

Hopefully the casualties won't be too high on the Pride side of the ledger.

The rundezvous point was picked with care, just enough high ground to maximize the vantage points for Hunter, though not enough to be obvious. This intel was shared with both Thea and Domino, Thea at work used as relay to the other woman, nothing written down, nothing texted, emailed, mailed, couriered, or said over any non-verbal, non-face to face means. ULTIMATE AIR GAP: GO GO!

The Pride - a nickname spoken softly, referring to the well-organized cooperative of homeless in Mutant Town - have been especially scarce of late. The attack visibly send them to ground, and they have been very careful about when and where to poke their heads back up. Nevertheless, they have contacts throughout Mutant Town, and they have remained surreptitiously active in keeping tabs on things, which included being able to slip intel to Whiplash when she broke cover days ago.

For her own part, Hunter is laconic as ever, though she had more to say about the planning of this operation than Lexi has heard out of her conversationally in over half a decade.

Apparently Okhotnik has realized the rest of the world are not telepaths, and will not know what she needs them to know if she doesn't say it herself. How infuriating!

Outwardly the woman known as Hunter looks little different from her usual, dressed in outdated threadbare military surplus attire, greasy and unkempt, a homeless woman in all visible respects and worthy of being ignored. But those who ere in the safehouse - an abandoned parking structure level within the Disaster Zone - would be aware that she is not trusting to her incredible healing factor as she might normally, and has an underlayer of ballistic body armor as well as kinetic strike plates, as well as carrying a sizable arsenal of combat knives and heavy-caliber weapons. Somewhere out there, a 50-caliber sniper rifle also awaits her arrival, along with a significant number of rounds of ammunition.

Portals erupt thither and yon around all of Mutant Town, as members of the team emerge. Connections and communications are established. Nadia's scanning has yet to pick up signs of Razor communications. Then words, softly spoken but with a razor-sharp Russian accent cross those channels. "Here. At least three. No. More. Two on rooftop of food kitchen. Pairs, alleyways Seven, Three. Must be more."

With notice given, Nadia might be able to make out a hint of an interrupted pattern on the rooftop of the food kitchen in question, but there is no thermal signature, and the disruption is very minimal.

And then, as Laynia portals out into place for her meeting, a spray of automatic gunfire erupts, every third round infiltrated with that very nasty lightforce-infused mercury.

It would seem the Razors did get Laynia's message.

Whiplash is not a trained soldier. Or covert agent.

She is, however, very good at creeping up on people without being caught, and the sudden bursts of gunfire only make that simpler as they cover the last of her approach as she prowls along the edge of a roof overlooking the fire zone the Razors have created.

A sharp *crack* of long tendrils sprouting from her arms is about the only warning the pair get before she wraps them around their heads and…well, twists. With about a ton of force behind the constriction, followed by Droopy slamming them into the ground several times. If nothing else, they'll let go of the guns probably.

Rooftop crew is usually suggestive of sniping potential, aside from the scouring of the field advantage. The moment Nat hears of the rooftop presence, she's determined to take them out first.

Out a window she goes, and up the wall she starts to crawl, keeping pressed against it to avoid drawing attention from a casual glance about. Hopefully there's no dedicated scout, as they'd be more likely to spot unlikely movement. Just shy of reaching the roof, Natasha first lobs a tear gas grenade to herald her arrival. With any luck, those idiots aren't properly protected for that one, and maybe she won't need to dance with them after all.

Silvery lensed eyes shift toward the ring dagger twirling about in Thea's hand. Yeah, Domino knows the sign well. This time however she's smirking slightly. Tonight will be a good hunt. Dom's willing to bet her last bullet that these Razors don't yet know that Lady Luck has joined the resistance but fighting alongside her abyssal war partner should help to even the odds even without the extra fortune.

With the intel provided and erupting gunfire the albino ticks her head to the side. "Going for alley."

These two have done this dance countless times before. Thea's going to work her magic and slow the Razor's responses. Dom's going to get in behind them where they're less protected. Like launched off of a springboard the albino rushes into the alley, kicking off of a wall to twist around over their heads with a karambit in each hand. One of the hooked blades aims to go up into the first guy's armpit while the other will dart over his shoulder to slash open his throat. The blades are capable of biting in deep, if she catches her mark she'll use the diced guy as support to try and kick the second one in the back of the head.

Hopefully she's quicker than they are. But Thea's got this. She's always had this. If not..the albino's going to wish she brought heavier armor tonight.

Thea will simply flash Dom the feral grin the albino hasn't seen since they came back 'topside', in response to the smirk. The dagger is sheathed once there is reports of Razors. There's a more normal grin, when Dom reads her mind. The biokinetic and albino move almost as if mentally linked, strides measured and paced in easy tandem.

Thea will move out in front just a bit - if only so she can use her control of blood flow to flood muscles and make it much harder for the jerks in the alley to react. Even as Domino goes for the kick in the head on the second guy, Thea's going for the other head, lower down - with those steel toed beauties.

Safe in the sky Nadia, going by her codename of Wasp over the comms, provides a constant stream of updates about enemy locations & movements. As well as ally positioning, so no-one in the rag tag group of allies gets mistaken for a bad guy. For now at least there's no need to involve herself personally in the battle, instead she takes the fighting into the electronic realm.

The combination of a supergenius intellect, exceptional technical training and a solid understanding of the Razors equipment give her a significant advantage when it comes to electronic warfare. If she can she'll try listen in to any Razor communications, but if not she'll happily settle for making it impossible for them to communicate over distance. Once they're too far into the trap to get out that is!

"Wasp holding position for now. Shout up if you need air support," She notes with her faintly Russian accent. "Or field medicine… Hopefully it won't come to that though."

Rebecca Gadison — or Becca, as she normally goes by — is not exactly thrilled to be involved in what will almost certainly be further lethal violence. But she also cannot forget the amount of it she prevented in the incident that drew her into this conflict, her shields protecting the food kitchen and everyone inside it from a storm of high-velocity lead.

That, and she lives here. She is a part of Mutant Town. And where she comes from, you defend your home, when it is threatened. With all necessary force.

And she's new on the scene. Other than that previous clash, she hasn't been seen in action much, and the Razors that were there to witness her at work, well… It's hard to file reports from where they ought to be now. With any luck, that may mean she's a bit of a wild card in this, something the killers haven't specifically prepared for.

She had chosen a high vantage point, lying atop the rooftop water cistern of one of the taller old brick buildings, a point that anyone not capable of flight would have difficulty reaching, and from where she could have a wider field of view to take in where the enemy's positions are. It's cold out, by the standards of where she grew up, but she's thankful that it's actually unseasonably warm for New York at this time of year — She only owns one full-on winter coat, and she really would prefer not to ruin it. Instead, she's wearing the cheap grey hoodie she's been using as part of her makeshift costume, jeans, a black knit ski mask to cover and constrain her hair and conceal her identity, and her red retro Converse sneakers. And one addition to her usual gear — under the hoodie, she's wearing a borrowed ballistic armor vest. She's hoping dearly that she doesn't wind up needing it.

For the moment, she's holding her position. Her powers may be particularly useful, depending on how this conflict develops. But they won't be nearly so if she spoils the surprise. Or gets herself shot before she can use them.

The instant the gunshots ring out, Laynia portal skips to a point where she has cover, a trained observer she provides corroboration of the long range shooters and their positions. She's actually thankful that they are firing the lightforce infused mercury rounds, it means she can trace them back to the source with relative ease.

Over the comms: Two-fire teams, equipped with SMGs with special round load outs aimed at me, one at old Fire House, firing from top floor, first window east of center. Engaging team two, building across open kill zone in middle.

She does not mention that she's been shot, under cover she applies a quick stick bandage to her right arm, and then pops up, and sends a hammer of darkforce into the the building she mentioned, the thing looks VERY much like the hammer from the Russian flag, in fact Black Widow would recognize it (should she have LoS) as patterned after Laynia's brother's signature weapon from the old Soviet Super Soldiers. Regardless, this hammer is the size of a small car and moving at well over a hundred miles an hour when it impacts the building with around fifty tons of force.

Might make an impression!

Thankfully, the round that has effectively taken out Laynia's primary arm was not Lightforce Infused Mercury (LIM hereafter)!

The fire team in alley number seven - as pointed out by Okhotnik - was getting ready to break off and reload when they are beset by Whiplash. They twist around at the crack, spraying right back along those tendrils with the last of their rounds, some tearing through concrete, a couple shattering windows, and likely more than a few finding purchase on Lexi herself, whether into her armor or not. One gunman is unconscious if not dead, whilst the other at least manages to whip out a knife, stabbing into the tendril around his head and twisting viciously; he may not make it, but he's going to leave an impression, bloody as it is.

Tear gas works best in an enclosed environment, though it is far from without effect in open air. The sniper team are given warning by that tactic, however, and roll out from under their cover blanket, abandoning the incredibly large sniper rifle in favor of their smaller, lighter close-quarters weaponry. Coughing a bit into their masks, eyes only partially protected due to their goggles, they come up back to back, sweeping the roof, and greet the approach of the Black Window with tandem-coordinated gunfire. Can she take them? Of course she can, but not quite so easily as she might have hoped.

The albino Domino finds the one of the ground-level scouting teams, and her luck is enough that she slides by overhead, only winged by chips of brick and stone shed by the bullet fire that streams all about but never quite hits her. The first of her karambits does bite deep under the shooter's arm, but he slams that arm down and twists, folding over backwards as his opposite arm slams a heavy combat blade up towards her midsection and his head and neck manage to — just — avoid the throat-slice she intended.

Moving more slowly, sluggishly than expected, that Razor cannot avoid the blow to his groin and he coughs, gurgling, into his mask and slumps a bit. His partner fires quick bursts towards both women as he backs up deeper into the alley. One hand snaps up towards his face as the other goes behind his hip and tosses something into the alleyway… followed by hollow tin-like sounds, and a series of exceptionally bright, loud explosions rip through the alleyway without shrapnel, but plenty of sensory conflict.

Nadia does not - immediately - find the Razor's communications network. But once they engage, she can pick up the bursts and start to block them. Their spread-spectrum frequency hopping makes that an almost full-time job, but knowing the chips they are likely to use she is able to keep her predictions almost perfectly up to date to counter.

From her position, Becca can see the fights raging all around this core of Mutant Town; these men seem much better armed and prepared than those she faced in the vans weeks ago, and those may not have been Razors. Since she has not broken cover herself, no attacks come her way, but there's plenty of gunfire and bright, booming explosions all around. Pretty disturbing for a civilian.

Darkstar's massive Darkforce hammer does take a few rounds of that lightforce-infused mercury ammunition, with predictable results upon her from the feedback, but that's not going to be enough to shatter the hammer before it literally explodes through the building in question; quite messy, but effective, as no more gunfire continues from there.

As impressive as all of that is, none of it quite holds a candle to the thundering bestial roar that almost literally cracks the sky immediately thereafter. A huge behemoth of a figure - quite possibly twelve-plus foot tall - leaps from a rooftop and cracks the asphalt of the street. The sound of metal shattering stone follows as massive fists slam into concrete sidewalk and then hurl stone towards Laynia's position.

That figure is immediately beset, however, as a figure most might identify as Hunter leaps from anoth

In this group especially…anyone watching would note that Lexi reeeeeally doesn't have a lot of training. Really, she hasnt had to. Being able to bench ten tons means raw strength goes for a lot, even if it's sloppily executed.

That lack of experience comes into play now as Lexi grunts as she's hit by several bullets, getting knocked back, before letting out a scream of pain and anger as her tendril is sliced clean through, her remaining one dropping the unmoving target and sweeping out with another crack towards the remaining Razor to strike him in the center of the chest with enough force to send him catapulting off of the rooftop.

Black Widow dons a pair of red goggles, before peeking up at roof level to spy on the enemy's response. The fact the sniper's nest and rifle are left make her happy, it means she drew potential sniper's fire away from the rest of the team. Added bonus, after she deals with those two she'll have her own sniper position to affect the altercation.

First thing's first, the suppressive fire offered denies her a chance to just leap up onto the roof, leading her to crawl further aside as she awaits an opening.

Rather than challenge the two directly, she decides to make use of their positioning. She fires a Widow Line, but rather than grapple at a wall for some swinging action, she takes aim at the legs of the Razors on the roof. With any luck she might ensnare two for the price of one, but failing that, she may at least use the one she gets to knock out the other with a firm pull. People often neglect to keep in mind that Widow is not that far off Captain America, having been exposed to a super soldier serum herself.

How quickly a situation can go from 'I've got this' to 'WTF?!' Domino's got one anchoring point but before she can go for the throat she's reeling back a step and the blade which caught beneath the first guy's arm has let go. In the next instant both of her blades have clamped down like a pincer around his armored plating as what should have been a dead opponent has now drawn blood from her stomach.

Her look of surprise is almost immediately erased with a feral hiss, suddenly trying to hook the blades anywhere into the Razor's armor so she can throw him onto his back. All she needs is one split-second to shred the assassin apart, hit a major artery or two and let him bleed out where he lies—

Then comes the flashbang. She can think about how stupid it was of her to bring knives to a gunfight later. This isn't like hunting demons. These guys can think like she does, can move and fight like she does, and damn straight they can SHOOT like she SHOULD be.

One of the gifts from the abyss lets her see clearly in the darkness. Right now it's working against her in a terrible way. With an anguished howl more beast than human she drops a blade and goes for the first of two pistols with spiked handguards. If she still has hold of the first guy he'll come to learn that she's had blind fighting training..and at point blank she's not about to miss.

It's a good thing the albino and the biokinetic have dealt with 'WTF?!' on countless situations together before today. Thea will shift quickly, using her powers to shake off the worst of the flash bang, losing the disorientation. It lets her avoid most of that burst of gunfire, the kevlar plates in her coat taking a couple hits. Those will leave a mark.

Then Thea is trying to throat punch the Razor in front of her, before she will pull a knife to slice at his hands. "Just draw blood!" She shouts to Domino - She knows why.

A twelve foot tall bear-thing wasn't in the list of possible contingencies Nadia had considered likely, although when dealing with metahumans and mutants it's wise never to rule anything out entirely. But it's thankfully within the wider parameters of the situation. If a little rough on the buildings of Mutant Town. "Hunter if you can drive that thing closer to my position I can shrink it to a more manageable size," she states into her comms, already loading up a long range Pym particle dart and making the appropriate calculations for an extreme range shot. Thankfully into a very large target. "Should give you a few minutes at least."

The downside is she'll have to revert to normal size for a moment to make the shot. She's still in the safest position out of the group, for now at least, but it does expose her to detection.

'Drive the bear-thing closer to Nadia's position', you say? Well. Becca may just be able to help that progress along. A bit. And confuse the hell out of the 'bear' in the process, as its feet leave the ground and it starts hover-floating in whichever direction will move it closer to the Wasp's line of fire.

Nope, Laynia did not expect (The Spanish Inquisition?!?!) a giant exoframe equipped bear critter, for a moment she had to doubletake and wondered if the thing was an old friend of hers, thankfully, it is not. Eyes of cinnamon currently dripping darkfoce tears, and smouldering, she pops up from cover again just in time for the rocks to streak towards her. Her reaction times are good, though she's still smarting from the feedback from the LIM rounds punching through the Hammer she ripped through the first building with. She crafts a slanted field to deflect the majority of the rocks but even so she is battered by quite a few, and oh hey…her concealed body armour also took a few rounds before and she didn't even notice, yay for adrenaline!

Bleeding from a cut on her scalp, sporting quite a few more bruises, she ducks back under cover, not able to strike this round due to all the fragments aimed at her. She DOES, however, prepare a portal to jumps her to the other side of the field of battle — this takes a few moments, though… she doesn't have the ability to portal instantly, not without careful prep, like at the start of the fight. No worries, though, hand pressed to her bleeding brow, she grins fiercely as she focuses on the fight.

First position nuetralized, jumping to secondary gunmen, will remain on comms, Darkstar out.

Lexi's second Razor goes sailing off the rooftop. Then comes the sound of something mildly explosive, and metal biting into stone. Then a meaty thud and a grunt. Down below, said Razor cuts the line from his grapple, drops to the ground and then rolls back away from the wall, taking aim towards the rooftop to let loose with more rounds of gunfire towards the purple mutant girl, even as he coughs up some blood from the punctured lung he now sports.

Black Widow is able to ensnare the legs of one of the Razors, while the other leaps and rolls away, hosing down the edge of the roof where her zipline came from, followed quickly by the hollow 'tink tink tink' of something small, round and metallic thrown over the edge …

… three … four … five … size … sev—KABOOM!

The shrapnel from the grenade is also going to be slamming into the armored form of the Razor's partner, but all's fair.

There's some gurgling and choking from Domino's half-captured Razor as her gun explodes into his form repeatedly, eventually finding a crease and burying lead into his body in medically-inadvisable ways.

Thea's throat-punch strikes a kinetic plate rather painfully — for her — even though it does choke the Razor a bit. He takes this opportunity to unload four shots in a very tight grouping of incredibly heavy-caliber handgun fire into her armored plating, driving her back as all of that kinetic force punches in forcefully. When the knife keeps coming, the barrel of the pistol comes up, aiming for her head as he tries to struggle against the sluggishness she is inducing to twist out of the way.

The only response over comms that Nadia gets to her advice to Hunter is grunting and growling and snarling … and it does NOT sound human. It's pretty damned creepy sounding, frankly. However, the RazorBear creature does start floating up into the air towards her last looping position.

The moment Nadia assumes normal size to fire, however, she will feel the slamming impact of several high-caliber rounds into her armor, creeping up from mid-back towards her head.

Despite the huge RazorBear being lifted off the ground, Hunter remains fiercely in place upon him, ripping and tearing for all she is worth - which seems to be quite a lot, CRIPES that woman is STRONG - but the bear creature is no longer as surprised as it was, and wraps gigantic exoframed arms around Hunter, squeezing with some disgusting sounds loudly projected with that mighty roar!

The return gunfire from the Razor is a bit unexpected… and Whiplash reflexively throws herself flat as gunfire comes her way, before letting out a hiss of pain as she comes down on the bruising already created by the bullets that hit her last time, specifically the one that missed the armor and skimmed her side. The penalties of wearing little to use her abilities effectively.

"Fuckers, tendril parkouring is totally my thing…" she mutters, taking a deep breath, then rolling forward and leaping down off her roof to the roof that the Razors where originally on to drop into a low crawl, hoping to get under the remaining Razor's line of fire as she snags the other trooper's discarded weapons, searching the body quickly for anything else useful.

«Almost cleared the roof,» Black Widow reports, but with the sharp pull that follows her line, she can already feel it's not two people that she got. Still, dealing with just the one should be simple…but before she can leap up on the roof she can hear the telltale sign that things are about to get explosive.

"Fuck," she hisses and throws herself into the nearest window, rolling in and shattering whatever happened to be in her way. She doesn't get to go unscathed as some of the shrapnel from the explosive does fly after her into the window. But it's not enough to take her out as she struggles back on her feet to make it to the other window. Assuming she won't be chased into the apartment to begin with. Her aim now is to get out the opposite window and get back to the roof, try and claim that sniper rifle to clean up.

'Just draw blood.' Some old habits die slower than others. Dom's worked with Thea but she's never fully grown out of the lone soldier training. Thea's power needs something to really bite into. They may be out of the pit but they're still a team, dammit! A team which had nearly been down one albino, barely spared from the automatic fire a second ago while tackling the knife-wielder.

Senses are swimming. A power which relies largely on sight is left in a shadowy blur. Amidst the ringing in her ears the shots hammering out of her own sidearm seem like distant thuds within a muffled room. All she has to rely on is a brief memory of the alley and what she can fill her hands with.

The downed Razor's luck runs out before the pale mercenary's sidearm runs out of ammo, yelling like a madwoman into that shielded face as the fight leaves his form. That's one down… Gruesomely so.

The large caliber fire from the other Razor attacking Thea sounds so very distant… But it's something to zero in on. Thea doesn't use firearms often. Domino's twisting about and blindly trying to figure out where to put her sights when one of the spent casings from that Razor's massive gun neatly catches within the webbing of her harness.

And -burns.-

A flinch, a grunt, and Dom's blindly wavering pistol suddenly passes squarely toward the top of the other Razor's foot before firing.

It's entirely possible that an armor-piercing round snuck into that magazine the last time she had it loaded.

Thea can feel the thudding/bruising impact hitting her as she's shot again and again into those kevlar plates. Her hand is on fire, and shortly is going to swell after that mistake of a punch. She will struggle to breathe in, as she sees that gun lifting to aim for her head.

She will go against instincts as trained, and just drop to her ass there in the alley. Her knife will get jabbed towards the back of his knee, hoping to strike 'gold' by making him bleed. Her head is spinning from having the wind knocked out of her.

Lucky for Nadia the back of her suit and her head have the strongest armour thanks to her wing pack & helmet. Even so it's not going to hold up to heavy fire for long. Thankfully she just needs a moment to tag Mecha-Bear with a dose of Pym particles. At this range it'll be enough to knock about a third off the volume from something that size and mass. It won't totally disable it completely, but it'll be a lot weaker for the next couple of minutes.

Still she takes evasive maneuvers, cranking her flight speed to full, and triggers an emergency protocol on her jammer. Instead of trying to block communications she blasts every Razor with discordant static at an unbearable volume. And if they take the time to try decode it? They'll get ear-burstingly loud upbeat pop music.

Some of the others present might be more or less in their element, but to Becca, this tiny sudden war zone is a new experience. New, and terrifying. She manages to keep her concentration — barely — as more gunfire and explosions go off, and keeps the bear-thing steady, off the ground and unable to escape as Nadia fires upon it. But other than that, she's on pins and needles, fighting down panic — and the urge to just flee the scene as quickly as she can fly away from it.

Still, she remains in place. There are good people down there who she cannot abandon. Including one in particular.

Thinking of that smiling face, she forces down her fear.

The instant her portal forms Laynia, Darkstar, steps through to emerge in shadows directly beneath the window the second fire team was at. A moment to create a field around herself to hopefully mask her thermal signature, and then she slips into the building going for the room just below the gunmen. Not sure of their exact position she goes for a diffused cone, hit hits with sufficient force to rupture iron, and stretches from her left hand some sixty feet long and sixty feet wide at the terminus. It probably won't injure them directly, Laynia's goal wasn't direct damage, it was to disable them, scatter their gear, and hopefully send them out into the air to fall and suffer some deceleration trauma and cement poisoning.

Regardless, the building is not in great shape, hopefully she'll get her wish.

Sit-rep, Widow…do you require assistance?

Another spray of bullets flies over that roof's edge, and then the Razor Lexi slapped off the roof is jogging to a new position and dropping one mag to grab another and slam it home, racking the slide as he prepares to continue the fight. Lexi can manage to grab the SMG off the guy she killed, as well as possibly a knife or a heavy-caliber semi-auto pistol.

Black Widow manages to avoid more than reasonably minor - if painful - injuries from shrapnel, and gets out of the apartment before the Razor comes swinglining in, leading with his SMG and spraying down the place trying to take her out. That does leave the sniper rifle and ammo box on the roof where they were left. But when she gets there her professional paranoia stops her before she grabs it, spotting a tiny line attached to the cover blanket, which proves to be attached to a pair of claymore-style anti-personnel mines. These guys fight smart and dirty. And booted feet are headed up the stairs.

Domino manages to blast through the remaining alley-Razor's foot, earning a muffled howl of pain and a blot of blood, and then Thea manages to avoid the shots he fired right at her head - a half-second too late, and thank you LUCK! - and drives her blade into the back of his knee before he can react, though the gun is sweeping down towards her by sheer instinct, hammering out another slug and another as it tracks towards her.

Nadia's shot does actually hit the massive floating target and manages to miss Hunter. The RazorBear's decreased strength and mass means Hunter is finally able to pull free of his mighty embrace, and then she starts jamming her combat knife through the thing's throat as she growls and snarls in pained rage, to the accompanying sound of blood-drowning gurgles.

Then all of the Razors wince, twitch, and flail to shut off their communications as the static screams through them painfully.

Laynia manages to demolish much of the building where the second fire team was situated… right after an almost impossibly loud and sharp explosion, as the second of those huge sniper rifles roars, and the angry snarls of rage and fury over the motley crew's comms are instead filled with blind agony and unthinking animal rage. Becca, from her position, can see the visible explosion as a huge bullet tears through Hunter's form atop the shrinking RazorBear, and then her body starts to warp, twist and distort impossibly, as if tearing itself apart to the sizzling sound of flesh boiling.

«Negative, these guys are fun,» Natasha replies to Laynia's question of offered backup. Having made her way out the window in time to avoid the spray within, she already knows she's been followed. Her first thought is to get to that sniper's rifle, but luckily she follows on her intuition and has a good look first. Whoever these Razors are, they heard about her sniping prowess to leave her such a trap. Clever.

«I'm sorry, I was about to offer sniper cover, but looks like my partner insists on a solo dance,» Nat updates Laynia, as she goes back to the edge of the roof, this time tossing a pellet of Widow's Kiss through the window, before following through to see if the SMG wielder is still alert enough to need dealing with.

«How are you guys handling it? Under control?»

When the Razor screams it gives Domino's returning senses further direction. Rather than try to reload her own sidearm she snarls and leaps at the other Razor and uses the remaining karambit and pistol spikes like a pair of claws, intent on tangling herself up with the killer. Anywhere she can slash, pierce, rip, or slice to keep him on defense. Anything to buy them some time!

Their armor is tough, it takes a lot of effort to crack and she doesn't have that kind of time. She wants to latch onto his gun arm and wrench his elbow the wrong direction. She wants that big fancy gun of his to fall from limp fingers so she can turn it against him and put one of those hilariously large bullets into his brainpan. Preferably before he takes out Thea!


Blood. Thank the powers for Domino. Between the shot in the foot, and the blade in the knee, Thea feels something akin to joy. His foot, the back of his leg - blood will gush in a crimson flood - spattering the biokinetic with it. Hand will grip his leg, and twist it viciously, using it to drag herself behind his legs. She's trying not to get shot.

Not only is the biokinetic working to bleed the Razor out in record time, Dom's leap gives her the second to try and breathe and take her knife from the back of his knee, and try to drive it up into his testicles.

With her pym particle projectile fired Nadia reverts back to insect size to avoid any further gunfire. Then she turns her attention to it's source. After all it's unlikely anyone would be shooting up at her while fighting one of the others! A moment gets spent hovering and checking through the various possible locations before she puts on another burst of speed heading in that direction.

If anyone is still around and shooting by the time she gets there? Well they'll find her energy blasters tuned to do maximum damage to the Razors unique distinctive armoured suits. But her initial targets aren't the soldiers themselves. It'll be any grenades or foam weapons they've got ready in tactical holsters.

Becca watches with shock and wonder as the bear-thing… gets smaller? Okay, so THAT's what Nadia's weapon does. Good to know. But then Diya is shot, and something very disturbing starts happening with her, and Becca nearly drops the bear in her horrified recoil. The nightmare cabinet is being restocked to overflowing today, apparently.

The tell-tale sound of massive gun, and the sizzling yowls that follow after tell Laynia. Hunter has been shot with obsidian again, be advised she will likely berserk, keep your distance. Without a moment of hesitation she runs for the gaping hole, leaping into flight surrounded by a corona of Darkforce around her, she's like a black comet of vengeance as she arcs up, intentionally seeing if she can draw fire, even as she looks for the mecha-beast and expects to see Okhotnik once more in the throws of her particularly painful and horrific shapeshifting to Amur Khatun.

Once she spots the bear thing, she will, in deference to Nadia's tender sensibilities, fire a pencil thin spear of Darkforce at the floating cyber-bear — she aims carefully, and will fire for first the right shoulder, then the left… the intensity of of that intolerable beam of darkness almost beyond imagination as she tries to disable it's primary attacks by crippling it.

See? Isn't that better than death?

Of course should the fire team she blasted out into the open have survived she's probably going to regret it, but… that's the price of doing business. She will of course be flying evasively as much as possible, jinking and dodging and never still.

Over comms to the Widow. Situation has gone mildly pear-shaped, Black Widow. Will holler if we need further assistance… finish your dance, drug. Pronounced 'droog' — friend.

Lexi scoots to a new position, using her tendril to swing up and away as she tries to track down the Razor she lost sight of. But all of that goes out the window when that shot is heard, followed by Hunter's agonized cries. "No!" she screams, and starts running and tendril-parkouring from rooftop to rooftop to get to the still-floating bear and the agonized form of Hunter, who falls from the bear's embrace when it's shoulder is disabled. More very foul language — in English and Russian — spills out as the purple girl breaks cover and sprints towards the misshapen and twisting form of Klavdiya Vasiliev, aka Okhotnik. "Hottie!"

Black Widow's gas attack is not ineffectual against her target, but he is still wearing that mask, so the effect is dulled, as is he, wobbly but determined, trying to spray lead in her direction. But this makes him slow enough that she can likely finish taking him out without too much greater threat, as long as she avoids those desperate ill-aimed shots.

Thea is able to twist around behind the Razor as she bleeds him out and Domino struggles to open him up like a recalcitrant can of tuna. It's messy work, but they manage to take out the second Razor in their alleyway, though Thea's ears are going to need attention after all of those close-proximity explosions.

Nadia manages to spot the last fire team, repositioning themselves to swoop in on the fallen Hunter and those trying to come to her aid. They seem to have disabled their comm gear and are acting based on visual cues, not careful planning. Her first blasts make her a quick target, and they do try foam and sonic grenades, followed by shockwaves from stun grenades and then - because they are angry and desperate - fragmentation grenades, despite the danger to each other. These guys know what they are up against, and they fight to win no matter what.

Laynia's attack manages to disable the RazorBear; it howls angrily and swats ineffectively based on just thrashing around, but its shoulders are no longer able to move by intent or will. It would bite if it could reach a target, but floating up here it's pretty well about done. Coming that far, however, does open up Laynia, as a rain of LIM rounds explode in her direction, followed by a rifle-fired flashbang grenade.

Fallen to the ground, writhing, twisting, screaming primal fury, the figure that was Klavdiya Vasiliev melts way in twisted horror, bones crunching, tendons snapping and realigning, a body of five-nine and perhaps one-sixty ballooning impossibly to over twelve feet long and nearly a thousand pounds. And then, as the tiger is starting to take bubbling, boiling shape, more rounds explode into her body from one of the last Razors. (For those keeping track at home, this would be Lexi's lost lamb.)

Whiplash lets out a roar of pure rage as she sees the remaining Razor repeatedly shooting Hunter and just hurls herself at him like a missile, attempting to check him into the nearest wall. Considering she's not holding back now, it probably leaves a noticeable dent into the wall as she starts smashing him with fists and tendrils, snarling as she can't see much more than wanting to utterly crush him once and for all.

Black Widow proves true to her name, as very spider like, she gets in the apartment and crawls up on the ceiling, where it's generally safer from errant shots. She expects the visibility isn't great with the lingering pink mist from her Widow's Kiss pellet. She tries to make her way above the Razor, before making use of the garrote in her gauntlet, dropping down atop the Razor's head, as she tries to ride over his shoulders while choking the life out of him with the garrote. She's quiet, no bravado or bantering, she just wants to eliminate her target.

As the second Razor falls victim to the two mutants in the alley Domino rolls out flat onto her back and catches her breath. Soon enough this turns into a laugh, another behavior quirk which Thea knows well enough. An unscheduled endorphin dump into Dom's system dulls the pain while making her feel..SO damn wonderful. "Ooooh that was a riot… Ahahah!"

Blood both of her own and from the Razors makes parts of her matte black suit glisten as she peels herself off of the ground. Thea's offered a hand if needed before the merc swiftly retrieves her lost gear, reloads, then checks the downed Razor for anything that looks useful. His big nasty sidearm is hers now and she will gladly use it to put down more of these assassins if given the chance.

«Alley's clear. Anyone need a fire team?»

If only she had any idea what was happening with Klavdiya right now maybe she wouldn't be quite so casual about the matter.

Thea can't hear Dom at the moment, but the hand is clear enough. She will take the albino's hand to pull herself to her feet. She's far more liberally splattered with blood than Domino is, even some of her fair skin is now turned to crimson. She doesn't have time to think about it now.

Her knife is pulled free, before that razor is kicked just once.

She will signal to Domino with her hands, that she can't hear at the moment, hands lifting to her ears. She needs Dom to tell her where to go — who to help.

The barrage of grenades, both foam and sonic, fall entirely within Nadia's planning. Her suit has some temporary noise cancellation gadgets and chemical counter agents for foam grenades. Fitted hours after her first run in with the Razors. By the time the pair switch to more conventional weapons she's already gaining height to put herself out of reach, using the mobility of her insect wings and small size to dart in and out of nearby buildings. Switching to harassing hit and run attacks that force the Razors to try cover every angle at once while she puts carefully aimed shots into various weak points in their equipment.

Becca forces herself to look away from whatever is happening to Diya. But Diya is no longer on the bear-thing. And so now, she can do what she could not while any of the allies were within the area of effect.

The bear rises into the air a short distance — no more than a meter or two. And then it slams into the ground, as it is no longer being held aloft by Becca's powers, but instead is at the center of a small, round area in which gravity has been increased tenfold. Fighter pilots, with pressure suits and much training, can sometimes experience such G-forces without blacking out. The bear-thing has no such suit, and one presumes, has never flown a fighter jet. And so will hopefully find these conditions… unbearable.

Having achieved her primary goal of disabling the bear-beast, Laynia is less happy to succeed in her attempts to draw fire. All those LIM rounds coming her way are rather on the concerning side, she tries to simply cut her flight to drop from their path, she kicks flight in again and then shoves a wedge of Darkforce into the ground and then unfolds it like the jaws of life to life a chunk of dirt and pavement to form an impromptu shield.

This would have gone swimmingly if she didn't get caught in the flashbang burst, and stunned. The wedge collapses, and she drops to her knees a moment, more or less helpless. Yeah, not so good.

Going full-on primitive rage, Whiplash is able to pretty much crush the last of her Razors, ending the threat he posed to Amur Khatun. That, sadly, does nothing to help the already tortured creature, however.

Black Widow manages to down her target in her usual efficient manner.

Neither Domino nor River can actually hear their comms to realize that Laynia is asking for backup to deal with the fireteam she left behind to go after the RazorBear, which rather leaves her with very little help.

Nadia's attacks manage to make headway given enough of a chance to do so; she cannot quite take them out in a pair of blasts each, but within a minute or so she has delivered enough shocks to shut down their powered armor and lock it into place, which immobilizes the Razors until or unless they can reach the manual unlocks. Thankfully, that brings to an end the rain of grenades and other attacks.

Laynia is in trouble. Big trouble. And that remaining fire team are professionals. They line up their shots and prepare to end her, planning to take on the transforming weretigress immediately thereafter.

And then their helmets explode as two huge shots are heard.

With her opponent down for the count and the cyberbear experiencing crushing defeat, Lexi comes otu of her own anger enough to realize that Laynia is in trouble nearby. Luckily… she still has the Black Razor rifle she lifted earlier, which she promptly lifts and empties into the backs of the fire team trying to finish Laynia off as she moves that direction. If they don't go down… she figures at least she can keep them distracted until she closes and wallop them like the other two.

Some fancy new guns, some fancy new grenades, and Domino is hurrying out of the alley while leading Thea with hand signals. Are there any wounded yet? These two may have been the hardest hit so far. Lucky them.

No one's responded on comms yet. Why has no one resp—oh. Oh yeah. Dom thunks the two stolen pistols together beside one of her ears. She still can't hear worth a damn. That's… inconvenient. Though it isn't long before visual confirmation suggests that, yes, some help could be useful.

There's the cyberbear… thing… which seems like it might be out of the fight…? There's what looks like some giant tiger, that's slightly concerning. Also there's two rifle shots that are loud enough that even the hearing compromised albino can make them out. That gets her to duck her head!

The two heavy pistols get stuffed into her harness. In their place are a pair of stolen grenades. Same color. She has no idea what the hell they do. Doesn't matter. The pins are pulled in unison, the spoons allowed to flick away from the priming caps. "Oh shit… oh shit," she mutters while silently counting down the fuses. If this doesn't work… Well it had BETTER freaking work.

"Heeeere kitty kitty!"

Both of the grenades are flung toward what used to be Klavdiya. Fires in the hole! It's a damn good thing she wound up arming the foam grenades and not something with a bit more punch.

It only takes a moment, but Nadia takes the extra time to close in on the two disabled soldiers and spray the manual release locks with a fast setting adhesive and locator tags that will signal the appropriate authorities. No need to risk them getting loose and rejoining the fight or worse still escaping to regroup and resume their operations. With them dealt with she checks her tactical overlay, either to move on to still active Razors or provide medical help. And it's almost certainly medical help that'll be needed. Who knows how many civilians might have got hurt in the crossfire never mind the Razors that're still alive.

The fighting seems to be over. But Becca's not trusting much to her perceptions of it. And so she puts up a bubble of her shields around herself, with a rainbow flare of gravitic lensing, before taking off from her vantage point and flying down toward the allies visible on the ground.

Mostly deaf, head throbbing with the aftermath of the flashbang, bruised from bullet impacts to her body armor, and rocks and falling to the ground after being hit with the flashbang, Laynia is a mess. She slowly straightens, and is about to raise a dome of Darkforce over Amur Khatun once more when the foam grenades are tossed out. If they immobilize the huge tigress, all good, if not, looks like another tiger-ball will have to be formed. Bleeding a bit from the brow, she limps over one hand holding the bandage to her wounded arm.

"So… we don't have much time, I will create portal to bunker, da?"

She strips away her comm unit, removing the power source and storing it in another pocket, just in case.

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