2020-01-03 - New Years Moviethon With Eldrich Horror


Carin and Eve spend a New Year's Eve watching terrible holiday horror movies.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Jan 3 10:19:51 2020
Location: 2 East 5th Avenue #12E

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Another year….but this time, Carin can't help but feel things have taken a definite turn for the better. Of course, she still can't remember most of her life before this year, but she figures not being stuck in a psycho cyborg soldier program has to be an upside. And she's met some people she can call….friends. Or more, in some cases. She's still a bit unsure on that side of things.

That said, it's not like she's got a huge number of friends to spend New Year's Eve with. But she'd much prefer, you know….one. To a party. She's just not a party girl in that sense.

So here she is, after calling over to Eve to see if she was free…then knocking on her door. Movie night! Or..stuff. She's not really sure what you do for New Year's Eve other than watch a big ball drop and drink? Somethign like that. It's not like she remembers what she used to do, either.

The ball is dropping on another year and Eve doesn't feel any older. Not physically, anyway. This is because she's looked like a late-teens, early twenties Goth since the nineties and that isn't going to change anytime soon.

She likes it, okay?

Anyway, Eve was free and she's letting her in. She's made the place up nicely for her, of course, and there's a plethora of snacks sitting on the coffee table in front of her media center.

"Heeeey," she tells her. Movies are the bomb. Especially WHEN they've bombed. Bad ones are best.

Carin beams sa she sees Eve, wandering over to plop down next to her, giving her a firm hug. "Heeeeey….so, ready for the marathon? I wasn't sure what counts as New Year's Movies…I mean, we coudl watch terrible holiday horror movies too…there's this one I found called Slay Belles that looked silly…"

"Oooh, the sillier the better! "

There's a good chance that Eve has seen anything Carin has picked. When you have twenty fours a day to kill, passive entertainment is something you consume like crazy. She gestures towards the sofa. "Anything in the kitchen and on the coffee table is available for you to partake."

Carin mms. "Thanks!" She snags a diet soda, popping it open as she sits crosslegged. "I tried to pick new things…I mean, things that just came out so they'd be new to you too…I made a list!" she announces, pulling out a piece of paper with scribbling. "I mean, we can watch them for free on this Amazon thing…"

"That sounds lovely!" Eve beams, letting Carrin take the point here. She doesn't seem to mind, really, and she speaks into her remote: "Amazon Prime," and brings up her amazon streaming. She has everything.

"Well, um…first off, was there anything recent you wanted to watch? I mean, I don't know what kinda movies you like, exactly." Carin admits, squirming. "I mean, genre suggestions an' stuff?" She sips from her drink. "I mean, or we do like, roulette and just randomly pick something that doesn't look too horrible…"

"… I mean, I love everything," says Eve, warmly, to Carin. She has a drink of her own coke before adding, "LEt's start with Slay Belles. I like the sound of that." She beams, then goes to select it, of course.

"Kay!" So Carin will wait for it to start. It's your normal heartwarming story of a pair of girls who like to dress up in sexy cosplay and go adventuring in abandoned places who convince their friend to come along. So they of course go off to Santa's Village, a theme park abandoned near the city they work in. Their friend admits she has no idea what they on their youtube adventures so they explain. Then arrive. Then there is the obligatory changing scene for titilation purposes and resulting cute outfits.

But before that, it starts with the three of them, covered in splattered blood, explaining to a sheriff deputy why they had to knock him out with a bearded biker guy standing in the background. Forgot that part! He's not particularly happy with them but they tell him their story. And back to Santa's village!

Eve bursts out laughing, of course.

She can't help it. This is amazing. She's thriolled.

"You have the best taste," she informs Carin, warmly.

Carin grins. "Well, I don't know about /best/ taste, but it seemed fun from the previews." she admits, leaning forward to snag some snacks from off the table in front of her as she sips from her can. The movie is…terribly campy. But the three girls seem to be having fun hamming it up. They stop on their way to the park to stop at a bar, where they meet an apparently sex offender in a Santa Outfit getting very drunk, and the most mean bartending woman ever who seems to absolutely hate Christmas. And seems to pretty much hate them all on sight. Getting a drunk is very grudging. The sheriff from the beginning shows up and informs the guy in the costume he can't be wearin ga costume..and admits when questioned that there have been some grisly deaths in the woods nearby. Bears! They decide this is perhaps nooooot their scene, are overcharged for the drinks, then depart on their way to begin their exploration. Which is mostly them romping around the park screwing around on cameras.

Eve is busy laughing her ass off throiughout this entire scene. She definitely seems to be enjoying herself. And why not? This is fun. Time with friends is fun. She gives Carin a fond, friendly smile and goes to her kitchen to fetch more snacks.

She is going to need them, after all. Popcorn, too.

Carin watches her go, pausing the show until she gets back. "I'm glad ya like it…" she says a little shyly. "I wasn't sure it was weird I thought it was funny even though it's totally terrible."

"It's not weird at all to think this is funny," says Eve, firmly, "These things are popular for a reason!" She wags a finger at Carin, amused, before handing over the popcorn to her to munch on. Munc haway, she says, with a little hanb gesture.

Carin snags a handful and munches away on it, as on screen the girls end up in a crappy storage room…and find a strange hairy horned creature that's busily putting some sort of gory hairy balls into presents. Then are discovered and run awya screaming and end up hiding out in a nearby house which belongs to the parkowern. Santa. Who's been watching them through the park camera.s Especially for the changing parts. Of course, he looks like biker Santa, but he does have his staff o' Christmas and he immediately knows the girls' names and what they want for Christmas. They still freak out before he uses his staff to make them…pirouette over to the couch and sit down peacefully.

Eve snorts at her television. She honestly snorts. "This is terrible," she says, lowly, laughing all over again. She clearly loves it even as she says that. Then she proceeds to have a drink of her soda, glancing towards Carin like 'can you believe this'.

She can, herself.

"Well, it's supposed ta be silly. It's like those, whatchacallit it, th' shark tornado ones, right? Just…silly an' aware of it and there mostly to be campy and dumb in a great way?" She shrugs a bit, tilting at Even. "I like seeing ya laugh like that, yer kinda serious sometimes." On screen, the girls get the whole rundown from Santa, that they saw the Krampus, the dark twin to Santa, who carts bad children off to hell. Except they report he's stuffing those evil souls in the packages instead of taking them to hell. Which is bad. Which is about when the boyfriend of one of the girls shows up, because she called him earlier. After he sort of blew her off a bit. Then he gets murdered by the Krampus and they all go running away and bump in the Sheriff. Who, understandbly is a bit concerned bout three women covered in blood from the boyfriend getting messily killed running around in the woods and he gets..well, knocked out. And tied up. Then they escape back to Santa's house.

Eve can't help it anymore.

She just is going to snicker her way through this /entire/ dam,nable movie, giving Carin the ocasional elbow to point at things. And they've still got quite a way to go before it gets to midnight.

"Did you see the bad edit there?" she asks.

"What, the whole movie?" Carin says amusedly, then leans over against Eve as she munches on the popcorn, letting out giggles of her own as things inevitably turn into a mess, with lots of running around and chasing the Krampus, then finding out who's really behind the whole situation! But, well, the movie doesn't really matter…it's just nice to spend it with as long to family and friends as Carin has, really.

And she finds herself just…happy. Something she doesn't feel all that often.

"…hey, it's past midnight. Happy New Years, Eve." She turns her head and gives her the girl next to her a kiss on the cheek.

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