2019-12-30 - Leave People Alone!


An evacuation in the Disaster Zone goes badly

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Dec 30 03:49:04 2019
Location: The Disaster Zone

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There's been problems in the Disaster Zone with the people that live. Primarily it's the mutants but the others as well report being harassed by an organised group of more-animal like mutants. Pepper Potts from Stark Industries is aware of this, as is Hank McCoy. Both have been working with Paragon Industries to relocate people in the short term - it's an ongoing effort and today, there's a small group to move.

Isis Marik, a slim feline-mutant who looks slightly under-nourished, is one of the contacts for Paragon. Nicks sent her here to help out today she's helping a woman who look a bit like a Lynx to the vans that have been provided by Stark Industries.

"You can't stay here, Ma'am" Isis is saying "We don't know who this group is but we know what they want isn't good…"

Though there may be a lot going on, there is still a small element of population in the area. In this case a youth ducks past, a boy of small years. He seems to be good with the twists and turns, ducking into a hole in the wall and becoming one with the landscape.

A pause, and two small eyes peer out from the hiding place. Someone's interested in what's going on, and is too smart to come out of hiding to find out. That someone is Min, in another guise. But to all, it's just a boy.

From what Hisako heard about the situation in the Disaster Zone, she judged that it was worth suiting up for, not just coming through in civvies - so she's in her X-Men uniform, layered dark blue and grey with some gold highlights, snug and efficient for working in almost any conditions in the field. She's still trying to keep a friendly demeanor towards the mutants she's talking to, though; just because she's working (and wary for whatever threats might show themselves) doesn't mean she has to be rude.

And she *is* staying alert, keeping her ears perked, and when she's not actually engaged in conversation, sparing a moment to glance around for people (or anything else) who might seem more out of place than the almost-refugees she's helping. She hasn't gotten quite so far as looking for people who are *avoiding* contact, yet - and she's taking a fair amount of her cues from Hank, if he sees fit to offer any.

Famous as she is, it would be hard to recognize Koriand'r today. Her normally luminous skin and eyes are completely dull, just orange and green. Her normally flaming red hair is brown grading down toward gray, no light or fire in it, and it's carelessly tangled. Her normal clothes have been replaced with an Earth outfit that has absolutely no fashion sense to it, a blue parka with baggy men's cargo khakis and mismatched sneakers probably taken from a donation bin. Her gaze is mostly on the ground before her as she walks, well, wherever. She has nowhere to be, so she reasons (to the degree she's capable of reasoning right now) she might as well be here until her feet take her to somewhere else she might be. She has a vague, unarticulated intention of just walking until she's lost and seeing if the danger that presents breaks her out of this funk, but her misery is so complete not even fear has managed to penetrate it yet. If she could process information accurately, she would probably notice this is a bad sign.

The Disaster Zone isn't a place habitually walked by sorcerers on any given day. The absence of electricity and the high chance of trouble showing up would be tempting fate too much. Wanda isn't quite the sort of person to overlook the barely healed scab on the face of the city. So she is here, slipping through the ruins fringing the edges without much to set her apart. Growing up in wartorn conditions has its advantages. Moving among the shadows comes on reflex, helping her to blend where being dressed in scarlet normally would not.

Relocating the denizens is an unusual enough sight, something to be taken in from a perch high enough up to give a view. Maybe it was a nice little brownstone, tidily kept, once. Now it holds nothing but ghosts of time, a place where she can observe unseen for a few moments until deciding whether to engage or vanish away like a ghost.

Hank is there as well. He's not in costume or anything, but he does have sturdy clothes on suitable for tromping about an area that has a fair degree of rubble, including some seriously hefty size twenty boots. Eyes of blue are kind, and he offers an older woman with rather overt ophidian characteristics an arm to lean on as he leads her to the vans. "Do not worry, Ophelia, you're going to be relocated to a safe place, there will even be room service and cable Television." He is sort of trapped - the woman is rather old, possibly octogenarian. "Oh, don't worry young man, I'm not afraid. Truly, I doubt these mutant hunters will have any interest in the likes o'me."

The woman? Scaled, golden slit pupiled eyes, and in lieu of hair she has a hood much like a cobra's.

Standing near Isis but currently dressed down in basic jeans and a faded blue t-shirt (cracked once-gold screen printed words "Most Illogical" on the front) under an insulated hiking jacket, Pepper is also trying to help convince the lynx-like woman. "We know that this seems like more inconvenience than it's worth. If there were any other option, I would have already done everything in my power to see it happen." As it is, she'd already had a very serious discussion with the Commissioner of the NYPD, and only managed to get a frustration headache out of it. And she can't pull EVERY SI security guard from their holidays and regular duties to be out here, either.

She glances over at Isis a bit questioningly. IS there nothing else that can be done?

Handing off the woman to Pepper, Iis turns to find the next people "Miss Potts is good people, Yeneva."

Seeing Mins eyes peering out from the remains of a building, she makes her way towards the boy. "Hello, you can come out, we are trying to help." A wave of reassuring emotion fills the area. Isis isn't beyond using her ability to get people to trust her. At least, with what she's doing now it's for a good cause.

"Hank? Armor? I might need some help here …" She calls to the pair. It's nice to see others from the Institute turn up. It makes this job a little easier. "Oh, see to that lady over there as well …" she points to Koriander.

In the distance a howl goes up causing the residents to flinch and cower. The howl gets closer and from her perch on the building, Wanda can see them - three *huge* werewolves and about six other mutants, making their way over the debris to the area the group is now working in.

The howls are skin tingling and loud. They sound magnified in some way.

Min, watching from where she/he can keep an eye on things, is trying to figure that out as well. New to the city, she has yet to figure out exactly why things are the way that they are. It's not often she gets to see devastation like this up close.

So, in boy form, she's been trekking around. Looking. Learning. Why IS this place still this way? What are they doing to fix it? She looks out in her little boy eyes, watching each hero arrive. Kori, she doesn't recognize. Wanda either, but that's because she's an idiot. Hank has her staring…

She doesn't know Hisako, Pepper or Isis yet, but that's CLEARLY a superhero outfit. She actually nearly walks into view when things go sideways.

"Well…shit," the little 'boy' says, displaying a clear ability with adjectives for his age.

Moving at Ophelia's pace, Hank sighs when he hears the howls. "Miss Ophelia, I apologize." He scoops the elderly snake-woman up in a fireman's carry and simply leaps to the vans, it takes a couple hops, but he's called the Bouncing Beast for a reason. Handing her offer to an attendant. "Jason will take good care of you, Miss Ophelia, pray excuse me now." He shoots her a broad smile, the dons a pair of reading glasses before tappin g the side of the frames.

HIs glasses morph into face hugging visor, and then his garments blur and shift into an armored costume in white, orange and black. A simple bound to Isis' side, and then he looks to where the howls seem to be coming from. "Looks like we're going to have some visitors." No, he's not happy about this, in the least. He looks to Pepper. "I don't suppose you have armor of your own?"

Hisako - or rather, Armor - inclines her head in reply towards Isis, and starts to head towards Koriandr. "I think I met her in passing the other night," the Japanese girl asides to Hank, just before the howls start ringing out, initially from the distance, then not as far.

Armor stiffens visibly at the first of them, then collects herself, taking a deep breath and willing her powers into action, a shimmering field of yellow-tinted energy coalescing about her in a roughly humanoid shape: the 'armor' from which she derives her codename. "Keep working on the evacuation," she says to Hank and Isis. "I'll try and send these 'hunters' packing back the way they came." She's confident enough in her abilities, providing her both enhanced defense and boosted strength for offense. What she *can't* do is take the would-be assailants out at a distance; she'll have to wait until they get into arm's reach.

Even if she can reach further than her normal arms allow; her armor scales up to about seven feet in height as she moves in the direction she thought she heard the howls coming from.

With a nod to Isis, Pepper moves a bit closer to Yeneva, but then just as she's about to offer another reason for the woman to join them, the howling starts up. Pepper freezes for half a second, seemingly similar to most of the others, but then she recovers and pulls her phone from her pocket while reaching for the lynx-woman with her other hand.

"JARVIS, we have incoming. I think we might need the frequency cancelling again." If allowed, she pulls Yeneva over to the nearest of the vans. "Dmitri, pick up as many people as you can and get them out of here." The salt and pepper haired man minding the van nods and gets the vehicle going, he and the other drivers doing their best to get themselves and as many civilians as they can clear of the area as quickly as possible.

For her own part, Pepper has her phone in hand and she starts searching for something in her bag, mid-rummage when Hank asks her an odd (to her) question. "What? No, of course not." What she does have looks like a police-style taser gun, though smaller to fit in her hand, an odd lack of 'ammo' cartridges, and it's been painted gold and hot rod red.

Koriand'r doesn't notice being pointed out as someone to help, but then it ends up not mattering anyway. Her focus is extremely tunnel-visioned right now, just down on the ground, walking into the evac zone rather than out of it, but she hears the howls without curiosity as to what they are or might be. Her hands are loose and heavy at her sides as she walks further into the Zone, further into the danger.

Wanda is not given to dramatic displays in the wake of the rolling howls running over her. Maybe a taste of Isis' influence has something to do with her watching rather than leaping directly into trouble, or stifling a cry of fear. Those dark amber eyes flash slightly, the sensitivity for anything mystical attuned for the oddity. Her thumb traces a circle around the long sleeve of her jacket, seizing on the immediate concern for throwing a protective shield around herself. Some people have their own superhero outfits, whereas hers is invisible and unimpressive to behold, surely.

When it comes to the glass cannon, keeping cover counts for something. She watches the refugees moving away with Pepper's skillful organization, and the call to JARVIS brings only the slightest hint of a nod. It might be hard to see her from her hiding point, but she dips around the rail to offer a quiet signal to those who might look her way; just a quick wave before she ducks down. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't -have- a lovely zapping weapon. A dagger, yes, which she pulls from her boot. Not that it seems to be something she means to use, drawing a symbol in the air with the point.

"Can you get her?" Isis says to Armour. This is bad with a capital B. "It does. Not unexpected, really. They don't like our interfering…" The slim woman wrinkles her nose at Hank "There's a lot coming though, I can … they're wild." She finishes with a growl, the emotions of the incoming mutants starting to affect her.

The mutants reach the group in no time flat, leaping over rubble to get at them. Wanda see's a big werewolf head towards to Pepper, intent on grabbing the strawberry blonde. Another snarls in Korianders face, claws reaching for shoulder as it howls in her face.

That's not a normal howl either - it's amplified and deafening - though there's nothing external that's doing it.

As for Hank, Armour and Min, they're accosted by a half dozen others.

One a sleek tigress with a glossy orange coat - her tail whipping around to catch at Min - silver glinting as the light catches it. That's no normal tail.

Hank finds himself facing a tall, broad, man with repitillian eyes with talons for nails. Not normal talons either, those glint in the light as well. Hisako finds herself similarly matched against a woman and Min, is grabbed by a fox girl with glinting silver fangs.

"Sleeping Nomad. We know who you are." A werewolf in the backs bays at the group. "Come to us …" Isis tenses and shakes her head. "Nooooo, I won't. You can't ….." She takes a step towards the attacking group.

"Bother." Hank says, about the most overt 'swear' he's prone to using. He nods to Isis, and then grips her arm to reassure before he bounds towards the huge reptilian eyed fellow with the pretty reverbium claws. "My, Grandma, what large claws you have." He quips before he leaps for the creature, not really wanting to hurt it, but starting with a double kick, and then trying to disable quickly with a double slam of his massive fists and arms towards the beastie's chest. Beast is fighting rather like a great ape, only…Hank hits with considerably more force than any normal ape could muster. The inside of his visor flickers with the images it shows on the HUD.

"On it!" Armor calls back to Isis, turning her attention forwards again and angling towards Koriandr. "Hey, I think -"

And then the attackers come charging in. For the time being, Armor has to hope that the orange-skinned girl can take care of herself; the Japanese girl meets *her* attacker with her armor's forearm, letting those claws (metallic?) scrape against a field of telekinetic force. She's paying enough attention to see if those claws can pierce the field - but unless they suddenly get a LOT longer, she doesn't expect much of a threat there.

And once she's gauged the strength and danger posed by her assailant, Armor tries to just push the woman's claws away, followed by a palm strike to her chest - carefully measured to limit how much injury it'll do, but the force should still be enough to knock the woman away a good dozen meters or so. Unless, in addition to metallic claws, she has a metal-lined *skeleton* or is otherwise much heavier than she looks.

If that's enough to make an opening for Armor, she heads for Koriandr again.

The little boy falls back as the sleek tigress comes at him! No surprise really, he's clearly in trouble. The child falls down as the tail slices over his head, ducking behind a set of rubble with surprising speed…

Then he's hiding, forcing the woman to go in after him. He's small, and for the moment that's a good thing. Survival-wise anyway. Though realistically he's just a target, and not even close enough to bite the lady in the kneecaps yet.

Though she's likely to try again it seems.

Koriand'ror, she dully supposes, now Starfire in this situationobserves the claws coming toward her without complaint or a motion to stop it. When its claws rend her shoulder, she feels the burning pain of the wounds being torn rather than cut into her flesh with something like, well, interest. The immediacy of the physical sensation is surprisingly effective at superceding the despair blanketing her, kicking her into something like a survival mode for just a moment. She still can't take pleasure in the fight, can't access the joy or the savagery necessary to activate her powers, but she observes, as if from far away, that it's rather nice to feel her body moving again, to feel herself take half a step in toward an opponent rather than fall back, to feel her good left arm raise in a motion so practiced it doesn't even bear thought as she snaps a hard punch to the werewolf's ribs. She doesn't pull the punch, but at only eight times stronger than a human, it probably shouldn't be fatal, especially not to a mutant. If it is, well, tough. She's not the one who drew blood first.

Koriand'r's hair brightens slightly, in both color and luminescence.

The witch holds her place in that ruined homestead, a building that once resonated with the joys of a modest family life. Cares after a war soothed in those halls feeds the initial grounding of a hex spun with the point of the dagger. For a moment, Wanda swims in a sea of impressions called up from the bricks and plaster, weather-worn wood and chipped tiles feeding her. Slender bands of vibrant pomegranate blossom around her hands, thin lotus point petals revolving in tripled bonds. Reality stirs itself to match her whims, earning her name.

A slender fingertip directs the spiralling curse directly towards Pepper and the werewolf. Bad fortune splinters surrounding the creature, a forming of countless possibilities: tripping, the blast from a gun going straight to the throat, a loss of control, the shift going backwards. Small notches tightening the stricture of ill fortune come crashing in from every side as the fortunosphere whirls in on the target, shifting the blessed state of luck away from him. Her. It.

Pepper tries to stand her ground, firing what is undoubtedly a VERY souped-up taser gun… that fires an energy blast that resembles a Stark armored suit's repulsor weaponry. THEN she's scrambling to get clear of the werewolf, though not without holding her phone out toward the creature.

"Now, JARVIS!"

Those with better than human hearing might pick up on what is essentially low level sonic attack emitted from Pepper's cellphone speakers.

And and StarkPhones have the BEST speakers of any portable device.

Hank's fists impact the lizard man's chest and the impact is sufficient send the creature tumbling across the rubble rather painfully. In fact, once it recovers from the stun, the creature slither-wriggles to his feet and then flees the scene post haste.

With all the chaos, all the innocents to protect, Hank shifts focus and leaps once more, bounding off a reasonably intact wall to streak towards the tiger chasing the little kid.

He'll do his level best to /land/ on her, and then if possible will see if he can get a good grip. "RUN." He tells the kid. "Head for the vans, I got this."

He hopes.

Regardless, he will not stop fighting until the innocents, until his friends are safe!

The third werewolf pounces on Kori from behind as it's compatriot is sent flying back into a wall. The wall shakes, cement render dusting its coat. It's stunned but only for a moment. As Kori is grabbed and wolf-handled by the other, the stunned one shakes itself and jumps back at her.

Armour finds the talons are longer than she expected. Reverbium enhanced, that's what they are - is her armour resistant to that? And can she break the grapple hold the lizard woman is trying to get on her. If the lizard woman can't rend Armour, she will use her supernatural strength.

There's the sound of cracking ribs as Hanks lizard skitters across the rubble on its back. It rolls to its feet and starts to run …. away.

Min's saved as Hank grabs the tigress by the tail. Literally. The tail whips back and forward, the strength is astounding. As Hank flings the woman around, he's flung as well - against a wall. The tigress slumps as Hanks does. Min is safe though the big mutant is down.

Wanda's spell hits at the same time Peppers speakers sound. The huge Werewolf yelping in an amplified way. It's ears go flat on its head and it stumbles. Giving Pepper and/or Wanda an opening.

Isis yowls as the high pitched frequency reaches her. It arrests her steps towards the werewolfs. Her blue eyes nearly glowing, it takes her a moment to recover before she leaps, claws extended to drag down Peppers wolfs back … the smell of copper fills the air - along with an emotion of fury and wildness.

Min, watching the chaos going on around her, gets a pass as Hank saves her scrawny foxy hide. She would have nipped at the cat mutant if she'd had the right kind of teeth right now, but that would liiiikely, wow, that's a strong effect.

Closing her (his?) eyes, Min has no defense against what Isis is doing. So right in front of Hank, and the eyes of various others, she shapeshifts. The boy is suddenly gone, and there's a girl there. Taller, older. Still short, korean in guise, wearing a deep brown hood. Holding knives.

And with wisps of blue hair coming out from beneath the hood, and eyes of red, it looks for a target, then quickly leaps to the top of a pile of rubble and leaps, knives aimed down. And with a hiss, teeth seeming too sharp for a human, Min's combat form aims for the back of one of the wolves attacking Kori, and stabs..

Isis's artificial fury floods Starfire's systems with a pale imitation of the levels of anger Starfire herself can normally achieve. It's enough to ignite her eyes, but not to summon a starbolt by any stretch; not that she needs it for two Earthlings. When the second enemy seizes her from behind, mauling the back of her alien-tough neck with his teeth (alien tough, but still bleeding freely, spilling bright ochre blood down her parka's back), she responds by snapping her injured elbow into his ribs from behind, a relatively weak blow to distract him from her good hand tangling in the fur of his neck and pulling as her hips twist, throwing him hard to the ground in time to fire a chin-height kick into the face of the one charging her. That one, doubtless already nursing cracked ribs, adds a broken jaw to the tally while a bleeding Starfire drops to her knees and delivers a crescent elbow strike to the fallen one's eyes. That should put him out, one way or the other.

Pepper likely would not have gotten away if Isis hadn't chosen right then to leap and viciously claw at the werewolf after her. She runs a few steps away, but that wash of complete and utter RAGE washes over her and she turns back to GLARE at the nearest attacker.

"YOU. WILL. STOP. ATTACKING. INNOCENTS!" Each of her words is punctuated by that really bizarre taser weapon firing off another repulsor-like blast at yet another of the various attackers about, her attention finally returning to the one Isis is clawing. She fires at this werewolf last, some part of her recognizing past her anger that she could possibly hit the cat-woman as well.

Eh. Fuck it.

"Leave!" she all but screams as she fires at the Isis-clawed wolf.

Super strength has its advantages, to be sure, but it only goes so far - and the now-orange field of telekinetic power surrounding Armor enhances her strength, too. What it *doesn't* enhance is her hand-to-hand skills; those are skills she's learned (and is still learning), and as her assailant goes for a more technical attack, Armor responds in kind.

As the reptilian woman tries to wind her arms around Armor's exoskeletal force field, Hisako responds at first by shrinking her armor down and wriggling out from under the woman's arms, worming around behind *her*. Then her armor scales up again, bigger this time - nine feet, and proportionally stronger than before, as Hisako lets out a yell of her own in concert with Isis's yowl, driven by the wave of emotion being output by the other woman. Hisako grabs hold tightly, lifts, then *SLAMS* her opponent down with rib-cracking force - and *then* hefts her one more time, flinging her in the general direction of the waterfront, possibly over an intervening building.

She looks around to see who else may need assistance; Koriandr is likely to be her first priority, with Min second (if/when Hisako spots the blue-haired girl).

Wanda steps out from the balcony of that house, the first of the hexes set off. The fomenting chaos it unleashes against Pepper's werewolf may spell its unconsciousness. Anger really isn't the fuel anyone wants her biting down on for a pure hex, else half the block may end up brutally damaged.

For the follow up, she doesn't rely on nudging chance so much as cleaving it down the middle with a celestial poleaxe. Searching for the least injured of those assailants — likely Kori's, she needs only a few seconds to zero in. The complex formations of her hands form elegant variations, spindling her inner energies into an elegy to violent purposes meeting violent ends. When the focused formations end, a blossoming swath of scarlet ribbons of flexible mana-infused force. They go rippling up to snap around the werewolf in a mummifying embrace, heaving up and slamming back down with bone-jarring force. Sparks fly away from the spell and its residual energy seethes, a stinging halo at the best of times. Grapple with a spell all one likes, the Avenger stands in the windowframe and forms a fist. Squish.

Peppers tazing the werewolf causes Isis to yowl more, the sense of anger intesifying as Peppers (and the others) does. Then Wanda's hex hits causing the creature to crumple to the ground, the cat-girl still clawing at its back. "Don't hurt my friends …"

The two werewolves hitting Kori don't stand a chance. One is beaten to a pulp by the alien as Min's daggers strike true - finding its backbone and slicing through it. It's down. The second werewolf receives nearly the same sort of beating just as Wanda's bands of crimson energy wrap around it. The chaos mage might be surprised how much effort it takes - but Koriander is left standing there, with a squished werewolf sliding to the ground.

The lizard woman attacking Hisako finds out what it means to grapple with the mutant. But only for a moment. With a pain filled scream, she's sent flying. Clear of the scene with Armours force.

As the attacks die down, Isis' eyes glow blue and she growls at Pepper for a moment. Her claws covered in blood, the cat-like woman looks around. "Hank …" she bounds over to the downed man, pawing at him. "Hank. Hank." Now it's just worry and concern that she's broadcasting but nowhere near as strongly as the anger she had a moment ago.

It takes a moment before Isis manages to growl "Is everyone alright? We need to get out of here."

Starfire claps her hand to the back of her neck, bleeding from a dozen or more punctures. She'd guess, anyway. She can't rightly count, what with them being on the back of her neck and all. She doesn't think any of them are serious, but they hurt like fire and what are the odds of them getting infected by whatever was in their Earthpupper saliva? Greater than zero, less than a hundred.

Starfire suddenly discovers she doesn't feel like standing back up. She'll just stay on her knees for a while.

Min is about to attack KORI then, but the feral anger she was feeling just drains away, fast as it started. She looks at her knives, sunk into another person's back, and panics.

The knives turn to dust and dreams, vanishing, as she shifts to her 'normal' form, a standard asian female in jeans and a t-shirt. She pulls at the person she's stabbed, whimpering things in korean at him. ~Get up, don't do this, you can't die, someone do something! I can't kill someone, that's….~

Then she pauses, her lifetime of growing up with mind-controlling siblings kicking in, and she stops. And slowly turns to look at Isis, directly. Her eyes narrow, just a little. Which is when she realizes. Everyone can see her.

"Is there anyone else we need to rescue from this area?" Armor asks Isis, taking one more look around while still armored up. If the only hostiles are out of action, she'll move to help Starfire. "Looks like you're hurt," she says ruefully. "Not sure if we've got time to do first aid here, but once we're somewhere safe, I'll make sure you get patched up."

If Starfire's good to move under her own power, Hisako will de-armor and assist her. If she needs to be carried … well, Armor'll take advantage of her powers to help carry the other girl.

Armor looks to Min as well while assisting Starfire. "You were defending yourself, and helping protect others," she says gently. "I don't think you're going to get in too much trouble for that, but we do need to clear out. Will you trust us enough to come with us, for now?"

With the rage draining away, Pepper blinks and looks around then hurries over to where Isis is trying to get Hank to wake up. "JARVIS, we need medical assistance, get Becca and her team over here." She's talking at her phone as if it were a walkie talkie or a hand-held Star Trek style communication device.

"I have already sent the notification," the cultured British voice replies from her phone's speakers.

Looking up at Armor but not getting a chance to reply before the armored woman moves on to check on others, she shakes her head slightly and turns back to Isis. "Medics are on their way to check on Hank, Isis. I think everyone else is at least okay enough to move."

And bless him, one of the vans is already on the way back with Dmitri driving.

Isis is panting, the fuzz on her ears and her hair sticking out. She took a whack from Peppers tazer after all. "What?" For a moment she looks at Armour blankly. "Just these ones. There are more in the Zone but the ones we have are the ones we were moving today."

Leaning against Peppers leg Isis rubs her ears there. "Thank you. They came in force this time … " beat "Thank you … " she says to Kori and Min. "Go with Armour, she'll help. We'll help. You were just protecting others."

Wait, wasn't there someone else? The blue eyed mutant frowns as she looks around and at the roof where she thought there was another mind she felt. Nope. Gone.

"I have to call Nick … see to Hank." They'll be out of there soon. And then they'll see to Hank, Kori and Min.

The uncertainty of What to do, and Who these all are has Min unable to truly react. She gets gathered up, trying to collect her wits. She goes where she's told, looking for a good moment to Charm someone into telling her more.

And honestly? This is a chance to learn who these people are, and what they believe. She can (maybe) escape later. If she's lucky. So she is a good girl, does what she's told. And watches Hisako, the one who seemed to understand her.

Though at this point she'd settle for a sandwich. Been a long day.

Hisako offers a friendly smile to Min, and offers her free hand as well - open, palm up and empty, and relaxed. Whether armored or not, the gesture is the same: she's not going to grab Min if the Korean girl doesn't want to accept any help, but it's an invitation to let Hisako support her on the way out.

And if Min doesn't accept the offer, Hisako doesn't make an issue of it - she just focuses on helping Koriandr, and moving back to the van so that all of them can get out of there. (But if there are sandwiches available, wherever the group is going, she'll happily make sure Min can help herself.)

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