2019-12-26 - A Quiet Christmas in SoHo


A quiet Christmas for an elf and an angel…

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Dec 26 17:20:44 2019
Location: Carpenter Studios - Loft

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Christmas morning. A time of warm fires, twinkling lights, and shiny wrapped presents…and coffee. Hot coffee with a dash of cinnamon, and a splash of a little something extra to help warm the chill out of the bones.

Kurt brings the mugs over to the corner where he has set up a little tree, a few gifts scattered around under the lowest branches. He sets one mug on a little table, and sips slowly at the other as he takes a seat on the floor by the tree.

Angela does, actually, enjoy Christmas quite a bit. Though she spent the night before out helping those that needed it with the local charities, this morning has her wearing a very ugly Christmas sweater along with a Santa hat perched on her head. Grinning over at Kurt, she gives him a warm smile, "Waiting for me?" Her eyes seem to sparkle a bit as she regards the fuzzy elf, taking a seat down next to him with her own mixture of coffee.

"Of course." says Kurt with a grin. He isn't all decked out in an ugly sweater, but looks all cozy in red flannel PJ's, his own Santa hat perched rakishly on his head. "I'm not a impish little 6 year old anymore that has no patience to tear into his gifts. Besides, I have already received the best gift this year. Anything else is just icing on the cake."

Angela laughs softly, "Right answer." She winks and gives Kurt a warm kiss on the cheek, "Personally, I mostly like this time of year. Just when the seasons start to change and the days start to get longer again. It's always something that humanity has celebrated." She grins, "But I bet you were just the cutest when you were that young, though. I'd love to see those pictures!"

Kurt returns the cheek kiss, "I'm not sure any exist, actually." Kurt laments, "That time of my childhood was unique at best. I didn't exactly have a normal family life. Being a carnival sideshow freak wasn't the most stable of a living, but my adoptive mother did the best she could. Things like cameras were a bit of a luxury I don't think we could afford."

He shrugs, "Now a carnival poster featuring the amazing Nightcrawler?, that may be around somewhere, but that isn't something I can just pop into a wallet. You will just have to take my word that I was adorable." Kurt utters with a grin and a wink.

"What about you? I mean, Angels really don't have a childhood do they? You just…were."

Angela grins, "Yeah, that's pretty much how it is. I mean, we definitely change as time passes. I'm not the same person I was when I was first created… things were, well, a lot different then." She hmms and shrugs a little, "I mean, I can't really have children, but I've seen enough generations through the years that, well, I think I understand it a little, at least. But I do have the potential to grow, as do all angels… it's why I stopped being an Angel of Vengeance not too long ago. Well, from my perspective, I suppose." Angelic equivalent of a mid-life crisis, perhaps…

Kurt Wagner says, "That's got to be odd. Just…existing one day." Kurt exclaims as he takes a sip of his coffee. "I mean, I suppose that is how it happens for us mortals as well, but we don't just pop into existence in adulthood…you know what I mean."

He sets the cup of coffee down and glances over to Angela, "Do you have any regrets? Not being able to have children I mean. Is that something you would want?""

Angela shakes her head, "Not even. I mean, I admit I find the idea… interesting? But as far as wanting kids, well… it's a little different when you know you're going to exist beyond them. And I've seen…" She pauses, then coughs a little, "There have been a few times where angels have used… means, to actually procreate. It almost never turns out well. I'm not sure why, but there's a lot of theories about it."

Kurt Wagner nods as Angela speaks, "That makes sense I suppose. Can't really miss what you aren't 'wired' for, right?"

He pauses, taking a sip of his coffee, "I've heard of the term Nephilim, but didn't think to much about it. I could imagine that the offspring could be interesting. I didn't suspect that they would actually be real..which in retrospect seems stupid."

A soft laugh escapes her at that, "Oh, they can be very real… it's not always a curse like that, but fairly often it can be something… well." She gives Kurt a wry smile, "But yes, it's easy not to think about those things when they're abstract. I mean, you might believe in God and angels and the like, but you never think you'd actually meet one, let alone be dating one? So that's easy enough to forgive." With that, Kurt receives another peck on the cheek.

Kurt Wagner says, "Sometimes it is probably better off to not know things, and you are right…I would have never believed I would actually meet, or date, a real angel. I thought the closest I would ever come would be Warren. I should get you two together sometime, that would be a riot I am sure."

Kurt retakes his coffee in his three fingered hand and looks towards the tree as he sips at it, "Anyway, I was just curious. You've already given me a lot to think about, so I suppose I should digest all that before I dive any further."

He grins, wrapping his tail around a wrapped gift and passing it over, "Shall we?""

Angela grins, "Well, sure… I have no idea what you'd get me though. I mean, I'm pretty predictable so I suspect you know what I got for you." She smiles and very carefully opens the offered gift, her fingers peeling away the wrapping with great precision. Very neat and tidy, all things considered.

Kurt Wagner chuckles as he watches Angela carefully unwrap it, keeping the paper as pristine as she can. "It's silly, so don't expect to much."

Inside the wrapping paper, and the box that is contained under it, is a stuffed BAMF Doll. A little likeness of Kurt, with some abstract body proportions like a larger head and shorter limbs.

"So you have something to cuddle up to when I am not around." he says with a silly grin. "I know, it's stupid. But stupid in a cute way…"

Angela awwws, "That's adorable." She grins brightly and gives both Kurt and the BAMF a hug, "I love it. Thank you, Kurt." She grins, and then suddenly looks a bit impish, "I think you should open this one first." With that, she points towards one particular present under the tree.

Kurt Wagner accepts the hug with fervor and then looks to the present that Angela motions to. Using his tail again he brings the gift over as he sets the cup to the side. "Ok, I'll warn you, I am not as precise as you are with the unwrapping."

That being said, Kurt tears into the paper with the claws on the tips of his fingers, ripping into it and shredding it into strips of ribbon."

Angela laughs, "Well, it shows enthusiasm, I like it… though I suppose I should get a cat to play with the wrappers." She grins, watching Kurt unwrap the box that's… well, small but surprisingly heavy.

Though once it is opened, the reason for the weight is apparent, as it is a stone-carved replica of Angela. Or rather, Angela in her full angelic appearance, wings, fiery halo… though instead of armor she's wearing a Greek-style robe for aesthetics in her pose, no sword in hand as she instead seems to be reaching out towards the observer. "I was thinking that since you can be busy with your friends in Westchester, I thought a bit of a reminder of what you have waiting in SoHo would be nice." She smiles at that.

Kurt Wagner aws as he opens the gift. "This is wonderful!" he says with enthusiasm. "I know exactly where I will put it. Right on the nightstand so I always have an angel watching over me."

He leans over and gives Angela a kiss on the cheek, "Thank you. Now I don't feel so silly about getting you a stuffed doll of me." he grins.

Angela laughs softly, "Oh, the BAMF is definitely staying in the bed with me when you're not around. I think he's adorable." She grins, "This has definitely been one of my better Christmases, I must confess."

Kurt Wagner chuckles, "Oh? I mean you have had so many."

Kurt slips his tail around Angela and gives her a squeeze, "It is nice to have someone to spend it with though, I imagine. At least I have had my family at Xavier's over the holidays. Though we don't just celebrate Christmas there."

Angela grins a bit at that, "Well, I've been celebrating Christmas before there was Christmas… no, really, Solstice festivals are delightful, no matter the era." She leans in a bit as the tail circles about her waist, "If it wouldn't cause trouble, I would love to visit Xavier's… it sounds like a really interesting place, though I wouldn't want to break any rules."

"It shouldn't be a problem." Kurt says with a smile. "It's more me taking you when everyone is around that is likely to cause issue. Everyone is always so busy that it is always a crap shoot about who will be around. We will go visit soon and I can at least show you around."

Angela nods, "Well, I would really like that… I might even show off my wings a bit." She grins a bit impishly at that, "From what you've said, this is definitely a place where I'd be able to do exactly that."

"Yeah, well, everyone would just think you were a mutant, like Warren. They wouldn't really question it." says Kurt with a chuckle. "It would be telling them you were an actual angel that would likely cause some brows to rise. But you are right, we totally should head over to the institute."

Angela chuckles, "Well, are they having a New Year's party? I know that's typically a thing for people, and I wouldn't mind being your 'and one' for that. Definitely would be a good idea to get out of the city that night as it can be a little hectic. Even by New York standards." She hmmms, looking perfectly content nestled up by Kurt in front of the Christmas tree.

"I…honestly have no idea." laughs Kurt. "They very well may be, and I just don't know about it. If they do, you can certainly be my plus one. If not, you can still come over and hang out, it isn't like there has to be any particular reason for it."

Kurt nuzzles in closer and slips an arm around her shoulders as his tail curls tighter around her waist. "I'll warn you about Logan though, he can be a bit…rough around the edges."

Angela snorts a bit, giving Kurt a wry look, "One of those kinds, huh? Yeah, I think I can handle that without too much of a problem." She grins, "Can't be any rougher than Ares, anyway." With that, she leans in and gives Kurt a kiss, murmuring softly, "Merry Christmas."

… wait a minute. The actual Ares?!?

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