2019-12-23 - Egg nog and Escape Routes


Thea and Oliver meet again. Merry Christmas!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Dec 23 03:40:36 2019
Location: Verdant

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Verdant is a slightly dangerous novelty in upper class social circles, much like its owner. The club has two floors; the ground level is a vast, open dance floor surrounded by tables, seating, and several bars. The upper level features another large, circular bar, more tables, and a VIP area. It's situated in a former warehouse/factory, so the ambience is very industrial chic. Lots of concrete, metal, and glass, but the furniture and decor are warm and inviting.

The club usually does well, but there's not much business this close to the holidays. A handful of groups have gathered to dance and drink and exchange gifts, with more than a few risque Christmas outfits in sight, but it isn't hard to find a comparatively quiet space.

A man of the people, Oliver has chosen a place at one of the downstairs bars. His two concessions to the holiday cheer are a Santa hat and a glass of eggnog. There's a bowl and ladle, a tiny grater, and a stainless steel canister with a small nozzle set out in front of him, presumably for refills. He's opted for fairly casual attire tonight; a dark green sweater, grey slacks, and polished boots. While he's occasionally greeted by a passerby or embraced by some girl who knows him from that one place, he's largely on his own.

The hair is no longer red, now instead a glossy deep black color. The dress is close fitting, a black mini, sleeveless sheath that's softened by the overlayer of lace. The stockings are smokey, the heels are crimson with platform soles. There's a dark glitter from an obsidian bracelet on her wrist, and earrings shine in shades of white and red. Eyes have been played up with liner and mascara, making the silvery blue hue pop. The rest of her makeup is natural, even to her nails. Lips and nails both gleam, with something glossy.

She's been on the dance floor, trying to relax and just.. enjoy life. Dark hair is pushed behind her ears as she moves towards the bar. The stride is different than most ladies' steps, a sleek stalking versus hip-swaying subtlety. There is a slow curve of a smile as she closes in the last few steps to the bar, leaning forearms against the edge near the bowl and the man of the hour. "Well hello again, Mister Queen. Lovely to see you again, in less rarified surroundings."

Assembling a cocktail seems to be quite a process. First a ladle full of thick, frothy eggnog that's rich with the aromas ofvanilla, spices and bourbon. Then a dollop of whipped cream squirted from the canister, and finally a quick grating of fresh nutmeg. It's a pretty glass when Oliver is finished with it, one that's assembled with a practiced hand.

"Ahh, yeah. I met you at the thing." He waves vaguely in a random direction to indicate elsewhere. "Thea, right? Here."

The young CEO slides the cup of eggnog down the bar, leaving him without one. Far from deterred, he starts assembling himself a helping directly in the ladle. The nutmeg proves to be awkward, so he skips it and takes a sip. "Mmm. Our maid, Raisa, has been making this for me since I was kid. Double whipped and no bourbon back then, but I've always loved it. Merry Christmas."

Thea turns to the side, leaning to face him while using the bar as a leaning post. She will lower her eyes to look at the cup of egg nog, perhaps debating if she wants to drink it. "Why, thank you. Personal touch and all." She glances up, those bright eyes settling on him with a smile. "You even remembered my name. I might be flattered." There's a chuckle.

Her brows lift at the mention of a maid making eggnog for the young Oliver. She will lift the glass, taking a sip from the cup. "Merry Christmas." Her voice is lower, with just a whisper of huskiness to it. She will let her eyes roam over him again.

There's a respectable helping of nog in the ladle, but Oliver makes short work of it, whipped cream and all. "It's a bit rich, but that's part of the fun. Two glasses of water, please. Still, with a slice of lemon." The last bit is said to a passing bartender, who is quick to return with two ice-frosted glasses.

Once he's exchanged his ladle for some water, he waves off the thanks magnanimously. "Glad to be of service. Spend any more time watching me lately? I made sure to take my time in the shower this morning." Rather than provocative or coy, his tone is genial and humorous. Another wave, this one to dismiss any protests. "Just kidding."

Her eyebrows lifted, an amused expression that curves her mouth, and brightens her eyes with mischief. "I'm sorry to say I've never watched you, in the shower or otherwise. I'm sure it is quite the show." She sips again at the egg nog, smothering the chuckle. "I am glad however to see that flesh wound healed up well, and you haven't managed to get yourself anything serious since then."

She turns her head, looking over her shoulder back towards the dance floor, as if she's worried she's being followed or stalked herself. When her gaze returns to Oliver, she offers a surface deep smile. "I don't need to stalk you or watch you to know these things, you see. Just a talent of mine."

"Some people say knowledge is power," Oliver replies. "I say ignorance is bliss. I won't spoil your party trick." He seems more or less willing to leave it at that.

The ice-covered glass in his hand is so cold that it smokes in the relatively humid club air. He takes a palate cleansing sip and follows Thea's glance with one of his own. "Looking for someone?" he asks. "Or are you already planning your escape from this conversation?"

"Every kid show ever growing up, am I right?" There is something faintly different about Thea, and it's not just the color of her hair. "Party trick. Right." She'll drop a wink at him before she reaches for the second glass of water for a sip.

"I can be uneasy presenting my back where someone might sneak up on me." She says bluntly, looking at him. "It was a habit formed while I was overseas. You never know where danger may come from, am I right?"

"That's why I'm sitting with my back to the bar," Ollie says agreeably. "Only person back there is the bartender. We've already slept together, so if she wanted me dead she's had better motive and opportunity on a night with less witnesses."

The joke is wry to the point of being droll, which he seems to enjoy. "Anyway, this place is usually pretty safe. There's an unwritten rule. 'Oliver Queen has really good security.'"

Thea laughs, turning to let her back rest to the bar, elbows resting against it. "Well, see, now that's a danger to me, if she has any green eyed beasts on her back. But that might be true of a lot of women in here, I suppose." Thea's voice is lighter, amused.

Eyes will slide up, looking around the club, studying. "I'd have to do recon for a few days, but I'm sure I could manage to slip in here some night and be a threat to someone's well being." Then she gives a quick smile. "I mean, I am right now, but I walked in on your card. I didn't have to thwart security at all."

Oliver chuckles as well, though probably for different reasons. "I'm sure you could find a way to cause more than enough trouble. Seriously, though. This is a clean place with nothing to hide, so there's plenty of cameras. More than enough guards if people get rowdy, plus a few surprises for special occasions. This is New York, after all."

The last bit comes out a little dry, but still with affection. They live in an eventful city, to say the least, but it's home. "That's right, I gave you one of the…" he gestures with his thumbs and forefingers in the shape of a rectangle. "Enjoy it. They have a great cold bar here. Oysters for days."

That will get him a teeth baring smile, those eyes lit up with the joy of the hunt. "What kind of trouble do you think I'd be causing, Oliver?" She says, the words slow and soft. There's even a quick, joking bat of lashes.

There's a chuff of laughter at the idea that having security means much of anything in New York City. Her head tips back as it is turned to the side, watching him. "Yes, you gave me a little card to come and enjoy. I'm a little sad the dance floor isn't being more utilized. I've been through hell recently, wanted to blow off some steam." Before the pressure builds to explosiding.

"What kind of trouble? More than your share, I'll bet." Oliver seems more amused than anything else. "Doubt me if you want, but this is the safest club I've been to in the city."

He downs the rest of his water and then whips himself up another ladleful of nog. "I'm sure there's a lady or gentleman out there who'd be happy to keep you company," he says, speaking of the dance floor between sips. "It might not be crowded, but I'm sure someone will be happy to buy you a drink even if yours are already free."

Thea will look at Oliver, and the expression of injured innocence would be very convincing. "More than my share of trouble? I'm wounded, Oliver." She even presses a hand to her chest just below her throat. "I'm just crushed." Her expression is all innocent, but her tone of voice is full of amusement.

She will glance at the dance floor as she drinks more of that delicious, dangerous egg nog. "There might be, but the question is, is there someone here that is worth the time to spend for company?" There's a laugh. "I am fully capable of buying my own drinks, on nights that they aren't provided for free by your benevolence."

Oliver snickers. "I am, as always, a benevolent Queen. I'd offer, but I'm on my way out."

Now he scans the sparse crowd with a critical eye. "Hmm. Omega watch. Decent haircut. He doesn't wear his stubble as well as me, but really, who does? You could do worse. Just a sec."

He leans out to tap a young man who's passing close by them. Dark hair, bit of stubble, and he clearly has money. "Excuse me," Ollie says. "Haaave you met Thea?"

There's an arch of one eyebrow, laughing as he is scanning a young man. "Money is not something that increases someone's attraction on my scale." That must surely be a surprise to Oliver.

She's laughing again. "Really? Really, Queen? Well played." And now she knows Queen is a fan of a certain tv show, even as she shakes his target's hand, and makes polite pleasantries. If Oliver checks security feeds later, he'll see she has a dance with the young man, and a drink. Then Thea slips out, and if someone wasn't watching her specifically, they'd miss it.

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