2019-12-22 - Sleep, for lack of a better word, is good.


Emma is super tired, Pris helps her get some sleep

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Dec 22 00:35:27 2019
Location: 2 East 5th Avenue - Penthouse

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Emma has been super busy of late, there's a LOT of work to be done getting a new school setup and legally accredited, and it is not something she delegates to an underling, too important. As a result it is nearly eleven o'clock at night when a rather tired Emma comes home after work and heads immediately to her room for a shower. Of course, she can't sleep, so after a while she heads down to the living room and settles on the couch with a book, of all things - a trashy romance novel, yes, a guilty pleasure, but hey - close to Christmas, why not?

Curled up against one edge of the couch, dressed in an elegant night gown and a silken over robe, hair hanging loose. She looks weary, a bit, but comfortable too. Near to hand is a tall glass filled with an 'Arnold Palmer' over ice - half sweet tea, half lemonade, all good.

And so it is that a couple of hours later the door from the elevator lobby opens to the sound of a key in the lock, and in comes Priscilla, her boots strung over her shoulder along with her backpack. She actually intentionally took time after getting off the elevator to take her boots off so she would not make a lot of noise heading through the condo to her bedroom.

But then there's Emma on the sofa. Oops.

"Hi." Pris murmurs, waggling her fingers at the blonde. "You're up awfully late." This kind of timing is normal for Pris, given her job. Usually she misses the others except during the early afternoons when she gets up, or whenever she makes a point - usually days off - of being around and up during the normal evening or night hours, rather than well after midnight. "You OK?"

"Ah, hello Priscilla." Emma greets the dark skinned dancer. She offers a warm smile, and broadcasts a mental hug. "I am well enough, just could not sleep, it has been a long few days. How was your night?" She asks, book set aside as she shifts to sit Indian style on the couch and faces the doorway.

She really does feel tired, as she is not prone to shielding against Pris, the empath will sense it easily if she looks, she might not even have to /look/ as sensitive as Pris generally is, and how attentive to the feelings of those around her.

Pris finds a spot to put down her boots and backpack in the closet, then hangs up her jacket before padding over to curl up on the sofa beside Emma. "Come here. You have yourself stressed, Emma. No wonder you cannot sleep despite being tired." The dancer doesn't even think to ask, really, as she starts gently but firmly massaging all the right spots along Emma's neck, shoulders and then back. "My night was fine. No more signs of my targets this week. I'll have to make time to go looking elsewhere for hints of them, after Wednesday. How can we be helping you? Mmmm?"

Emma's a little surprised at Pris's settling down and going to work on her tension nodes, and her groan is /heartfelt/ as she feels those fingers go to work. "Pris, if you've ever felt indebted, this clears the slate." She whispers. She's had massages before of course, but never one given by a super-strong -empath-, the sheer perfection of it is something else. "We might consider a course of study in physical therapy for you. Your talents are very well suited to such, it takes real skill to do it right, and it takes compassion to do it /brilliantly/."

Emma frowns over a shoulder. "Tell me more about these targets of yours, perhaps I can offer stratagems or resources to your hunt." She does make little sounds of pleasure and appreciation as the massage loosens up super tense muscles.

Priscilla continues the massage, smiling as she can feel Emma relaxing both mentally and physically as her efforts bear fruit. "I promise, we can talk about my targets after the holiday. I will make time to catch you up, and we can discuss alternative strategies." Pris never lies to Emma or Sharon; sometimes she may stay silent, but even that is rare with these two, her family. "I admit, I like the idea of physical therapy work. It would definitely capitalize on my own more physical nature, and my empathy." Her complete lack of body modesty and her happiness in physical contact with others will help, too. "Now. Why don't you talk to me about yours, mmm? What challenges do you have left? And how can your daughters be helping?" Working through thoughts of her own problems will help Emma relax mentally and emotionally, along with physically, and sleep more soundly.

Oh, there's no question that Emma is relaxing - body and mind - Pris can feel it, and Emma's body is fit, clearly she is still at least somewhat in practice as a dancer, the lean muscle despite her curves is hard to miss. She smiles brightly, eyes of sapphire legendary for their cold quite warm for Pris. "Then we'll look into what education to get you that will help with accreditation." Because skill alone isn't enough if you want a job.

Her gaze sharpens at the promise to talk about her targets, a single brief nod. "After the holidays, then." And Emma will remember.

Another soft sigh, and then Emma shakes her head. "Right now there's precious little anyone can do. I am working on permits and politics, dealing with lawyers, and bankers, as well as various contractors. The biggest stumbling block is my past, the Massachusetts Academy has really tainted my reputation in education, so I have proceed with care."

A smile then. "That you're willing to listen, AND give such excellent back rubs is a huge help. You and Cat are great comforts to me." After all, how many people can Emma /truly/ trust? Her daughters, a very select few friends, that's it.

Priscilla continues massaging for a bit, and then gently draws Emma's back against her front, sliding her arms around the blonde's midsection gently as she supports her. "I know I don't know everything that came before." she admits, because it is the truth. "But I know you can do this. You are an amazing woman, a great teacher, and capable of incredible help and guidance to students open to learn. We're both happy to tell the world that, and not just because you have adopted us as our mother. Just remember that you are never alone."

Emma leans into her newest daughter's embrace, and finally just sighs and lets tension drain out of her, the last few dregs of it. "It was a sordid mess, honestly. I was the administrator, yes, but I was part of another group - and they were collectively in positions to override my wishes. The Academy was essentially a terrorist training ground when they were done, and I could only mitigate things, it was not a great time in my life. When the X-Men and their soldiers attacked it was probably a good thing. Still, many of my former students are still missing, perhaps dead, and I will not ever forget that."

She smiles over a shoulder at Pris, and leans up to kiss her cheek. "Thank you, dear heart, how can I forget when I have such wonderful people around me?" Yes, Emma /needs/ the hugs, the touch, she just can't admit it - she's been so betrayed, and has to be on guard so much of the time that it is nearly impossible for her.

"I get it, Emma. But remember: I'm sure I could face charges as a terrorist, an illegal alien, and a murdering assassin." Pris hugs Emma to her. "Hopefully you can't forget that you have us around you to support you. Just as hopefully we never forget that you are there for us. Now, are you feeling relaxed enough to maybe be able to get somme sleep? I know you'll be up tomorrow all too early trying to work hard again. So you need your rest."

"Ah, but you've never /trained/ mutant children to BE terrorists." Emma says with a sigh, and bit of tension returning. She clearly regrets those days, regrets many decisions she's made in the past, but she ACCEPTS responsibility for her actions. Emma is starkly unforgiving of her own mistakes, and often those of others, especially if they don't own up to them. Those people get -zero- slack. At the question, she smiles. "I could sleep right here, right now." She admits, and yes, a little wistfully at the the possibility of sleeping while cuddling.

Pris presses a light kiss to the top of Emma's bared ear. "Had we recruited another, as they did me? I would have. It's only chance that didn't happen before the mission tore us apart." And had she not found a family and other things to care about? She might very well have recruited others, activated them, and trained them, all with the ideal of rebuilding what had been lost. They're supposed to be the guardians of the Inhumans, after all!

"Let's get you to bed, Emma." Priscilla murmurs gently, as she puts one leg down and starts helping Emma to her feet, prepared to gently guide her off and tuck her in, before getting herself to bed.

Yes. Even alien-hunting stripper ninjas need sleep. Eventually.

"Mmm…bed." Emma is content and relaxed enough that she allows the help up to her room, and once there she fairly faceplants in the bed, on her stomach. Yeah, she was a LITTLE tired! The woman works way too hard, but…that's what she does.

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