2019-12-22 - Christmas Wishes


Sarah Rainmaker comes across an old friend returning from her latest hunt, Priscilla Kitaen, and the two exchange Christmas plans and what life has been dealing out to them of late.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Dec 22 06:23:11 2019
Location: Storm King Mountain Park

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Tired and done, the pilot brings the flying motorcycle down to the parking lot in the middle of nowhere, with no signs of anyone or anything around. Dismounting after the bike is stable and powered down, the figure - curvaceous, clad in gold-accented purple, with visible weapons - dismounts and checks over the bike thoroughly, then starts making a few repairs. Even as she does so, her own body works on making repairs to the wounds created in her recent conflict.

It has been a rough night. And she still has to make it home safely. Voodoo's hunt for this night is over.

The weather is…odd. Swirling in strange breezes that don't seem to stick from one direction, with thick clumps of snow falling in a slow, sleepy fall, slowly depositing a blanket of snow over the park. Though the reason becomes clearly shortly therafter, as the arrival of a flying cycle has attracted attention.

"Hello there…" Sarah says, drifting down from the clouds above before touching down easily in the parking lot, smiling.

The odd weather is noted, but not really explored, given her current concerns. But when someone says hello, Voodoo whirls around, face still covered by her full-coverage mask, hand reaching for the handle of the sword across her back until her mind finds that of the woman floating down out of the sky … and finds it familiar.

"Hey. Been a while." Voodoo comments. Not that Sarah saw much of Voodoo the assassin. But clearly the other woman knows who this is. "I guess asking if you're cold would be silly." The smirk can be heard in her voice, if not seen in her face given the mask.

"Same for you." Sarah shoots back, walking over to give PRis a hug. "And it has been a while…I guess you've been on the road, for one job or the other?" she says curiuosly.

Priscilla hugs Sarah in return, then reaches up to pull her mask up and over her head, freeing up her face to be seen again. "Not so much on the road as … in the area." She shrugs. "Found a target. Followed them to a nest, got into a fight. Figured I should patch everything up before I head back to the city. How have you been? I'm guessing you're not super into Christmas." Not exactly a Native American holiday. "But it's been a while."

Sarah wrinkles her nose and grins. "Right. Well, sorta. I don't celebrate it for the Christian sense, more as a solstice celebration. And living in Arizona it pretty much is a big deal for locals, so not like I haven't celebrated it. Just not usually with a tree or such." she admits. "How about you? You're on the road so much, going to stay home for a bit and enjoy the holidays with anyone special?"

Pris shrugs her shoulders a bit. "Having a home is a rather new thing for me, I admit. But yeah, I do intend to stick around for the holidays." She smiles a tiny but genuine smile. "Kind of a new feeling. And you? Your friends? How have you been doing? I remember things were getting better for you, but then we lost touch."

"Mmmmmm…" Sarah stretches, arms behind her head as she huffs. "Well, quite a few went off to do their own thing…the tower is a little lonely at time snow. Alison is off touring, and Dani is off doing her valkyrie thing, so it's often just me there." she admits.

Pris frowns momentarily at that, and reaches out to give the other woman's hand a squeeze. "Sorry to hear that. You really seemed to thrive on the presence of the others; missing them has to suck." A big part of her wishes she could help Sarah with that. "I got rather lucky. It was a bit after we lost touch. I'm sorry you didn't get similar good luck."

Sarah smiles and shrugs a bit, squeezing the hand back. "It's still better than being stuck on a ranch in the boonies or stuff. I even bumped into some of my friends who escaped with me, so I know they're okay now. Though they want to stay more on the down low apparently." she says thoughfully."You got lucky?" she wonders.

Pris nods. "Yeah. I kinda … ran into the impossible." It's not easy to explain to someone she's not really close to about having found a family. "I met a couple of people. Really special people. We … we ended up forming a rather close connection." She shrugs. "One of them is really rich, older woman. She kinda adopted me. It's weird. But it's nice, having people who care. People I care about." Clearly not something she's used to at all.

Sarah grins. "It is nice." she agrees. "I'm glad you found someone who appreciates you you can be with, then. Hmm, a rich older woman, huh?" she wonders, raising a brow. "I suppose rich people can be strange like that, just adopting people off the street." Her tone says she's teasing still.

Pris smirks. "It is a bit weird, honestly. But not quite 'off the street'." The stripper assassin shrugs. "Actually, we met in an upscale leather boutique." And isn't that an interesting segue? "She's a really interesting lady. So's my new 'sister'. Adorable, bright, really special woman."

Sarah tilts her head curiously. "…just sister?" she wonders at tht, studying Pris. "It does sound like a good match for you, especailly if they dont' have hangups about your career and such."

Pris chuckles and gives a wry warm little smile. "Hangups? Nope, neither of them could care less about either of my careers." Which is damned good for Pris, finally being accepted for who and what she is, and all that she does. "My 'sister' loves purple as much as I do. Comes by it honestly." Pris teases, even if the joke will fly by Sarah's head. How is she to know Pris' sister is naturally purple-haired? "Hopefully you can catch up with the others. Exchange gifts, seasons' greetings."

Sarah mmms. "Perhaps. It'd be nice, at least." she agrees. "But if they can't make it, it's fine, I'm sure I can find something to occupy myself with for the holidays. If nothing else there will probably be at least some need for helping out with police stuff."

"Police stuff, hunh?" Priscilla questions, curiously. She sure as heck hopes Sarah isn't a cop, now. "I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who could really use some help. It's a rough time of year." And honestly that stuff never stops, right? "I setup one of those remote voice accounts, by the way." She digs into her belt and pulls out a small card with a ten-digit number on it. "Doesn't matter how many times I change my phone, this'll reach me." Hey, at least this way they won't lose touch as thoroughly as they had previously.

Sarah takes the offered phone, then gives her a little card back. "Here…this one works for me too." It says simply. 'Sarah Rainmaker, Manager, Dazzler Productions' on it. "Well, whatever Young AVengers get caled out for." she amends. "I know the holidays can be crazy in New York."

"Dazzler, hunh?" Pris questions, eyebrow arching eloquently. "I love her music. Heard her shows are pretty awesome." But clearly she hasn't been to one thus far. "If anything comes up, and you need a hand, give me a call. OK?"

"Yeah, she, um, made me manager, because I offered to help her out with things." Sarah admits, a bit sheepishly. "…she actually asked me out, but we haven't had time for a date yet. I'm still kinda unsure about dating the person I'm supposed to be working for, but she seems really open about it." She tilts her head. "Of course, but…you deserve some time off. It sounds like you've got a wonderful Christmas at home to look forwrd to."

Pris nods. "Yeah. But … now? Now, New York is home. So … guess I wanna try to keep 'home' safe. If it comes up, and you need a hand, call." But about the rest? Pris gives the younger woman a hug. "Take any chance you can to find happiness, Sarah. Give it a shot, when you get a chance. Just communicate. Talk it out. Together, you can make it work, or at least make sure it doesn't destroy the rest of your cooperation."

Sarah flushes. "It's just…strange." She's already dating someone, and I'm not…I don't really know how to handle that. I mean, she seems honestly interested, and I know the other person and she seems okay with it, but….is that a showbiz thing?" says the girl from rural Arizona.

Pris raises her eyebrows at that. "Mmm." She considers for a bit before speaking. Feelings are incredibly important to her, and she thinks about them seriously before responding. "Well, that's not something I can really give a lot of advice on, beyond this: " Pris meets Sarah's gaze directly with her own purple eyes. "Sounds like they're both OK with this. You have to decide if you are. But remember: You are entitled to be and feel special. To be loved for you. And not necessarily to share."

Sarah sighs. "Well, it's not like either of them are around much for it to matter…I don't know if it would go anywhere. But. It's nice to be asked out, I never have been before."

Pris shakes her head. "I can't get that, Sarah. I just cannot imagine that you have never been asked out. You're gorgeous. You have a pretty warm, open heart. I cannot see how you wouldn't get asked out all the time." Pris certainly does.

Sarah flushes a bit. "Hey, well, extenuating circumstances. I was stuck on an isolated ranch most of my life, then got stuck in a prison school, so it's not like I hd much of a dating life, even setting aside the fact I prefer other women."

Pris reaches up and lightly touches Sarah's cheek. "Maybe so, hon. But you've been living in the bustling metropolis of New York City for quite a few months. You staying hidden in a vault or something?"

Sarah squirms at the touch. "…well….uh…the side effect of that is, I don't…really know how to play the game. I mean, other than TV or movies or stuff…" she admits.

The woman in purple cannot help but smile at this and shake her head. "Sweetie, the only 'game' you have to play is to go out, be amongst people. And give them the chance to meet you, and talk to them when they approach you. No further game required."

Sarah hesistates. "I suppose…I have been staying in a lot. EXcept when I go flying." she admits after a moment. "It's a bit overwhelming, having so many people around me now, it's so crowded and noisy."

Pris chuckles softly and nods. "True that." she offers without judgement or condescension. "But there are less crowded, less noisy places. Central Park. Libraries. Museums. Just some thoughts."

The Apache mmms, reaching up to tuck a loose strand of raven hair behind her ear as she thinks. "I suppose so…" she admits. "I should be tryign to get out more. And it's not like I've got so much on my plate I can't occasionally take a break." She chews her lower lip slightly. "Mmm…maybe a museum would be nice…"

"Yes, it would." Pris smiles. "And if you want someone to meet you for a hot cocoa, give me a call." Then the dancer looks back to her bike. "I need to get this fixed and get back home. Keep the number, Sarah. And take good care of yourself."

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