2019-12-21 - Something Shiny?


Hank finally is able to see Ranna and work on her implants. It takes hour and Mirlo makes an appearance

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Dec 21 05:11:17 2019
Location: New York

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It has been a while since last Ranna Pryde had spoken with Doctor McCoy, and no, he's not dressed in Starfleet blue, thanks. Well…not usually. Her phone would notify her of a text, and when she reads it the message contains a time and place to meet up with the very man himself.

Miss Pryde - I have analyzed the information you gave me and I have a number of ideas on how to proceed, if you can meet me at this location it is a suitable place to both talk, and to get some work done.

When she arrives she'd find it is a small laboratory, in a medical complex in the burbs of NYC.

Upon entry she'd see Hank in a labcoat working on some sort of serum, he looks up with a smile, wearing his reading glasses. "Ah, Miss Pryde, good evening."

Ranna has been busy since she met with Hank. Some of it not on 'business' but on raising the funds to be able to offset his costs. She *knows* he said not to worry about it, but that's just not Ranna and with Kian's help, had found a way to do it.

Mostly legally. Sort of.

When she arrives, the small woman is wearing the collared t-shirt from the market she works in, a warmish jacket and well worn jeans. There's a tired look about her and bruises … on her face, at least. They're fading, but Hank should be able to estimate they're no more than a week old.

"Doctor McCoy. Thank you for the message." She answers. "I'm sorry I'm a little late, my employee needed me to stack some shelves."

Shrugging out the jacket, he can see bruises on her arms as well.

"Are you well?"

Hank really does not want and will not ask for any money from Ranna, the girl clearly was not financially able, and really - between speaking engagements at various universities and other venues, with his almost non-existent expenses, many patents that earn him monies, a steady paycheck from the Institute, AND his own investments? Yeah, Hank can afford to rent a lab for a few days, he even has discounted rates for some (not this one, but he can often get the use of University labs for free or almost free).

"And did you use your face to do so?" Hank can't help but ask, because yes, he notices the bruises. And then he flushes. "I apologize, that was not the most diplomatic 'what happened to your face?', was it?" A genuinely contrite smile. "I am indeed well, and you have nothing to apologize for, Miss Pryde." A nod. "Please, feel free to call me Hank, mm?"

He looks to the girl and then shifts to one side, patting an exam table, but only after he activates a small — cone. The thing is about four inches high, and when he presses the top there's a low level 'hum' to the air. "White noise, also a signal scrambler, just in case." Because paranoia isn't a question, no, is he paranoid ENOUGH is the one to ask!

"Hmmm?" Ranna answers touching her cheek and shaking her head. "Oh, no. I didn't dodge quickly enough and stopped a fist. You're not the only one who's asked." And a few other things but she doesn't say that. "I'll call you Hank, if you call me Ranna." There's the faintest of smiles as she says that.

Hoisting herself up onto the exam table, letting her legs hang over the edge, swinging a little. "That's a good move." The small ninja nods to the scrambler. She's wanted, she knows that and if anyone of The Order works out what Hank's going to do, that would be bad.

"Well, I could have asked in better form." Hank grins a bit at the stopping a fist with the face thing. "Oh, this is something I know well, fortunately part of my mutations is a very minor healing factor, I recover from injuries faster than normal, though I can't regenerate or anything. Not a lizard." He quips, and then he nods. "Very well, Ranna, we'll go informal, and thank you." Hank, for all his education, really does prefer the less formal methods of address save in a classroom or lecture hall.

Hank follows her glance to the Security Cone (as he thinks of it) and then smiles. "Thank you. Based on the tech and what you'd said, it seemed prudent. I have another if you'd like one."

He then gives her a fairly thorough examination, making notes on a tablet PC. "Alright, I think I have the means to either shut down the hostileware, this is about sixty-two percent likely to be enough and entirely non-invasive." He looks to Ranna, meeting her gaze. "I can also, I believe, remove the dangerous bits with about a ninety percent chance of success and much greater likelihood to effect these changes permanently, however it will require surgery, and depending on your recuperative powers the recovery will take time. I personally recommend the surgery, but the choice is yours, either way can be done here."

"I'm normally good at avoiding them but I wasn't using my abilities this time." Interesting. Why would Ranna not be using her abilities in a fight. That seems a little strange, doesn't it. "And yes, it is prudent. Things have heated up for me a little since I last saw you."

Listening carefully as Hank explains, Ranna frowns a little. "I expected you would want to operate, to be honest. I have … somewhere to stay if you do." She's very cautious, Ranna is. "I don't have any special recuperative abilities. I'm human really, with tech stuck in my brain." That's not entirely true, Hanks seen her blood work. There's an X Gene.

"How long are we talking about, Doc?"

"Curious." Hank doesn't ask for an extended explanation, but he's curious and it shows. Then again - Hank is /always/ curious, about pretty much everything. He nods about the prudence. "Well, I'm glad it was a good call, and sorry things are a bit hotter for you, Ranna."

He nods. "Oh yes, the surgical procedure is far more effective, but it is also far more invasive." A firm nod. "I would definitely suggest you go with the surgery, but the call is yours." That she's come here expecting it, AND has made arrangements, well, Hank takes that as the go ahead.

"Very well, there's a changing room over there." He chin points to the room. "I'll need you in the medical gown, you can leave your underwear on, but the surgery will be proceeding down much of your spine." So no bra. "The surgery will take about four hours, and you'll be under, can you accept these conditions? The healing will likely take two to four weeks, assuming proper care, and I'd want to follow up with you frequently to monitor."

A pause. "And you /do/ have an X-gene, your implants augment your mutant power - you're a tightly focused psychokinetic, your power apparently limited to weaponry, specifically to melee weapons." A frown. "There's signs of another level of ability, but it seems tuned to a specific material, but I can't figure out what that material is."

"It is what is, Doc." Ranna answers quietly. She doesn't want to pull him in too much, so the explanations are thin. "I'm getting used to it, but I don't want others to get hurt because of decisions I made." Or the fact that Kian beat her senseless and broke the implant that controls her.

Sliding off the bed, not questioning the instructions, the small woman heads to the change room to disrobe and … robe up. "Two to four weeks. How active can I be during that? I take it no fighting, but can I work or ? And yes, I accept. I can't live like this."

It's an admission. And she knows it could well kill her.

It takes a moment for the ninja to get into the medical gown, then she's back looking at Hank as she twists her up into a pony tail come bun. "On the table?" she asks, clearly a little worried. That's to be expected. "I'm am … mutant?" that gets a look. "The material? That would be what I can shape, right?" Taking up one of her leather bracers, which has metal scales coating the top side, she hands over it. "Like this? Cogmium, we call it."

"Indeed." Hank fully groks about the nature of things being what they are, he's a mutant himself after all, and not a 'can pass', so yeah.

When she returns she'd see that Hank has gotten the surgical suite up and running, and is wearing a yellow visor and sturdy looking medical attire - very sturdy looking. Dude is /way/ muscular.

"Light exercise only for the first week, definitely no combat, and be very careful of the exercise - if it hurts for more than an hour after, scale it back until you find a level that is an hour soreness after at max."

A shake of the head, "This table over here, please." Once she's on it, he makes sure she comfortable on her belly. "You're a mutant." Behind his visor's yellow lenses Hank's eyes still brighten noticably at the offer of the bracer. "Oh, excellent, please show me what you can do, and might I have a sample of the stuff? I have never encountered it before. What is it called?"

Yes, Curious Hank is Curious!

"I will try, Doc. I won't go and deliberately exert myself, at any rate." Ranna offers a smile, eyes running over Hank. He's a … large … man. Yes.

Settling herself on her stomach, resting her chin on her arms as Hank speaks, Ranna nods slowly. "Cogmium. That's what we were told it was."

As Hank holds the bracer, the scales slide off it, almost like fluid as they form a Chakram and hovers in the air and then turns a circle around Hank. When it hovers in front of him again, he can see the blade reconfigure from the straight razor edge to serrations. The disc moves out and then back, before stopping again. All while Ranna is just lying there.

Then it seperates into 20 small flechettes that form a fan pattern. "I can control normal weapons as well, but it's harder and I can't do the same level of things." To demonstrate, a pair of scissors by the sink levitate and move around, before coming to rest again. At the same time, the flechettes flow back to the bracer and form the scales again.

"How much of a sample would you want?"

"I can only issue the advice, Ranna, you'll have to weigh it for merit and act upon it as suits your conscience and circumstances, of course." Hank smiles after to soften any possible sense of sting or disapproval.

And then Ranna shows him what she can do with the 'Cogmium'. "Oh, that's fascinating. Your touch is very deft indeed, Ranna." He smiles. "I think shavings would do, but I can learn a great deal more with a larger sample."

Hank leaves it to Ranna decide what if anything he gets to play wi—STUDY. Sad he's so fond of SCIENCE! that what others deem work he does to relax.

There's no sting to the words that Hank gives Ranna. She knows what he's saying is true. She just doesn't know if she'll be totally safe - The Order are looking for her and, if they're thorough enough, may well find her.

"I've been practicing with it since I was sixteen, when they modified me. The telekenisis, I've been able to do since I was twelve or so." There's no false modesty, but she doesn't seem boastful. She's put a lot of work and training in to get this good.

"I'd prefer a shaving, Doc. Those scales form the whole of my weapons and I don't know what would happen is large piece goes missing."

"I'm ready …. when you are. Are you going to have to knock me out?" Right now, she's kind of wishing Kian had come with her. But he's hadn't responded to the messages she'd sent. He's probably busy.

Hank tries very hard to be reasonable. And he certainly understands the woman can't control what happens, she's capable, no doubt but far from omnipotent.

"Well, clearly your practice and hard work has paid off, I've seldom seen such fine control." And Hank has dealt with a lot of tekes over the years, a lot.

"Shavings will do nicely, thank you." Hank says with great sincerity. One interesting thing she might notice is the tattoo of a raven on his right forearm.

"I would prefer to, but…if you'd rather, I have a nerve-blocker we can use, it will shut down your pain receptors, you will however feel every bit of the surgery. Which is going to be a tad unpleasant even without the pain." Once he gets her answer, Hank administers the pain blocker once he's scrubbed for surgery, and then he gets to work. Ranna would feel every tug and cut, and snip and slither of wires and poking about - and not a dram of pain. Not one.

"I … don't want to go under, Doc. Nerve blockers, please." Ranna is at least polite. "I can take unpleasant." She might just at that. "I … would you mind telling me what you're doing, if you can?" Curious? Perhaps. Or maybe Ranna just wants to feel some agency.

Laying still is easy for her. It was part of her training and part of what she was required to do during her examinations. The sensation on her back is … different. She can feel Hank poking and prodding but that's it.

As Hank works, Mirlo seems to stir and press against the Scientists will. She wants to stretch her wings. Hank might recall from what he read of the specs for Ranna's enhancements, there's a fail safe - he has to be careful not to trigger it.

"Nerve blockers it is." Hank says.

"The reason it is targeting only the pain receptors is that anything more would be potentially dangerous."

He proceeds, and as he goes he gives a detailed explanation of everything he's doing and then some, his attention to the details might be a little disconcerting. Still, his voice is very calm, very steady and self-assured and he uses wording that does NOT require a medical degree (or five) to parse.

And then Mirlo stirs, for the moment he simply sends thoughts towards the bird, he knows he can likely suppress it, but he sends /thoughts/, actual feelings to bide, and then he'll let the girl bird out to fly and such. Because really? Undead birds? Not the best surgical assistants. Now, he's focused enough on the surgery that Mirlo might just manage to escape.

He is VERY Careful about that failsafe, in fact it is his top priority. Step by step, node by node, he removes the wiring that can transmit the triggers. It is a grueling process, probably half the procedure, honestly.

"You aren't removing the implants that work on my power, are you?" Ranna's asked that before, remaining still under Hanks hands. Whether she understands what he's saying isn't clear. It probably doesn't matter, the sound of Hank talking is enough to help calm her, let her focus on her exercises to clear the mind.

"Is everything alright, Doc?" Maybe she picked up a slight hitch in voice as the bird stirred. Hard to tell.

Mirlo pushes back as Hank talks to her. It's almost petulant and her will is quite strong. Hank might almost imagine that this is how Keiko's mind sometimes feels. From his arm a taloned foot pokes free as the bird tests how serious Hank is.

"You aren't removing the implants that work on my power, are you?" Ranna's asked that before, remaining still under Hanks hands. Whether she understands what he's saying isn't clear. It probably doesn't matter, the sound of Hank talking is enough to help calm her, let her focus on her exercises to clear the mind.

"Is everything alright, Doc?" Maybe she picked up a slight hitch in voice as the bird stirred. Hard to tell.

Mirlo pushes back as Hank talks to her. It's almost petulant and her will is quite strong. Hank might almost imagine that this is how her owners mind sometimes feels. From his arm a taloned foot pokes free as the bird tests how serious Hank is.

"Absolutely not, actually, once I've disabled the failsafe I'll work on repairing those, there's some damage that is likely creating painful feedback at times." Hank keeps working. "And of course they distributed the failsafe to every key junction point, to every node in the neuro-mechanisms embedded in your spine, and brain. So, I have to first turn the failsafe into a maybefail, and then an alwaysfail before I can effect any other repairs."

He sighs at the question. "Oh, mostly. Keep calm, but we might soon have a visitor. Nothing to be alarmed about and I am well on my way to the land of maybefail."

Mentally, he clamps down on Mirlo, beefy fingers stilling a moment as he applies a nearly as burly will to the bird, showing he's serious by forcing that claw flat once more…if he can.

"That's good." Ranna says quietly, brow furrowing a little. "Maybefail…" she's working that through. She can feel Hank work in back, as his fingers poke and prod - feel her muscles as they respond automatically.

"A visitor? Are you sure that's safe?" The woman asks, taking long deep breaths and practicing her exercises again. Falling silent, Ranna lays there, letting Hank do what he must. The idea of a visitor doesn't sit well with her.

Mirlo's claw flattens but she doesn't like the 'force' of will that Hank uses. As the Scientist focusses on the next junction in the maze of implants in Ranna's back and …. a glowing spirit bird appears on the sink, cawing at the mutant and the ninja.

"What the hell is that …"

"Right…a failsafe is supposed to trigger reliably, hence 'safe', I like maybefail as a descriptive term for one that's been partially disabled, as yours is, nearly half way." Hank sighs as she asks, and the man's character is such he can't lie to her. "No, I don't think it is a good idea at all, honestly, I simply may not be able to do anything about it."

Once he's got Mirlo bound down again, he gets back to work, there's a clock here - now that he's partially disabled the failsafe he's in a race to finish before the code realizes it has been compromised and fires immediately.

And then Mirlo appears on the counter, poor Ranna is sure to be pleased at the sight of a less than healthy looking raven out of thin air appearing and /glowing/.

"Ranna Pryde, Mirlo…Ranna Pryde. Please don't come any closer, Mirlo. This is a very delicate procedure."

"What is it?" Ranna tenses under Hanks hands. He's probably really wishing that he knocked her out now. It takes a moment for the small ninja to relax again - and a lot of effort - but she does it.

The tensing causes the node under Hanks fingers to slip … he nearly loses it at the crucial moment.

Mirlo parades along the sink, cawing at the Scientist as she does. Oh, she understands what he's saying … She starts to collect items and pile them together. The scissors that Ranna demonstrated with not long ago. The wrapping for the forceps that Hank just opened - that sparkles in the light of the room. That piece of tubing laid out on the table over there.

Then she turns her beady eyes to the tray by Hanks hand. What's on there….

"A friend of mine is in a terrible state, she asked me temporarily keep Mirlo, she's bound to me magically, and apparently is in a bit of a mood at present." He sighs. "I really…am not well suited to magic, it would seem." Though he's one of the rare few, all unknowing, that actually CAN learn to wield the power arcane. Even so, potential is one thing, practice and training very much others.

Feeling the slip at the node, Hank /focuses/ again, and with the surge of adrenaline he works at a furious pace to disable the failsafes. It is frankly astonishing how deft his touch is, how precise even his swift motions are - inspired, he races to complete the most crucial of the operation before anything can go awry.

Sweat beads his brow as he works, and he does keep an eye on the raven, but…yeah…hopefully she won't interfere, he did /ask/ her not to come nearer. He could have tried to compel…

"Bound to you …" Ranna says quietly, closing her eyes and going through her mantra's. Hank is trying to be careful however, she can feel him and feel him tense slightly as he regains control of that node. "Maybe she just wants a friend. Have you tried to be friends with her?"

Mirlo hops around, collecting more things from around the room and making a pile on the counter.

A piece of blue tape - where did that come from. Some silver foil. A plastic fork (that must be from the bin). And hair that's dropped on the ground - long dark strands, probably Ranna's. All the while she's giving Hank the sideeye, daring him to say something, perhaps?

The failsafe is nearly a maybesafe, just one more node and he should be clear to finish the rest of the work.

"Bound to me. Temporarily." Hank qualifies. "A friend…possibly, I confess I haven't been the most gracious of hosts." A glance to the bird. "I shall strive to remedy that." He promises, and then gets back to work, all the while watching the bird gather her pile of booty and detritus.

He will slow his work considerably once it seems likely that Mirlo won't start swooping at his head, or pecking him or his patient.

He is about two hours ahead of the projected time as he nears completion.

"You should try it. I found once I started honey instead of vinegar, it became a bit easier." Ranna … relaxes … under Hanks hand. "How we going there, Doc? You aren't going to short me out or anything, are you?"

In the background, Mirlo watches, settling on the nest that she's made. Every so often she lets out a squawk at Hank but for the moment … she's content to just watch. Or so it seems.

"Honestly…I'm more a honey than vinegar sort of guy by nature, I was advised by my friend to use WILL, to /force/ compliance." Hank's gaze shifts to the bird, but only briefly, he's working here. "Alas, I cannot undo what has happened, all I can do it try to correct things and move forward. And no, I'm not going to short you out. Not on the agenda."

Hank keeps working at that slower but still swift pace, glad that he donned a cap, or he'd likely have sweat in his eyes too.

The work that Hank is doing is tedious and requires meticulous attention to detail. One slip, even now the failsafe is a maybesafe, and the Scientist could paralyse Ranna or cause permanent nerve damage. That she remains so still, even with the nerve blockers, for so long is astounding.

It takes a while, another hour or so to clear the implants. In some places, Hank simply remove the connections but in others, he needs to rewire them. What might frighten him is how entwined they've become in Ranna's body. It's like they were designed to become part of it - that just makes things more difficult but he manages.

All the while, Mirlo watches - occassionally hopping about the room and collecting more things that catch her eye, sometimes just watching from her 'nest' but never drawing too close.

Finally, Hank is ready to close up. Ranna has been quiet for a little while now, but her breathing is steady and her body relaxed.

Formerly fuzzy, but still a genius, Hank works at a steady and methodical pace that a normal human surgeon just could not sustain with any degree of accuracy. His massive hands and thick fingers manipulating the surgical tools he's using with a deftness that seems wildly improbable, and yet he does so for the entire duration - even when he amped up the pace due to the scare Mirlo gave him his precision didn't suffer save for that one almost bungled node.

He keeps a mindful eye on the spirit raven, but mostly his attention is on the delicate task at hand.

Finally, when he's ready to close up he does a final series of checks to be /certain/ he didn't miss anything, or leave any task undone before he starts closing Ranna up. "I am going to use a mix of self-dissolving sutures and staples, Ranna. The combo should hold the wound shut, mind you, I had to expose a lot of your spine, you'll want to be very mindful about bending … pretty much at all. In anticipation of this I have fabricated you a sort of 'harness' to wear that will facilitate things, and you'll want a lot of bandages, the first couple days there will be significant drainage. Finally, I have some pain meds for you, take them as needed, they're Norco, a mix of hydrocodone and acetiminophen, do not exceed 1-2 tablets every four to six hours, and never more than 8 in a day. Questions?"

The quiet Ranna 'stirs' as Hank talks. Still not moving but he can feel her attention return to him. "We done, Doc?" She asks. "How long before the nerve blockers wear off? What about bathing etc.?" As far as Hank knows, Ranna is alone. Does she help for all this, or is she going to do this on her own?

"How often will I need to change the dressings? And no bending for … how long?"

Yeah, she had questions. Her voice quivers just a little - like she's realising how epic what Hank has done is. "When can I use my abilities?"

"The bandages will probably need to be changed 2-3 times a day the first couple days, down to once daily in probably 4-5. Activity will be a factor. You had said you arranged a place to stay via a friend, is said friend going to be there to help you out? If not I can make time available to visit you as needed." Hank takes his patients' welfare very seriously, it would seem, it is not a trivial thing for him to rearrange his schedule but he will and won't begrudge however much is needed.

"The Nerve Block is good for about another six hours, I won't lie, it will be very uncomfortable and painful for the first couple days, no matter how tempting it might be DO NOT exceed the pain meds dosages I listed, you can, in a pinch supplement with ibuprophen, however, but be cautious."

A nod. "If you can manage it - don't bend at all for the first three or so days to give the wounds time to start knitting well, also eat LOTS of protein." A smile. "You'll need to avoid baths and showers, just sponge bathes for the first week, possibly longer, I'll be available to you - call any time of day or night, and I'll be there as swiftly as I can, I am going to stay in the city for the next two weeks."

"I am staying at a friends." Kian … is a friend, right? "I think they'll be able to help me. I'm not sure they'll like someone visiting though." Secretive. The two of them - Kian and Ranna. And for good reason. "I can come in for a check up, when you want though."

Six hours. That will let her get back to where she's staying at least. Subway and walking. She'll be careful.

"I won't need more medication. If the pain is too great, I will meditate. We are taught to withstand great pain in our training." What type of life must she have had?

As they're talking and Hank helps Ranna to sit up, Mirlo hops over to the bracer and pecks at the metal, trying to pluck a scale off. Did she know that Hank wanted one?

"Ah, okay, then." Hank offers her a small thumb drive. "I have detailed instructions, and a list of warning signs here. Ranna…" He grips her shoulders when she is upright. "It is very important that you do not hesitate to call me if any of the warning symptoms appear - excessive weeping from the wounds, any red lines, or spreading discoloration, fevers and the like being most notable. These are signs of infection, and that is probably the biggest threat you face." A moment as he remembers another of her questions. "Your abilities should be usable, but try to take it easy the first couple days, I'm unsure what effects active use of them will have on the initial healing, so better to take them out as a variable. Say three days?"

He frowns at the medication thing, and then nods. "As you wish, if you change your mind, call me."

When Mirlo tries to steal a scale he tsks. "Please don't." He asks the bird. "She has agreed to let me have some samples already, so no need." He offers his arm, like as a perch, inviting.

"I won't. And I'll take the meds you're offering, Hank. If I need more than that, I'll meditate." Ranna clarifies. She's not *stupid* just stubborn.

"Three days, that's fine. And I know the indications to watch for. My friend will too. If there's problems, I'll be back quickly. I promise. I want to be better and you've done so much already."

Mirlo looks up at Hank, cocking her head in a very avian way, before hopping up onto his arm, and then onto his shoulder. He'll get the feeling she's 'deigning' to allow him this. It's then he gets a weird double vision - seeing Ranna through his eyes and Mirlo's. He'd been told that her owners bond did that.

"Ah, very good then." He's glad that she's not so set in her ways to decline the meds, quite a relief for him, and it sounded like she might not want them. BUT - she's an adult, and he doesn't know her at all well, so there you go.

"Three days, do be mindful if you get any sensation of heat or discomfort in the wounds, or in general, and let me know." He smiles. "You came to me for help, I agreed to provide it. Seems to me that implies that I'd help you beyond the few hours of surgery." And nope, Hank doesn't seem to realize just how odd that sentiment might sound. Right is right.

He grins at the bird as she takes up a perch on his shoulder. And then he blinks as she doubles his vision. "Oh my stars and garters, that's a bit odd." Curious, he tries to see if he can share HIS sight with -her-.

It's going to take a few minutes for Ranna to get dressed and… she might need some help as she does. Hopefully that won't be too traumatic for Hank.

Hank finds he can't share his vision with Mirlo, but it's an odd double vision he gets from the bird - he can turn off it at will, but that's sort of handy, isn't it?

Hank doesn't get too traumatized, honestly, this is a medical procedure not a date! He helps her into the harness, showing her how to fasten it, and adjust it, and he will apply a ton of bandages to her back, and then wrap her in gauze, so, yeah, there's not going to be a lot of body modesty opportunities here. Once that's done he helps her get dressed once more.

Fortunately there's that pain blocker, it makes things so much easier at the moment.

He definitely has a bit of fun figuring out the double vision thing, it is sure to be useful, though he'll need to practice with it to get used to such.

He does take a few shavings of cogmium, from the scales on the bracer, and he does so in full view of Ranna so she can be sure he only takes what she offered. If she permits he'll take a small sliver from each scale, that will give him enough to run a few tests.

Body Modesty? Not something that seems to bother Ranna as Hank helps her. Dressed, the ninja waits quietly as Hank takes the shavings he wants. They're not much and it's the least she can do for all his. "Thank you, Doc." She says as she leaves the suite.

When Hank turns back, there's an envelope on the exam bed. Full of cash, a lot of it, like $20K a lot with a handwritten note.

//I didn't think you'd accept this. Please use this to cover your costs and if you really don't want it, donate it to a charity or help someone else. It's the least I can do.


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