2019-12-20 - The Land of Ice And Snow


Carol and Brunnhilde go Xmas shopping

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Dec 20 20:10:15 2019
Location: Central Park

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It's Christmas. Never really a holiday that has mattered much to Hilde in the past; it's not like she's got a lot of connections, so mostly it was a Christmas party here or there, maybe a one night stand, and then some time till New Years to do it again.

This year, she actually has someone in her life to consider, who more importantly had many people in /her/ life to consider for Christmas gifts.

Thus, she has ended up leading Carolt o some of the more interesting shops she knows about that are a bit off the beaten path. Mostly because a significant portion of the sellers are not actually human.

Carol grins over at Brunnhilde, "Okay, I admit I haven't lived in New York for a while, but how did you know about all of these places?" She's currently wearing a warm looking red and green turtleneck sweater, along with her jeans. She does have her flight jacket on over that, but isn't too bundled up right now.

Let's face it, after the cold of space, New York winters are merely brisk at best.

"I'm just glad that I got your gift already, 'Hilde." She grins over at the Valkyrie, having no problem carrying several bags as she has family, Avengers, and a few other heroic types to buy for this year. It's been a bit busy since coming back to Earth!

Hilde hmms. "These are the sorts of places you have to know people to even find them." the tall ex-valkyrie notes. "Most of them deal in magic or interdimensional creatures or items. Some are simple trade goods, some can be more dangerous fi you don't know what you're doing. I've taken bounties from several people around here to track down escaped monsters they were careless with."

Carol grins, "Oh, so like the Men in Black but magical things? The movie, that is, not the real thing." Wait, IS there a real thing?

Carol smiles wryly over at Brunnhilde, "Though I'm definitely glad you have these contacts. I can't wait to see the look on Tony's face as he tries to figure out this magical widget." A bit of a snicker, "This should keep him preoccupied for weeks."

What's the point of Christmas if you can't have a little fun with it, after all!

"The puzzle box? Have to be careful with those, some nasty types like putting suprises inside." She stretches a bit as they walk, pausing to stop by a table of daggers being watched over by an old woman with a hijab, all wickedly curves and sharpened along one edge. "Your red witch friend will like the coin that always stands on its edge when flipped, I think. Similar to the effects she creates, I think."

Carol laughs, "Yeah, Wanda would definitely appreciate that." She looks curiously at the daggers, hmming a bit, "Not really my style, I always preferred hand to hand… and I don't think Steve is much into daggers. Still…" She considers for a few moments, then glances over at Brunnhilde, "But well, as long as Tony doesn't open a portal to the Dark Dimension or something with this thing…"

"Um, he can't do that? Right?"

Hilde gives it some thought. "I'm mostly certain there isn't a portal key inside the box, yes." she says after a moment. Perhaps longer than Carol was hoping for. "What does this Steve enjoy, then?" she says as she resumes wandering.

Carol grins, "Well, honestly? He likes things that are somewhat old-fashioned, to a degree. So some vintage things from the Forties would be good… or, even stuff that he, well, missed out on. He seems to appreciate that." She chuckles, "I really should have asked Bucky about this, he's got a way better insight into Cap's head than I do."

Hilde considers. "Would he enjoy a vintage record? The vinyl things?" she wonders as they walk along. Then her hand shoots out to snag the wrist of a slender figure moving past her. "…hey." she says, her voice taking on a sight edge of menace from her calm tones as she turns to eye the person, who goes pale, then lets go of the wallet in said hand, letting it slip back into Hilde's pocket. "If it were not likely to shock my sensitive lady here, I would break your wrist. Don't do it again." she rumbles, before letting the would be thief skitter off quickly.

Carol chuckles, "Oh, you're so cute when you're scary yet merciful." She leans in and gives Hilde a peck on the cheek, lips quirking in a wry expression.

"Actually, yes, we should get him some vinyl records… maybe something from the Sixties. He always seems to think he missed out on the birth of rock and roll that way. Hmm. Not sure what to get him from then, though, I was always more into modern music… or at least what was modern. I feel old hearing some of the stuff out there now." She makes a bit of a face at that.

"Hmm. The sixties? The good bands didn't start until the end almost. Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, Judas Priest…" Brunhilde says thoughfully. "But we could try to find something like that…."

Carol blinks, then giggles a bit as a thought hits her, "You know… Black Sabbath was from the late sixties, and it would definitely be… an experience, watching Steve listen to this. I don't think anyone would have thought to give him that before, though I think Tony gave him an AC/DC album one year…"

Brunhilde chuckles. "Oh yes…a classic Sabbath album would be perfect then." she says. "The first one might be hard to find, but worthwhile to purchase for him. Though the second was excellent as well. I went to one of their early concerts, before they got really big…." she reminisces. "Ozzy always had so much energy, even then…"

Carol grins, "Oh, I bet… I was always a huge Trent Reznor fan." Which explains all the NIN shirts in her apartment, anyway. "Honestly, I'd love to swipe a time machine just to go back for some of those concerts, it sounds amazing. Especially if I could take you along."

Hilde chuckles and slides an arm around Carol, giving her a squeeze. "Woodstock would have been interesting, if nothing else." she says thoughtfully. "I have always preferred the darker, powerful music like metal over the more upbeat and kind songs, though. They remind me of the old skalds singing their poems."

Carol leans in a bit towards Hilde, "Yeah, I can totally see you beating down trolls to Immigrant Song. That's definitely you." She grins over at Hilde, tilting her head, "Since we're out and about, shwarma for dinner? I know a place that's not too far from here." Her eyes sparkle a bit, and it's only partially because of her powers.

"Hmm, sure." She smirks a bit. "I liked that song before every Asgardian decided it was their power song." she grumbles a bit, shrugging. "But lead on?"

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