2019-12-18 - The Mystery Deepens


Dylan Grey meets up with Batgirl and Oracle and gets more pieces to the puzzle. And more questions.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Dec 18 23:46:10 2019
Location: Staten Island

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Dylan Grey had sent a message to Oracle about the crystals, the gallery and the location he had found when he scryed for similar energy to the crystals.

Oracle had responded with a time and location in Staten Island saying that Batgirl would like to talk with him. Early evening in a quiet part of the city just outside a storefront, where there are shadows that the Bat could lurk and not be so noticeable.

Such is the life of a vigilante.

The street, is quiet right now. The businesses all closed for the evening and the street mostly deserted. Oracle did say Batgirl would be here though.

Dylan rides up on his bike and parks underneath a street light by the rendezvous point. Assuming there is one with an unbroken bulb. Just sitting on his motorcycle, he pulls his phone out and prepares to wait until Batgirl shows up. Bejeweled, muted.

Dylan doesn't have to wait long as there's a flash of yellow from the lining of Batgirls cape and the sound of muted boots hitting the pavement. "Hello Agent Grey. Thank you for reaching out."

The woman is a little over middling height, the suit seems to move with her but armoured, the utility belt has several pouches and she appears to be unarmed. Her hair falls down her back in long red braid.

"Oracle said you had some questions about what you had found. They could have sent you the information but thought I would like to speak to you as well. First, thank you for retrieving the crystal from Akari's, I understand that's not the only one that you've identified."

It's not a question, but it is.

Batgirl walks onto the street, letting the pale splash of light illuminate her. She doesn't seem too worried about being spotted. "Where would you like to start? I think this might be a case of you show me yours and I'll show you mine."

Cheeky little Bat that she is.

Dylan looks up from the screen then puts the phone away before swinging a leg over the bike. "When in Rome, ask a Centurion for the best place to eat or where to stay away from." So when in Staten Island, talk to a bat. "Yes, I sent her the locations of another 3 crystals. Incidentally, the owner of the gallery has been arrested if you hadn't heard yet. I alerted the embassies to the presence of illegal artifacts though I wasn't aware she had ties to the Yakuza else I probably wouldn't have told the Japanese embassy. They were tipped off before the raid and some items are missing that were there when I was."

There isn't a lot that happens in Staten Island that Oracle or the Bats aren't aware of. There are some things though. It can't be helped. "Are you calling me a Centurion, Agent? Maybe I should add little red lights to my visor." Batgirl can tease at times, as he's finding out.

"Akari has been seen the Yakuza boss here. A local PI was trying to find the connection, apart from the woman appearing with Nagumo that is. We're sure she's receiving payments from them, but it's very filtered." The woman pauses and nods "You think someone in the Japanese embassy tipped them off? Makes sense."

"Oracle started investigating those locations. They're … interesting. The first one, located near Goethals Bridge is Bootleg Manning Craft Beer and Whiskey Bar. The owner, Ciaran O'Sioda is the great grandson of an irish immigrant. The second is Olympia Auto Repair owned by Carme Moon a woman of greek descent, some generations back however."

Oracle certainly seems to be able to find the information that Dylan is looking for. What else might she have found out?

"What were the things you noticed missing from the raid?"

"If the cybernetic eyes fit…" Dylan responds then shrugs. "No proof of it but it would make sense. Maybe Oracle can look into the Japanese embassy personnel and see if any have ties to the Yakuza. The ambassador might be pleased to know if there is someone. Unless it's him. In any case, it could be useful info. Never know when you might want to feed some information to the Yakuza without them realizing they're being fed. Or disinformation."

Listening to the rundown on the other three locations, he nods as it agrees with what he's already heard. "A bit more detail than I already knew but it jibes. Interesting though… Two Irish business and one Greek. While we meet a Welsh Fae working for an organization named after a Greek creature. And to make it even more fun, the missing items are a Celtic torc similar to the one I wear and a Greek seal for a tomb. "

"We have someone with connections to the Yakuza, we'll ask them." Dylan heard mention of the name Samurai while they were fighting, maybe that's who she means. It's a very … Japanese moniker. Batgirl is smiling under that hood of hers, Agent Grey seems to have a sense of humour. That bodes well.


"I can do that Batgirl, Agent Grey." Oracles androgynous voice filters from a speaker in Batgirls suit. "And hello Agent Grey, it is nice to meet you again. The information you gave us has been very helpful. Hopefully I can be equally as helpful to you."

Batgirl picks up again "Irish and Greek, yes. And Japanese, it seems. The third location is a residence to the south of the island. Rin and Haru Sato, japense immigrants. Rin is a financial advisor working for Maki Enterprises and whilst we can't confirm it yet, Maki Enterprises may have Yakuza connections. Haru is a sales assistant working for Dicks Sporting Goods here on the island."

She pauses, masked face looking at the agent. "If you're interested, I would like some help over the coming nights to investigate these locations. And it's not just Welsh Fae, either, by the way."

"I was planning on looking into it whether you were or not." Dylan informs Batgirl. "Since you intend to as well, combining our efforts makes more sense. You've run into more fae than the ones I saw? Also Celtic or from other countries? The Welsh, Irish, English and Scottish tend to overlap to some degree so I wouldn't be surprised by that. A Scandinavian troll. That would surprise me."

"A Troll, yes. A Mermaid, Red Caps, Werewolves, Pixies, a sorceress calling herself Circe. One of the leaders has appeared to myself and the Silver Samurai as a shadow - but appears to be a Gorgon styling herself as Eurayle."

Batgirl shakes her head "There's no rhyme nor reason why they are working together. If Oracles and my research is correct, these … factions … don't usually combine and work together and yet, they seem to be."

"I would like the help and I would like to help you. I'm good in the field but not with magic. Shall we start tomorrow night then?"

Another pause. "Are you aware of any significance to the torc and the seal in any mythology or arcane sources, Agent Grey? You say the torque is similar to yours, may enquire as to the nature it?"

A troll. "Color me surprised." Dylan muses and runs a hand over his hair as he consider. "No, no they don't usually work together. Not to mention that werewolves don't really fit into the same category as the others. They're not otherworldly. All these disparate beings… It just doesn't feel right. There's something going on here beyond the obvious, I think." What that is, is another question. "Tomorrow. Yes, that's fine. Neither of the pieces were magical but there is esoteric significance to them. The torc is often a symbol of rank and wealth. That much gold, the workmanship, it would have belonged to a chieftain or king. And the seal… Well, a seal to a tomb is fairly obvious. It could be useful in a ritual to either seal or open something. Add in the torc and at a rough guess, they might be wanted to resurrect someone powerful."

"That's what we can't work out. This group though, is organising the gangs here. They pushed the Hand out of Staten Island about two months ago and took over the gangs they were controlling." Which is horrifying really. Someone has enough influence and muscle to keep the number of humans in line in Staten Island.

"I wonder if there's something on the missing items in the police report. There must be an inventory from the Gallery, if Oracle can get the images of what's missing, they can send them to you - and maybe work with you on tracing them…" There might be something in what Dylan says.

"Well, I think our first stop is to get those crystals and do more data gathering."

"If there are pictures of them, I can scry them." Dylan states. "I didn't take any while I was there but any picture of t hem will do once it's transferred into my phone. I'd guess the gallery was under constant surveillance. If you can get your hands on them, that should work quite well. I should have thought of that before this and asked SHIELD to get them." Which he still might but SHIELD would probably go through channels. Oracle might be quicker.

"Your … phone … can scry from an image?" That stops Batgirl dead for a moment. "That's … good to know. Oracle tracks all my activity and records it, we can go through that and see what else we can find for you." That's a lot of data they store then. This is one well resourced vigilante.

"See what your contacts in SHIELD can do however, Oracle?"

"Already working on it, Batgirl."

"Can you transfer to Agent Grey the information that we have on those locations, please. Tomorrow night, we'll hit the locations we can and remove the crystals, that at least, should the Gorgon down."

Are they really dealing with 'The Gorgon' or is it something else?

"I have the inventory of the Gallery, Batgirl. I'll send that to Agent Grey as well."

Dylans phone beeps with a dump of the locations as well as the inventory with images from the Gallery. The Torc and the seal should be in there.

"That's how I found the other crystals." Dylan explains. "I photographed them and stored them in my phone. Since they were made together, using the same materials, I could use the Law of Contagion to find the others. It destroyed one crystal much like testing a DNA sample destroys it but I still have the other one. Tracing an item is similar using a picture of it. The range is more limited than an actual physical object though. I might need to ride around till it gets in range."

Looking over what Oracles sends him, he skims the info on the locations but then goes to the pics. "Yes, those are them. Now, let's see…" Isolating the torc, he enlarges it then swipes it off the screen so it's projected off to his right. Calling up google maps, he does the same so Staten Islan's map is floating to his left. Then he flicks the image of the torc onto the map and presses a button on his phone. "If it's within 25 miles, it'll show up. Now for the seal." Repeat and rinse.

"Staten Island is only 13.9 miles long and 7.3 miles wide." Batgirl answers. The modulation hides most of the amusement in her voice, but there's a hint of it. "And where does one come across such a device?" Of course she would be interested.

As the map floats, the torque highlights on a location in Eltingville. The seal, in a location in Woodrow. It' approximate of course and Dylan will need to get closer to find the exact locations but it's something.

"Tell me, Agent Grey, how good is that tracking? Can it be tricked or masked?"

"I enchanted it." Dylan answers idly as he zooms in on first one location then the other. "It'll be more exact the closer we get." At the question, his brow furrows. "Well, it's possible. Their magic would have to be greater than mine. If whoever is calling themselves Circe is really Circe, that's certainly possible. Though they'd have had to have taken steps to misdirect anyone scrying them. They might not have thought of it since I take it Staten Island isn't really swarming with sorcerers."

"You enchanted …. it." Batgirl shakes her head slowly. "Well, it's a good thing you felt the disturbance the other day then."

"Shall we chase that down then? See where it leads us? Or do you have other plans for tonight?"

There's not much Oracle can do until they have a location.

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