2019-12-17 - Playing Dominoes on a Razor's Edge


Darkstar and Hunter buy some guns from and then essentially Portal-nap Domino. At a secure location with the help of River, they manage to recruit her to deal with the Razors

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Dec 17 00:00:00 2019
Location: Partially Collapsed Parking Structure - Disaster Zone - NYC

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So the woman of a paltry few words, painfully laconic, finally uttered a few while everyone was trying to determine how to deal with the threat of the Razors and their presence and lethal intent in Mutant Town. "Need weapons."

This led to a bit of a debate, before Diya - always a woman of so few words - cut off the round-and-round of the discussion by cutting straight to the point. "Not official." She didn't explain, but it would not have taken rocket scientists to realize that given the use of SHIELD intelligence assets is what led the Razors to find the Russian expats operating in Mutant Town, using SHIELD resources to arm up would be potentially unwise and operationally unsafe.

Other resources and contacts have been used. A connection has been made with a black market arms dealer, and a meeting has been set with that arms dealer's mercenary contact. The intention is to gather up said contact and bring him, her or it by portal to their current safehouse to continue negotiations.

And Ms. Few Words is rather hoping they've picked the right resource; that they have found someone who can, rather than providing them with weapons, provide them instead with intel on where these particular murderous bastards have obtained the weapons they are using, and what else they might have to bring to bear on this situation. If they can also manage to obtain some better weapons for themselves, though, she is certainly not going to look a gift rifle in the muzzle.

So to speak.

There was a bit of argument - but then Okhotnik 'Hunter' suggested black market. At that suggestion the objections melt away and soon they're en route via portal to some random area in the zone, and then heel-toe express to the site. Laynia is dressed in an oversized dark green sweater that hangs to mid thigh, khaki pants, and a pair of military surplus combat boots. She doesn't appear to be armed, but one could hide a lot under that sweater with a fair degree of impunity. By a careful application of Darkforce, pixie cut blonde is transformed to a black bob, and her eyes are much darker brown than their normal cinnamon hue. She's also hypervigilant at the moment, borderline paranoid - but really - in these situations can one be too paranoid?

It is a nice and sunny day, entirely at odds with the activities underway.

As one of the 'new kids' in town Domino has a lot to learn and has yet to properly prove herself to those who dish out the local contracts. Part of working so underground is that no one knows you by reputation. Add to this her recent first-hand tour of the Disaster Zone and a sudden desire to learn more about it and the pieces fell together quite nicely: Help to transport goods which she happens to be intimately familiar with into the part of the city she's crazy for wanting to hang around. They'll even supply the wheels! Reputation and all.

No backup had been provided, though honestly Domino wouldn't have asked for it. She's happy working alone.

The blacked out Mercedes GLS SUV rolls into the area, a mix of luxury and intimidation which still manages to blend right in on the more populated city streets. This is in sharp contrast to the driver who is, in turn, full of sharp contrasts. A bleached white face marked only by black stained lips and a circular black patch around the left eye is surrounded by layers upon layers of black. Maybe she doesn't deal with the cold so well. Or, maybe she's hiding something particularly nasty underneath the long coat.

The engine's shut off then she's stepping out onto the damaged ground. Pale ice blue eyes are attentive. She's determined to see any potential deals through.

'Hunter' does not situate herself at Laynia's side, but instead hangs out at a distance, wide and careful. Okhotnik earned her callsign back in the day for playing overwatch to her Spetznaz comrades, and her incredibly heightened senses and intense paranoia these days only exacerbate that tendency. Her own attire is strictly bagging threadbare army surplus; she is homeless, and looks it. It also means that within the Disaster Zone she blends in a lot more than the clean pixie cut or the sparkly black SUV. She belongs here, blending in as if she is made of this place.

Once the SUV comes into the area, Diya breaks cover for a moment so that Laynia can see her, and her handsign acknowledging incoming and promising to keep an eye out for anything or anyone following. Paranoia is especially handy when you KNOW the enemy is out to get you.

Subtle acknowledgement of the handsign, and then Laynia approaches the SUV at a steady stride, and it is plain she is aiming right for it. She doesn't LOOK like a criminal contact, and she definitely does not blend in as well as Diya does. Not at the moment, anyway. She wanted to look a smidge more reputable with the thought that might help the deal come off, homeless people not being known for their huge reserves of cash after all.

As she nears the woman who just emerged from the vehicle, she shifts course to intercept, stopping about three meters from her.

The dark haired, dark eyed woman makes not bones about checking the contact out, and then looks her in the eyes. "You must be Domino."

Laynia is quite sure she's got backup - Hunter being a VERY gifted sniper is a very soothing thing to rely upon.

It would appear that no one else is following. This is a one person and one vehicle operation. Although there does happen to be a secondary soul involved, though not one which happens to be obvious. Visually there's only one target to keep track of.

With the other woman on approach the albino mercenary stands her ground, hands loosely held together in front as she waits. Laynia herself doesn't look too imposing but making assumptions is what gets a person into trouble. Such as assuming that -she's- here alone. Though so long as the deal works out okay, does it really matter?

To the greeting Dom's chin inclines a few degrees. "Petra. You must have confidence around here to be calling this in broad daylight." Not that she's going to mind, the sun helps to beat back the frigid chill some. Still, Dom's running this gig on 'Petra's' ground. She has the home advantage.

"Well come on then," Dom offers with a lopsided smile and a sideways dip of her head toward the back of the SUV. "Interested in a new toy for the holidays? I'm not running a special but I think you'll like what you see." Taking point if necessary she starts walking to the back of the Benz. "Got all sorts of devices to help call in the new year."

For now 'Hunter' remains out of sight, if not quite out of Laynia's mind. She's just keeping watch. Given her perpetually laconic state, questioning is really not her bailiwick. And her methodology for inducing someone to talk really isn't terribly productive in the long term. So long as Laynia never mentions the warning signal, and 'Hunter' never senses a threat? Then 'Hunter' will remain invisible. And that rifle of hers will remain unfired.

"Da, I am Petra." Laynia confirms without hesitation, and her accent is not her usual Muscovite, nope, it is something a bit less urbane, the sort of thing you would get in the gutter instead of a university, very common. Long fingers stroke her hair back behind one ear, which action confirms for Hunter that this is the actual contact. Then 'Petra' smiles.

"I do so love the holidays." She agrees with a wry twist of full lips. She walks beside the other woman, hands clasped in the small of her back as if she has not a care in the world…though…it is also a good way to keep hands in reach of a hidden gun, so there's that.

She rounds the back of the vehicle. "I wait to be wowed, and am curious, is cash acceptable? Also, after this deal, there is possibility of second deal, if you are into information barter, of course."

Yep, we've got a Russian. Curious thing, usually -they're- the ones selling the weapons. Domino's fluent in the language but doesn't know enough to identify what parts of the country another might have originated from. So long as Petra here continues to speak in English Dom won't even have to reveal that she knows more than one language, too.

Territory like this is prime for urban warfare. There's no shortage of places to hide and all of the rubble makes it so much easier to blend in. Maybe she doesn't know that she's being watched by the business end of a rifle but there's always the feeling that someone somewhere has a bead on her. It may be instinct but the side which Petra had arrived on is the side which Dom never turns her back on.

"I like cash," the albino confirms with a smile. "Information's another game, I'm just here for the shinies today."

With a push of the fob the back gate on the SUV pops open on its own. Actually opening up the weapons display requires a more manual approach. A fingerprint scanner opens a very well lit and downright beautifully organized array of firearms and explosives conveniently organized within several roll-out trays.

"Got everything from twenty-two to twelve gauge. None of that Saturday Night Special garbage, either. Everything's ready to rock with whatever you feed 'em. Got handguns and revolvers down here, SMG's and PDW's on the second shelf, SBR's and SBS's on the third, and a couple take-down precision rifles for shots past a thousand meters up top. Feel free to try anything on for size."

Naturally none of them are loaded at the moment. Rule number one is don't get shot by your own merchandise.

'Hunter' remains watchful, under cover, and keeping a beady scoped eye on the proceedings as she waits. She has that kind of unnerving and seemingly eternal patience that the best snipers are infamous for.

Laynia's eyes light right up as she sees the quality of the merchandise, and then she dips her head in acceptance of the offer to check them out. Now, Laynia is rather pretty, and she's curvy, she does not in any way, shape, or form look like she's military or ex-military…

…until she checks out the weaponry. She moves with the smooth precision of someone who's been using guns a very long time, and had formal training. She even field strips a couple, then reassembles them to check their action. "Oh, these are lovely indeed, tovarisch."

She picks a miniature arsenal, far more than a single person could possibly carry off. And then from under her sweater, she starts producing plastic wrapped bundles of hundred dollar bills. It is like she's wearing them on a suicide-bomber vest! She lays out a fair price for what she's ordered, and then produces one more, tapping it against her cheek. "Perhaps you would deliver to location? And we could discuss other business, da?"

Aha, look at little Petra here! She's got the skills! Not only can Domino appreciate someone who knows their stuff but a part of her is almost filled with pride every time it happens to be found in a fellow lady.

This..right here. -This- is why you never assume.

Making a couple of sales is no big deal. Having someone purchase in bulk is a little more surprising but really, Domino can chalk that up as her being lucky because things like this tend to happen to her! A big order means a lot of money in payment which in turn means her 'boss' will be happier and she'll get better more meaningful work. It's a total win all around!

Being asked to transport the goods somewhere else is a bit unusual but given the amount of pieces being paid for it seems like a trivial matter.

The money is taken without question. It isn't counted, either. It'll be right..or Petra here will be getting another visit, likely with guns being pointed a bit more meaningfully at her. Plus a bonus for delivery, and incentive for intel…

Here comes the tricky part. This is an -arms- sale, not an information sale. Buuuut, one step at a time.

"Give me the address and I'll see you there, tovarisch."

Because everyone knows the word 'tovarisch.'

Hearing the arrangements for delivery being made, 'Hunter' shifts slightly, engaging the safety on her rifle as she waits for the two women below to start moving around to close up the truck and get to the driving cab. Once that begins, she stands up carefully, staying under cover, and slings her rifle back up onto her shoulder. She does another quick scan of her surroundings, and prepares to launch herself into an improbably quick and kinetic pursuit of said vehicle, through a portal she is virtually sure will be popping into existence soon after the vehicle starts moving.

Isn't planning with a professional a grand thing?

"So…is good, Domino." Laynia as Petra says with a bright smile, ooh, nice teeth! None are sharp though, of course, that's probably not a huge surprise as normal the woman looks. Rather than give directions, however, she tosses that 'bonus' bundle of cash to the merc, and then moves to the passenger door, opening it if the fob is close enough to open it, she'll wait if not.

Either way, once they're en route she will navigate, and she even promptly puts on her seatbelt, without being asked. Clearly for a gunwise demi-criminal sort she's a safety girl!

She guides Domino quite close to Hunter's emplacement, and then when out of sight of the road, she looks to the driver. "You might wish to brace self, Domino."

Those dark brown eyes go black, FULLY black, no whites, no sclera - just dripping black energy and then a HOLE in space opens up right in front of the vehicle, even though Dom's reflexes are sufficient to react, momentum is not so amenable.

Into the portal…and then it is but a short drive through a searingly cold area, full of smoky after images, and whispering…and movement at the corner of their eyes.

And then they're out, in a partially collapsed parking structure, and assuming Dom doesn't just shoot Laynia — she MIGHT just happen to see a familiar Strawberry blonde there.

There had been contact, and Thea was on the move. Strawberry blonde hair had been turned to a deep, glossy black. It's loose over sleek, close-fitting black clothing: Long sleeved shirt, tucked into equally dark cargo pants that end in combat boots. She has a different look, and if someone didn't know her face fairly well, they may not recognize her.

She's got several weapons on her, all tucked away and out of sight. Fingerless gloves cover her hands, and nails shine with deep red laquer. That's the only real touch of color to her, her face left looking natural. She left her accessories off today, going for a more severe presence.

She's lingering in shadow offered by some of the debris from the collapsed portion. Then there's the portal that Thea recognizes as Laynia's work, and she will move to a more alert posture, on the balls of her feet.

What, now Domino gets to be a taxi service too? Ugh, -fine.- It's not easy turning down cash and this Petra here seems so well behaved. Definitely not harmless but also not cavalier. Maybe this is for the better, it allows the albino an opportunity to keep an eye on this buyer. Besides! Things always have a way of working out in her favor in the end.

This'll be fine.

"Wait what—"

Oh god the cold. THE COLD. Dom's wearing excess layers and the SUV is kept -nice- and toasty inside and she's STILL feeling the cold seeping right through all of the thermal protection like claws out of the darkness slowly trying to flay her alive while traveling through time and space—

The SUV reappears with a howling shriek of four tires having long since lost traction. Various electronic systems leap into overdrive to cut down on the noise and try to regain some semblance of control. Before the mighty Mercedes lurches to a stop the albino behind the wheel has her belt undone, one hand on the door handle, and one hand neatly tucked away from 'Petra's' reach where a machine pistol complete with a freakishly vicious spiked handguard is now pointed at the lady's head.

"-NOT- part of the deal, suka! What did you just do?! Where are we!"

Domino's..not..had the best of luck with unexpected teleportation lately…

When the SUV pulls in close, 'Hunter' leaps impossibly far and well from her cover to land right behind the truck. Then she sprints at improbable speeds, nearly blurring in the doing, right behind the truck … and right into the Darkforce Dimension through the portal. She just grabs hold of the bumper and rides along until they emerge into the half-shattered parking below-ground garage level. Then she leaps away and rolls, coming to a stop against a pillar as she skins out both of her loaded pistols and waits, just in case this all goes sideways.

hopefully her purple lioness friend can keep napping. Hopefully, this doesn't have to be gunplay. But she's prepared, just in case.

Most would expect the SUV to be quite bulletproof. Diya is sure it might be … and she doesn't care. She just prepares to throw everything at it.

Eyes still blazing back, Laynia raises her hands when that vicious looking gun is pointed at her face. "2.17 clicks from our prior position, Domino." She provides the distance. She doesn't even bat an eye at being called a bitch, nope. SHE would be just as upset, but…operational security mandated extreme action, so, there you have it. "Nice gun, 5.56 mm, da? Frangible, AP, or standard loads?"

Yes, shop talk—with a gun in her face. Say what you will, the woman has balls of steel.

"I am going to open the door and exit very slowly, by all means keep the gun on me if you wish, I will not make any sudden moves, da?"

Not knowing where Hunter is, but knowing that Hunter IS somewhere close, she will do as she mentioned — if allowed.

Thea sees the lady that's a tiger's biosigns as she rolls away to a pillar, and there's something that is a mix of relief and tension. She's never seen the lady in action, after all. She also sees the 'glow' of Laynia's more familiar biosigns as she moves in the SUV.

Thea steps out from the shadows, just a little bit. She'll make her presence known, before she goes completely still for several heartbeats. She bursts into motion, boots not silent as she rushes towards the truck. "Domino!" The single word is full of shock, worry, and relief. She hasn't been able to track the woman down in the city, and suddenly… here she is. Her sister in arms, a bond forged in hell.

..Huh. Domino's question is given an answer. As easily as can be. It was a shift in location. Not in time. Not in dimension. "Close enough" is all she's going to say in regards to the caliber of her current weapon. It's probably not for sale, either.

Petra's going to exit the vehicle. Yes, it -is- armored against smallarms fire but who knows what it's been teleported into the middle of? Someone could be perched nearby with an RPG ready to light the sucker up and all of its stock. Dom's in a bad situation on the outside but she's a freaking sitting duck on the -inside.-

Petra's 'da?' is met with a peculiar response. The albino with those pale blue eyes opens her mouth and hisses, revealing four small but defined fangs. At least it's not a 'no?' In the shadows of the ruined parking structure there's also a mercurial sheen to her eyes when the light angles off of them.

It's all very cat-like and given further credibility in the way that she silently slinks back out of the SUV and onto her feet, a matching pistol quickly falling into her off hand. One stays leveled in Petra's direction. The other remains wide out, seeking another target which she KNOWS is going to be lurking somewhere.

On the upside she happens to see very, very well in the darkness thanks to those peculiar eyes.

What she sees isn't another shooter. It's someone much more significant.


Guns are drawn. Tension is running high. Yet the albino's arms start to lower to her sides as she starts walking straight on over to where the familiar lady stands..to give her a monstrously strong hug!


It is one word, spoken softly but not murmured at whisper softness, spoken from a good twenty meters behind and thirty meters to the right of that driver's side door, meaning the source of that voice is facing the opening of said door from the 'behind' aspect of the vehicle.

The speaker, dressed in those baggy, oversized and threadbare military surplus, holds position with both pistols and waits for Laynia's answer, and only hers. 'Hunter' is here to make sure that if this starts to go wrong, the newcomer is the one to visit Valhalla today, not her allies.

But Diya was not expecting Thea to glom onto the pale newcomer. That … is confusing.

Laconic to the end, her response to all of this is still just another single word. "Darkstar?"

The lack of answer doesn't really surprise Laynia, I mean, the situation is a bit on the tense side and rightly so. However, with semi-permission given, she does exit the vehicle, and steps back two steps before her form is enveloped in darkness, she armors up with Darkforce. The manifestation starts with her head, and swiftly washes down and over and around.

Hopefully there aren't any of those solid-light rounds in Domino's loadout.

Much more comfortable, she is about to say more when Thea runs up, and the nice merc albino demon cat chick and she are hugging.

Softly to Diya. "Stand down, I would think."

Of course, she does not lower her layers of armour…JUST in case.

She looks to Thea. "Is friend you spoke of?" The one she was in Hell with.

Thea could have been, would have been, another shooter. If she'd had to be, if it had been someone else that needed to be shot. This is clearly not the case, as she hugs the albino back, that hyper vigilance lost for a moment, eyes closing. She clings for a long moment, before Laynia's voice pulls at her attention.

She will loosen her arms and let go of Domino, those blue eyes a little watery as she nods. "This is the one that was with me in Hell, yes. I know this is not what you expected of me. I'm sorry for that. But.. I've been searching for her."

She glances at Domino. "You know, you're not easy to hunt up. I've been worried."

If she's still in any danger (and the odds are -totally- in favor of that being the case) Domino no longer seems to care. Petra's blackened armoring is very much so noticed. Dom won't fault her for it any. But she's still hugging this one out with Thea, darnit!

'Not what you expected of me?' Drawing back from the moment Domino gives Thea a curious look. Following this, she adds "You're not the easiest critter to catch, yourself."

With guns still in hands one comes up to swipe the winter hat off of her head to reveal short stubble along the entire left side. "Hit a little turbulence on the return trip" she explains with an amused smirk. "Jeezus, I can't believe we both made it out of that nightmare and we're both already up to no good. Old habits, huh. I'm already starting to question these new pals of yours."

"Well. Now that we're all friends…" she announces while tucking each of the automatic pistols back under her thick coat, "maybe you ladies can get me up to speed on what all of this is really about. Including whoever you're talking to, 'Petra.'"

Who is 'Petra' talking to? That'd be the very quiet, preternaturally still woman over by the pillar. The one stepping away, now, lowering a pair of heavy-caliber pistols and tucking them away. Yep, the homeless veteran woman who just walks over and sits down beside …

Yes. That's a very large, very purple lion stretched out over there, resting comfortably. And the dirty blonde homeless woman kneels down and then takes a seat beside the lion, and she buries her hands in that fur.

"No follow." Diya offers, softly spoken. "No scent trackers. No subsonics. No spotters but drone."

Wait. There was a drone? Yep. There was a drone. And Diya spotted it and was completely unconcerned. Then again, that drone didn't follow them here, now did it?

"Thea…no worries, friend. You obviously had good reason, and thank you for preventing her shooting me in face." Laynia's normal accent is back, and though Dom might not recognize it as 'Moscow', she WOULD most likely recognize it as Urbane and Educated. Her voice sounds a bit deeper too, and as it weapons are sheathed her hair goes blonde and shorter, pixie cut, no longer a long bob, and her eyes unblack to reveal cinnamon brown underneath.

"Laynia." She provides in answer to the blatantly dubious use of 'Petra'.

She moves around the SUV, armour having dissolved already. She is not surprised that Diya spotted the drone. Nope. A nod. "Portal travel is very good for operational security, a pity my range is only a few miles."

Well, Thea was there to back up Laynia, not burst out of hiding and start hugging the person they were dealing with. It isn't as if Thea is usually physically affectonate, either. There's a quicksilver smile at Domino. "Well, clearly you weren't using the right bait." It's a teasing tone, an air of long friendship.

She looks at Laynia, shrugging. "You pulled me in to be professional. I mean, sure, she put the guns away, but that's happy happenstance. I think she knows I wouldn't let someone shoot her." Not after years in hell together.

She looks at Neena. "I avoid the portal stuff. You would know why." A hand lifts to run over the stubble. "I was bruised, and confused for a while. But my hair is intact." If a different color than Neena is used to.

"Yeah, and I'm not feeling terribly anxious to gun down your crew," Domino says to Thea. To avoiding the 'portal stuff' there's a dramatic rolling of her eyes. "Would have if given the choice…" she mutters while the stubble is examined. It doesn't smell like burnt hair anymore but it sure did for a couple of days. Thea's new choice of color prompts the albino asking "Going undercover?"

The next thought on her mind is going back to the portal situation. "Okay, Laynia. If you are -ever- going to teleport me again you need to tell me before we go." But she still isn't going to enjoy it! "Portals are also a very good way to sucker someone or to get into trouble in a big way. Things like this," she points to her pointed teeth, "don't happen when I drive."

Whoa -whaaat?!- The other lady stepping out of the shadows is no problem at all. Domino had expected that much. The part which she -doesn't- expect is anything to do with a large purple lion!

She's also not expecting to have any reason to move -closer- to the large purple lion and the other lady beside it…but she is. The motions are slow, silent and wary. She's staring at the two every step of the way. It even appears like Whitey's sniffing at the air for whatever reason.

The eyes, the fangs, the sudden sense of affinity… The other soul which had made itself at home within the albino is demonic in nature but it is also -feline- in nature. She's been partly possessed by a damned hellcat.

Who knew!

Well, Thea kinda knew. But the way Dom's acting now is a new development!

The homeless woman eyes the albino carefully as she approaches, but keeps up petting the sleeping purple lioness. With a mane. Confusing, right? "< Odd. >" she murmurs in soft-voiced Russian. It is the first time she has spoken Russian around anyone present. Not something she admits to easily. But a warm amber glow shines from behind her green eyes as she watches Domino approach. "Smell 'not here'." she comments, and keeps petting. It's as if petting a sleeping Catseye keeps 'Hunter' calm.

'Cause it does. Which is good, because otherwise she'd be projecting that 'ominous aura of predator lethal intent' which always seems to follow her and is amplified in enclosed spaces.

Where did Hunter learn this trick? Good question.

A snort from Laynia. "Nyet, tovarisch Domino." Laynia smiles. "In future yes, but this time I could not risk you saying no. So…I acted, much easier to ask forgiveness than permission." Wryly. "Old Russian saying." No it isn't, though they probably have a similar one! The woman is just playing to stereotype.

"Thea? We pulled you in for skills, yes, and contacts, that too, and for your help — never did we say 'Oh, ignore friend you have been worried about after literally going through Hell with'." Laynia's smile is a lot more friendly to Thea, whom she knows, Dom gets an inroad, but, trust and liking will take time to earn in the former, and may not ever happen in the case of the latter.

It is is interesting watching the byplay of the two cat souled girls, and Laynia just now realizes she's not sensing that threat emanation, so that's a good thing. Of course her senses, while keen enough, are stricly within human parameters.

Thea will give Laynia a long look, that expresses Thea is disappointed in herself, even if she is thrilled that Domino is here, and well. "I know, but still. I shouldn't rush in. Things can happen that way that wouldn't, otherwise."

Then the biokinetic is distracted, blinking several times as Domino moves in a cat like stalking closer to Cats and the Tigress. "Dom? What's going on?" She will slowly move, slow sidelong steps to bring her closer to Domino. "They're friendly, promise. You don't need to worry about that."

< Very > is all which Domino can mutter in response, matching Russian for Russian despite her having originated from Florida. The Project which made her had been responsible for helping to cross this cultural gap.

Throughout this moment it's like the pale lady is in some sort of trance, hypnotized by an unseen force. She may well come close to bumping noses with Hunter if the opportunity is permitted.

Whether or not she gets to such a distance Dom suddenly draws back with a firm headshake, looking a little bit dazed. What is..why is she so close to…

She clears her throat and mutters "Right…" before backing -waaaay- the hell off. Nope, was absolutely NOT just doing whatever it was it looked like she was doing! Nevermind that she's giving Thea that same blank, stupefied expression when her concern is voiced. "I wish I knew…"

They're getting sidetracked. Dom's going to walk right back over to the parked SUV and stay within arm's reach of it before she goes and does something ELSE wholly bizarre. Then to Laynia, "You said something about information? Ask away. Today may be your lucky day."

Seeing as these are Thea's pals Dom's feeling a bit more chatty.

Diya stays pretty calm with Domino's approach, at least until she is nearly nose-to-nose with the woman. That's when she growls dangerously; also stops scritching Catseye and starts tensing up, that pervasive sense of 'impending predatory threat' rising up like a stormcloud.

Then Domino backs off, and Diya settles back down, resuming her care for Catseye. She leaves the questioning of the woman to others. She of so few words would make a terrible interrogator, after all.

"Right then." Laynia says softly. "At least you did not trigger this whole thing with clumsy spycraft." Yeah, see? There's plenty of self-recrimination to go around and then some. Laynia will, if allowed, hug Agent Harman. Following Thea's distracted glance she tracks to Domino, and then Laynia is watching too, and bemused a bit.

Once the albino merc has returned to her SUV, and by the way, Laynia is very glad that Diya didn't bite Dom's face off, that would be bad. In any case, once Dom asks her question, Laynia is very frank. "There is band of former Russian operatives, black ops and infiltration specialist - they hunt supers. We need to know where they are buying their gear, and hoped you might be able to assist. Would you be willing? I still have three stacks of bills I can offer."

Yes, Laynia's paying for all this out of pocket, granted the monies were from old stashes from forty years ago, but still. That is a sure sign of her commitment.

Thea is glad the lady Tigress has control enough to not hurt her friend, especially since the tigress and Thea aren't really friends yet. There's a soft exhale as Domino backs off, and then Thea is being hugged by Laynia, surprising her. There's a delayed reaction, before her left arm lifts to hug the fellow Shieldie back while keeping a hand free.

"I've seen what they're doing, Dom." Thea will not use the albino's given name, not now, not yet. "They're specifying the attacks to counter a metahuman's powers. I've had to heal someone, and it was… brutal. If you know anything, we need to know. I'm going to hunt them down." There's still that hard edge to Thea that formed over their years shared in hell. The huntress inside isn't going dormant.

There's an abundance of 'WTF' going around today. Dom's already committed to spending her evening with a whole lot of beer. For the moment she's looking forward to keeping the conversation moving if for no other reason than so they can all forget about what she had just been doing!

Russian operators. Black ops. Hunting supers. ALL of those points are troubling. While it might be easy to say 'not my problem' and drive off, Thea's already on board. There isn't any feeling of obligation, there are no favors owed between the two but there -is- a deep rooted level of trust after four years of cooperation. Regardless if Dom helps, Thea's going hunting with this pack.

To be honest with herself the same motivation toward inching closer to the two feline-linked individuals has been nudging her toward the desire to hunt as well. So, why not roll with some familiarity?

Laynia's offer is accepted with a dip of her head. Domino's on board.

"I don't have anything up front," she admits with a glance between Thea and Laynia. "Do you know of any previous AO's? We might be able to recover some ballistics data, that should help narrow the search."

And into those moments of silence that follow Domino's words, a soft voice - Diya's voice - murmurs a long series of numbers. And another. And another. And another. Four series of coordinates, longitude and latitude narrowed down to three-meter markers, thousandths of a degree. And each pair is joined with a twelve-digit number. A timestamp in Unified Time Code.

One set is the hit in Mutant Town just a bit over thirty-six hours ago.

The other sets would trace back to three other hits in three different countries. Because Diya can honestly remember with that level of detail from the rundown offered by Widow.

And then Diya goes silent again. More petting.

Laynia notes how tense Thea's response is to the hug, files that away for the future. She /is/ going to keep her promise from earlier, however, and do social things with the girl. "I stick with original description of them - the Razors are rat-fuck sons of bitches." Yeah, still sounds weird with that cultured Russkie accent!

Laynia relaxes a wee bit at the nod of acceptance from Domino, and then she goes to a footlocker with a distinctly mil-surplus look to it, and takes out an SMG, with a partially unfired clip with black tape about the bottom of the magazine.

She blinks as Diya spouts off the numbers, those long strings of coordinates and UTC codes. "Impressive." She murmurs, and then looks to Domino. "Is enough to start with?"

Thea isn't a hugger - it's just not how she was raised once she was in her father's care, and even more so after her mutation manifested. She does laugh at Laynia's description of the Razors comes out, though she's heard it before.

She glances at the black taped clip. "Is that the one with the shatter?" The one Diya was shot with, but Thea isn't about to expose that the lady is the tiger, after all.

She'll look at Dom, one brow lifted. "Come on. It'll be fun hunting things together again, won't it?"

A dark brow curls upward when Klavdiya perfectly recites all of those numbers all while looking curiously bored. Domino watches her through the moment then turns back to the other two. "Do you even need me for this?" It's like Diya's one half cat, one half computer!

Hiding in the footlocker is something which she can do more with, Laynia once more holding the merc's attention enough that she's willing to step away from the SUV. It isn't the Darkhunt amulet guiding her motions this time. A critical eye looks the weapon over and notes the black tape on the mag, she has a feeling that she knows exactly what kind of ammo is loaded into it.

"Yeah," she confirms with a slight frown. "Is enough to start with."

Back to Thea the frown softens and turns into a thin dark smile. "Let's do it."

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