2019-12-16 - What To Do With Razors


Having retreated following the attack, and having treated their injuries, the group of allies gathers to discuss the situation and what needs to follow.

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Storyteller: klavdiya-vasiliev
Date: 2019-12-16 01:00:00
Location: A semi-collapsed parking structure in the Disaster Zone, NYC

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After hours spent healing, the tigress finally quieted. Panting, chest heaving mostly from her body's efforts to sustain that healing effort, Amur Khatun stops wrestling against the restraints of Darkforce laid upon her.

Thanks to Lexi's food run - and there shall be SCRUBBING after that, or surely Laynia will have purple hide for new seat covers! - the group can then settle in to replenish their stores and rejuvenate their bodies with food, and rest, without fear of any of them expiring in the night.

It's been a rough trip, since that shot heard 'round Mutant Town.

Luckily for Lexi, she was thoughtful enough to put plastic down on both roof and car, still, ew, that's a lot of blood and Laynia /dotes/ on her chibi car. Dotes on it. And drives like an old lady unless there's an emergency, she actually has a reason for that - driving slow and steady draws less notice, plain and simple…driving like a maniac does the opposite.

Once it is plain that Amur Khatun is doing better, she'll ease off on the restraints, eventually dissolving them entirely, and flopping to the ground. She'll fuss about the car after she stops shivering with exhaustion, and is less sweaty. She's presently sheened with, and nearly dripping.

Thea had spent hours, to keep forcing all those tiny fragments and shards out of the tigress. It wasn't exactly a quick fix like a lot of injuries can be, and she couldn't lay on hands, which made it that much more exhausting. Still, after she was done with the tigress, she had tried to boost Laynia's system to help ease the shock and exhaustion.

Then, there had to be food and drink. Tiny little micro healings take more concentration, and therefore more energy out of the biokinetic. If there are no big macs, she has protein bars and water in her messenger bag. Never leave home without 'em, is her new motto.

Lexi, once she had the car back and was sure that everything, withdrew to the makeshift bathroom area…which is really just an old maintenance worker bathroom station that's been put back in working order. And includes a contaminant shower that she makes liberal use of to get the worst of the blood off herself. Her top is pretty much a lost cause, but she's got a spare. And she did send out for more food before she completely got lost in her own lust for butchery…in that she brought back the whole pig AND cow. Eyes bigger than stomach. Said person with the food should be arriving soon though!

Catseye arrives carrying multiple bags AND with a backpack on her back… and there's an overwhelming smell of barbecue. She looks around, then starts setting down the food. Take out BBQ ribs. BBQ chicken. Packages of rolls. Enough white cardboard boxes of pastry to have a kindergarden class bouncing off the walls. And large bottles of electrolyte drinks, as well as a box or three of instant coffee and energy drink mixes. Panic buying, and she was TOLD lots of food. And, well, it's Mutant Town. If they don't eat it all themselves, it will get shared around. "Is something else needed? Borrowed a car, so can fetch and carry." She looks worriedly over at the tigress, and chuffs softly in her direction.

Tired and weakened, the tigress chuffs in the direction of the purple-furred two-foot; she recognizes that scent. No longer panicked, no longer blinded by rage and pain, the tigress is, for the moment, relatively passive. But she can smell the blood, the food, and she starts stirring, looking about. She is a huntress, and prefers to catch her own food. But she is not picky, especially not in this situation.

Amur Khatun climbs to her paws a bit unsteadily and then steps off of the pad where she has been laid, starting to explore towards the smell of bloody pig and cow. She knows what she wants. That. And water. Lots of water. She lost a lot of blood, her volume is low.

Pardon the feline giantess as she wanders around almost passively, like a housecat.


Eyes of cinnamon are tired, but she will briefly grip Thea's arm in thanks when she boosts her energy a bit, and eases on the fatigue-shock. "Spasiba, Thea…I am grateful you came. So…would you like to help get the, what was expressionahthe 'Rat-fuck sons of bitches' who did this?" By her tone, one very angry Russkie girl wants to -end- some bad guys. Really really not subtle. Nope.

Laynia is very glad she's not blood spattered, well, not much - her attacks were ranged after all. That Lexi hit that shower? Not a surprise and very much approved of.

Though the food smells even better. A smile to the purple haired cat girl, as opposed to the purple skinned queen of tendrils. "Hello, Catseye. Thank you for the food."

And then the positively enormous tigress is moving about, and Laynia is a bit too weary to be more than wary, though her eyes do take on a bit of a greyish sheen.

House cat? Yeah, not the image that leapt to Laynia's mind. She will thank Cat when she distributes the food, not by word, but by a nod and a non-toothy smile, and she ends up chugging her some Electrolyte solution and eating far too many of the sweets.

"Welcome." The biokinetic is a little tired, just a faint hint of it around her eyes. Her left eyebrow arches upward as Laynia grasps for an expression and then is as subtle as a sledgehammer.

Thea is quiet a moment. "So why were these guys coming after you?" She asks, voice almost boring in the calm measured language. "Not that I won't gleefully come with you to rip some assholes apart, but knowing their goal is a good place to start."

There's a dark gleam in Thea's eyes at the mention of ripping men apart, but then she turns at the smell of food. She will happily devour some chicken and electrolyte drink, before she too has some sweets. Dessert is one of the things she missed in hell.

Lexi comes padding back out, looking slightly damp in the hair and wearing a sports bra in black under a dark purple tank. There's still dark stains on her pants here and there, but they're at least wearable in public. "Thanks for bringin' more food Cats…" she says with a sigh, looking over the group. There are little…well, patches here and there on her body, big bandaids effectively, but not wrapped over, just the square self stick variety. "And they're assholes called Black RAzors…" she say wandering over by the slightly dazed looking tiger, slowing a bit as she approaches her.

Catseye confirms, "Food first, Mayhem second. Good to have plan and clear target too." She scrounges around, finding a large pot and fills it with water, setting it on the floor. Then Catseye devours a cinnamon roll as she strips out of most of her clothes, down to a black unitard underneath. Then she stretches and shifts, her body flowing gracefully, lavender hair becoming lavender fur and mane, unitard fading out as soon as modesty would be maintained. A second or two at most, and she's a lavender lion with an incredible fluffy mane. She ducks her head, tilting it and making little chirps as she approaches the giant tigress, then gently headbutts. The feline body language says clearly 'eat, drink, you're in charge. I've got your back'.

The giant tigress strops herself against Catseye a bit unsubtly, and then continues ambling over towards … eenie meanie miney … cow. Yes. Cow. She lays down and bites into the cow, tearing off a strip of bovine flesh and chewing it up.

Interestingly enough Amur Khatun does not object to Lexi approaching her. She looks up, amber-backlit green eyes watching the purple girl, and her tail flicks back and forth slightly, ears perked to pay attention to her. Her biped form … razors. Yes. That is important. But the tigress is a creature of immediacy. She needs food, and food is here. So for now, she eats. Eats, and pays attention to these people.

It seems her purple lioness friend has a biped form as well? How interesting. Opposable thumbs are apparently in vogue. The tigress churrs softly at the lioness, accepting her presence and welcoming her, even offering to share some of her cow if she would like.

"Razors, da. Color units were sometimes used I think, but not sure if they apply here. But were definitely Razors, da." Laynia confirms as Lexi speaks up, answering Thea. And yes, Laynia is not usually one for potty-mouth, well, she can be depending on the needs of a role, but HERSELF? Yeah, not so much the potty mouth usually. That she went to 'rat-fuck sons of bitches' is a very solid indicator of how extreme her anger is at the moment. She IS relieved to see the hulking tigress moving about and eating. "I am not sure /why/, but they are unit dedicated to suppression and removal of metahumans, counter meta insurgents, experts at infiltration, consummate black ops specialists."

A sigh.

"And they clearly know me, and Hunter. They took specific remedial actions, they were prepared for us."

She nods to Catseye. "And yes, I concur, we need to recover, THEN we terminate them." Her voice is a growl, low and throaty. "Extreme enough to make sure they never return."

Thea just silently listens, eating and silently refueling herself, just in case someone actually needs healing. Like if Lexi wants it. "Black, blue, whatever. They are toast if you want them to be." Thea isn't being dramatic in the slightest. "I'd like to think I'd be a fun surprise for them. I mean, I'm not bullet /proof/ but I can heal the wounds." There's a faint snicker.

The curvy mutant girl doesn't ask to be healed in fact! Though it may be unclear if that's because she doesn't think to ask, she sees Thea is worn out from fixing the tiger, or she's fine with walking it off. She gently scritches behind the tiger's ears, then ruffles the lioness' neck as she joines the group. "Problem is they were ready and they knew where ta ambush us, so either they were tracking us or they were watching the area….fuck!" Lexi hurries over to Laynia's care then begins searching it.

Catseye accepts a front haunch of cow, and nudges Amur towards the viscera. To the feline brain, they are the tastiest parts. Human brain knows they have trace nutrients the rest of the body lacks. Both parts agree Amun needs it more than Catseye does right now. Besides… Amun is bigger, more dominant kitty. She tears loose a chunk, swallows, looks over at Laynia. "Know where wild boars feed. Good for disposing bodies." Which is disturbing enough even if it wasn't coming from a bloody cat muzzle. "Also couple of places under the city where… things eat."

Amur Khatun can usually heal bullet wounds quite quickly and cleanly. But not these, obviously. She heard the others mention obsidian. Her feline mind cannot quite put paid to that, but the other mind knows. This will be processed, if slowly. She continues eating, slowly, methodically, sharing with Catseye.

Indeed, a check of Laynia's car will find a small, encrypted, limited burst transmission tracker and bug. Absolutely top of the line for Russian technology. It would be largely undetectable even with standard anti-bug scans, because it only sends out a signal when it receives a particular signal itself first. There's not a single maker's mark on the thing. But duh!

The tigress does eat the viscera, sure that she needs it. Normally, she might share them, but her instincts tell her this is what she needs, so this is what she will get. This, and a lot of water soon. Oh, look. A trough. Bonus: she won't have a face full of blood soon. That might make her a bit less intimidating. Maybe.

Catseye watches Amur eat and drink, then tries to curl around the other cat. An amusing sight, because while Catseye is the size of an adult Bengal tiger, Amur is MUCH larger than that. Catseye then puts a paw lightly on Amur's head and starts to groom her. Especially the ears and back of the neck, no matter how many times you lick your paw and swipe at it, it's no match for a proper grooming.

As for Laynia she's pretty thoroughly done with being a sodden mess, after eating, she rises and gets a go bag she stashed here some few days back, and hits the shower recently vacated by the purple wonder. It might amuse that she sings in the shower, Amur Khatun's other self might well recognize the songs since they're in Russian. Things from Laynia's childhood, but consider that was mostly spent in a military style academy they're songs soldiers would almost certainly know.

She's not a professional singer by any means, still, she's got a decent set of pipes, her voice a bit deep for a woman, and it has a sort of 'fuzzy' quality to it. When she emerges she is toweling her short hair and dresses in black sweats with yellow trim, and a pair of black sneakers with yellow laces.

Yes, she's in the habit of dressing in her costume's colors.

One might expect Amur Khatun to object to this handling, but she does not. She is tired, and she is well fed. A nap will give her body the chance to heal and restore itself. And there is something in her feline instincts that appreciates being cared for and shown attention; to be groomed by one she likes, one she trusts. Catseye has gone into battle with her, so the tigress trusts her. She finds the darkling woman's singing amusing; she knows the words, but her own 'singing' would be basso deep feline yowling of the most distressing sorts. Instead she takes turns with Catseye, grooming the purple lioness as she is herself groomed. And then snuggling up close for a nap. She needs a few hours.

Catseye tries to curl around Amur, really she does! It is a cute if a bit off-putting seeing the two giant cats curl up and nap. Catseye cat naps in the literal sense of the word, her eyes not completely closed, her breathing slowed and regular. Her ears twitch at every little sound, but she can drowse like this half the day and be as refreshed as a real night's sleep in human form.

Laynia smiles when she sees the two MEGA cats grooming, in fact she's rather tempted to help out, though she's wary of such powerful animal forms. She knows they're both women inside, but knowing is less immediate than the sight of probably close to a ton of cats! Moving over near them, she refills the massive water bowl for later, then sits near them but doesn't make eye contact, simply sits curled up near them, easily within paw reach, but does not intrude as she drinks more of the electrolyte solution. Power usage is a HUGE drain when it is extended and in the wake of a fight.

When Laynia finally settles down quietly, the cats slowly migrate while napping until they press their warm furry bodies against the black and gold-clad woman. Warmth should be shared, and as loner as tigers are reputed to be, this one seems to like taking care of those that become 'hers'. Lexi is not here to be snuggled and groomed. Laynia will do.

Thea had wandered off with her phones to check up on things. She feels like she's lost track of time, and she basically sends and email to herself about Black Razors and to reach out to her contacts in her 'old' world.

She will wander back, with a bottle of juice picked up from a local bodega, her loose stride once again relaxed and full of confidence. She sees the cat pile, a brow arching before she finds a spot to sit clear of it. She is not a cat.

True lions and tigers can't purr. Catseye is lavender, has a mane despite being female, and has a purr like an idling truck engine. Fun fact, not only is the frequency of a cat's purr soothing, it's also been proven to promote healing including bone growth. When the kittypile migrates to include Laynia, she is including in the purring as well as in the shed fur.

Laynia was absolutely not expecting to be included, but…oh my…that PURR, and all that warm fur…

She's not a cat either, not even close, hell, she doesn't even have long hair anymore, still, she's tired and the purring is soothing and…yeah, she ends up napping on the tigress and the semi-lioness. She looks about ten years younger doing it too as she ends up sort of asprawl in the pile. Oh god she'd be so SO SOOOOOO ribbed if anyone at SHIELD saw this! Drowsily, she smiles to Thea. "You are amazing, are you not tired? Your stamina is…impressive."

There's a faint thump from the entrance of the hideway, before there's a precise knock pattern, before Lexi comes plodding back in, yawning a bit, then detouring straight for the remaining BBQ Catseye brought. "Laynia, your license plate was stolen, it was terrible, ended up on another model of Cooper with the same colors that's driving around in Brooklyn somewhere. If they look close at it they're gonna realize quick it's not your car, but they hopefully won't be able to figure out where you stopped with the reception in here."

Thea is in SHIELD, but she'll never breathe a word to anyone else. She doesn't even look like she's going to file it away for teasing later. She sits, knees drawn up with her arms resting atop, holding the bottle of juice loosely.

Strawberry blonde has been let loose again, tucked behind her ears. She lifts both brows as she looks at Laynia. "I'm used to going for long periods of time without real rest. I can also manipulate my body chemicals to maintain peak awareness for days at a time. This, while tiring for the required focus, but eating and hydrating pretty much puts me right as rain." There's a tiny tug of the corner of her mouth that could pass as a smile.

Mmmm. Bipeds are making mouth sounds again. The tigress stirs, nuzzling her muzzle against the lioness, and then the blonde biped, checking on them. Once she is sure they are alright, she tilts her head back and yawns, that incredibly huge jaw full of vicious teeth spreading wider than a human skull by far, tongue lolling out. Then she gives a churr and turns towards Lexi. Her biped cub has returned. This is good. Amur Khatun yawns again, waving a paw towards Lexi, and then her tail sinuously snakes out to flip idly, while she listens to those mouth sounds, allowing that other mind of hers to translate them. Apparently the new biped is an ally of the blonde, and trusted. Her healing apparently has other effects. And Whiplash has obscured their trail for now. But they must find their hunters soon, or others will die.

Oh, Laynia knows that Thea is SHIELD, that's how they met after all, on assignment with a very uncooperative interrogation some months back.

She looks up as the purple girl returns, and relaxes a bit. "Thank you, Lexi Haze, I am very grateful." A faint frown. "You found /tracers/, da? I shall have to sweep my apartment for bugs too." Yes, one happy Russkie right there. Okay, not.

"Thea, those powers of yours are formidable, I do not think we ever discussed what else you could do - I had only known about the healing." Not like power profiles are on the 'sure, anyone in SHIELD can view' files. "If you would like to know about mine, that is well too, da? Is best if we all know each other's abilities so we can coordinate."

The nuzzle from Amur Khatun is another surprise. And then she forms a grooming glove of Darkforce about her hand, and lazily strokes at the huge cat, she's definitely not going anywhere at the moment, and white and purple fur? Yeah, VERY visible against mostly black sweats. She definitely smells like she's relaxed, and she clearly trusts Thea without reservation.

Lexi walks over to sit down next to the giant tiger, then leans into her, snuggling into her fur quietly for a moment as she closes her eyes, her silvery hair shivering for a moment against her back. "Yes. They tracked ya. They know where ya are. Ya were how they got ta Hottie." she grouses quietly. "Have ta be careful now. They're hunting you an' her. Anyone else ya know, maybe, who's Russian." She firmly ruffles the tiger's ruff, scritching through her fur. "Hmm, and when are ya gonna let Diya back out, hmm?" she ask the tigress. "Or is she still sleepin' in there?"

There is a smirk at that. "Think of everything I did for the tiger, and reverse it. I can make people bleed out, control blood flow.." There's a shrug. "Then I'm trained in a mix of martial arts, and am formidable with blades and handguns, slightly less so with long range sniper rifles and the like." It's all boring and matter of fact from Thea, as she sips at her juice and watches the tiger get pet.

"I've spent several years…away, so to speak, that SHIELD does not know about. It taught me to be much more ruthless and focused with my powers. It was another dimension. I was there four years, I wasn't even gone here for a whole day." That may be the changes Laynia is seeing in the biokinetic. There's a glance at Lexi, before her eyes return to her fellow SHIELDie. "Do you want me to have your place swept? I have already reached out to old contacts about the black razors, to see if I can harvest any further information."

The tigress chuffs sharply at Lexi, objecting to something the purple girl is saying. More chuffing, a bit of a growling at something that Thea says. Then, finally, the tigress bares her fangs and lays her head down on Lexi's thigh, slowly closing her amber-backed green eyes.

What follows is a much, much slower version of the transformation that occurred when Hunter was shot. It is a slow change, but no less agonizing and terrifying to watch in reverse, as flesh ripples and flows, tendons snap, bones twist, warp and crack. The process literally takes minutes, almost twenty, before finally the naked, panting form of Hunter lays with her head still on Lexi's lap. It's a lot easier to see how incredibly well-muscled and tightly fit she is like this, usually much better disguised with her loose-fitting ragged clothing.

"Damnit, stop calling me that."

Yes. Those are her first words.

Laynia sighs at herself, clearly more than a little vexed. "Nat will never let me live this down." She murmurs. And then she nods acceptance of the blame, before looking to Amur Khatun. "I apologize, I will return bracelet if you wish it." No excuses. "I will fight the enemy to the best of my ability, have no doubt." She's expecting to be booted honestly.

Thea's description of the scope of her power is enough to send a shiver. "So…a weaponized healer, that is very impressive." That she's been time shifted isn't really a big deal to the former Super Soldier…she lost a few decades of her own in one such after all. That it HONED her battle skills, that is much more pertinent. "If you can arrange the sweep, that would be most appreciated, yes." She answers her fellow Agent. "And yes, do enquire, but perhaps make sure of your sources - I think my Razor inquiries must have been what brought me to their attention." She admits.

And then they get treated to twenty minutes of torture as the Tigress becomes ex-spetnaz naked girl. Laynia rises to get her a spare set of sweats to wear, so she doesn't have to stay starkers in the chill place.

And of course those are her first words!

Lexi grins completely unrepentantly at the chiding. "Whoa, that got a whole sentence out of ya. With nouns and verbs an' sentence structure!" she congratulates Diya, ruffling her hair gently, then leans in, as she murmurs, very softly to her. "An' yer tiger didn't eat me, even when she was hurt and angry. Told ya." she says firmly, before leaning back up to let Diya change into the clothes provided.

Thea will lift her eyebrows again. "Or, to paraphase Mr. Stark, I'm a walking bioweapon." There's a snort as her hand passes through her hair, making her feelings on that statement fairly obvious.

"I have a very discreet service I use. I get my place swept every so often, due to my former lifestyle as well as family connections that might make bugging me of interest to certain groups. I'll arrange it." No sweat, for Thea, who generally has checklists for checklists.

"No need to worry about me. There are multiple layers between the actual sources and myself." The biokinetic is clearly unruffled. "Besides, I could use a good stalking. Give me something to work out with. Since I got back from my own personal hell, I find my powers much more… " there's a pause, as Thea even tips her head in thought. "On tap. They're still controlled, but it's so much easier now to just let them loose."

Diya turns her head, glaring at Lexi; the purple girl's humor is not something the warrior shares. "Darkstar bound. Otherwise, kill all, die trying." She sits up, showing no body modesty at all as she grabs the offered clothing and tugs it on unceremoniously. She watches and listens just as intently, even though she shows it even less now than she did as the supposedly napping tigress.

"Warn Weather?" Diya inquires of Lexi, since she was out for a while, hoping the girl has had enough sense to make contact with the Pride and tell them to get themselves under cover. The shot should have been enough, but she prefers knowing communication has been established, however spotty.

Diya points at the redhead. "Sweep physical. Scent. Bugs hide. No signal." And how would the homeless woman with the mush mouth know any of that? Well, that'd be telling.

And of course Lexi doesn't bat an eye, the girl is beyond shameless, which is fine. It isn't like anyone here is prone to bouts of shame! Or afflicted with body shyness. Or really…ANY sort of shyness. Welcome to the All Shameless Squad! Costumes, optional. Laynia smiles. "She seemed to accept me very well too, Okhotnik. I was…surprised." And she has the shed fur to prove association.

To Thea she looks a bit lost. "Oh, TONY Stark, I have not met the man. I knew his father Howard, however." Laynia's brow furrows. "Living Bio-Weapon, apt I suppose. Not that weaponized healer is any better sounding." She smiles. "Either way, your help would be much appreciated and thank you very much for the sweep, I gratefully accept."

She is actually glad that Diya doesn't boot her from the Pride, she rather likes being part of the group. She's a very team focused person, she does not do well without structure. SHIELD and The Pride give her much needed anchors.

Lexi makes a rude noise. "Of course he'd call ya a bioweapon, it's all the man makes, weapons." she mutters, thens hrugs. "Ya are what ya wanna be, an' dont' let anyone tell ya what ya are. I never do." She eyes Diya, raising a brow at her words. "PHrasing." she mutters, eyes flicking to Laynia briefly. "And it was BEFORE we bundled ya in the Tiggerball to get ya back here, thank ya very much, so don't try ta wiggle out of it having happened. Admit it. Even like that, ya weren't going aroudn wildly attacking everythin' around ya. And ya certainly weren't when ya got back here, miss catpile on th' Russian chick." She twitches her nose. "Yes, I already told th' Pride ta go ta ground, but ya know if they were able ta track ya, they can track them."

The biokinetic gives the interesting tiger and the lady a calm, flat look. "Trust me. I've been on the bad sides of people like us before. They don't just look for electronic devices, but biological and mutate ones, as well. I'm not quite as young and green as I look." She doesn't look much beyond 21, despite her time in hell. Good spa facials and her powers help with that.

Thea doesn't bat an eye, blush, or look pointedly away from nekkid woman. Then again, she is pretty familiar with a wide array of bodies and biologies. There's a shrug at talk of Tony. "Mmm, he thinks SHIELD only using my healing side of my powers is smart. I don't think he really understands all I can do. Handsome, and charming in a fashion, but you'd think a man with such a brilliant mind would give a little more thought."

She will pull out a phone, in a thick otterbox style case, and start typing up some notes. "Are they using electronic tracking, scent, psychic?" She asks, looking up from the phone to look at the other women.

Diya grips Lexi with one hand, pointing at Laynia. "Fought. Risked. Saved." Then she shrugs. "So, trust. No freeze." Yep. That's right. Her answer for the catpile of snuggles descending on Laynia is the simple sharing of warmth. Nothing more. She's not about to trust her tiger self not to attack people. As far as she is concerned, that's all pure dumb stupid luck.

"Tracking? Electronic most. Maybe scent by tech. Or like me. Psychic? No idea." Hunter offers when asked. But while she sits there she is ruffling her hands into Catseye's purple fur and mane.

Not yet completed. More yet to come.

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