2019-12-16 - Pizza Recruiting


While getting pizza, Sarah and Dani encounter a wild Io! (F)ight, (U)se Pizza, or (R)un?

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Dec 16 00:13:23 2019
Location: Mario's Pizza

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Getting out of the tower is always nice. Sarah is still sort of getting over years of paranoia (though people really /were/ out to get her) and going out by herself still makes her a bit…on guard. But going with someone else in public is a bit easier for her, and, well, Dani and her needed to talk a bit, about things. And stuff. And she'd be lying if it wasn't refreshing to go out and just hang out with someone who understands what it's like to be a native in the middle of the big city well away from the Rez.

That andshe made some money off the last contract she organized for Allison, so she figured she'd buy. Dani can buy next time, she insists!

She holds the door open for the other woman as they arrive at the pizza place. "Here we are…I know it's a flight, but worth it." And really, excuse to sit on flying horse.

Dani grins over at Sarah, "Like you need an excuse to ride with me on Brightwind?" She winks towards the other woman, then looks around, "Looks good to me, though. Honestly this is nice to be away from dealing with Valkyrie business, so I'll take any sort of vacation I can get."

Not that she's big on Christmas, but well, it's the first one she's going to get to spend with her parents in five years, so she might have put her foot down with the other Valkyries. And since, well, there's a little bit of leeway for the only mortal rider they have at the moment, she's on vacation.

Unless Ragnarok starts. Then she might get a call…

Sitting in the pizza shop, with a pie off to the side and part of said pizza in her mouth as she chews is a punk-rock looking girl with electric blue hair, mismatched stockings, a t-shirt proclaiming her favor of anarchy, and a studded collar around her throat.

Also around this punk-girl are two laptops, a notepade, and a cellphone, all out, and all running something.

A pair of wireless earbuds, black, are in her ears and her head is bopping some. Her eyes swerve tolook towards the two girls who just entered - especially when 'Valkyrie business' is brought up. Cue the search for 'Valkyrie Business' through google.

SArah flushes slightly. Caught! I'ts not every day you get to ride a horse in New York, much less a flying horse! "Maaaaybe…" she allows, following Dani inside as she heads over towards a table next to where Io is seated, glancing over at her curiously as she smiles at her as she looks over, then tugs out a chair for Dani as she slips around to the opposite side to sit, crossing her legs. "Glad to give you a bit of time off then. It's been really quiet in the tower with everyone off doing stuff on their own." she admits. "Hmm, what kind of pizza are you in for?" Because any pizza parlor visit must require pizza compromise and negotiation!

Dani grins, "Well, I'm a fan of pepperoni, I have simple needs." Of course, having a public identity can work against Dani sometimes, though in this case it'd work for Io as a quick Google search reveals several photos of Dani Moonstar a.k.a. Mirage in Asgardian chain armor, more often than not riding a white winged stallion.

Dani, however, is currently wearing a black faux-turtleneck that's fairly clingy and thick, as well as blue jeans, talking with Sarah as she grins, "Yeah, figured, you have the same look Ali did when I talked to her about horse rides." Her lips quirk a bit, as she does notice the punk girl with all the tech, hmming a bit as… well, that is a lot of computer. To her, anyway.

Io takes another large bite of pizza, looks over at Dani, then looks at one of her screens, looks at Dani again, and, mouth full of pizza, turns the laptop to face the two girls and a video can be seen playing - amateur video, certainly - likely from someone's phone. But it shows Spider-Man, Ravager, and the Valkyrie stopping a train crash in the city. As the short video plays, Io continues chewing, looking pointedly at Dani. Horse rides, indeed. And shiney armor.

Sarah is dressed in a comfortable looking earth color brown midriff sweater, showing off the firm musculature over her stomach, and comfortable if slightly ripped jeans worn with fringed brown boots. Modest jewelry consists of a pair of pendants at her throat, with semi-precious stones on leather thongs and a dangling feather from her right ear, with a bangle around her right wrist in silver, along with a belt made of a series of silvery discs with irregular turquoise chunks set in each. Not that she needs it as the jeans look painted on.

"Mm, I'm good with pepperoni for simplicity, I usually go for a Roadrunner but that might be hard to get in New York." she admits. She's then distracted at Io's reaction, looking over as she blinks a bit, then watches. "Oh…uh…hey, you're famous." she says amusedly to Dani.

Dani blinks at Sarah's comment, then glances over at the video that the punk girl is displaying. "Um, yikes, I guess so. In my defense not many Valkyries are Cheyenne, so for that reason I never bothered with a secret identity thing."

With that, she gives a friendly wave towards Io, saying over towards her, "Hey there." She then lowers her voice to speak to Sarah, "Surprised they don't have anything from that time rescuing you in the desert." A sly wink at that.

Io swallows, but immediately takes another bite of pizza being of the mind pizza is meant to be devoured when it comes out of the oven and is set before you. She looks over to Dani, then to Sarah. And, having so been 'challenged' (at least, in her worldview), she picks up her phone, snaps a picture of Sarah, and begins to consider the second laptop screen in front of her, but there's no typing going on. Pizza-fingers.

Sarah notices the look and quickly says. "The pizza, not the bird!" She looks a bit flushed, then mms. "Well, you didn't have a camera with you that they were going to post to Youtube at the time." she notes wryly, looking at Io curiously as her picture is snapped. "….my, am I famous too now?" she says amusedly, a bit torn on whether she should be annoyed or flattered now. "Are you a fan of valkyries, then?" she asks Io.

Dani grins, and suddely adopts a very comically bad 'Asgardian' accent, "Forsooth, if thy wishes tailes of mine exploits among the Choosers of the Slain, partake of pizza and soda with us and I shall regale you, verily I…" then she starts giggling, as she can't keep a straight face any longer for that.

Coughing a bit, she then grins at Io, "But hey, come on over, seriously, it's cool. Though you got quite the setup there from the looks of it."

Apparently Io has no further pieces of pizza to stuff in her mouth, but she does have a mega-sized soda. She grabs this, along with her phone and one of her laptops, just - well, leaving the other pieces of tech on the table along with the remnants of her eating habits. Oddly enough, the left computers continue to run.

Io flops, literally, into the aforementioned seat, sets the laptop down and looks over at Sarah. "What, she got a twin sister or something?" Meaning, of course, Dani, as she's sticking her thumb towards the other young woman. Shakes her head, "First time I've ever heard about her." Or, it would seem, about valkyries.

"Mmmm," she says, thoughtfully, squinting, and looking at her laptop. She stares at her screen a bit longer, then after a few moments looks up at Sarah. "She's right. There isn't any video footage of your escape in the dessert. Or if there is, it's not online anywhere. Though," she says flatly, looking at her screen again, "I did find some redacted 'top secret'," and she puts airquotes with her fingers to signify such, "Orders about you. Seems you used to be quite the wanted girl. But aren't anymore. Cool." Apparently, she digs it.

"I'm Io. So, what's up?"

Sarah grins at Dani a bit at her terrible accent, shaking her head, then blinks at that response from the punk girl, looking unsure. "…wait…you found secret orders bout me? Where?" she says uncertainly, leaning forwards a bit towards Io. "Uh, I'm Sarah, this is Dani…" she explains, tilting her head. "And I'm not wanted anymore?" She sounds a bit hopeful at that.

Dani looks a touch wary at that, arching a brow towards Io, "Okay, wait, she's not wanted anymore? At least by the government?" With that, Dani flashes Sarah a sly grin, then looks back to Io, "Good to meet you Io, but… huh, didn't think I was talking too loud. Need to be more careful about that."

Io shrugs, "Well, this document goes back to the night she escaped. Was published online briefly, then removed. Idiots don't understand how the internet works, though. Bunch a fucking morons, most people. Including 'top secret' government agencies, fortune five hundred companies, and whatever." She shakes her head, smirks.

"At any rate, I only went off the first find I had, and it said that they were backing off the search for you, casualties and cost were too high and it was drawing too much attention. Didn't say anything else. It was basically a cease and desist order to their agents and contacts, was up for …," she scans, "Eight hours, then removed.""

Again, Io shrugs. "I can do a more thorough search, but it'll take time. And, it'd cost you. I did that one for shits and giggles. But, girl has to make a living."

"Sooo….you….cracked a secret government database. In under a minute?" Sarah sounds a mix of impressed and vaguely alarmed by that. "Uh…so they're not going to know, right?" She tilts her head. "…are you a meta with computers?" she wonders after a moment. Because really, that fast, that quick, and she didn't seem to do much of anything…unless she already did the research and was here waiting fo rthem (which would be alarming in different ways), she can't see how else that went down.

Dani looks a bit less concerned, but then… well, she's still getting used to computers and such things here in Midgard, so she's not exactly sure why that'd be a big deal. But well, Sarah seems to think it is, so she pays attention, "That's a pretty handy talent, regardless. I'm still trying to figure out my smartphone." She makes a bit of a face at that.

"Doubt you could pay me enough to hack a secret government database," Io responds flatly to Sarah - though she doesn't seem to be mean about it, she's just being frank. "No. I simultaneously hacked about five of the largest internet archieve sites, while coupling that with some facial recognition software I created to use as a filter."

She exhales, and leans back in her chair. "Meta? No. I'm just a damn good technopath."

"Ah, mutant then?" Sarah says curiously. "Handy gift to have, yeah. I'm not much with technology but I'd imagine these days it's everywhere for you to tap into." She frowns. "Mm, sounds like the goverment, using a public database to hide things. Well, at least, the group that ws holding me." she allows.

She looks curious. "So do you work with tech repair and stuff then, since you can feel if it's working, or is it more being able to tap into data that's stored somewhere?"

Dani tilts her head, one brow arching as Sarah mentions, "Mutants? Well, that's me. Um, as well as a valkyrie. Bit of a long story, that." Well, not too long, but this is someone that can definitely do some extraordinary things, so she's being a bit cautious about it.

Io shrugs, "No idea what I am, besides really good with computers. Any tech, really. I talk to it. It talks back. It does what I ask it to do. So, you ever got something broke, you come find me. I'll fix it for you, for about half of what those so-called rip-off repair shops tell you. And, I'll fix it better than they ever could."

Sarah leans back in her chair, loking thoughful now. "That's a really handy talent. You know, we don't have a tech person at the tower, either….." she muses to herself. "I don't suppose you've ever worked with equipment for live shows or concerts?" Her managing thoughts kicking in! "Mm, me, I think I'm a mutant, but it's weird and a long story." she says thoughfully.

Dani grins, "Well, yeah, that would be handy since it's pretty much just you, me, and Ali these days." She gives Sarah a wry chuckle, "Though I guess expanding the support group for Ali wouldn't be a bad idea either, would it? I mean, you're her manager and all."

"I work with equipment everyday, repairing, repurposing all the cool shit everyone else just throws away because it's too inconvienent to repair it because they were too lazy to take care of it in the first place," Io responds, a smidge bitterly. "Why, you need someone to look over some gear?"

"Maybe. I mean, we have a headquarters at the Baxter Building, Dr. Richards might be interested in your talent too with all the weird equipment he's got around?" Sarah says thoughfully. "Or just our stuff, anyway. WE don't have a lot, just the main computer and the earbuds and such…."

Dani nods, "Yeah, we definitely could use some help in that regard. High tech is definitely not my specialty." She grins over at Io, then looks over at Sarah, "Would be nice to have more people around, honestly. But hey, Io, you can come over and check it out, and if you like it, well, hey, cool. If not, no worries? But if you checked out our online info, I guess you know we're not total jerks?"

"We'll see if I can make time," states Io. Her lips purse, "Baxter Building?" There, oddly, isn't a whole lot of interest that reflects in her features. "My guess is the owner doesn't want my brain in their stuff. But, we'll see." She shrugs, "What's it pay?"

5R Sarah considers. "Hmm. Let's talk that over, I'm not sure what you usually charge? But I'm gonna go with on the good side of well." she says amusedly. "Since we don't really have one nd I don't think we've actually hired anyone as support staff before. I mean, are you wanting to be mostly IT or more than that?" She pauses as the pizza arrives. "Heck, we can talk about that after we eat, if you want to join us? You must hve a lot of questions….

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