2019-12-15 - Uncooperative Fuzzy Patient


Lexi and Laynia struggle to treat and save Amur Khatun, and contact Thea for her help with the badly wounded siberian tigress.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Dec 15 03:00:00 2019
Location: Disaster Zone

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It has been only half an hour since the attack. In that time, Darkstar and Whiplash have managed to evacuate from the scene, complete with an enraged ginormous tiger caged up in a sphere of Darkforce situated on a cart of the same stuff towed behind Laynia's black and gold BMW Mini Cooper. Two portals and some fast, hot driving and now they've stashed themselves in the lower level of a former parking structure somewhere in the Disaster Zone. Those that were trying to kill them have largely been killed or disabled themselves, and it seems no pursuit is forthcoming. Not now, at least.

That leaves both women with the problem of what the Hells to do with said enraged tigress. Both are aware that the woman that is usually said tigress is a rational and intelligent being. But the tiger is not being any of that. She is in agony, and enraged, thrashing about and striving for freedom even after repeatedly discovering even her tremendous strength is insufficient to get out of that sphere. And every time that Laynia opens up part of the sphere to let in air, the tiger launches herself at that opening with everything she has, no matter how small or brief the opening.

What they have realized is that the wound is not only not healing; it is festering and literally simmering, hence the continued sizzling. Whatever the bullet was, its effects - as Lexi has been able to explain - have clearly vastly overcome the tiger's usual invulnerability and rapid healing. And the cat is getting weaker, her breathing more labored. Her fur is even starting to thin and fall out near the wound.

This is bad. Very bad.

"Well…this is very not good, Lexi Haze." Laynia murmurs, literally at wits end. Darkforce infused eyes are bleak and black as she sustains the cart and sphere. "I am going to call a friend, and you'll have to go meet her, I can't sustain these constructs from far away, and we cannot risk exposing Hunter to further danger."

Her phone is taken out, and after a moment she places a call to one Thea Harman, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. — hopefully she will pick up.

What is actually said fairly bland, just an invite to meet with a distinctly purple gal, at a specific location, to lead her to an emergency that Laynia would prefer was kept off the books vis a vis Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement & Logistics Division.

Lexi would of course be provided with the keys to Laynia's car and the rendezvous point.

Laynia will remain with the pain wracked tigress, and try her bes to do what she can to ease her pain - which is very little - in the interim.

This would definitely qualify as very bad, yes.

Thea does take the call, and while she is not at HQ, and has other things she is dealing with, she readily agrees to meet up if Laynia needs her. After all, Laynia never even teased her about being sent to a midwestern cornfield.

Strawberry blonde hair is loose over her shoulders, and she's dressed in black jeans and a dark green sweater, under a long leather jacket. There's a big messenger bag slung over her shoulder as she jogs a few blocks away from home to meet up with the woman Laynia is sending. She doesn't really want everyone in the world knowing where she actually lives, and all. The spiders and SHIELD is bad enough.

Lexi kinda wishes she had her own car…but, well, beggers can't be choosers unless they want to hotwire something. That said, she at least has a car that can weave through traffic fairly easily, if not the fastest. Said cooper screeches to a halt in front of where THea is standing. Inside is a mauve girl with bloody clothing with her top pretty much shredded, in that it's holding together currently with thoughts and Christmas prayers considering her endowments. "Get in." she says without preamble. And then will proceed to drive like a bat out of hell to get back to where the other two are.

When said mad dash of driving is over, Lexi and her passenger will arrive back in the parking structure - thanks to another of Laynia's portals - to find things largely as Lexi left them. The tigress is laying quietly pensive inside the sphere, panting, almost heaving, her left foreshoulder a ragged bloody mess. An entrance wound can be found on the top/back of said shoulder, but no exit wound per se. Instead, the entire pectoral region is now a bubbling, blistering, puss-filled mess of ragged flesh. The tigress is clearly weakening, infection is spreading, and she is displaying almost radiation-sickness levels of progressive devastation. It would be pitiful, if it weren't also the state of a tigress who is twelve feet long from foreshoulder to rump, easily six feet tall from padded feet to shoulder, and then add that massive, skull-swallowing head and her big, currently limp and listless tail to the mix.

Laynia is really worried, and frustrated that the best she can do really is keep the tigress caged. Ooh. Yeah. THAT is useful.

She is up and about in moments when she hears the car returning, and maybe she might wince a bit at the grinding of gears - the car has a manual transmission. Regardless, she gets Thea's door, and offers a faint smile. "Hello, Thea. I apologize for the emergency call, I would that I had something more pleasant." She looks to the huge tigress. "That is a sapient woman, transformed, and she was shot with something - obsidian, we believe, and it is apparently killing her. Do you think you can help? I can immobilize her with Darkforce…"

The silvery blue eyes are dispassionate as she slides up out of the car. "No one ever calls me for anything pleasant, Laynia." She says softly, almost but not quite teasing. Her hands gp up, and the biokinetic braids her hair back without a thought as she stalks towards the cage. There's something different about the way she moves, her cheekbones look more prominent, eyes older.

She reaches into her messenger bag, looking at the tigress. "So you're saying a woman turns into this ginormous tiger. Awesome." The joke is a little flat, as she closes up to the cage. There's a sports bottle of water opened as she pulls it from her bag. That wound will get squirted. "Keep her caged, for now. I may have to go in and get surgical, you can restrain her then."

IT's almost as if the huge tigress doesn't even frighten her, as she blinks slowly, a deep breath in and out. There's that burning tingle that may make the tigress even more unhappy, as Thea tries to force everything in that's making that mess out, bit by bit using her powers.

Oddly….Lexi doesn't get out of the car immediately. She seems to zone out, then blinks, her pointed ears flicking back slightly as she seems lost where she is for a moment, pupils dilating, before she suddenly shakes herself, as if waking up. "…" A moment later she finally exits the car, swaying slightly, then taking a deep breath. "We need…meat, lots of…lots of meat."

Indeed, the two women were able to capture one of the fallen weapons, and examined the specially named - and marked - 'black rounds'. The rounds were quite literally made not of lead, or tungsten, or any other metal; the actual bullets in the shells were of a black stone. Given its straight striations and fracture lines, it wasn't hard to identify as obsidian, otherwise known as black or volcanic glass. Which does explain the wound; the bullets are effectively frangible, shattering into hundreds if not thousands of tiny razor-sharp fragments on impact. And the biokinetic would be able to tell that the tiger's flesh is reacting to those fragments like a profound poison. The wound is literally hot with infection, and her bodily systems will almost certainly begin to shut down in another hour or two, as those fragments continue to migrate through her body, poisoning all of her.

Lexi has seen Hunter recover from multiple bullet wounds completely, without a scar, in a matter of several hours, a day at the most, and remain fully functional throughout. This is nothing like that.

"Well, this is something we shall have to remedy." Laynia murmurs as the strawberry blonde exits and approaches the suffering tigress. She trails along after her, pausing to look briefly at Lexi as she zones and stays put a bit.

Still, she continues to the sphere and will open it up should Thea need to approach.

Solid black eyes study the frothing wound, the pus, and you know - Laynia absolutely LOATHES her helplessness here, just not something she is geared to handle well.

"We were attacked by some black ops specialists, well armed and /prepared/ with special weapons to counter us, they had some sort of light based ammo that ate through my Darkforce constructs with ease."

When Lexi does wake up and emerge, Laynia nods. "So…take my car, get meat. There is money in the truck under spare."

"Clearly they knew what to do for her." Thea means the tigress. There's a bare glance back at Lexi. "And take it easy on the clutch." There's a wicked touch of a smile at the corner of Thea's mouth, before she's blasting that wound with more water from that sports bottle to wash away what she's already pushed out.

"Whatever they shot her with, there are tiny bits of it floating through her. Fuck." There's some other words in several languages, none of them suited for polite conversation. "First, I push what I can out of the immediate wound. Then I work with her white blood cells to surround what's in her system and force it out bit by bit. Maybe she should get me a Big Mac while she's out."

The mauve mutant twitches, making a slight growling noise, almost snapping…literally… as she's pulls out of her distraction again. "I don't grind th' clutch!" Her nostrils flare a bit, before she takes a deep breath. "Sorry. Right. Meat. Gonna just…yeah. Be back." She gets back in the car! And then it goes at light speed out of the area! She's…driving almost more recklessly than she did to bring Thea!

When the spraying begins, the tigress rouses and snarls, raging, pushing hard against the restraints; hard enough that Laynia has a painfully clear idea of just how outrageously strong this creature really is. Even so, that is precisely the sort of thing that is necessary, washing away the puss and with it most of the largest bits of the obsidian bullet that entered her body. The poisoning and inner toxicity is much harder, and takes longer. Poor Thea is going to get quite the workout, and she's not at all used to working on animals. Which makes this quite the learning experience too, as she comes to realize many things about this tiger, not the least of which is just how exceptional she is as a physical specimen.

Nevertheless, if Thea can pace herself, by the time Lexi is back with food, she may actually have pulled this off. Assuming Laynia can manage not to pass out; this is a lot to keep up, against a lot of resistance, for a long time.

Laynia will try her best, she is trained for just this sort of thing and has practiced it for a long time. Stamina training being essential in a lot of arenas. She does frown at the purple girl as she gets snippy. "Is energy bar in glove box, several, you should eat something, da?"

She nods to Thea then, and nods. "Fuck seems like right response." Laynia /is/ being tested by the super-tigress' efforts at breaking free of the sphere, she's going to be a sodden mess when Lexi returns, and when Thea's efforts (hopefully) pay off, when the danger is done with, she'll probably have a long sit down, maybe even a bit of a lay down. Or a lot of one!

For a woman with a huge tigress snarling and pushing at her, Thea looks remarkably unmoved by it. She will just keep working, eventually sitting down crosslegged next to the cage. It will hurt, almost a burn, as she pushes it out, healing that wound, sealing it over by her will working the tigress' body.

Then there are sharp little pains that will ping through the tiger, as Thea starts working out the tiny little pieces out one by one through muscle and flesh.

Lexi, meanwhile…is gone a while. A suprisingly long while, really. Probably long enough that the bits are mostly out by the time the car comes back.

The car, when it returns, has a plastic wrap laid over the top of the car. Also one in the back seat.

You can tell this because of the pig head poking out of the back seat from the whole hog that has been stuffed in the Cooper's back seat. And partially into the front seat.

But that's just because the car is a bit off balance from the WHOLE COW that is strapped to the top of the car.

….there is currently cow blood dripping down the car. Frankly, it looks like it was just used for massive vehicular manslaughter. One might wonder if Lexi didn't just find a farm and go driving until she hit something.

BUT! But.

Then there's Lexi herself.

Who, as previously mentioned, is mostly missing her top, which was shredded previously between gunfire and her extending too many tendrils at once. And is bloody in several places as a result.

Now, it is even more bloody, is her mouth, and the pig is currently missing one of its hindquarters and leg.

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