2019-12-15 - The Shot Heard 'Round Mutant Town


Darkstar and Whiplash set up a meet with Laynia's contact to find out about the Razors and their target, but the group are hit by the Razors at the meet. Hunter intervenes, and is shot in ways she cannot heal.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Dec 15 02:42:56 2019
Location: Mutant Town

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The arrangements have been made. Word has passed to Laynia Petrovna from her contact and fellow agent: information has been found regarding the Razors, their connections to the Red Room, and the potential of operatives still active and operating off-book in the United States. Given how vitally important this could be, arrangements have been made for them to meet with contacts made in Mutant Town to discuss the threat and develop a plan of action for dealing with this, hopefully before any innocent civilians are endangered anymore than they already may have been.

The paranoia of Hunter means that she cannot be reached by any electronic means, but she has promised to be keenly aware of any of her contacts entering the area. And she has proven this countless times in the past, so thus far no one has decided to doubt her word. This leaves it to Laynia to contact the actually reachable Tendril, and then get the mauve mutant to the arranged meeting place with her contact, hopefully drawing Hunter out of hiding to join them.

That is the plan, at least.

Mutant Town at this hour is starting to quiet up. With the coming of dusk most street vendors pack up and start heading home. Most of the food kitchens similarly start closing up, going through end of day cleanup and prep for the next day's work. Foot traffic increases slightly, but is sure to fall off soon. As such, the homeless in the area - those known to those who live here as the Pride - prepare to pack it in and gather more closely together for mutual protection and support. Police activity here, sparse to almost non-existent in daylight, lessens to almost zero with the coming of darkness.

Having met with Tendril, Laynia and her co-worker, and the lovely purple girl end up piled into her 2007 Mini-Cooper as they drive to a spot she can park it out of sight and then proceed to the meeting place as arranged prior. Laynia's driving? Super conservative when not in an actual chase, she drives no more than five over the limit, insists people wear their seat belts and ALWAYS signals her turns and lane changes! Yeah, does not drive like a super spy /at all/.

Still, they get there in plenty of time as Laynia is also smart enough to plan for her driving, and allow for delays. They arrive about fifteen minutes early for the meet.

Laynia is dressed today in a heave black sweater with leather clad shoulders, dark slacks of charcoal grey, and study black boots that look military surplus. Her pixie-cut blonde hair is hidden under a news boy cap, and the only jewelry she wears is a leather thong at the wrist with a stone arrow head on it. Once they arrive she brings the vehicle to a full stop, cuts the engine once parked, and only then removes her seatbelt.

She is so anal about that! Also, her car is DISGUSTINGLY clean and neat!

There's is grumbling bout Lexi doing to the driving next time….the car is tiny! And she's a bit spoiled by her own muscle car, but she bears with it. She's dressed a bit light as usual, a black sweater with the arms separated by little inch wide rectangular holes running down the outer arm, the bottom short enough to turn it into a midriff top, over khaki capris and her normal climbing-styled sneakers with the built up treads to better grip whatever she might find herself climbing on.

She's also much more on guard…it wasn't so long ago that random gunman attacked after all. She's still not convinced that they aren't attached to these Black Razor people and is a bit paranoid as a result. And while she made it out unscathed (and, suprisingly with a date), Hunter took some time to heal after it. And if there's anyone in the Pride with a tendency to go mother tiger right back at the tiger in charge, it's the mauve mutant girl, in terms of protectiveness.

Thus, her pointed ears are perked slightly as she swivels her head back and forth, keeping alert. "…your friends are meetin' us here, then?" she says, frowning a little. She doesn't know the person or people Laynia is bringing, which is just a bit a bit more stress overall. But so far Hunter has seemed to give her a measure of trust, and she earned more helping Lexi and Hunter and Becca evacuate after the last attack.

Nadia has been in New York for a while now, but very rarely does she stop by Mutant Town. It's not exactly a hotspot for tourism or academic endeavors. So with all the work she's been doing the chance never really came up.

But today was different. A call from a potential GIRL member who wanted Nadia to stop by and chat with her family about what exactly is involved. The call resulted in a rather enjoyable afternoon talking science and doing her usual recruitment routine.

With that all done she's out on the streets of Mutant Town with a briefcase filled with papers and her usual street clothes. Some nice jeans, sweater and her insect wing logo jacket. Along with a riot of brightly coloured plastic jewelry.

On a rooftop in Mutant Town, the well-camouflaged figure of Hunter catches the hint of Laynia's scent, and that of Lexi. Then her hearing manages to pick out their voices, softly spoken. As promised, that is enough to garner her attention, and her improved vision and the use of her scope are enough to locate them and follow them to the meeting site they have chosen. Once they tuck into their chosen spot, Hunter scans the surrounding area for any signs of trouble.

Finding nothing at the time, Hunter breaks cover, slithering out from under the strip-covered dust-caked blanket and tucking her rifle back into its case, then sliding it under the blanket before she moves to the roof's edge and leaps to the next, silhouetted only briefly against the city's night light halo. A few more such leaps allows the paranoiac Pride leader to circle the meeting site and come from the improbable direction, where she can see the figure of the same woman who met with Laynia previously now moving calmly and smoothly towards Laynia and Lexi.

It is difficult to really describe the totality of what tips Hunter off. A hint of gun oil scent from the wrong direction as the wind briefly shifts. A glint of metal where there should be none. A snatch of a Russian word heard from whence there should be no Russian speakers. Whatever it is, Hunter's gaze snaps towards the threat, luminous as they drink in all of the light and refract it back, amber-green in hue. Then she leaps!

The sound of the gunshot ripping through flesh comes before the sound of the explosion of gasses that propelled the projectile can be heard. A spray of blood hisses against cold stone and brick, and a meaty thump sounds behind Lexi and Laynia. Laynia's contact is facing their fronts, and can see what happens behind them, immediately bolting for cover.

And all of that is before a pained gurgling, growling snarl from close to the ground, behind the SHIELD spy and the mutant burglar.This is followed with the thunderous clap of the high-powered rifle's explosive charge. And then the scuff of heavy boots can be heard, here and there seemingly all around them.

And Hunter lies, chest ripped open at the shoulder, bleeding heavily as her body convulses, twisting horribly.

Laynia turns at the thump behind her and Lexi, noting the vanishing of her contact, before she completes it. A moment to parse the scene, and then her features go /flinty/ as her eyes go black and a wave of dark energy shivers over her body so she's clad in her Darkstar costume. "Bozhe moi." She mutters with bitter feeling. A gesture raises a wall of Darkforce to shelter them all, the stuff is about a meter thick and ten high, curved so as to provide cover from above as well as where the shot came from.

"Lexi, the medical kit in the back of my car…!!"

Laynia then moves to hunker down next to Diya, her sweater removed from under her Darkforce costume and used as an improvised pressure bandage…assuming whatever is sizzling there doesn't eat it of course.

"Screw that, get her IN the car, we gotta get th' fuck out of here!" Lexi notes, a portion of her mind wondering what kind of mess this will make in the neat little car. "Then we treat her when someone's not gonna snipe us again!" The mutant girl is already extending tendrils, one winding tightly around the makeshift bandage to keep it in place. "Somethin' in the bullet, we need to get her somewhere we can get whatever it is out of her quick!"

As a rule Nadia tries to keep herself out of trouble, violence doesn't really solve problems after all. Gunfire in a residential area is however hard to ignore. There's no fanfare when she triggers her shrinking ability, one moment she's there and the next she's small enough it's virtually impossible to spot her.

The few moments she's microscopic allow a costume change. Her Wasp suit is almost always with her and provides much better protection against bullets than her sweater does.

Now dressed suitably for the occasion her wings flare to life. Letting her take to the sky to try figure out who is shooting and why.

More shots ring out, these with the hollowed-out substonic 'pufft' of suppressed fire, splattering against the darkforce barrier erected. Somewhere nearby comes the sounds of a snuffle as apparently one or two of those coming in the direction of the meeting trio have run afoul of Laynia's very efficient and effective contact. But it does not sound like that fight is nearly as one-and-done as Laynia's experience with that operative would lead her to expect.

Nearly fifteen seconds after the first shot strikes, another bullet strikes the darkforce shield without fanfare … but its warmly glowing form burrows explosively ''through'' the darkforce with shocking power and insistence, something that to one attuned to it would seem like searing hot pain somehow dipped in something nigh-addictive. Slowed down a bit but not stopped, the bullet slams into the stone behind Laynia's head, having missed her by barely more than an inche as it passed by. And the stone almost seems to be bleeding some kind of glowing golden light in liquid form.

On the ground, contorting, Hunter cries out in a voice that is most definitely verging on the inhuman as her body twists and bucks, writhing in agony as it rapidly distorts … shifts … changes … already growing much heavier.

From above, the best place for a flying figure to gain some context on this attack, the Wasp may be able to pick out subtle signs of what might be a pair of someones on a roof. Their outlines are very indistinct, and they are barely moving. One appears to be crouched near the edge of a roofline. The other seems to be stretched out beneath something, with just a hint of a long, dark object protruding with them out from under said covering.

"Actually, I was going to teleport us to safety, no time for car. Get the kit, girl!" Laynia's accent is /thick/, very Moscow at the moment and very very angry at the situation. Eyes dripping darkness, body limned in ebon smoke, Darkstar definitely looks the part. Especially with that incandescent fury.

And then the bullet glowing golden as it burrows through draws a cry of pain from the woman, her shield starting to fragment along the part that got penetrated.

Nope. Laynia has NOT encountered bullets of light before. Can't say she likes 'em any more than she enjoyed the more mundane variety that nearly killed her some forty years prior. Rather that keep up the shield, she fashions a huge energy fist, pure darkforce and lifts a garbage dumpter to put it in much the same position, not nearly as dense, it should still offer some cover while they prep to evac.

The woman's cheek is cut by stone fragments from the near miss, not that she really notices.

Lexi's ears flick back as she nods, heading for the car again to quickly rummage through the back for the kit in question, her tendril adjusting as Hunter starts to grow as she snags it then quickly returns, jerking at the bullet. "Fuck!" she repeats, then her sweater just…shreds as multiple tendrils curl out from behind her back from her side, from where they shred through her capris. Not just the handful, but ten that thicken and interlock into a shield between the hole and the three are. She's unsure if they can see through THOSE as well, but at the least it makes it harder to tell exactly where they are a she shifts it back and forth.

Despite the danger posed by a sniper team the Wasp takes a moment to assess the situation from above. They're obviously not police or any civilian law enforcement. She notes the angle and the approximate trajectory of the rifle. After all someone in that direction may well need medical help once she's done.

It's only once she's certain that she strikes. A speck in black and red, it'd be difficult to spot her in the middle of the day let alone at night. Speeding in at sixty miles an hour, her energy blasters cranked up to metal cutting settings, her first flurry of shots all target the snipers weapon and scope. Ideally disabling it but if that's not possible due to the materials she can at least ruin their ability to accurately make shots.

"I don't know what you're doing here, but I'm placing you both under citizens arrest." She proclaims with a hint of a Russian accent. "The authorities have already been notified of your location. Surrender peacefully or I'll be forced to use force!"

Laynia has never seen this transformation normally; seeing it in an exceptionally abrupt, abbreviated and ferocious fashion looks almost like the bullet wound is tearing Hunter apart from the inside out. Seizures wrack the body; bones literally bend and warp. Tendons creak and even snap and break! It is a terrible and violent thing unleashed, and it makes holding onto Hunter nigh-impossible. Not to mention the body is growing tremendously, almost ludicrously, flesh rippling and warping, stripes of color exploding through the skin.

Four figures in dark fatigues and body armor come boiling into the alleyway where Lexi and Laynia are crouching over the writhing, changing form of Hunter, all carrying military grade submachine guns and lots of other gear on their web belt harnesses, faces obscured with helmets and goggles as they preparing to open fire.

About the time that a third shot would be incoming given the timing of the last two, Wasp unleashes her attack, slicing through the barrel of the sniper rifle and causing the sniper and spotter to roll away. They do not pull badges or identify themselves, but instead pull out other weapons, starting with a pair of extremely intense flashbangs, one of which is set off in mid-air as close to the sound of Nadia's voice as the spotter can manage.

If she's not deafened, Nadia might hear words in her mother tongue. "< Interrupted. Shrinker here. Continue extermination. >"

The hideous transformation of Hunter into…whtever she is becoming…is terrifying. For all Laynia knows this was directly a result of whatever is sizzling in the woman's wounds, which in a round about fashion is true. Wrong too, but hey, she can only work with what she is seeing and what she knows.

Shifting back, she wedges the dumpster so that it doesn't require her to hold it in place. A good thing too, because then the four ground troops emerge. "Razors." She mutters darkly, and then she grits her teeth in a rictus. Straightening, her hair rippling in darkling winds with no earthly origins, the Darkstar raises a hand as she snarls in Russian. «You have fucked with the wrong bunch of bitches, fools.»

From that upraised hand a cone of ebon energy lashes out, fully sixty feet wide at the terminus of the cone, it more or less shreds most things in its path less durable than steel. Apparently two of the gunmen qualify - two go down.

With the dumpster acting as a makeshift shield, or at least preventing the snipers from drawing a clear line of sight, Lexi whirls around at the arrival of the men, her tendrils breaking apart. "Da." she agrees harshly as a storm of flailing tendrils smash into the remaining two men, each easily capable of breaking bones as she attempts to smash them into the wall of the alley.

Flashbangs can be especially nasty at small size. Thankfully the Wasp has meticulous preparation on her side. As the sniper and spotter Nadia adjusts her flight path and brings up her shrink rays. Instead of deafening bangs there are a pair of intensely bright points of light and a firecracker pop. Over her comms she fires off a pre-planned message <Attention all law enforcement this is the superhero Wasp, A team of Russian speaking covert agents are attempting to carry out some sort of assassination at the following location. Please send a medical team and a response team. Be advised suspects are armed and dangerous.> The message then provides her location data and an estimate of the snipers target location.

Swooping low she comes in for what seems like another straffing run. Painful, although not deadly, energy blasts all aimed for the legs. With her speed and maneuverability she tries to stay in the air between the two mystery figures. They might have back-up weapons but if either of them fire carelessly they risk hitting their ally.

Said hideous transformation continues unabated; if anything, it seems to be picking up speed, her body distending and twisting more violently, gaining mass more rapidly; she definitely no longer looks truly human. And the cries from her throat, giving full sound and fury to her agony, are something terrible. That fear aura she seems to project seems hyper-concentrated now, the human hind-brain quailing in terror.

The Razors are clearly not here peacefully, and they open before the heroines can act, a smattering of gunfire tearing through the steel of the dumpster and biting into the walls or Darkforce armor, punching into tendril-made barriers before Laynia's cone slams those two away. Their body armor absorbs much of that impact, yet still they are but human, and are thrown away from the fight. The other two are slammed forcefully into the walls of the buildings, crumpling a bit, but still struggling to do their jobs and resume the attacks. <" Kill. "> one of them snarls, gasping around what sounds like a wheezing punctured lung.

There is no immediate acknowledgement of Nadia's pre-recorded message; the authorities are likely trying to confirm the report before dispatching personnel on what could be a wild goose chase. Nevertheless, a call like that would never be ignored. If it were received.

Then again, if these bastards are the pros they seem to be? Chances are the localized airspace is a hash of jamming signals.

Nadia is very lucky to have managed to hit both flashbangs so quickly. Even so, those pinpricks of light are far more intense than she would have expected. And the armor both are wearing soaks up a lot more of her blasts than she would have expected, and they show no hesitation about firing upon her. But they seem to have chosen backup weapons intentionally, as one is firing a spray of expanding foam, and the other a sonic canon. They may not be very mobile, but they are not going down without a fight.

Driven back from the transforming Hunter, Laynia sees the two that Tendril pins. Eyes dripping darkness, she looks at the one to her left, and then nods. "Good bye." She says in her Russian accented voice. The same hand that just emitted a burst of darkness shifts towards the target selected, and she focuses her will. This time what emerges is not a cone, but a stilleto of chill darkness about two inches wide. This ebon rod of energy intolerable lances forth and punches a hole clean through the man at neck level, just missing Lexi's tendrils, the head and body are violently separated. "Kill us? No, kill YOU."

Yes, the woman just hard core murdered that guy. Sue her later!

Well. These guys are tough, apparently. Or too brainwashed to do much. Were she someone else, Lexi might give them the benefit of the doubt there.

That is, if they hadn't just snipered Diya and seemed intent on killing everyone involved.

Thus, when the men just stagger and come back, she shrugs off the pain of being shot repeatedly, her tendrils starting to drip blood…she just grabs them.

Then throws them, with all the strength a ton of force can impart, down the block. Another tendril snakes out to grab one of the dropped SMGs, pulling it back to her hand as she brandishes it and empties the clip into the head of the remaining Razor near her. That's really good armor. It might last, but it's going ot make it really hard for him to do anything when he's being pelted that way, she figures

With two people clearly armed for fighting someone with shrinking powers the Wasp is stuck in an awkward situation. Delay too long and the targets of this attack could get over-run or may need medical attention she won't be able to provide in time. And while foam and sonic weapons aren't especially lethal she can't rule out them having a more deadly option for when she's disabled.

The diminutive heroine shifts out of her weaving flight pattern and makes a B-line directly for the figure with the foam sprayer. Even at her speed it might be possible for a skilled individual to target her and fire.

Of course that might not matter. She makes no attempt to dodge, pointing herself directly at centre mass, then in the last second she grows in size. Not from insect to normal person, but from insect to giant. At fully ten foot tall mega-Wasp slams into the figure. Quite probably covered in foam. And while the armour should hopefully stop it being a lethal hit it's certainly going to be very unpleasant.

Two men launched away, two more thrown a good distance; one beheaded, the other with a clip unloaded into his armored helmet with disguisedly messy results. The immediate threat around Lexi, Laynia and Hunter seems to have been dealt with in the short term.

Before the two launched away can get back to them and resume the attack, a snarling roar with incredible, body-shaking volume, sounds from behind Laynia. That … is not a human cry. It's not even close. It sounds like …

It is. It is the cry of an incredibly huge tiger, a Siberian tiger of a full twelve feet long from foreshoulder to rump, easily six feet fall from paws to shoulders. One of those shoulders is a mess of still-sizzling torn flesh, a festering, blistering wound. And instinct demands that the pained scream of the tiger is the preamble to lethal and furious attack.

The rapidly flying Wasp manages to punch through some of the foam, though it is rapidly gelling around her, slowing her down as she advances, and likely could contain her entirely. But when she grows at the same time, this increases her momentum, the force of her travel, and tears through more of the foam until she reaches her target … and punches him clear off the roof. He screams something unintelligible as he falls.

His partner turns on Wasp, cranking up the power of that sonic canon and unleashing it upon her while she is a big, unmissable target!

Okay, there's something you don't see every day. Nope, this is a first - Laynia has seen tigers before, just not on this scale, or this close. Fortunately, the Darkstar can fly and does so - leaping into furious motion to get some altitude now that the gun play /here/ has ended, alas, the sonic weapon and fight that Wasp is engaged in are out of Laynia's sensing range. Of course Amur Khatun's hearing is acute enough that the weapon is likely torture even at a half mile out! Regardless, the woman looks down. "Lexi…has…is this..is the tiger /Okhotnik/?" She probably won't see the falling man across the way, though there seems to be one large figure over there if she's seeing it right, the scale would make it one really large person.

"Yes!" Lexi snaps off as she sweeps back slightly, pulling in her tendrils slightly as red blood rips down the tip of one before she with a wince pulls it back into herself, leaving a slowly bleeding gash behind that seems to pucker up, the blood flow slowing after a moment. "We need to get her off th' street an' figure out what the hell is in her shoulder that it's not healin'…"

That said, she transfers the SMG to one of her remaining six tendrils, slipping it behind her back the others curl up behind her, making her a bit "bigger" in size. Sure, it might not help, but it might cause the instinctual part of the huge tiger's mind to at least pause to consider her…and thinking is what she wants out of her right now as she holds her hands out at her sides but not up above her head. "Tigger…tigger, it's okay…no attackers. WE're going to go someplace safe, okay? It's not safe here…we have ta get off th' street so we can look at yer shoulder…it's Lexi, listen to me, okay?" The girl carefully advances a little ways towards the pained tiger.

Nadia Van Dyne never gives the sonic canon time to fire. Even as the mysterious assassin goes over the edge her wings, fluttering with enough force to clear the roof of debris, power her over after him. She never killed for the Red Room and has no intention of starting killing people now. A giant hand grabs for a flailing leg and uses it to break the fall.

It's a quick and dirty rescue, so it more than likely breaks the leg too. Maybe even some ribs in the landing. So she slaps a contact sedative on exposed skin, making it easier for the police to pick them up and also preventing some suffering.

She shifts back to person size as she takes to the air again. So her wings won't give away her position. And then makes her way back up to the top of the building, keeping the exact side she'll appear on unpredictable. And if sonic cannon risks peeking over the edge to take a shot? They'll get a dose of shrink ray. Enough to leave them one thirtieth of normal size for a few minutes and to make that sonic cannon more of an irritation than a threat.

The roaring, snarling tiger does not seem very keen on recognizing anyone, nor on thinking on any level higher than pure rage-filled instinct right now. Not being actively attached, save by the agony in her shoulder, the tiger's tail lashes angrily at the air as she stalks about, this way and that, looking for someone - something - upon which to vent all of that rage. The black, dark-smelling creature flew away! Swipe a big meaty paw at it, but it's gone. Growl more. Twist around. Growl at other creature making mouth sounds. Swipe threateningly. Advance. Slash tail. Little purple thing does not want to fight. Keeps backing away. Snarl more! But snarling is not making the pain go away!

"< Black load! >" one of the two Razor's shouts to the other, yanking out the clip in his submachine gun, then slamming in another and racking the slide. His partner rapidly does the same, as they start advancing on the tiger. Interestingly enough, they have black electrical tape around the bottom of those clips for some reason.

When they fire, the bullets that strike do not sound normal. They do not spark against metal. And they fragment every time into clouds of high-velocity razor-sharp shards of black stone.


Wasp manages to catch the guman and get him to the ground alive, even if not unharmed. Sedated, he is going nowhere under his own power right now. When Wasp reaches the top of the building, however, she finds no immediate sign of the remaining attacker. Instead, she finds a ring of flashbangs that go off in rapid succession, inundating the rooftop. Meanwhile, sound masked by those explosions, a zipline carries that guman down the elevator shaft at nearly the speed of gravity, and escape.

Wasp may also spot two helicopters incoming from Midtown, their searchlights already lit.

Yes, definitely NOT going to stick around to be swatted by a mega-kitty! Nope. Nope. Nope.

Darkstar watches as the gunmen she punted away recover, and swtich to their weird rounds. Nothing for it, she fairly blazes in the night, occulting the stars around her as she opens a hole to the Darkforce dimension where the man is firing. The portal does have an exit point in this realm — right behind the other guy. Once the shards fly through Darkstar swoops in a large circle as she dashes towards the first gunman, flipping at the last moment to hit him at close to sixty miles an hour wither both feet. Her intent to slam the man into the Darkforce dimension — and shut the exit portal and entrance portal right after.

Welcome to your new digs, Razor. The Darkforce dimension is a veritable wonderland of cold, whispers, terror and madness. Current population - one.

The other thug gets to contend with a bit more weight this time, as four of Lexi's tendrils lash out, then proceed to Droopy Dog the other razor as he's smashed back and forth to either side of Lexi onto the ground firmly, until that gun with whatever it has in is done…then he just gets tossed to the tigger, because she looks like she needs a stress toy at this point.

Lucky for Nadia the helmet of her suit was built with protective filters, so while the blinding flash of light and sound might darken her vision for a moment it doesn't cause any lasting damage. Other than a little ringing in her ears and a sense of frustration as the criminal gets away.

Rather than risk pursuit down a narrow elevator shaft, which could be rigged to explode in a building that may or may not contain civilians, she glances around the rooftop in search of any clues as to who the assailants might be while digging out a portable computer that she sets to searching for the buildings floorplan and deploying a signal booster from her assorted pouches of tech.

After all if she can get the information in time it's possible she can predict the exit point and fly there to intercept. Then, to hedge her bets, she leans over the side of the building and fires a tracking dart into the unconcious figure on the street.

More explasions! The giant tigress does not like these noises! She is angry! She is in pain! She pounces on the first target to get close enough!

What remains is … messy. An enraged tigress with literally multiple tons of strength and claws that can rend through steel armor does a horrifying job on an armored human figure.

Her ears do not care for the screaming machine noises that are getting closer, though.

Nadia can find the old plans for the building from before the Incident, but there are no survey plans on file for the current state of the building afterwards; it is one of those slated for eventual demolition once someone fronts the money and resources to rebuild in this part of town.

The choppers overfly Nadia's position, searchlights sweeping this way and that, one of them remaining on station there with light on the figure on the ground as the other flies past and heads for the secondary location Wasp had given. Sirens sound in the distance, as more police approach on the ground.

Not willing to stick around for the arrival of the copters and even less willing to get shredded by angry Siberian tigress on steroids, Darkstar does about the only thing she can think of - she creates a dome over Amur Khatun, and then shrinks it inwards until the hurt, distressed and angry tigress is immobilized. A moment to create a wheeled framework about the sphere, and then she anchors it to the back of her Mini Cooper. "Let us GO." She states firmly, and heads for the car, and thanks to being in battle mode, she drives like a bat out of hell for the nearest underground parking structure to get them away from the scene, and out of sight in that order.

She's not even wearing her seat belt!

Lexi doesn't even bother to jump in the car…she just jumps on top of the sphere, using tendrils to make darn sure that it'll stay attached on any high speed turns and leaping up to land on top where she clings like a really torked off cat to go with the cat inside, though her tendrils are what's flicking back and forth instead of a tail. "Go!" She'll just stay on for the moment! Right now it's more important to get out of the area before they call in reinforcements.

With the proper authorities on site and no real chance of intercepting 'Sonic Cannon' without risking running head first into an ambush or pre-planned deathtrap the Wasp sighs. With a booster deployed her communications gear should let her speak directly to the first responders, giving them a run down of the situation as she begins what is likely to be a very long and boring night of paperwork and statements.

Still in the time it'll take the non-helicopter contingent to arrive there will be plenty of time for her to gather clues about what on Earth just happened. She'll probably even find time to give medical care to the sleeping assailant (not to mention discreetly removing any suicide capsules they might have been fitted with!).

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