2019-12-14 - That's a Gundam


While purchasing a model kit, Saoirse comes across a pair of thugs and assists the Black Spider in apprehending them.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Dec 14 02:09:53 2019
Location: Compleat Stategist

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Saoirse is shopping at the gaming store. The hipsy-curvy blonde is wearing a denim jacket that she hopes will stave off the cold. But it's wide open as she shops. She's floating..yes, that's floating about a foot to two feet above the floor as she looks around at different things, then pulls up a suitcase-sized boxed model kit. "It's a Gundam MK II!" she exlaims with a very Irish accent. Twirling around in place at least one, if not two 360 degree turns. "This guy's coming with me!"

Tonight, the game shop is a little busy. There's a Magic tournament going on in the corner of the shop. Signs outside advertised it. 20 dollar buy in, half the pot as the first prize, along with a sealed deck of the latest expansion for the card game. Several of the guys in the shop have been watching the blonde as she's in the shop, and one of them snorts as she makes her announcement.

The owner, on the other hand, is in a bit of a panic as he yelps. "Please! Be careful with that, it's a custom build!" And it hads a price tag to match. Some assembly required, and it's a rare model at that. Caution is in abundence when it comes to these things.

At the door, a couple of people enter the shop, looking around - specifically glancing up towards the corners, and then one of them aproaches the counter. "Hey. That tournament. Get a lot of signups?" he asks the guy behind the counter. The assistant looks up. "It's a two night tournament, so yeah. Had about thirty people so far. Hoping to get some more." Idle conversation, it seems.

Saoirse looks through the supplies "I already have the pencil, and the markers, and the cutter, and all the supplies..so this should be good." Tucking it under her right arm she floats by a couple people who give her a wide berth. Coming to a stop behind the conversating people she simply floats there, straightening out to a 'standing' position. She tries to hold off but can't help but be curious. "Are you talking about a pokemon card tournament?"

Some people have out their cameras, filming Saoirse as she floats around. Game store angel may be trending on Reddit shortly. The guy at the counter is glancing at the blonde, then points at the sign. "Magic." So much better than Pokemon, says the tone.

The guy talking to the one behind the counter is focused on the assistant, while the other watches the manager. Suddenly, he pulls out a gun. "This is a robbery! Noone try to be a hero, and noone will get hurt!"

The guy at the counter is pulling out his own gun as well. "I think you're tapped out, dude. Hand over the prize money. And your share." There's no heroes in this crowd, most of them are hitting the floor and hiding, and filming the robbery, putting it up on their instas and facebooks.

"You too, blondie, if you can afford that, you can give me what's in your purse!"

Saoirse blinks wide-eyed and cluches the model kit to her chest. "I can't give this to you, I haven't paid for it. And I don't want to! And robbing people is illegal! Are you sure you want to do this? Because it's not too late to turn back.."

Saoirse blinks wide-eyed and cluches the model kit to her chest. "I can't give this to you, I haven't paid for it. And I don't want to! And robbing people is illegal! Are you sure you want to do this? Because it's not too late to turn back.."

"I don't want your stupid toy!" the would be robber growls, reaching for Saorise to grab at her wallet. "Give me your money!" comes the snapped order at the woman. Apparently he's not going to spend his time arguing with her over the Mk. II or Mk. I. Or if he /really/ wants to do this. Apparently he does want to. And she's his target for the moment.

Saoirse is making a nice distraction, though, as from outside, there's the chime of the door opening, but.. noone came in. At least until there's a loud sneeze, and suddenly a figure wrapped in a black body suit - a SHIELD left over - and layered with a heavy coat, stocking cap, gloves, and shoes suddenly appears out of nowhere.

"Uh.. bless me?" the would be Spider-Man offers, just as one of the robbers turns towards him. "Crap, it's a cape!"

"I'm not even wearing a cape! No Capes! Edna's rule number one!" comes the response as he leaps upwards, twisting away from the first shot as it's fired at him, and the Spider slams into the robber, taking him down.

The other robber is reaching for Saoirse to attempt to take her hostage - and probably not realizing he's about to get far more than he bargained for. "Back off Spider-Man, one more step and I'll splatter this pretty blonde's brains all over her model kit!"

Saoirse yelps as the fighitng takes place "No!" A sudden weight hits the robber that threatens her and slams him against the wall. So much weight it almost threatens to crack bones. Rather effectively pinning him flat against it Saoirse releases the model which floats behind her. "Your not going to devalue my Gundam! I'm going to put it up on a shelf with Emma Sheen, because it's going to be her Gundam and she is one of my most favorite fictional characters." She sounds annoyed, but not particuarly angry. She dips down to her feet and takes a step towards him, then another, she's very close.

Leaning towards the man, she leans in close. "Do you know what I'm going to do to you?" Then to the other ear a whisper "Do you?" And then her hands come out. Not to punch, or rend. But instead her fingers tickle mercilessly at the thug "I'm going to tickle you! And you can't do anything about it!" The tickling continues as she laughs softly "Tickle tickle, hee, take that!" She..completely forgets there's another thug and pays aboslutely no attention to the other dangerous situation going on around her.

The other robber currently has his hands full. Swinging at the black clad figure, it jukes and dodges, landing in several punches before knocking down the first robber, taking him down. And he's preparing to turn his attention to the second, when he hears the peals of laughter and cries of "I GIVE! I GIVE! GET THIS CRAZY BROAD OFF OF ME!" He's unable to move, helpless to Saoirse's whims, and the lenses of the mask go wide. Well. That's one way to take down a criminal. There's a shake of his head that causes the little ball of yarn on the top of his cap to bounce around.

"I think you got him?" Miles asks in confusion. "So.. what do I call you? Tickle Queen? Titilation Temptress?" Because he's so not sure what's going on there.

"I can't move! Make her stop! I have rights!" the poor robber is crying with laughter as he tries to get away. But there's no doing that at the moment. He turns to the robber he took down and then looks at his wrists and sighs. "This is totally one of those times I could totally use webslingers." he mutters to himself mainly. "Anyone got any rope to tie these two up til the police gets here?" Because he has no plans to be on scene when they arrive.

Saoirse doesn't stop, in fact she pulls up the man's shirt and continues to tickle him perhaps even more intensely. "Perhaps you should consider how this makes you feel when you threaten other people. It isn't nice to do that. It's not nice when someone doesn't do what you want is it? Maybe you should consider other people's situations and feelings before doing rash things. Your still alive. That's more than I have. You can still change your life and make a difference. Now that your on camera my big sister, Bionic Girl will probably find you and really beat you up if you continue to do what your doing. But I don't want to see that. So please..run along now. And reconsider your life choices."

Saoirse steps away and the man is released. Probably terrified, but free. "She loks to..a man in spider PJ's? "Tickle Queen? No, no, that's not my name. My name is Saoirse Flynn!" Stepping over a bit unsteady she yelps. "Oh no! I'm not supposed to get into trouble! My sister told me specifically that I could stay with her as long as I didn't get into trouble. Oh! And your pajamma's are cute! I sometimes wear a Pikachu znuggie, tough it's kinda tight in the hips and snug in the butt. I guess they aren't made for the full-bodied female adult. Sometimes I wear a nightie, or a tunic. Or a robe. I like all kinds of fabrics because they feel like they are wrapping your skin in a fun comfy layer of snuggliness!"

"Yeaaaaaah. He's not going anywhere." comes the response from the black clad figure. Finally, someone has zip ties, and Miles works of tusseying the two would be robbers into their bounds so that the police can collect them when they arrive. The Saoirse is introducing herself, and it takes Miles everything he has not to facepalm, especially as she goes into the exposition on what she wears for bedtime. "I'm sure it's an issue…" and he's going to leave it at that. "..wait, these aren't pajamas." He totally needs to get a costume.

At least Saoirse didn't fall over as she wobbles, and he coughs. "Well, the center of balance is supposed to be the hips on a girl. I mean, you should be fine?" he asks, confusion coloring his voice since his face is currently not visible.

"Anyway. The NYPD should be here soon to clean this up. Uhm. Were you buying that?" he asks, gesturing towards the model that was left on the counter by her when she went to take on the robber.

Saoirse hmmns. "Well, is that why I usually almost fall over? I think it's more likely because I never really learned to walk very well. I was able to float before I was able to walk and I'm just more comfortable that way." She reaches over to wrap Miles up in a hug. "Good work catching the bad guy! Thank you for your service!" A little giggle "Oh yeah! I need to pay for the model kit. It's a very expensive model kit."

"We're going to give you a discount!" The manager of the shop says as he tries to recover his wits and get everyone back up and going. Sure, there's going to be paperwork, but after that's done, there's still the tournament to be done. And the manager smiles. "I'll sell it to you at cost!" Some discount.

There's a shake of the Black Spider's head as he looks at the price tag. "Glad you're okay, Miss Flynn." he offers to the woman. "Thanks for the Team Up!" There is probably a smile beneath the mask, but he's already starting to head towards the door as he hears the police sirens outside. Saoirse can collect the accolades, he's getting out of her.

Saoirse shakes her head "Oh no, you need to make a profit or you will not be able to carry Gundams, and I like Gundams, and I want you to continue to sell them, so please charge me full price please!" She takes out a credit card from a zippered pocket. "Here's my card!" and hands it over.

As the Spider (person-spider) is leaving she waves "Hey wait, do you want to meet again? We can get something to eat! Or coffee, people like coffee!"

"Uh. Sure!" Miles is utterly baffled by that. But hey. Sometimes heroes need support groups, right? He's going to take it as that as he slips out the door, and then leaps away, clutching to a building to take another leap. "Cold. Cold. SOOO COLD." he mutters to himself.

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