2019-12-12 - Retrieving A Gem


Dylan goes to retrieve the crystal from the Gallery and finds more than he anticipated.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Dec 12 02:01:12 2019
Location: Staten Island

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"The art gallery in question is owned by a women named Akari. The gallery is located in downtown Staten Island with a large picture windows facing the street. Through the window statues, sculptures can be seen freestanding, with art also hung on the wall.

The door is on the right of the premises and that seems to lead straight into the gallery with a fancy 'reception' desk located to the rear of the shop.

Dylans phone is indicating that the crystal is located towards the rear of the premises. He can see the display space seems to extend that far, though he can't see past the corner on the left hand side of the building.

There's an alley to the left with what looks to be a service or emergency exit there.

Dylan Grey glances down at his phone, using his fingers to zoom in on the map to get a better idea of its exact location. And also to see if there's any other magical sources within the store. Once he checks, he walks in the front door and looks around before moving over to the reception desk.

There's no other sources in the building. Just that one.

There's a well dressed Japanese woman at the desk who glances up. "Welcome to Akari's." She asks with a very faint accent. "How may I help you?"

The signal on Dylans phone indicates the source is somewhat behind her, in the service cupboard just behind her, perhaps.

Dylan smiles at the woman and says "I was just passing by and noticed the interesting exhibits. I thought I'd stop in and take a closer look. Is everything here for sale?"

"Everything you see. Yes." The woman answers. "All pieces are unique. There's only ever one of them sold and the sales are handled with the strictest of confidence, if required." That should make sense, collectors are funny and not all of them like to be publicised. Some do of course, but not all.

Standing up she gestures, to the area to her right. The section that will take Dylan right past that cupboard. "Please feel free to look around or would like a tour?"

"A tour would be wonderful." Dylan tells the woman. "After which I'll probably have a wander around and look at things more closely. If you could focus on those pieces with historical or occult significance, those are some of the specific areas of my interest."

"Oh." That seems to throw the woman. "I'm Kira, by the way." She offers, clearly fishing for a name. "Let's start over here." She gestures to an area that has a collection of art that seems to be Greecian and Japanese in nature. "We don't get many people asking for this. Most people are interested in the modern creations."

She goes on to give the 'spiel' about the artwork. These pieces are greecian, there's a gold mask from Mycenea that dates back to somewhere near 1500 BC. A small tomb seals depicting greek warriors in battle that are supposedly 3500 years old. The artifacts from Japan are similar but she stops at a beaten torque "That looks very similar to yours don't you think?"

There's nothing of occult significance that Kira seems to be aware of however, Dylans phone flashes brightly as they pass that cupboard.

"A pleasure to meet you, Kira." Dylan replies, following her where she chooses to start. "These are some beautiful pieces. I assume you have certificates of authenticity for them all and the proper documentation allowing them to be exported from their host countries? I know Greece, among other countries, are cracking down on what they consider theft of national treasures."

Kira smiles. It's patented and reassuring. Very practiced. "Oh yes. We have all the appropriate documentation, of course. These pieces are legal to be here." If she knows any differently, it's difficult to tell.

"I could you get a certificate to review, if you like." Clearly, they've done this before and they're confident that the document will stand up to scrutiny.

"Please." Dylan answers, returning the smile. "Should I choose to purchase anything, I want to be certain it's legal. I've had acquaintances who've ended up seriously fined for trafficking in illegal antiquities and the ones they've bought them from ended up in prison. I'd prefer to avoid that kind of unpleasantry."

"Absolutely." Kira answers offering a smile. "Please let me get that for you, I won't be too long." With that, she leaves Dylan alone, with the display and that cupboard that his phone is indicating has something in it.

How long will she be gone?

Waiting until Kira has left, Dylan moves a bit closer to the wall as if to lean against it and surreptitiously presses his signet ring against it, warding the room from all surveillance. Then he pulls the cabinet door open. Assuming the crystal's there, he'll capture it on his camera and close the cabinet again. Assuming all goes as hastily planned.

When Dylan opens the door, it's not a service closet as he expected. It's a small room that, should he check, doesn't appear on any blueprints. In the middle though, is the gem and the plinth. The familiar glittering glowing field appearing around it.

Two clicks. That's all it takes and the gem and plinth is gone.

How long before they notice it missing? Probably not long. He should be gone.

Dylan Grey shuts the door then turns to leave. He's definitely going to inform the various embassies about this gallery and let them investigate things with their own experts. Artifact thieves are a plague that needs to be eliminated.

By the time Kira gets back with the certificate of Authenticity, all that's left is the bell jingling on the front door.

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