2019-12-11 - Shawarma Superpowers (Pt1)


Carin and Sunny meet over their mutual preference for shawarma, as well as their metahuman abilities

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Dec 11 06:14:11 2019
Location: Shawarma Palace

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One of the nice things about the Shawarma Palace…in addition to makin a credible challenge to being the bet shawarma in New York, it's open late. Perfect for stopping by after a run to recharge a bit before heading home for the night. Which is why Carin is currently parked at a small table, her order in front of her, dressed in a slighty flashy green and gold bodysuit…running suit, maybe? She's wearing a slightly tattered black hoodie over it, unzipped at the moment. Which reveals /why/ she's wearing the hoodie, as the bodysuit is really low cut, showing off the inside curves of her chest and open to midway down her front in a stylized lightingbolt.

Time had moved on a bit in the world, culture and difference spreading out over a country that Sunny had seen in its infancy…and the best part of it all, if one was to ask the blonde 'goddess' who was currently making her way into the restaurant, was the food! Dressed rather simply, Sunny was dressed in black denim jeans, a pair of 3/4 leather boots and…a bright orange tank top that set ablaze any attempts of a monochrome wardrobe. Inhaling the scents when she pushed through the door, the 'bombshell' was headed to the counter, but it hardly took masterful powers of observation for ones gaze to be drawn to Carin's outfit and appearance. A suit like that was striking…and the lightning bolt was rather eye-catching enough to have her blinking a little while she waited to be served.

It takes a moment for Carin to look up from her phone and munching to notice said goddess, but when she does her head comes up slightly as, without really thinking, she follows her progress up to the counter. Alas she starts at the first part she sees, the legs and works up, so she doesn't realize /she/ is being watched in turn until her green eyes find Sunny's, widening as she gets a blush and quickly looks away embarrasedly, squirming in her seat. The girl herself does stand out, though in a different way…in that her skin is white. Not just white white, but a pale alabastar that a goth vampire wannabe would despair to acquire. In constrast, her short hair is a rich coppery red. And then there's the huge green lightning bolt tatto that runs over her right eye and covers a good chunk of the right side of her face too. It looks pretty permanent!

Sunny herself looked a certain stereotype, albeit one reversed from some judgements one might make about Carin. Still, that blush and that squirm were definately noticed. Clearly the blonde wasn't subtle enough to look away. Instead, after a brief exchange of order and the handing over of a bottled drink, the newcomer seems to be making a beeline towards the redhead's table…only to mercifully sit down at the one beside her. Carin did seem a little shy after all.

It takes a moment more, long enough for Sunny to twist the top off her bottle and take a small sip before she speaks up, glancing sidelong towards the girl with the quirk of a smile. "Love the outfit. Glam-rock fan, or one of those meta and mutant crime-fighter types?" She pauses, turning her head to look at Carin more directly with a gaze that sweeps up the girl's form. "Or criminal types, I guess."

%xarin smiles bit shyly s Sunny sit down nearby then blinks because ahhhh the cheerleader or something girl is talking to her!? "Uh…th=thanks…um, it's..' She tugs at the fabric slightly. "Kinda more I need it ta run around or my normal clothes get all ripped up like the hoodie here." she sys honestly. "But it's cold, so I didn't wanna go out without the hoodie too?" She has a definite Chicagolnd accent to her speech.

"Oh!" the exclaimation comes, perhaps a little startling and certainly more just…accepting of the statement than one might expect. "One of those then? Super-fast running stuff or on-fire stuff?" Another sip of her drink, she gives a little shrug of her shoulders. "I suppose that's why people do the whole…showing skin thing. Less stuff to burn or rip, y'know." Sunny's left to chuckle at some memory of her own before she's brought back to the present with a shake of her head. "Sunny," she offers in introduction with a gesture to herself.

Carin blinks a little at that. She's still getting used to how easily people in New York seem to just…accept stuff. "Um, first one." she says after a moment. "I mean, I didn't design it, but it does help to cool down when I'm overheating if there's some air flow going on." she admits. "It's mostly the sneakrs that're a pain in the ass, normal ones tend ta melt." she admits sheepishly. She tilts her head. "Um, I'm Carin. Carin Taylor." she says after a moment.

Carin smiles shyly again, shifting in her chair. "Nice to meet you? So, uh…just have a late night craving for Shawarma?

"Uh-huh," the blonde muses, nodding a little to the explaination and extention on the problems of superpowers. "Suppose not everyone is used to runnin' in boots too," she comments with a wink. "Probably don't come in 'speedster'." With another sip of her drink, the blonde woman gives a little shrug of her shoulders. "Feeding the fires I suppose. Plus grease, cheese and lamb are tastey as all hell, so why not add a little culture to it. Y'know?"

"Heh, well, it is hella good stuff." Carin admits, tilting erh head a bit as she studies the other girl uncertainly. "Are…do you have abilities too? You're taking this pretty well." And admittedly, the people who have not reacted poorly to her being a mutant outside of MutantTown have not always been…as nice? Yes. She's preferring it, but wondering why.

"Yeah well," the blonde begins, drawing a hand up and giving a little wink. A faint glow fills her palm, heat washing around them for a moment before she closes her fingers and snuffs it out. "You could say that there's more to me than the name?" It was easier than explaining the whole 'goddess thing', even if she wasn't technically a mutant herself, for people to make that assumption. "The city has its own weird out there, more often than not."

The pale mutant's eyes widen slightly as she leans in slightly. "Got that right. Cool, so…heat and light? Fire?" she says curiously. She relaxes a bit unconsciously. A bit less on edge with another 'powered' person around, be she mutant or metahuman. She gets it, she figures.

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