2019-12-11 - Facetiming with Bruce


Mary Jane calls to check in with Bruce and get some advice that she may not like so much.

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Date: Wed Dec 11 16:17:05 2019
Location: RP Room 1

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It's been a while since Mary Jane had done an Instagram post. It was a while since she's been on the net at all. A few weeks back, there was a message left unread from Bruce Wayne, and now it was time for Mary Jane to read, and answer. It was a simple progress update, how was school going, as well as the young lady who took her under her wing. It was a simple enough request, and after a long and refreshing night that she had, Mary Jane was all for it.

Her bedroom served as the backdrop of it all, much as it usually does when she's on the net. Too bad, her bed was ruined and there were clothes everywhere, this -is- her first apartment after all. She wasn't exactly the 'cleanest' person in the world. So, with coffee in hand, computer open, lights flashed.. a partially dead looking Mary Jane, holding a coffee, puts out the call to Bruce Wayne.. and awaits his answer while she sips.

Bruce does tend to check in on those students that went above and beyond when it came to the ones that accepted the scholarships. Mary Jane was one of those. She didn't just accept the paid tuition to ESU or NYU. She wanted more. She asked for Julliard, and impressed Bruce enough that he wrote out the check and set her up with a stipend. And sunce he's invested in her, every once in a while, he is going to want to check. Though he did ask that she not mention it in her Instagrams and such. It's hard to be a mysterious benefactor when you're not mysterious.

He's already at his office from appearances this morning. When he glances at the screen that comes up that shows an incoming facetime request from 'WATSON, Mary Jane', Bruce glanced at his schedule. No pressing meetings this morning, and he made sure the schedule was clean for the moment as he reaches over to bring her up on the large screen in his office. It's probably a good thing that Mary Jane doesn't know this. His office looks so sterile in the grand scheme of things. Rich and dark woods for his desk, dark panneled walls, but with the curtains open, the skyline of Staten Island and Manhattan is on display in the background. Dressed in a business suit, he's well-dressed, manicured and maintained. So his smile is amused when a mop of redhair and a dead-looking Mary Jane comes on-screen.

"Late night, Miss Watson?" he asks in amusement. "I have woken up many a morning with that same expression." Lifting his mug to take a sip, he offers a kind smile. "I saw the news article on your movie. I'm glad the issues were small ones?"

For the most part, Mary Jane zoned out a bit. She was relaxed, and had a certain glow about her that most would attain from a restful night of sleep. Sipping her coffee, her eyes close until she hears the call answered, immediately popping them open to see..

Well, that was one damn beautiful office!

She tries to perk up as best she could, her T-shirt worn that has a logo of a courthouse on it.. the words 'Cheer Up, Bitch!' tagged in the middle with red words.. she had forgotten that she wore it! "Oh, yeah. Late night. Had to stay after and do voice overs.." Clearly she was lying. "The issues?" She frowns a little. "I.. the set was attacked by an angry employee, I think he tried to kill us all." It was a huge downplay. Even with the Morlun stuff, and the Central Park accident, she was sure Bruce had probably heard most through the news.

"I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to write or visit after you sent the email, but.. filming is kinda fun!"

"It sounds like it was a lot of trouble, but you came through it alright?" Bruce asks in concern. His tone probably suggests he was probably a little out of touch with it all, but he puts just enough there to give it genuine concern in his tone. As for her presentation, he doesn't even seem bothered. Anyone that knows his rumors knows he's woken up plenty of mornings in worse shape than her. "I can see why you decided to facetime instead of coming down. I don't blame you."

Taking another sip from his coffee, his expression sobers slightly. "You have had quite the bit of excitment lately. Are you having any issues? I can recommend a couple of counselors I know if you need someone to talk to?" The offer is set on the table, but left there for her to decide if she wants to take it up. "How's your course schedule shaping up? Did you get the classes you wanted to get into?"

Mary Jane nods, then leans back into her chair. Her knee lifts so that she could rest her foot upon it, and even with an added huff to try to wake herself up, she still seems tired. She pushes her hair back and hangs onto the back of her neck, then nods. "I haven't been posting anything lately either. Maybe it's my drive.." She confesses.

"Well.." She glances around her room, and towards the door, almost half expecting someone to pop up. But Miles was gone for the morning, something about work. She was left all alone. "Before, when it was just plain stalkers, I at least had my friend with me. But all of this?" She gestures. "I can't sleep anymore." It was something she'd probably never tell another soul, she always kept up such a shiny and happy exterior. And for good reason! Bruce was so far removed from her, she was sure that he wouldn't say anything. Or probably even remember her troubles.

"Looking over my shoulder, or something I'd think of what happened and.." She shudders, shaking her head. "But.. I'll take that list. They're discreet, right? I don't want people to think I'm a basket-case." But as for her schedule?!

"God, movie is done! So.. in a week or two I'll start press tours, I can at least say by the release date and a bit after I can get back to a normal schedule at Julliard. All of the classes I want.. yes. I definitely wanted chorus and ballet. It's going to be wonderful!" She was clearly excited!

"They're people I have vetted into the company. I taeke care of my employees, Miss Watson. And while you are not one, you're an investment, and I'm partial to making sure that you succeed." Bruce gives her a wink at that. Though behind her, on another monitor, Bruce has already opened a secure connection to the cave's mainframe to run down the recent stories and rumors on Mary Jane.

"My daughter was dating a friend of yours, wasn't she?" he asks, trying to make a suggestion on what he could do to help. Of course, the minute he used past tense, he knows that could be a bad idea. After all, break ups usually draw battle lines, with people siding on one side or the other of the aggreved party.

"Don't overwhelm yourself." he cautions finally, his lips settling into a thoughtful look that's mirrored in his blue eyes. "I know that the press tours will probably have you pulling some more overnighters, and if this is what you want to do, I can certainetly encourage it. But I also remember the young woman that pushed to be allowed to pursue her dreams of Julliard. I don't want you losing sight of your original dreams with thoughts of quick fame."

Of course he'd see it all. The rumors. If he were really diving deep, he could see the medical records, even from her stay at SHIELD and a few in NZ.

But she releases a relieved smile, then gives a nod. "I would love to talk to someone." There, at least she admits she needed help! It seemed to take a load off of her shoulders, now more visibly relaxed. She does nod.. but the news of .. 'used to' had her raising her brows in shock. "What? Woah, used to? What happened?" Naturally she was going to ask!

But she lets off, then nods. "I promise I won't. I'll put in a call to see if I can get out of doing some of the overseas stuff, they'll know it's because of college and I can have the professors vouch for me." She thinks about this. "I -could- do video calls though.." No no no.. stop that MJ!

"I'll have my secretary send you a list of those in Staten Island that has been vetted through Wayne Enterprises. If you need any help paying for it, contact the Martha Wayne foundation. They're good with helping women in crisis." Bruce explains. He can't handle it all hands on after all - and he's spent his last few years making sure a good support system is there.

When she pokes into the issue, Bruce manages a shrug of his shoulders. "I don't try to pry into the private part of it all too much, Mary Jane, but what little I gathered was that it was just a matter of not being able to spend time together. I had the fair share of those in my youth." he offers a small smile. "It doesn't change my mind on any of the offers I have made. That was seperate from my daughter's affairs."

Though he changes gears as easily as handling a fine car, leaning back in his seat. "I'm sure most of your professors, especially those in classes where you have to show off your physical skills, would like to see your smiling face in their studios, Mary Jane. I believe that comes part and parcel with being in an art school."

"Okay, great!" That was all settled. Thankfully, she wasn't afraid or ashamed. Which was rare in the mental health community.

She frowns a little, but then nods. "I'm a bit glad that I lucked out in that department, I think. My boyfriend is always busy, I am too, but we make time and try to communicate our schedules." She smiles a little. It does help that he spent the night with her last night. "I mean.. I don't mind about the offers, I just wanted to know if she was alright. She seemed like a really nice girl." Well, she did! She'll check on Peter later.

As for school again, she shakes her head. "I know ballet is going to be physically demanding, but nothing more than actually training for a movie. But, I want to run something by you, is that okay? Do I have to pay for business advice?"

"Lines of communication are always important, Mary Jane. If you and your beau have that already, you're a step ahead of most of us." Knowing his own issues with his fiance at the moment, it's easy for Bruce to understand that better than most. "She is a sweet girl. And I'm sure he's a good guy. These things sometimes happen. If everyone fell for the first person they were attracted to and it worked out, then you could always miss out on something special."

Then she has a new question and he chuckles. "I get the feeling you'd only be trying to give me my own money back, Mary Jane." he comments with a laugh. "Go ahead. I believe that was part of what mentoring you was supposed to do?" There's a lift of his brow as he takes another draw from his coffee, setting the mug to the side. "What can I help you with?"

That little bit had Mary Jane thinking. She quite literally fell for the first person she was attracted to.. but was there something else out there? That thought scared her, and he could possibly see that by the way her face fell. She rolls in her chair then stands, taking a little bit of a stretch to clear her mind, it wasn't like she was doubting her relationship.. but there was that .. 'what if'…

"Well I do intend to pay you back.." She says off screen, the sound of rummaging papers and a loud smack could be heard. Once she appears on screen again, she holds up a notebook that says 'Watson' on the cover. "I want to open up a dance club." There. A dance club. Cause, what else is there to do besides eat and go to the movies?!

"The payback, Mary Jane, is when you graduate and succeed." Bruce points out gently, as he folds his hands over each other, waiting for Mary Jane to return to the screen. When she returns and offers up her plan, there's a lift of his brows. "That's pretty ambitious, Mary Jane." he admits, expression setting into something unreadable as he considers it and all. "Alright, here's my take on this."

"You're just into nineteen, right?" he asks her. "You have a lot of dreams and ambitions. And you just had your first taste of success. Let's see how the movie is received first. Make sure that what has happened isn't just a flash in the pan. My suggestion is this…"

"Only eleven percent of movies turn a profit. Most movies only break even or fall short." he starts cautiously. "I would like to see you finish school. That's my investment in you speaking." he explains. "However, this is not my life. I would wait to see if your movie succeeds. To see if you get another role. Right now, you may feel that you are flushed with equity to make anything you want happen. I'd suggest taking a step first to make sure you secure your future. A good investment or entertainment lawyer. This isn't really my area of expertise."

He then adds, "Even my butler was an actor once upon a time." He's not trying to dishearten her. Just seeing where she wants to go because she seems scattered to him.

"I get it.." Mary looked a little forlorn, but.. still, she had to figure out someway to pay the billionaire back.

She does take his advice to heart, thinking about it all, looking towards her book with a slight little frown. She tosses it behind her, then buries her face into her hands. Maybe it was the manic side of her coming out. She clearly needed to focus.

"I think.. I think I should go. But really, thank you for the advice." And she meant it! It wasn't sad! She just needed to take a break, and definitely call that counselor. "You'll send me the contact information? I think the sooner I call, the sooner I can be seen."

Frowning as he watches her, Bruce can see that moment there. And he lets out a breath. Come on, Mary Jane. She can do this. "I didn't say no." he prompts gently. "Just give it time."

And then she's saying she needs to go, and he nods his head. "Of course. Don't let me keep you from your day, Mary Jane. I'll get that list to you as soon as possible." In fact, on MJ's computer, there's already an email from his corporate secretary.

It's a list of the approved counselors that work with Wayne Enterprises. One of the first names on the list is someone not too far from Julliard, when it comes to Staten Island.

Dr. Crane, Jonathan. He is also a professor at ESU in psychology.

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