2019-12-10 - Run Ninja Run


More of The Order come town causing Kian and Ranna to run for their lives.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Dec 10 05:18:08 2019
Location: Hell's Kitchen

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"Hold STILL!" Energy weapons fire blasts out over the rooftops of Hell's Kitchen as Shiranui does NOT hold still.

In a sure sign of the Order of Si Fan's displeasure, a cadre of cyber-ninja had entered town late last night. About an hour ago they found Shiranui. An hour later, three of them are dead and the fight has ranged over several square miles - mostly on the rooftops. There's several APBs out and siren's can be heard everywhere. A police helicopter is tracking the action though the police have yet to engage.

They're having enough trouble just keeping up.

A ninja makes the roof where Shiranui is and engages him with a fist wreathed in violet energy. The tech-ninja's blade flashes and deflects the fist. A kick sends his assailant spinning but there are two more coming up from either side.

"Hey!" A small figure dressed in loose clothing, what appears to be a scarf covering their face, lands on the roof to the right of the assailants. "Didn't anyone tell you, that you need to tip the playing field in your favour? Why did you only bring two against him?"

Without any warning a chakram with an razor sharp edge comes spinning from the left of the ninja. "Now, you'll need more…" Ryoshi answers. She'd been at work in the market when the Order arrived and has spent most of the night and today, avoiding them and looking for Shiranui.

"And yes, I know. I'm late."

The chackram impacts the cyber ninja on a metallic arm and bites inches into it. Sparks fly. Shiranui whips his blade through one like a lightsaber, cutting his opponent in half. Messily. "They brought more than two."

They really did. About a dozen of them are approaching from several different vectors and there's no indication that's all of them.

"Better late than never. This way!" Shiranui starts moving again as the police spotlight finds them. "I really hate that they do that…"

And as they're 'lit up' the weapons fire starts. Yes. The police are kindly painting the target for the cyber ninja. Hard to blame them, they don't know who the good guys are here, but it's because of that he has to keep moving. Also the weapons they're using pack a serious punch and he's not sure his armor will take them.

"Oh now, that's not good…" Ryoshi holds a hand out and catches the chakram, that doesn't even seem to wobble as it ricochets from the arm. "And a little rude really. You'd think that we'd done something to upset them."

She starts to move, as easily as he does, glancing back as the spotlight hits them. "I can't do anything about the spotlight but …"

40 small flechettes appear behind her, the chakram she was using gone, fan out and then aim for ninja's following them. It's unlikely they'll hurt them, but it should slow them and if they hit any weapons, potentially damage them as well.

"Keep moving. We need to get off the roof. Underground might be the best option right now …"

"We need to lose them first. This way." Shiranui changes direction. The spray of flechettes does slow but the fact is that they're being boxed in. There are a lot of them out there and they're moving fast.

She may run into the other Tech Ninja when he stops right at the edge of a building. Rather than be annoyed he grabs her and keeps her from going anywhere.

"Wait for it… now."

And then he jumps. Off the building. Dragging her with him.

And lands on his bike.

"Hang on! And keep them off us!" The silent bike jumps into motion, rocketing out of the alley they had just jumped into and heading onto the streets.

It probably comes as no surprise when not a minute later several other bikes and swift, techy looking cars emerge behind them, closing quickly.

"Of course we do …" Ryoshi can be prickly sometimes and now would be one of those. She does indeed run into the back of Shiranui, sliding past him as she grasps at his jacket. "Oh …. WHAT THE FUCK, Shiranui?"

As they go over, the flechettes come streaming after them. By the time they land on his bike, they've formed the scales on the braces she wears. "YOU ARE CRAZY" she yells as her hands grip his waist and she leans close to him so that he can go.

"I can keep them off of us, for a bit. But I'm going to spent when we're done. You better have somewhere safe in mind …" The scales stream again, forming something like caltrops.

As Shiranui's bike speeds onwards, the caltrops scatter behind them, in the path of the bikes and the cars.

"I do!" Shiranui calls over the whistling wind. "But it's not going to be safe if they follow us there. We have to lose them before we head there."

The tech-ninja takes a turn fast. Nearly too fast. The bike tilts and an almost impossible angle and he nearly lays it down, but quickly rights it and speeds on. That buys them some space as the nearest of the cycles and cars have to swerve to avoid the caltrops. Not all of them make it and Ryoshi can here several pops as tires blow.

Sirens wail to their left. "Lovely. Police." Shiranui mutters.

Behind them several bikes and three cars skid onto the road behind them. The front group of bikes opens up with some larger version of the energy weapon they were using earlier while two of the cars deploy larger looking turrets.

"Oh that can't be good."

Ryoshi swears in Mandarin, fluently as her arms wrap around Shiranui and they take that corner. "Just remember, I don't have a helmet or any armour. You scrap the ground, I'm going to just be bone…" She hisses in his ear. He might not even notice her weight on the back, so easily did she go with that action.

With the bike righted again, the Order Ninja sits back, hands resting on Shiranui's waist again. The caltropes are recalled, forming daggers as they near her. The police cars aren't in sight yet, but those ones behind them ….

The daggers stop in mid air and shoot back towards the cars, aiming straight for the grills in the front and the engine blocks. There's enough force behind them to puncture both the grill and the block - which will hopefully slow the bikes down as well.

"So noted!" Shiranui says. He's busy dodging. And weaving. There's traffic out here. It's late at night but he's long since blown past what little police cordons there were.

Daggers thunk at speed into the engine blocks and two of the bikes go down as they lose power. One of the cars does as well. But one of those cannons fires and a net of some kind deploys.

"Holy shit!" Shiranui swerves again, this time to avoid both the net and an oncoming police car from the left. The net gets the police car and Shiranui hauls the bike about to make the freeway.

That's when the chopper picks them up again.

"Ugh. Lovely." More cop cars. And three more order bikes. Only one car though. They've lost a few more on that last turn.

The bike moves under Ryoshi as Shiranui maneouvres. Her body goes with the flow as much as she can. The knives are recalled as the net deploys. More swearing, this time in Japanese. It's the most vocal Shiranui has ever heard her.

"I think, I'm going to be sick…" She mutters after that last evasion. "I can't do anything about the chopper, not yet…"

Several caltrops form from some of the daggers, scattering on the road in front of the cops cars. The remaining dagger is sent back towards the car and the engine block.

"Let me worry about the chopper. Worry about the people chasing us." Shiranui says. He swerves and weaves around cars on the freeway, ducks under a bridge and then eyes an upcoming break in the median. "Hang on to your lunch."

One of the cop cars careens out of control as it looses both front tires. Another loses its engine block. One of the order bikes revs over it, and the pursuing order car just smashes past it.

"Here we go!" Impossibly, Shiranui whips the bike around, through the break in the median and gets them going the opposite direction. Straight away he takes an exit and is back on surface streets.

No one else is chasing them and they've temporarily lost the light. Something he maintains as he ducks through several alleys. "Good work. I've got some place to take us. We'll be there soon."

"Happy to do that …" Ryoshi snarks, fingers clutching at Shiranui's waist hard. If he weren't in his armour it would be painful. The Order Ninja gulps as the bike swerves, the wind pressure broken as they pass so close to other cars.
"You wouldn't …" she mutters, calling her weapons back to her. With the bike heading back the way the came, the call is shorter - the metal forming scales and attaching to her braces again.

He can't see it, but she's pale, eyes clouding a bit from the exertion.

"Good work yourself…" He might not hear it, she's quieter than she was. The small woman leans against his back. "Not soon enough…"

"Don't fall asleep back there. I don't want to have to tie you to the bike." He knows she's exhausted. But with the outflow pipes coming up he knows they'll be safe soon enough. He knows the underground very well. And thus far, no one has been able to find him down here.

Hopefully that will hold tonight.

"I'm not. Just resting. Your back is nice by the way …" She hasn't seen it glow. "I know we have to get where we're going. Are you alright?"

She can see the outflow pipes and knows they are heading to the underground. "Are we staying here tonight? I hope you've got lots of food, I'm starving. And a shower … my head is going to kill me shortly, I'm sure."

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