2019-12-10 - For the Honor of Greyskull


Gwen got a surprise from a mystery benefactor, but what could it be?!?

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Dec 10 01:41:47 2019
Location: Carpenter Studios

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Angela sent a text message to Gwen Stacy earlier in the day, a rather cryptic one. "Swing by the shop when you have a sec, thanks -A"

Why exactly she sent that message might be a mystery to Gwen, but currently Angela is working at her laptop behind the counter. A rather neatly wrapped bundle and case sit nexts to her on the counter, as the artist works on answering a few emails since, well, thanks to Mary Jane's social media boosts, she's been getting a lot more requests than she had before.

Maybe she can teach Miles how to forge weapons…

Swing by the shop? Gwen can do that. She can even do it literally, but todays she just swings most of the way too the shop, before she lands in a back alley, puts her street clothes back on over her suit, and strolls into the shop with her backpack slung over one shoulder.

"Hi Angela!" she greets, lifting one hand to wave enthusiastically. "And Merry Christmas! If you're into Christmas, that is." She walks up to the counter, smiling pleasantly. "Got your message. How're you?"

Angela grins, "I think Christmas is great, honestly. Well, the original meaning of it, anyway… way too commercialized these days. But that's another rant." She chuckles and slides Gwen the wrapped package and the box, "But yes, Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, or whatever you like."

She grins, "And before you ask, this isn't from me, but someone asked me to make this for you. So here you go. I think you'll like it."

Gwen bobs her head in solemn agreement. "The commercial stuff is bunk," she agrees. "Well… I mean, I'm all in favor of generosity and gift giving. And I'm definitely in favor of supporting local businesses, I just wish Wal-Mart and their bunch didn't turn it into the season for rackin' up a credit card. I…"

Gwen trails off as the package is pushed in front of her, and her eyebrows rise. "I… Oh! Well, I gotta admit that was unexpected! Well… thank you! And thanks to whoever my mysterious benefactor is." She tugs on the strap of her backpack, and looks back and forth between the two. "Sorry, I'm like the most awkward person ever." That being said, she isn't gonna wait; the box needs opening, so she does just that, easing the lid off carefully, so as not to damage even the box.

And inside is the sword, a perfect replica of what's on the She-Ra television show. Though unlike the show, this sword actually has a scabbard, so it can be carried around in public. Once it's revealed, Angela gives Gwen a grin, "I hope you find that to your satisfaction. It's not my usual style, but I hope it will suffice." Her eyes twinkle a bit, as if she already knows the answer.

Gwen is utterly speechless. She looks at the replica weapon, and her eyes have gone all wide. her jaw drops a bit, and she just kind of goggles at it, for a long moment.

"Holy smokes," she pronounces. "Angela, that's completely amazing." She lifts the sword out of the box for a look, and pulls the blade out of the scabbard (she doesn't seem to have an problem lifting it either; she's not very big, but she must work out or something). "I mean, this is really really amazing. And gorgeous. Did I mention amazing? Thank you."

Angela smiles, "Well, I'm glad you like it. Now, it doesn't have much of an edge, but it does have one. You just need to give it a bit of work with the whetstone to sharpen it up. But yes, Merry Christmas Gwen. And before you ask, I respect my client's confidentiality." With that, she tosses Gwen a wink. "I suppose that means you can guess what the other package is now."

"And I would never ask," Gwen replies. "I have a few guesses. But it's also more than one guess, so my odds of figuring it out are not the best ever. I'll just have to tell everyone I know that someone out there is really awesome and they're the coolest person on the planet." She grins towards the package, "I have figured it out, but I should look anyway. I know I like watching people open the presents I give them."

So, she does just that, and takes a moment to carefully unfold everything and hold it up against herself. And her reaction is very similar to the sword. "Angela, this is incredible, and so are you. I… just, thank you. I mean wow. You've seriously made my year."

Angela smiles warmly at Gwen, "Well, I'm glad you like it, though making your year when it ends in three weeks doesn't seem like it's all that." She winks at Gwen with that, then laughs a little, "You seemed to be someone that could use a real blade, so I made sure to put on that edge. Though if you need some practice, I could always use a sparring partner." Her lips quirk as her smile widens a bit, as she looks intrigued at the notion of breaking out the sword.

"I will make sure to send you selfies, after I get home and immediately but on the outfit. And it'll be," she jabs the sword up in the air, "for the honor of Greyskull!" She grins, lowering the sword and putting it carefully back into the scabbard. "A real sword, with an edge, is the coolest thing possibly. So, learn how to use it as a sword and not just as a cosplay prop, you say? That would be wonderful, actually. You're going to have to be okay with the fact that you'll probably paste me for the first few weeks, though, yes? Possibly the first few months. I mean, I have watched all of the martial arts movies, but I'm not trained and I've never tried using a sword." She pauses. "I can't wait."

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