2019-12-08 - Tripping And Missing the Ground


Following fleeing with Okhotnik and Darkstar following an attack, Lexi and Becca find themselves alone and start comparing their pasts….which leads to an unexpected result.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Dec 8 09:11:02 2019
Location: Mutant Town

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Having just been in a huge firefight, Laynia, Diya, Lexi and Becca ended up holed up in a sort of bunker near the disaster zone, close to the Morlock tunnels. Laynia stepped out to get more supplies to deal with the injuries sustained by Hunter. About an hour after she 'ported out, she returns, the air ripped asunder as a hole to the Darkforce Dimension appears, and the Russian woman steps through pulling a cart with a trio of coolers on it, and a duffle bag resting on top of them, military surplus of course. The room chills a bit until the portal closes, and Laynia looks at the other girls. "I have some meat here, the coolers full of dry ice, so it should keep a while."

Meanwhile, while Laynia was gone, Becca continued the conversation from before, telling Lexi, fairly entertainingly, of how she first found out she had mutant powers. Which involved — thankfully while she was home alone — tripping and falling while walking into the kitchen. Except not falling, and instead winding up floating around the room, flailing, unable to figure out for some time how to stop floating.

Lexi is laughing softly at that then, giggling really as she covers her mouth. "Poor thing, all stuck to yer ceilin'…good thing it didn't happen outdoors, you've have gone all Mary POppin' sflyin' around…" she says with a chuckles, then grins at BEcca. "Mmm, but it must have been pretty confusin'. How long did it take ya ta actually get back on the ground, to where ya didn't go floatin' around at night?"

Laughing herself at the memory, Becca says, "It probably wasn't more'n fifteen or twenty minutes before I got it under control, but it felt like hours. And all the while afraid I'd be caught. Once I learned how to stop, it took me some trying to figure out how to start on purpose, and not because I was catchin' myself from falling. But I got a handle on it soon enough."

"So ya sorta trained yerself? I mean, a lot of mine was instinctual, I didn't really have ta think about it. Like, I can't really lose my balance unless I deliberately want to, my body just adjusts constantly without me thinkin' about it much." Lexi admits. "So did ya go out and lift things and toss 'em around to get better?"

Nodding, Becca says, "Yeah. I had t'be really careful not to be found out, but I wanted to learn more about what all I could do. I did a lot of experimentin' while I was home alone after school, or when I got other time by myself. It was hard at first, but I started to get more of a feel for how it all works, and then it got easier, and more, well, 'natural' if you get what I mean."

Lexi nods, stretching out as she holds out a hand, tendrils curling out from the back of her forearm in complicated patterns before they vanishes again. "It took me a lotta time ta get used ta shifting my tendrils in different ways…ha! I know…" she says after a moment, reaching up to run her fingertip through her odd silvery hair. "My hair….it's actually not hair, quite. It's more lots and lots and lots of little ribbon like tendrils that are always there. They don't really grow, they don't fall out, they can't really be cut…well they can but it's uncomfortable." She grins. "It didn't really grow out until I got older, like my teens. Then I discovered it had a, uh…life of it's own."

She sighs. "So if I lean back against anythin' an' I'm not payin' attention, they start just..windin' around whatever I'm resting against."

Becca looks on, clearly fascinated. "That's so cool…," she says quietly, as she watches. But then that last part, after she thinks for just a second, gets a stifled giggle from her before she comments, "That could be awkward if you're sharing a bed."

Lexi gets a faint flush and cover her face. "Oh gawd ya got no idea. One time I ended up stuck to the headboard AND my date's hair, and it was pretty long. She was *not* happy." she sighs, her hair rippling in an invisible breeze. "I gotta concentrate tat get it to relax again, but it didn't do anythin' for her hair bein' all tangled up with mine" She mmms. "….and my solution, which was to just sharpen the hair so it could cut the tangles, reeeeeally didn't go over well."

Trying not to giggle too much, Becca says, "I don't imagine so. I know I'd be peeved. I like my hair." After a beat, she adds, more quietly, "Couldn't miss that you said 'she'. So you like girls, too, huh?" The blonde blushes just a little as she's saying that.

Lexi giggles a bit herself, then covers her mouth slightly, before catching herself and forcing her hand down. "Mmm, yeah, I do." she says, with a faint smile. "I mean, couldn't be hard enough ta be a mutant girl, so I figured I better level up and be a mutant girl who liked other girls too. I mean, I'm not against guys.." she says thoughfully. "Just…I like girls more." Her ears perk forwards slightly. "Doesn't bother ya?" she says curiously.

Shaking her head, Becca says, "That was the other secret I had to keep back home. I like boys just fine, and dated a bunch of 'em. But I realized I was lookin' at other girls 'that way' too. I was kinda mortified when I first realized it. But eventually I wasn't."

She takes a breath, and lets out a sigh. "It wasn't bein' a mutant that got me thrown out of the house. It was my dad comin' home early and catching me with my friend Milena messin' around. First time I ever got up the nerve to admit I was into her, and then we got caught." She shakes her head at the memory.

Lexi sighs out. "Ah, hon…that sucks." she murmurs, tilting her head, her ears folding back slightly. "I'm guessing he really didn't approve, huh?" She reaches out to gently pat Becca's shoulder. "Sorry." She sits up slightly. "No reason to be mortified, right? It' sjust…how we are. We like what we like."

Smiling a little, Becca nods, saying, "I know that now, but at first, with all the things my folks had to say about gay people, and mutants, an' pretty much everyone else who was different, well, it kinda made me think bad things about myself. But after that, and also bein' a mutant, it's what made me see that they were wrong. I knew I wasn't a bad person, or a devil-worshipper, or any of the awful things they used to say about people they didn't like. I was just me."

Lexi nods simply at that those golden eyes on Becca's now. "Yeah. I…felt like that. When I was little." she says after a moment. "I mean, it wasn't that people said bad things about me, I was too young to really get that, but…" She frowns a bit.

"…my parents, they abandoned me. Threw me in the trash, because I was a mutant. Literally."

She taps her chest. "Trash baby, that's me. They've rather I just died than exist. If the Morlocks hadn't found me, that would have been…everything done."

Hearing that bit of Lexi's story, Becca does look positively mortified. "That's… Shit, I'm so sorry, that's horrible. I'm… I'm glad you're alive." She realizes how that sounded just a little stupid the moment she's said it, and blushes more. "I mean… fuck. You know what I mean, even if I'm really bad at sayin' it."

Lexi's lips twitch in a little smirk that soften to a smile. "Nah, I get it." she says, more quietly. "I just meant that…I get it. When I was little and I found that out, I believed I was worthless like that. That I was wrong or somethin', y'know? So…I get it. Thinking like that about yourself."

"I don't think that way no more, though, no worries. I know better," Becca says. "I know bigoted assholes like my Daddy are the real 'bad people' in the story. When he caught me with Milena, while he was screaming at me, he did somethin' he'd never, ever done before. He hit me. Right across the face. So… I hit him back. With my powers. Smacked him right up against the wall of the house. Guess I was mad enough that I figured if I was done bein' his daughter, I may as well go all the way with it."

"…good. A father shouldn't hit his daughter and no one should hit ya in th' first place." Lexi says firmly. She hesistates, her expression softening. "So he…kicked ya out? Or ya left, an' came here? What about yer mom?" she wonders, pulling her knees up agains her chest as she hugs them idly as she listens.

"He'd already told me I wasn't welcome there anymore before he slapped me," Becca answers. "After I hit back, I went in the house and started packing. My Mom wasn't home yet, but she came before I left, and she was right on Daddy's side. The both of them wanted me gone, so I obliged. Made a bubble 'round myself to carry all my clothes and stuff, an' flew off. SPent the first hour, maybe, figurin' out where to fly to, before I decided on here."

The mauve mutant tilts her head a bit, then frowns and hesistantly shifts, before she slides her arms around Becca to give her a careful hug. "Fuckers…" she mutters quietly. "I'm sorry…" It's a simple response; just thinking about how she'd feel, if the people who were supposed to love her unconditionally treated her like that…her Morlock family, or her current one…she can't imagine the sense of rejection she'd feel.

"It really hurt, at first. I won't lie about that. But I'm past that. I know now I'm better off without people like them in my life, and the poisonous things they say about people who are just people, not the evil 'offenses against God' they say they are." Becca pauses there, taking a breath. "I know I'm no such thing. Pretty sure you're not, either." She smiles, a little bit shyly.

There's another faint snort. "I'm pretty good with not bein' an' offense against God, whatever the hell that means. Or you." She slides her arms away, leaning back again as she leans on her right hand, her other resting on her lap as she folds her legs under her a bit, tucking then under her butt. "That's kinda what got me over it too though. I figured, if people are gonna stare and hate me and whatever they think about me, screw 'em. I'll throw it in their face then. Make it so they can't pretend I'm not there, or not like I am."

"I just don't understand just hating people for what they look like," Becca says, shaking her head. "I mean, look at you. You're not a color you see in most folks, but so what? You're pretty. Your color, the ears, everything. It works." She's blushing just a bit as she adds, "'Least for me it does."

Those ears perk up a bit. "I think it's cuz people want somethin' different they can blame ta make themselves feel more special." the mauve mutant murmurs, then pauses.

"…ya think I'm pretty?" Lexi says, those golden eyes returning to Becca's, her hair stirring slowly, rippling like wind runs through it as it spreads out slightly behind her.

Becca nods, smiling, her blush deepening. "I do. Hard t'think anyone wouldn't, less'n they're too busy bein' hateful for no reason." The Texas has gotten a bit deeper in her speech, much like it did when she was startled by that first near-collision encounter with Lexi.

Lexi mmmmms, shifting as she leans forwards towards Becca a bit more, those ears still perked forwards. "I think yer pretty too." she murmurs, tilting her head. "Kinda curious to get to know ya better…"

"I'd like that," Becca answers, her eyes meeting Lexi's. "You're brave, and fierce, and good, and beautiful, an' I know I don't really know you yet, but I want to." A beat. "A lot."

Lexi's cheeks actually darken to a deeper purple, a bit of suprise flickering in her eyes as the adjectives are piled on her. Girl doesn't get compliments like that too often…and it does get past her brash defenses pretty well. "Me too. A lot." she echoes, shifting. "…when's yer next night off from Luke's?" she murmur softly. "Cuz I'm clearin' my schedule then…"

Becca thinks for a moment before answering, "Tuesday, I think? Unless somethin' changes. Usually doesn't, but sometimes I need to fill in if someone else can't work for whatever reason." She pauses, smiling a little goofily and her fading blush renewing itself as she asks, "Did you just ask me out?" As if it wasn't clear enough somehow, but still, she's asking.

"I totally did." Lexi confirms, her eyes twinkling a bit. "I mean…if yer sayin' yes…are ya sayin' yes? I'm really hopin' yer sayin' yes." she adds, a bit nervously now.

With a nervous giggle, Becca answers, "Yes."

Lexi grins big. "Well..that's great! Yeah! We should…um, what do you like, for food? For fun? We could hit a movie or dinner or all sorta stuff…."

"There's not a lot I don't like, food-wise," Becca says, smiling. "I've been tryin' to try things you can get here that you can't find back where I'm from, an' I like some things better'n others, naturally, but I haven't had much I wouldn't try again. A movie would be fun, or if there's somethin' else you think of, I'm probably up for it."

"Well hmm…maybe some proper Tex-Mex then? You could show me what's th' good stuff? A good steakhouse or somethin'?" Lexi muses. then grins "…ya like dancin'?"

The answer is in Becca's eyes before it even reaches her lips. "I love dancin'. An' a good steak is somethin' I'll never say no to."

"Me too!" Lexi says, with just a little squeal in her voice. "I know just th' place, we can get a good meal an' then work it off with a good dance.." She grins a bit, then leans in to give Becca a little kiss on the cheek, all jazzed now at the idea.

"We should…" She stops short at a realization. "Oh, crap. My phone's back at the kitchen, along with my jacket an' stuff. I know they're safe, we lock that stuff up in the office, but I'll have to go back and get 'em. I can give you my number, anyways."

Lexi tilts her head, then grins a bit, before she rummages in a pocket and pulls out a sharpie. "Then we'll have ta do it old school." she says, offering it to Becca, followed by her forearm. "Sign it?" she teases.

With a slight giggle, Becca takes the pen, and writes her name and number on Lexi's arm in small, neat handwriting. She then unbuttons the left cuff of her flannel shirt and folds it back, before offering her bared forearm and the pen to Lexi.

Lexi reaches out, running her fingers up Becca's bared arm before she gently hold it, then leans in to do the same…not nearly as neatly, but legible at least, and small. The little heart at the end probably isn't part of the number though! Apparently her last name is 'Haze'.

And the exchange of numbers done, Becca smiles at Lexi as she's folding her sleeve back down and re-buttoning the cuff. "Maybe I should have pretty girls almost trip over me more often," she says, with a soft laugh.

Lexi laughs out loud of that, a peal of giggles again as she shakes her head. "Maybe…seems to be working out real well. For both of us." She smile a little shyly, tucking a wayward strand of silvery hair behind her ear.

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