2019-12-08 - Goliath vs Iron Patriot


Iron Patriot meets Io and Goliath

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Dec 8 06:02:26 2019
Location: RP Room 2

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A punk-rock girl is not expected to be scrounging about in the back alleys of recent wreckage of a superhero throwdown. Maybe why that's why she isn't presently exactly visible - she's currently - well, not hiding on purpose, but obscured by a pile of debri that's been shuffled and moved and is currently sorting through another pile.

What is visible is a rather interesting sight. A very dangerous looking robotic dog looking like it was built for security and is highly capable of executing its mission out when its protocols demand. Currently it is standing on top of the pile of debris, it's head shifting soundlessly this way and that, on the alert.

It does stand out, of course. Even more so when one has been contracted by the NYPD to make sure any dangerous pieces of technology are gathered up and returned for proper disposal or lockup. The last thing anyone needs is little Kimmy finding a death ray lying around.

The low rumble of thrusters precedes a star-spangled armored figure flying over the area, slowing to a hover as its helmet tracks, scanning, then spotting the dog, before starting to descend. "Huh. Now what are you doing here?" a female voice, perhaps familar, says to the dog.

The dogs eyes go from a solid black empty darkness set into its face to a bright, warning red. The mouth opens to reveal a set of jagged teeth that likely could easily at least rend steel - possibly other metals or objects as well. The guard dog is built /very/ well, and clearly has been modified after its initial build, Toni is smart enough and skilled enough to recognize these facts.

"Down, Goliath. It's just a hero. Nodody we need to be concerned about." The voice -may- be familiar to Toni, but they really only had met the one time, and only briefly at that. Io doesn't poke her head out, though. The dog stands down, the warning lights in its eyes shifting back down, but it keeps a steadfast eye on the new arrival, much like a watchdog who has been told by its owner it's okay but doesn't trust the stranger on their territory, yet.

"Well, that's flattering." Iron Patriot says dryly, touching down with a mild *clump* of metal on concrete. "And that sort of depends what you're doing here and with that technology. A lot of it is pretty dangerous, and I'm collecting and cleaning it up before it causes more trouble." She folds her armored arms across her chest. "And you?" She hasn't gotten a good look at Io yet, though her memory is poking at her slightly at the familiar sounding voice.

"Collecting it," Io states with the either total obliviousness that what she's doing may be illegal and/or dangerous, or the lack of caring for those facts. She picks up a laptop that looks completely toasted, tilts it over in her hand once, then the other way, before stuffing it into a large canvas sack that by the size of it, if not the color, could be large enough for a Santa Sack. "Before it gets pitched in the trash."

The blue-haired punk girl seems about to go back to her 'work', when she catches eye of Iron Patriot, and gives a sharp whistle of appreciation. "Now that's a nice loadout," she says appreciatively.

"Thanks, I built it myself." Iron Patriot says, before reaching up and unlocking her helmet and pulling it off, shaking out her hair. "Hmm…we meet again, it seems…" she says thoughfulyl, tucking her helmet under her arm. "I'm okay with you salvaging equipment tht's not dangerous, though I'd appreciate if you'd turn over anything that's on a restricted list.

The young woman juts her thumb at Goliath, "He wasn't on a restricted list. Found his shell and a few strewn parts two years ago. I rebuilt him. Don't bring him out much. Just when I need my back watched." She shrugs, and without looking in the sack observes, "If I don't save the wreckage, nobody will. And most of this stuff still has a use, and

"My suit? No offense, but I don't let other people mess with it usually." Toni says, clipping the helmet magnetically to her belt. "Not sure what you could help me with it, really…like what?" she wonders now, folding her arms again.

"Your interface suite, for one," suggests Io, with a shrug of a slender shoulder. "Everyone thinks they are secure, until they find out, too late, they aren't. Identity theft. Computer Viruses. Hacking." She shrugs, "You've taken some pretty decent security measures. But, there's always someone smarter."

"Annnnnd that'd be you." Toni says dryly, tilting her head. "I suppose if you did it in a closed system so I could examine the code afterwards, I'd be okay with collaborating on it. But not the armor itself. AGain, no offense, but it's too dangerous and I've have a couple close calls with people trying to either steal my tech or take it over, so I've had to be really tightened down on who I let near it."

"None taken. You don't know me at all," Io agrees, seeming to be of good enough nature. "And, yeah. That'd be me," she agrees yet again. She considers, shrugs, "I understand computers and technology better than people. Like them better, too. Let's be clear. I'm not an inventor. I couldn't make your suit. Or even come close to it. What I -can- do is refurbish most of this stuff here and find new applications for it. Code. And, repair. McGuyvering shit is kind of my superpower. Sort of."

She stands up, dusts off her hands and faces Iron Patriot. "But, you seem a decent sort. You drop by sometime." She pulls out a beat up and worn handful of buisness cards and hands one to Toni that gives her name, number, and address. "I'll show you how I can help you."

Toni considers a bit, frowning. "Well, if you've got a lab…sure. I just might do that." she says, taking the card and tucking it away in a compartment. "I'm not too proud to want to hear ideas from other people." She smiles a bit, then nods. "Okay. I'll let you get back to what you were doing, just leave anything you find that's too dangerous. There's rumors AIM has been outfitting some of the gangs around here…and their stuff is deadly, but rarely safe." She slides her helmet up and locks it back into place. "Take care Io, se eyou around." Her thrusters fire, then Iron Patriot takes to the sky, continuing her scanning patrol.


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