2019-12-07 - Thor, God of Selfies


Mera encounters a hero that could help her - if he can get away from the admiring crowds.

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Storyteller: n/a
Date: 2019-12-07
Location: Times Square

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Fresh snowfall in New York is a wondrous thing that seems to wash away all the dirt and grime, coating the city in that blissful frost that though it gives a chill and sets people to hunkering down deeper into their jackets, it still lends something of a beauty to the city of cities.
The sidewalks have that subtle dusting of white, and the streets are alive with the sound of plows driving alongside the ubiquitous taxis though the snow isn't heavy enough to need more than some shoveling from those tasked to clear the walkways. Everything is slowly getting that powdering, and in the sky when one looks up the heavens are alive with the swirl of wind sending the snowflakes into a tumble now and again.
Down amongst the people it is busy, with the people in Times Square moving with the urgency that comes with the holidays. But smiles are present, and the time of the year takes the edge partially off the traditional New York attitude. The sound of a bell clangs distantly in front of Macy's, and along the way people stride and laugh and chat.
And through it all a tall blonde man stands before the ice rink nearby, watching the people dance across the ice while he stands there with arms folded and an umbrella tucked up under the arm of his jacket.

Mera is incognito. Which means she is dressed like she thinks everyone else is dressing…though a few years out of date. And though she has pants, shirt, and long coat, none of them are really defence against the cold. Though the redhead doesn't seem too perturbed with the frozen water everywhere.

Mera strides through the crowd with an imperious gait - the kind of thing that Thor is probably used to seeing in Asgardians. The ice rink draws her curiosity. Are people…dancing…on it? Some are. Some look to be falling over. A lot. That even brings a little smirk to the redhead's usual po-face.

The Christmas decorations, and any other holiday, mean nothing to her. For some reason, the surface dwellers have decided to redecorate their squalid, dirty city. About time too.

People are indeed trying to dance, and there are some moving sloooowly around the edges of the rink, like distant planets orbitting the sun, while those in the middle of the rink rush hither and yon, occasionally taking to the air in great joyous leaps.
Whatever holiday or time of year the mortals are celebrating, it is at the last one they seem to be embracing with enthusiasm. Though, assuredly, that will change in the next month or so when the air turns colder. But for now, there's an ambient feeling of happiness.
And perhaps some of it is connected to the man in the hooded sweat shirt and blue jeans who stands there on the edge of the rink smiling a bit at the movement of the skaters, though perhaps unaware of the attention he's drawing. Thor has made the same mistake Mera has, not altering his manner of dress of late, wearing what was perfectly acceptable a month or so ago, though now with snow on the ground he does stand a touch of out place in his choice of garb. And that draw a glance here and again…
And those glances lead to second and third ones, when people start to recognize him. Whispered words are heard back and forth, subtly held phones are used to try and capture his image. Catching the profile of the tall Asgardian with the long blond hair that's pulled back into a loose and careless pony tail. His bearded features warm as he turns away from the rink and starts to set foot on the path to wherever he is off to…
Only to come face to face with a handful of people, a half-circle of watchers, some of which who smile and wave at him, and one even then says, "Hey Thor!" Then ducks away, as if hiding.
The final straw, however, is when Thor lifts his hand and replies. "Greetings." And then people start to all talk at once, offering questions.
"Thor! What's Tony Stark really like!"
"Hey Thor! Can't you do something about this snow!"
"Thor, can I take a picture with you and Santa?"
But the questions don't end there, though he does try to answer them at least. And it perhaps becomes evident that it might well be a battle that the Thunderer is destined to lose.

Mera's bright blue eyes stare at the God. Studying him. Evaluating him. Unlike most of the surface dwellers, here eyes are not filled with awe and/or lust. More a look as if she is considering if he is even equal to her; determining whether he would be worth knowing or not. To enlist in the fight.

"He is a great warrior, and a brilliant man, what more can I say of Stark beyond what has already been said?" Thor's voice is rich and vibrant as he answers, causing a few others to laugh at his answer.
"And the snow has its proper role to play, twould be rude of me to deny the city the gift it offers." His lip twists as he steps to the side, trying to gain some distance as he walks backwards away from the crowd.
He continues to withdraw, turning, stepping back even as the young woman laughs and calls after, "What about the selfie with Santa?"
"Another time, lass!" Thor calls out as he steps back and then turns…
And all of a sudden there he is almost running into Mera, drawing up short just in time to meet her eyes, his irises flitting between hers as his brow quirks and then he murmurs, "I beg your pardon…"

At least Thor is polite…and has quick reflexes. Mera hadn't even had time to brace for collision so it may have got nasty if there was impact. The faintest of fickers of what could possibly be a smile one day contorts the redhead's lips for a moment. "Beg then" she replies easily but with no malice. Her expression is quickly back to serious mode. "You are Thor?" Nothing gets past Mera. "I wish to talk with you." She looks at the mob around him…and now her too. "Alone. Do not worry, I will not ask you stupid questions or want a…Selfie?"

A snort is her answer at first, accompanied with a twist of features that might carry along with it a hint of amusement. Though he does not beg, instead more rising up to his full height and affecting that subtle glower he's been known to offer without too much thought behind it.
"Aye," He answers her question, expression shifting toward the curious from the incredulous as he glances over his shoulder. Even if Mera is not interested in a selfie she is at the least going to be on some youtube vids down the line, simply by standing where she is standing.
"You do?" He asks after she states the wish to talk to him, and for some reason the intensity of the woman conveys that this is no mere fan request and more something else entire.
"Far be it for me to deny you such a request. Lead on." He motions then with the umbrella now in hand, though he's already stepping forth, though some of the crowd are tracking him with their cells, none seem inclined to follow. At least immediately.

Mera seems pleased that he has agreed…at least there is a nod to suggest that…and she spins on her heels to find a private place. Easier said than done. So many people in the area and they all seem interested in her companion. It's starting to annoy the Atlantean.

"Does no one have any respect in this city? They should not be staring like this. They are rude" Mera sniffs, glaring at a couple of squealing fangirls in particular before peering at Thor. "You do not mind this?"

Mera points at an alley that still has a covering of snow upon the ground. "Here" she decides abruptly and heads on in. Once they are inside rar enough, there is a wave of her hands and the snow turns into a wall to block the nosey. Of course, it is quite a public display of attempted privacy. "We shall have to talk quickly" she informs Thor.

She asks her question and to be fair, Thor gets a sort of half-smile that seems to speak toward him thinking that well… he /is/ a hero, perhaps this is his due. But then he turns back to her and seems to key onto her mood and replies, "Shameful, indeed." Though perhaps not as sincerely as she might hope.
Then the ice wall solidifies with a crackle and a crinkle, that causes Thor to consider her anew with curiousity considering the casual work of 'magic' made. He steps into that alley fully, folding his arms over his broad chest as he peers at her and states, "Before we go further I would know your name, fair one. For it is clear you are as much not of this land as I am."
He cocks an eyebrow then, levelling his regard upon her heavily, umbrella once again under his arm.

"I am Mera, Noblewoman of Atlantis" she replies with a tone that suggests that should mean something, but she will quickly move on in case it doesn't. "I am here to ensure that a war does not start between my world and those of the surface dwellers." Those last two words said with little dislike - which is okay since Thor is not one either. "There is also another issue that has arisen. An infection. From where, I do not know, but it is subtly taking over life forms. Replicating them. The infection grows every day."

There is a moment of recognition at the mention of Atlantis, she can read it in the way his head lifts slightly and his lips part, though he does not say as much. Then he nods slightly, brow furrowing as he listens to her words granted to him. A breath is taken at the last, held, then let free as he exhales slowly.
"A noble undertaking, and wise in so doing." About her wish to preclude a war between the Midgardians and her own people. But then his eyebrows lift at the mention of such an infection, "If true that bodes ill for the people of Midgard and wherever it may spread."
He rests his hands upon his hips and then asks, "Who have you spoken to in regards to this matter? Such a thing if evidence is had should likely be brought before the wise and the learned of this realm."

"If true?" Mera's eyes narrow a little. "Are you calling me a liar?" Not the best way he may have put it, as the proud Atlantean is rather annoyed by the implication. "There are some who are already assisting me in resisting the encroachment of the infection. Morning Glory. Scandal. Do any of those names mean anything to you? Lena has also been helping me keep the peace." She may not be aware of, or remember, her Captain Cold persona.

"When I first arrived in New York, I attempted to talk with others to assist me with the giant sea creature attack on the harbor. Barely anyone remembered it. Which is suspicious in the first place, don't you think? I even attempted to talk with 'The Avengers' and others but made no headway. So I am glad I encountered you today."

At the subtle show of temper Thor's lip twitches slightly, a hint of a smile but quickly subdued as he shakes his head, "My doubt is more akin to gauging the extent of the threat, less so the existence." Which might mollify her somewhat, then again it might not.
Yet as she lists off a few names Thor bites his lower lip as none of them seem to trigger a memory in him nor any hint of recognition. So he shakes his head again and then murmurs, "I am afraid I know not of such worthies as you mention. But perhaps I can be of aid. The good Captain Rogers would likely be concerned to hear of such and e'er knows the path one should follow that is mos likely to lead to success."
He turns his head slightly to look at the ice wall, now likely being poked and chipped at curiously by the few remaining stubborn fans. He shifts his blue eyes back to her and says, "I can arrange for you to share words with him. The Avengers Manor. In a day's time if matters will keep until then?" He asks as he steps to the side slightly.

"My king did suggest that Captain Rogers was a worthy person to talk to. One that could be trusted" Mera nods; it seems she approves of this idea. She has also calmed down a touch. "Would you not be able to help me yourself? Are you not God of Thunder? That should mean something I would assume." He seems the prideful type so poking at it may help get him on side.

Mera glances at the ice wall after Thor does. "It will hold" she assures him. "When I dissipate it, there will be some very wet people." Though this seems to amuse her rather than concern her. Serves them right for being nosey. "Very well, I shall attend the Averngers Mansion. Please do not make it an official embassy reception, we should be discrete." Thus she gives the Avengers permission not to have a ball in her honor…since that would have happened otherwise.

"I could be of aid, aye." Thor tells her with his eyes crinkling slightly, perhaps aware of what she is doing with that oh so subtle attempt to impugn his ego. He tilts his head to the side and glances past her briefly, then those blue eyes return to her own. "But I have found that some tasks are best aided by a touch of subtlety or a gathering of counsel."
There's a pause, then his smile is there, "I trust those of Atlantis are wise enough to recognize such as well." That having been said he takes a step to the side and begins to walk down the alleyway. "I shall await you on the morrow, Mera of Atlantis." He turns and begins to walk away backwards, "Until then," He lowers his eyes and offers what might be a hint of a bow as he departs, "Welcome to Manhattan." He turns away.

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