2019-12-06 - One If By Land Two If By SCIENCE


Nadia and Carol meet and talk Boston!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Dec 6 18:30:26 2019
Location: Levain Bakery

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Since coming to America Nadia has been undertaking a secret mission. One planned out since her days in the Red Room. And what might that devious undertaking be? She's going to eat all of the good food from everywhere in the world. Although perhaps not in one sitting. Today at least the plan is for cookies. Lots of cookies.

The teenage supergenius has claimed one of the nailed down stools and set out a selection platter that pretty much includes three of everything on the menu. With the exception of loaves of bread (she's only got one of each of those). Thankfully in New York no-one seems to care just how large her appetite is.

She's dressed casually in jeans and a knitted blue sweater with her insect-logo'd GIRL bomber jacket over the top. It might be a little chilly outside but it's no Siberia!

The problem with being a famous superhero with a public identity? Everyone recognizes you on sight, more often than not. Which is why Carol Danvers is wearing rather large sunglasses, her hair bundled up under a white fuzzy winter cap. She has jeans and a brown pilot's jacket on, with a sweater underneath, and is placing an order for garlic sourdough bread and a dozen red velvet cookies. That done, she steps to the side and waits for her order, gaze absently falling on Nadia and the rather generous portions the girl has gotten herself. One eyebrow arches, as recognition seems to pass over her face.

As a relatively small establishment it's important that patrons don't take up too much room. So when people in the queue are stopping and looking Nadia instinctively scoops up her bags of bread and, fully expecting Carol to complain any moment now, puts one of the bags into her jacket pocket. "Don't worry I'll clear a space in just a moment," she assures with a hint of a Russian accent. "I just need to make sure they bags won't open in my pockets."

She tucks the second bag of three into the same pocket. Casually indifferent to how impossible what she's doing is for most people. "I hear there is supposed to be a lot of rain over the weekend." Bag three goes into the other jacket pocket. She grins and in a mock conspiratorial hush adds "So ideal weather for staying in and snacking on cookies!"

Carol gives Nadia a grin, "Yeah, definitely. There's just something about sourdough bread with a good clam chowder on cold nights. So I just had to get some…" She pauses, and gives the girl a curious glance, particularly as her bag appears to be bigger on the inside.

"So, you're either Nadia Van Dyne, or from the planet Gallifrey. And I'm pretty sure the latter isn't exactly possible." Well, if it was, she'd probably be the one to know.

"I have never tried chowder," Nadia muses, possibly to herself. "I'll have to add it to my list." She shrugs. "Most seafood dishes I tried back in Russia involved pickled or baked fish. Not that I ever got to eat anywhere nice." She selects a cookie at random from her order and takes a bite. "I am indeed Nadia, although I must admit I have no idea what a Gallifrey is. Although if it's an alien homeworld I couldn't rule it out… The last few months have been /very/ enlightening in regard to the place of Humanity within the universe."

"Now that I think about it you do look familiar.." She hrms thoughtfully. "Something in your posture makes me think military rather than a fellow scientist?"

Carol grins, taking off her sunglasses and cap, since there's not a lot of people in the bakery… and the owner knows her anyway, so that's alright. "Carol Danvers, part-time scientist, full-time Avenger, though I'm really far behind on my journals, truth be told." She grins cheerfully at Nadia, "I do know a thing or two about alien homeworlds, after all. And clam chowder is the best, particularly if you get it in Boston." Not that she's biased towards her hometown or anything.

Nadia Van Dyne tilts her head to one side and takes another cookie bite. "Oh yes indeed you are," she finally agrees, keeping her voice down. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'd offer a handshake but…" She glances at her cookie crumb covered hands and shrugs the 'what can you do' shrug. "Have you been working on anything interesting scientifically speaking? Or has being an Avenger kept you too busy? If that's not classified that is."

"I've not really had chance to travel around America. Every time I make plans to just go out and explore something comes up or I get an idea.." She giggles. "Which is probably something you've heard from people in the Avengers on a daily basis. If the oppertunity presents itself Boston will be where I aim to try chowder. It's only a four hour flight after all."

Carol grins, "Well, yeah, I'm not really able to do too much scientifically… I mean, I haven't even gotten beyond my bachelors from the Air Force Academy." She shrugs a little, "But well, between flying, and spying, and saving the world… yeah, I wish I could get more time to do the science, but as it is… I've kitbashed an intergalactic pager with Kree tech, so?" She gives Nadia a sheepish look at that.

"But, if you ever want to go up to Boston, I can show you the best spots. Also, I was living in California for a while when I was still in the Air Force, so I know some great places down by Los Angeles."

Nadia Van Dyne blinks a few times. "A pager? I think I've seen one in a museum of technology," she admits reluctantly. "Getting alien tech to work with Human equipment can't be easy even at the best of times so that's probably quite an achievement." She selects another cookie and then gestures at her snack selection. "Help yourself if you're hungry. I got an excess, junk food helps me think and ever since I did a voluntary non-invasive study on an alien all I can think about is spaceships. I've been trying to work out if I could use extradimensional shortcuts to make a functionally faster than light drive. If I can't I can probably just build a huge engine and strap on a pym particle living module to keep the mass down."

"If we ever get the folded space gateway working I'll be able to walk to Los Angeles. It's a project one of the members of my lab has been working on but… well due to the nature of folded space there are so many health and safety checks we need to comply with just to power it up. Never mind sending a person a few thousand miles." There's a slight scowl. "In general I love my work but the paperwork feels very much like a waste of my time. A guided tour of Boston however would be a welcome break, if it's no trouble that is!"

Carol grins, "Well, there's a few ways to do FTL… though I don't know the specific tech behind it. I can fly Kree ships, doesn't mean I can build them from scratch." She chuckles a little, "But yeah, I'm older than I look I guess, relativity keeps me young."

With the mention of a guided tour, Carol grins wider, "I'd love to give you, and frankly, a lot of your group, a tour of Boston. I mean, MIT isn't too far of a hop from there anyway. I don't suppose you've talked to Reed Richards at all?"

"It's always good to know there are multiple solutions to a problem," Nadia says brightly. "The trick is probably going to be finding one which isn't also immensely dangerous to the user or the fabric of space and time. But then that's the peril of really exotic physics work." On a whim she breaks off bits from two different cookies and eats them both at the same time. "And don't feel too bad. The you-know-who didn't really allow people to waste time studying things which weren't in common use. No need to teach your agents how to use something which was redundant the second the smartphone was invented."

"I guess if a lot of the members of GIRL came along we'd need to book a plane. But I'm sure we have the funds for that… We'll have to schedule something, hopefully for a day when the world isn't about to be invaded. Although if it is let me know and if I can help out…." She makes a best efforts attempt to wipe cookie crumbs off herself and starts hunting around in her pockets. "I've never had the pleasure of meeting Reed Richards. I'm sure he probably has a dozen FTL drives just gathering dust! Although truth be told I'm as interested in the challenge of making the drive as I am in using it to visit places."

Carol grins, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure we can arrange for a trip, that shouldn't be too hard. Especially if we talk to MIT and have them agree to sponsor part of the tour. I think you'd be pretty persuasive about that." And if Nadia isn't, Carol definitely would be. Being an Avenger has some pull!

"It certainly would help the younger members who haven't picked a college yet," Nadia agrees. "And.. well I think it'd help with recruitment too but.. If it's something widely advertised then there is a very real risk people will sign up just to gawk at an Avenger or worse still try and attack the group. While it's doubtful that would be a significant threat I don't really want to risk the lives of anyone. Let alone the people I'm responsible for."

Half way through digging around in her pockets she pauses. "I was looking for my business card but given my previous history with an enemy of the Avengers it would be logical to assume my address and contact number is already on file?"

Carol chuckles, "Safe bet, but yeah, if you want to give me the card anyway, I'd prefer it." She nods, "And you can keep my involvement off the record, if you like. I'm not doing this for fame, I'm doing this to do the best job of helping you and your fellow scientists." She grins, "Hey, I've been following along with some stuff, and I've seen what GIRL is doing. I like what I've noticed so far, so anything that helps keep you doing that is great by me."

Nadia Van Dyne resumes digging around in her pocket. Evidently the disadvantage to keeping an absurd amount of stuff in your pocket is keeping track of where everything is. "I'll probably let people know unofficially," she muses. "Just so they are aware of the potential for an intergalatic warlord to drop by. But only at the point at which someone is committed for the right reasons." Eventually the business card is located. It's a little crumpled and warm from having a sack of fresh bread kept on top. "I suspect I'll cause some level of mild panic when I let the other members know you've been following their work. The good kind of panic though."

"Anyway I'm sure your people can contact my people… Not that I have any people it's just… that is the saying, no?"

Carol grins, "Yes, it is. Not that I really have any people either." She chuckles, "Avengers don't count, since they're co-workers. Though I might see if some others might be interested in coming along. If I can convince Tony to behave…" She sounds a bit skeptical of that, but hey, miracles can happen, and he can be a pretty good mentor. When he wants to be.

She then slides Nadia her card in exchange, "But yeah, ping me here when you're ready to get stuff a bit more nailed-down, I'd be glad to help you where I can. Was nice to meet you, Nadia." A cheerful grin, "And feel free to call me Carol."

"Mister Stark does have a reputation which makes me wonder if a plane full of high school and college age women is a safe environment," Nadia admits with an awkward cough. Given at least two members of GIRL have super powers it may well be his safety she's concerned about. "But we shall see. It would certainly ensure MIT would be most accomodating."

The business card gets carefully tucked into a different pocket to all the bread. One which seems entirely mundane and thus hard to lose things in. "It's been a pleasure speaking with you Carol. I'll be sure to get in touch sooner rather than later!"

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