2019-12-06 - Incey Wincey Spider


Following the Klaue into the Disaster Zone, The Black Panther and Vixen meet a Black Spider

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Dec 6 00:09:18 2019
Location: The Disaster Zone

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Vixen and the Black Panther are on the prowl again. With Klaue active in the zone and reverbium in play, the pair are more than little concerned.

It's not been hard to track down some of the thugs that have been working for the south african. Tonight, they've cornered a group on the outskirts of the Disaster Zone and things are getting a bit rough.

The sound of a sonic weapon going off and bringing a wall down should be enough to bring anyone curious.

Vixen, for the moment is perched on the edge of roof, her black and yellow costume catching the light. "Behind you…" She calls out to the cat suited man below. In just a moment, she's going to drop on one of those thugs. Both the combatants have missed the third and fourth thugs who have circled around.

The Black Panther is difficult to track in the Disaster Zone at night. That's mostly because he's just kind of hard to see. Even now he's mostly a shadow seen in muzzle flash and the glow of sonic weaponry. And at the moment he's moving quite quickly because he was standing UNDER that wall a moment ago.

"Can you take care of it?" He calls out to Vixen. "I am busy." With a leap he hurtles toward the man with the sonic weapon. Even if it's not hurting him it would be nice if the fragile scenery in the area stopped collapsing.

There's another figure out working the streets tonight. However, there's no flashy costume here. He's dressed in what would probably be considered a SHIELD hand-me-down combat suit. Stripped of it's belts and straps and patches, it's a plain black body suit with a sealed mask. Over that, he's wearing a pair of board shorts in black with red trim, a black hoodie with a red lining and instead of boots, he wears high-top sneakers.

Having heard the sonic blast nearby, Miles started to leap from rooftop to rooftop. He doesn't have a webslinger or shooter, after all. He lost out on that in the genetic changes category. Hearing the voices nearby, the black suited figure lands on a nearby ledge, clinging to the side of the wall as he takes in the situation before and to figure out who those other voices were - though Vixen's call out didn't trigger his spider-sense.

Having come up on the backside of the two thugs that are trying to flank the pair, Miles tilts his head to the side, lifting his gaze to the atack, and then he sucks in a breath. Alright. Time to try this. You were able to do it in Auckland. This shouldn't be /so/ hard. But first!

"Hey, don't you know there's sound ordanances in this city? And those things? Totally breaking all of them!" And with that, he's leaping at the flanking pair to try to get in a quick electric stun on the first one before the other can bring his weapon to bear.

Miles stun gets one of the guys as the second gets off a blast of that sonic cannon. It doesn't hit Miles, which is something, but it does get the ground near his feet - sending debris and detritus flying at his face. "What if we are? What do you think you can do about it, kid?"

Panthers dive send him crashing into the guy, the rifle firing at nearly point blank range. They end up rolling on the ground as the guy tries to bring his rifle down on the Panthers back. That's probably a bad move.

As for Vixen, she drops like a weight from the rooftop, taking her target down with little fuss. "Get off me, bitch…" he growls as they struggle, pulling a pistol from a holster and trying to aim it at her.

The Black Panther lands his leap - naturally and winds up on top. If this were a less serious situation he'd go for the Lion King quote. 'Pinned ya!' This however is not a moment for that. So he simply punches. Several times and turns to look up.

"Vixen, be nice to the people who might be here to he- hey!"

That's to the man aiming a sonic rifle at him. The other man's rifle gets snatched up and used as a projectile. At GREAT force.

The spider-senses are kicking on full alert tonight.

As the blast is fired in his general direction, Miles is leaping to avoid the blast as it is kicking up debris and such, and it rips the poor hoodie. "…oh man. Another one?" Miles sighs as he leaps upwards, twisting and landing on the side of the building. Holding there for a moment, he looks at the other gunner.

"So, way I see it, there's two others here besides me. And you're like.. last one left. Give up now and I won't have to punch you. Fair?"

And when he lifts the rifle to fire, Miles leaps again, and aims to land directly on top of the guy to take him down. "I gave you a chance!"

Miles takes his guy by surprise - he was expecting the kid in cast offs to be so … reckless. Clearly he's new to New York or something. They roll on the ground, punches are thrown. Miles will need to deliver at least one more to stop this guy - he is bigger than the youth after all.

Black Panther has it all over his guy, even if the thug is putting up a fight. There's a crack as the rifle hits him, his head snaps back and he just sort of oozes on the ground where he lays.

"It wasn't me that said a thing…" Vixen grunts as the glowing silhouette of a silver backed ape forms around her. Her hand clamps down on her attackers wrist and she twists. The snap is audible. "Didn't anyone tell you it was rude to shoot women?"

Another grunt and the guy is flipped so he lands on his front. "You fucking bitch, you broke my wrist."

"Be thankful that's all I broke." Vixen answers, looking up at the others as they take the last guys down. "Well that was bracing. I can't wait till get my suit though, that was close again … " She says brightly. "Now, who are you, my young friend?"

Panther rises from his crouch and walks on over toward where Miles is. "Well. That was exhilarating. We do not see many costumed heroes in the Disaster Zone. Were you attracted by the noise or have you decided to patrol this rather blighted stretch?"

Not that it much matters, he helped and helping is good.

"I am Black Panther, by the way. That is Vixen."

After landing on the guy and knocking him over, Miles is on his feet, punching and swinging.. and oh god, he needs so much training. But eventually, he manages to get his guy down and he is kicking the weapon away when the other two address him. The young man pauses. He's short. There's no hiding that, but they have questions!

Oh, I live about five blocks over.

No, not a good opening, Miles!

"I was just.. on patrol? I sorta hang out around Brooklyn and stuff." he manages, and tries to make himself sound older than he is. Not that it helps that much. He clears his throat. "I'm uh…" Think Miles, think!

"…Black uh Spider. Yeah." Thats what they called him. Roll with it.

Because it's better than Hood Rat.

"Black Spider, hmmm? I suppose that's original." Mari bashes her guys head against the ground to knock him out. There's not much refined about her approach or fighting style - which, if Miles is familiar with Mari McCabe, is very different to the way the ex-model conducts herself out of costume. "It was fun, wasn't it?"

"Better check the bodies. It's not likely they've got anything to go on, but we can try." She asides to the Black Panther. In fact, he'll a note in the pocket of one of the guys.

"New to the gig, are you?" That's to Miles. Those dark eyes roam over the costume and the damage it's incurred. It seems that neither of them are likely to take him to task.

"Black Spider." Well he's got the color scheme going right. As Mari chats the 'new guy' up the feline suited hero kneels down to poke and prod at the KO'd thugs. Ah. There is a note. He takes that - and also makes sure to take the power cores out of the guns. Wouldn't do for any of these folks to wake up and still be armed.

"There are, you may have noticed, some fairly bad things going on in this part of town." This part of town being a literal ruin with no police presence. He peers at the costume the 'Black Spider' has going. "You might want to do with a protection upgrade if you're going to keep patrolling here."

"Well.. yeah. Let me go down to Superheroes R Us and see what they have. Does Target have a Superhero section?" Miles asks, as he sighs at his hoodie. "Third one this month." The last one was burned up in Pyro's fire. "Anyway. I didn't see any other spiders working the hood, you dig?" There's a sigh at that.

"Someone's got to help the people here. But, it sounds like you two have been doing this for a /while/. Like a team or a married couple or something." he points out as he moves to perch on a nearby piece of rubble and rubs at his ear.

"New? Yeah. Just.. well, been laying low."

"Spiders. Oh, the other webslingers? They come down this way sometimes but the 'real' crime is in New York proper. Here, in the Zone, people prefer to forget. A friend of mine opened my eyes to what's happening here." Vixen offers, looking over as a Black Panther reads that note. It's a number, like a building number and the digits 23:50 with what looks like a date. "Are spiders territorial?"

"Target might have a superhero section but I find it false value. The Quality is never good for what you pay for. Those look like SHIELD garments though."

She laughs at the mention of being married. "Just a team. A relatively new one, but we rub along together alright." She is going to be so mad when she finds out T'Challa's secret.

"I don't think they are? I've only met one though." Miles admits as he rubs the back of his head. "…and that's because they were SHIELD. Best I could do was some .. well.." He gestures slightly. There you go. "Ah. A team!" he nods his head. "Like Batman and Robin?" comes the question.

"And I don't exactly websling." Since he doesn't have webs to sling. "I'm more of a jumping spider until I figure that one out."

"You don't huh?" Vixen answers, leaving Black Panther to search the bodies for the moment. "What was the stun you did when jumped on that guy?" She'd noticed. Slowly she walks around the youth and inspects the clothes.

"How did you come by them, the SHIELD duds? Are you working with them? You look a bit young…" And he's not very well trained. She noticed that as well.

"I wouldn't say we were like Batman and Robin. Neither one of us is really sidekick …" The ex-model is smirking broadly as she glances at the catsuited hero. "We're Vixen and Black Panther. Black Panther and Vixen. Take your pick… "

"They offered me a place at the Academy.. but I'd have to share my identity and all that." And pretty sure they'd contact his parents. Miles lets out a little breath. "They recovered me after a fight, and felt bad I guess. Did an assessment and stuff and then sent me on my way." So here he is.

"Okay. So Black Panther and Vixen. Got it!" he chuckles. "Well, the only think Target had was footie pajamas and yeah. Not my size." he chuckles. "But hey if you know someone that does that stuff." he shrugs his shoulders. "Anyway. I didn't mean to interrupt… this." There may be a grin under his mask. "Just didn't want you to get flanked!"

"Maybe you should think about it…" Vixen answers, still moving slowly around Miles and assessing him. "If you're going to do this gig, even somewhat decently, you need some training. We all did when we started out. Well, maybe not him." She jerks her head to the Black Panther "I think he came out fighting like that."

"I might know someone that can help you with your costume." The dark skinned woman glances over to the Panther to see his reaction to that. "Drop into McCabe Industries during the day and ask for Mari…" she smirks again. That's her. "… she might able to help you out."

It's likely Miles has no idea who Mari McCabe is. And that's fine.

"We appreciate the help. Really."

"McCabe Industries. Mari. Got it!" Miles offers with a firm nod of his head. "And yeah. He was pretty awesome." With that, the young man starts leaping. Making his way up the building, he slips up the side and disappears back into the night.

It's a school night after all. And he may be young enough to still be in high school from the sounds of it.

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