2019-12-04 - Angels, Spiders, Elves, and Redheads


Miles and MJ bring Angela lunch to discuss Miles' secret and gets help from her and a fuzzy blue elf.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Dec 4 17:53:57 2019
Location: Carpenter Studios

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Miles does have to work on occassion. And since he's back from Australia, he needed to get back to it. But noone said he couldn't have company with him. Especially considering what they're going to be talking about. "You know.." Miles mutters to MJ as he approaches the door of the shop to open it. In his hand he carries a bag with a lunch they brought to share on the way.

"It was a lot easier to tell you about the whole.. other thing.. than this is. This is like telling my mom. Which no. I haven't done yet. Or my dad. He still thinks that.." he lowers his head. "..that the Black Spider had something to do with my uncle's death." he's quiet for a moment on that. "Anyway. Easier to tell you. Was already totally falling for you and didn't want to hide it. How do I do this?"

Mary Jane follows along, as she would, keeping close to Miles as a form of comfort to the man, her shoulders slightly shrugging as he asks the question. "I don't know. With me, I think it was a bit of a necessity. I almost got arrested, and it was clear I wasn't going to get away with my leg being broken."

Her nose wrinkles as she takes in a huff, her head shaking briefly. "I don't know, with this, just go ahead and do it. What have you got to lose?"

Meanwhile, an unsuspecting artist is working on tidying things up from the night before. Including tucking a bunch of leftover bags behind the counter for safe keeping, just out of view. Angela then stretches a bit, picking up her coffee and taking a sip as she looks decidedly casual today. Just a faux turtleneck and jeans, as her hair is pinned back into an efficient bun. She does, however, have a bit of a smile constantly playing on her lips this morning as she finishes taking care of a few things before opening up for the day.

Opening the door to the shop, Miles pokes in first before letting MJ in. "I know. At worse? I lose a chance." he admits quietly. "I mean. What if she doesn't want me to…" He makes a little thwip thwip motion though he has no webshooters to speak of. Sighing, Miles straightens. "But I'm not gonna hide. I didn't with you. And see what that got me?" he asks MJ. Her, obviously.

"That and I have to see what you spent so much on!" he admits in his own curiosity as he waits for MJ to enter. "Angela? It's Miles. I brought MJ with me, and some lunch!"

"See?" Mary Jane agrees with Miles. "You got nothing to lose, and besides.. even if she says otherwise, I think you're going to be compelled to do it no matter what. All heroes are like that.." Yup, the Black Spider is now a hero. This actually makes her a little bit proud.

As he holds open the door, she steps right in, dislodging from Miles' side, keeping her purse pressed against her. She was dressed down for today, a regular small bubble jacket, a polka-dot sweater, along with the same polka-dot long skirt and leggings underneath. And boots. Brown boots. Such a fashionista!

Angela glances up from her coffee and waves to Miles and MJ, "Hey Miles, MJ, come on in! Oh, and lunch… you're not getting off work early just because of that, you know." She teases, as she does, beckoning the pair to come inside.

Then she looks over at Mary Jane, and gives her fellow ginger a grin, "Almost done with the thing, but I'm just trying to figure out a sneaky way to get Gwen in for measurements." Since, well, it's a gift and implied to be a surprise, and all that.

"Nope. Just thought it'd make this a bit easier." Miles says as he moves to take a seat. Setting down the bag, the smell of fresh pita bread, gyro meat and roasted vegetables rise from it. Then at the mention of measurements, there's a chuckle from him. "They've been friends forever, I'm pretty sure MJ already knows her measurements!" he admits witha laugh. However, he sobers slightly.

"Look. We need to talk. About things." he admits quietly. "About Australia. About when I started at the shop. And.. things.." he wrings his hands, nervous and rubs at a spot on his hand. Not where he was bit - he was bit on the ankle after all. The young man chews on his lip. "And perhaps what I should have brought up. But there's not really a spot on an application for what happened."

Mary smiles wide as she enters the shop, offering up a wave to the older 'Sister' type, putting her hands back by her purse to remove it from around her shoulders to look for a place to put it. When Angela mentions Gwen's present, her eyes light up, ready to speak the world of Gwen until she quiets down. "Uh.. I know a guy who can do it by sight. I just have to film her, which sounds creepy but it's not.."

But, Miles' time for confession was upon him. She slowly pulls up a chair, drawing the bag of food closer to pick through the contents. She wasn't being gross about it, but busying herself as to not cause Miles' to chicken out..

Angela blinks at Miles, then grows a bit more serious, taking a seat on a stool behind the counter. She gives Miles a reassuring smile, "Okay, so what's going on. This sounds serious." Her head tilts a little bit, as she gives Miles a curious look, as if wondering what precisely he's going to say.

Moving to sit down next to MJ, Miles draws in a breath. But with MJ busying herself with the lunch bag, her hand is not there to grab for a lifeline. "I guess I should start with where it started." the young man considers for a moment. "It started about a year ago. I was on a seinor class field trip to Oscorp. We had gone to see the genetics lab, where they keep the animals that they're doing experiments on and all. I don't know what happened, but when I got home that night, I got really sick. Like the flu, you know? Except worse. Nausea, vomitting, chills, sweats and all of it. My mom assumed I was just sick."

Reaching to take one of the napkins, he considers it and starts to rip it in places. "When I came to, it was three days later. And something had changed…" reaching down, he lifts his shirt slightly. Where there should still be some body fat, maybe a little pudge - it's lithe, tight, muscled. No wonder MJ drooled. Cough. "That wasn't all. I mean. I went to school, or tried to. And I found my hand would stick to things. Without even trying. It was like being a receiver on the Jets with too much ticky tack." he explains. "Then I started getting the headaches. Like.. when something was about to happen my head gets this freaky buzz. And it's like a headache, but not. Like a radar. Hey stupid or something. And then the leaping and the electro shocks.. and the well.."

While he's talking about all this, he's just.. faded out of existance. Completely invisible.

"So. I wanted to do something with it. To you know. Help? Because noone really helped in my neighborhood. We were on the edge of the Blitz. But not damaged enough to draw attention. I started going out at night. Small time hoods. Gang bangers. Then drug and arms runners and dealers."

Mary remains quiet, but once Miles' got to the gut of the story, she listens, realizing she never really did ask. She finally stops what she's doing to reach out to take his hand, holding it tightly.

But once he disappears, she looks a tiny bit unnerved, but hearing him still there makes her grip a little bit tighter.

The door to the back area opens and in walks the blue furred, demon-elf looking Kurt holding a cup of coffee in his three fingered hands, sipping at it slowly before he yawns a large yawn, his pointed canines prominent as his mouth stretches open wide. The prehensile tail moves around his body, the tip scratching at the top of his shoulder as he makes his way further into the studio proper.

He appears to be dressed in what he was wearing yesterday when Miles met him, all be it a bit more wrinkled and disheveled and minus and form of foot covering, which show off his large oddly shaped 3-toed feet.

He looks around the shop and spots Angela over with Mary Jane, and he *BAMFS* away, disappearing in a cloud of sulphureous smelling purple-black smoke, only to instantly reappear next to Angela in the same type of cloud.

He leans over and gives Angela a kiss on the cheek and mutters a "Mornin'" to her before turning to face Mary Jane. "Guten Morgen."

Angela listens intently to Miles as he talks about what happened, and then nods slightly, "You know, one time Spider-Man came into the store chasing a robber. I don't think he was expecting me to clobber him with a broadsword." Miles gets a wry grin, as she does add, "Oh, and he left me one of his webshooters. So I have been working on reverse engineering it. Though I don't know how he makes the stuff. I'm hoping it's not… er, biological."

So she seems to be taking all of this in stride, which might seem odd… until Kurt appears out of nowhere with a *BAMF* to kiss her cheek. Which causes her to blush, smile a bit wider, and slip an arm around Kurt, "Good morning to you too. I thought you could use the extra sleep." And with that, she gives Kurt a kiss on the cheek in return.

The grip on the hand, invisible or not is noted. And with MJ's squeeze, Miles is reminded to come back into view. "Sorry.." he offers sheepishly. "It happens sometimes when I don't expect it." There's a little laugh. And then he draws in his breath. "Apparently I pissed off someone up on the food chain. Because shortly after, I had my first run in with a real villain. Called himself the Prowler… and he could hunt me. Anywhere. Even if I tried to go invisible.."

He starts to say more, but the sudden Bamf causes his senses to go off, and Miles stiffens suddenly, ready to protect MJ and Angela.. until the young man she's dating shows up, and he relaxed. "Hi. We brought gyros." But he's not talking for a moment, looking at Angela in that 'should I trust him' way.

Mary was slightly amused, but comforting Miles was easy. She rubs his shoulder briefly even though she couldn't see him, at least until he comes visible. She's still quiet.. being supportive.. right up until..


Did.. did Mary have a seizure? Did she black out? Where did this guy come from?

She 'acks!' loudly, inhaling and actually coughing. The smell of sulfur and brimstone actually making her hack up a lung.

"Ex.. excuse me.." She tries to cough out, gesturing towards the back.

What a good way to save face from being completely frightened! Leave and hide in the bathroom!

Watching Mary Jane leave Kurt looks apologetically to Angela and Miles. "Sorry!" he calls out to Mary as she leaves, sighing just a bit as he looks back to Miles and Angela. "Sorry." he repeats to the gathering and takes another slow sip of his coffee.

At the mention of gyros, the fuzzy-elf's glowing yellow eyes light up a bit more and he grins. "Oh, gyros!". The mutant moves his cup to his tail, and starts to make himself a gyro sandwich with his hands as he continues to sip his coffee from his mug. "Thanks! I'm famished."

Kurt casts glance to Angela, and nods. "Yeah. I was exhausted. I needed the extra rest…and food."

Angela grins, even as she blushes a bit, but then nods towards Miles, "Yeah, it's okay, you can trust him." She hmmms and moves MJ's chair around, since the poor girl had a bit of a shock, and sits down in front of Miles, listening intently towards him while Kurt makes himself a gyro.

"So, you had this Prowler chasing after you, after you got these… abilities." She picks up the thread of the conversation, giving Miles a concerned glance.

Miles is quick to explain to Kurt to try to help. "She was in a fire while wrapping up the shooting of Joan of Arc in Australia. The fire was being fed by a mutant that had a personal beef with her and she had smoke inhaliation. She's okay now.. just a little spooked." He sighs and shakes his head. Part of him wants to comfort MJ, but gives her a few moments to pull herself together.

"Yeah. So I needed a place to lay low. I didn't want to lead him to my parents. So I went to my uncle." he closes his eyes, looking down at the napkin and his breath is shaky. "My dad and my uncle? They didn't see eye to eye. My uncle had some.. bad things in his past. But he'd always been good with me. Actually encouraged me to persue the art thing." he admits. "I was in the apartment, and I started to tell him about.. everything. And then as we were talking, I felt that feeling. A threat. Something was near me. But there was nowhere there but me.. and my uncle."

He waits a moment to see if Angela puts together the pieces herself.

"I'll apologize more formally when she returns. It is all just second nature to me, so I didn't think how it might bother someone else." says Kurt humbly, setting his sandwich on a napkin. He moves the mug from his tail back to his hand, then uses his tail as a makeshift stool to sit on. Kurt visibly winces as Miles explains Mary's situation and shakes his head. "So not only did I smoke her out. I just retraumatized her. Not only did I retraumatize her, I am a mutant and it was a mutant who attacked her in the first place. Well, I am just batting a thousand today aren't I." He shakes his head sadly, setting his mug down on the table and pushing the gyro away. "Suddenly I'm not hungry anymore."

Angela stands up and goes over to Kurt, giving him a hug, "Hey, you couldn't have known any of that. We'll explain it to her when she comes out, okay?" She gives Kurt a smile, then kisses him on the forehead.

Then she comes back over towards Miles, "And I'm guessing your uncle was, in fact, the Prowler?" Because well, that's how these stories tend to go… after a while you see the patterns of Fate manifest.

"She'll be fine when she comes out. She just needs a moment, you know?" Miles responds with a soft sigh. "Things like this happen.." And then Angela hits the nail on the head. "Our fight spilled into the street. He said he couldn't let me end up like him.. that we were too much alike. I never wanted to be a criminal. But he was experienced. More so than me. We ended up on a rooftop. I pulled up my mask. I begged him to stop. He paused…"

Miles closes his eyes. "He started to pull back down my mask. I was.. he was…" he feels the tears forming at the edges of his eyes. This is the first time he's told this story to anyone else. "I felt the tingle. I knew it was coming. I heard the gunshot. Then I saw Uncle Aaron's eyes go wide. He fell forward, we tumbled into the alley. I protected him the whole way down. I held him as he bled out. Then the NYPD arrived.. the first cop on the scene? Was my father. And all he saw was some kid in a makeshift costume that had just murdered his brother. I ran away. I couldn't explain, how could I explain? I don't know who killed my uncle. I threw away my costume. I swore off this life…"

"And then I met Mary Jane in the park. And she rushed in to save a cop. And I had to help.. and suddenly.. I was back at it. She had convinced me I could do good again. So here I am. Back at square one. No costume. No credit. No money. No life." he laughs. "And apparently a name given to me by the New Zealand press. And I'm sorry it's a lot to drop on you both. I don't think I'm a mutant. I don't know what I am. At all. Just a confused kid." He looks between the two of them. "Him.." he gestures to Nightcrawler. "He's the real hero. Doing this. Being able to handle his life with everything thrown at him, with grace and skill. It's pretty amazing." And he may already be planning a BAMF street art.

Kurt shakes his head. "I'm no hero." the blue mutant says softly, reaching out to pat Miles on the arm. "Not any more than any cop, fireman, doctor, nurse, or anyone in or out of a uniform that helps their fellow man. That includes you. We all have our issues to deal with, Miles, and the only way I am able to deal with things is because I have just had more experience. You and I have both had to deal with prejudices in our lives. In fact I actually met Angela because some group of guys decided that I wasn't allowed to get a hot dog in peace." Kurt pauses and takes a sip of his coffee. "But you are not alone. You have Mary, you have Angela, and now you have me. If you need anything, we can make it happen. I am hard pressed to believe Angela will leave you out in the cold and I know I wouldn't. You also have Mary by your side. To say you have no life…you know that isn't true."

Kurt looks to Angela and then back to Miles, "If you need a costume I may have some experience in that aspect. You don't run with a team like the X-men and not have access to some colorful threads. If you need a place to stay, I can likely make arrangements there as well. At the least I can get you a hotel room for a while. You have friends, and as long as you have that you have family."

Angela grins over at Kurt, "X-Men huh? Why am I not surprised…" She nods and looks back at Miles, "Exactly this. You always can have a safe place here, Miles Morales. I'm… well, older than I look, so I have a fair idea of what you're going through right now."

She grins a little, "And yeah, we can take advantage of Kurt's connections with this stuff, and I think I can probably put a few things together for you. I'm not just a blacksmith, as you've probably noticed." A bit of a slight chuckle as she glances over her shoulder at Kurt, "But we can help you with some of this, at least."

"I don't want to be an imposition to anyone.. Mary Jane offered to help, but I don't want her thinking I just want her for.. financial. I really like her a lot." Miles admits quietly. "And I don't want to mess it up." he starts to make himself a sandwich finally.

MJ missed almost -all- of that. The emergence of Kurt was such a surprise that she had to excuse herself to the bathroom to inwardly freak out. But.. as soon as Angela's words were spoken, Mary emerges from the bathroom, her hands wet, being wiped down with a paper towel, her eyes a little bit red as she finally had gotten all of the smoke out of her lungs. And the shock.. hoo..

She finally rounds the counter top and flops back down next to Miles, a curious expression written upon her face. "Mess up what?" She asks, then looks towards Angela and Kurt with concern.. then a double take to Kurt again. His blue?

Very gorge…

Seeing Mary return, Kurt stands up from using his tail as a stool and walks over towards her, bowing at the waist and offering one three-fingered hand towards her. "Fraulein, please accept my humble apologies for startling you earlier. Herr Miles just told me of your experiences with another mutant and I am ashamed and utterly horrified that I inadvertently recreated such a traumatizing event for you. I am so sorry."

Angela chuckles, "You're not an imposition, Miles. And hey, if you want any advice, I'm always available to ask. Though it might not necessarily be the most… well, applicable, at times. Depending on what you're asking about." She hrms, glancing over at Mary Jane with concern, "Can I get you anything, MJ?"

Hearing MJ return at the worst possible time, Miles almost prepares to disappear again - but he steadies himself. "Us?" he asks lamely. "I don't want you to ever think I take you for granted, Mary Jane." he admits quietly, rubbing the back of his head. "We just wanted to bring you some lunch, and let you know why I kinda sneak off from time to time and the whole… standing on the cieling thing." He admits. But everything else is gravy, as he lets MJ take over for now.

As Kurt rises, MJ scoots back a little in her seat, tensing up completely. But once he bows at the waist and offers her his hand, her face flushes completely red. "Oh.. I.." She stammers a little, glancing towards Angela and back towards Miles, completely taken aback at the moment. Cause it was a holy crap moment for her! She felt like a princess!

"It.. it really wasn't that! It was the smoke! I think I inhaled and.." Well, it smelled weird. She's never smelled it before! But she wasn't going to say that!

"And you just came out of nowhere, like I literally blinked.." She takes his hand though, gripping his fingers in a friendly hold, attempting to tug him close so that she could hug him. She was a hugger, after all.

As for Miles' admittance to how he felt, she let it go for now for a hug from Kurt. She'll answer in a second, she swears!

"Ja, ja…I am so used to it that I sometimes forget it might be somewhat harsh. Again, I apologize. I meant no ill will and I feel horrid that I caused even the slightest discomfort." Kurt says as he allows himself to be pulled into a hug. "I will be more mindful of my audience next time I decide to teleport…at least if I know you are around."

Kurt gives Mary a smile, a quick embrace, and then he moves off back over to where his uneaten gyro is waiting.

Taking a bite, he looks to Miles and shakes his head, "No imposition at all. Angela's comments mirror my own. If you want any advice, feel free to ask. I will be more than happy to spend some time talking."

Angela smiles a bit, "Yes, he definitely is good at making an impression." She winks over at Kurt, chuckling softly, then looks back over at Miles, "I was wondering how I was getting sneaker prints on my ceiling sometimes, though they looked cleaner than they have in ages… a bit hard for me to get up there, you know."

"You never dust up there!" Miles complains playfully. He also has an angel feather in his pocket - but he's not here to out Angela. That's her own decision to make. There's a wane smile as he takes a bite from his sandwich. "I mean, I don't see how Spider-Man does it. Well, I do. He has so many people that are helping him. And I don't know if I can ever be a hero like he is." There's a glance down at his hands. And he lets out his breath.

"It means a lot to me, it really does. But around here? There's Captain Americans. Iron Man. Thor. Gods and Goddesses. There's already like five spider people. I don't know if I'll ever be like them…"

Remembering Angela's words, MJ immediately perks up after the hug. "You guys mind if I order drinks for us? Not.. alcohol but coffee, tea? Hot chocolate?.." Her phone was pulled up as she begins to punch in her own personal order, which seemed a little bit too extensive for words. As they all re-assure Miles, MJ adds in her own reassurances.

"You don't need to be like them Miles. You got a whole different continent under your belt now." She hands her phone to Miles so that he could make his order if needed, and pass it around if they're okay with ordering drinks. "If you want people behind you, I can help! I can be like.. I don't know.." She tries to think of something, then smiles wide. "You know how spies have people who give them missions in headquarters and sometimes have people walk them through stuff? I can do that for you!" Cause MJ probably couldn't burst a grape in a fruit fight.

"Whatever you need, you got it. I love you, dork."

"I can stand on the ceiling as well." Kurt says with a chuckle. "I can help get the shoeprints off when Miles can't."

Kurt looks over to Miles, and after taking a bite of his gyro says to him "Why don't you ask him? Spider-Man I mean. After all, you two share the same types of powers, and from the brief interaction I had with him I don't think he would mind being someone to bounce a couple of questions off of. As you mentioned, there are a few other spider-type heroes around, so you are bound to run into one of them if you go hang about where they might be. You are you, mein freund. Don't try to be like them, be you." He says in agreement with Mary, pausing to take another bit before he continues, "The world can never have too many heroes."

Looking over at Mary and nodding, "more coffee sounds wunderbar." Kurt says as he uses his tail to lift the mug to his lips and drain the last of the liquid in it.

Angela nods, "He does seem like a decent enough person, from what I've seen. Admittedly, that isn't much aside from a pair of encounters, but he trusted me enough to have me look at his webshooter, so…"

Then she glances over at Kurt, "Careful love, I might end up having you get at those hard to reach places then!" She laughs softly at that, then nods over towards Mary Jane, "Having someone coordinating away from an action zone seems like a wise notion, honestly."

Putting in his order, Miles passes the phone to Angela - just in time, because Mary Jane just did the I love you thing to him, though she put the dork qualifier on it. The second mention of the webshooter has his interest - but he's trying not to jump at it. Apparently he's got just a little stubborness to him. "I love you too, dork." Because Miles can't find a better way to respond to the younger redhead.

He draws in his breath, shaking his head. "I'm not a sidekick or an apprentice. I need to figure this out. I mean, did someone take Spider-Man under their wing and train them?" he asks the group curiously. "I'm going to make mistakes. But I need to do that.." he smiles a little, and rubs the back of his head and then his free hand reaches to take Mary Jane's to hold onto it. He may have a little leeway in letting /her/ help. "As long as it doesn't end with you getting killed. And we'll have to get you a cool codename. Like Q. or something." Bond nerd.

Coffee it is! The phone was making it's rounds, while MJ finally begins to pull out her own sandwich. It was a little bit cold, but she doesn't mind, she admittedly likes the soggy bread. She smiles towards Angela, then nods. "Like, if Miss Angela could make some cool armor, I'm sure we could pay her to make some awesome tech gadgets as well."


But it was her turn to eat, snickering quietly as her verbal affection was returned, then takes a bite out of her sandwich. One handed. "I'fm… nawt." She says, mouth full, taking the moment to chew and swallow. "I won't get killed, promise. No one will even know I'm there. I'll be like M, instead of Q."

Though, M did die eventually..

"No one said anything about being a sidekick or an apprentice. All I was suggesting is maybe asking him for a few pointers." says Kurt after another mouthful of food. "Just someone to talk to that has been in a similar situation."

He looks to Angela and grins. "You make that sound like a punishment. I'd love to help you get all those hard to reach places." He tosses a wink over in Angela's direction and takes another bite of his gyro.

Kurt turn his attention back to Miles, "We all make mistakes, and we learn from them. This is true, but we also learn from the others that have come before us. There is wisdom in seeking the council of others."

Angela does blush a little bit at Kurt, then coughs, "Well, I think if anyone is the Q around here, it would be me." She affects a pretty good proper British accent, "And do try to bring these back in one piece, Miles."

And she gives Miles a more serious look, "Look, heroing is a serious business, and I understand you don't want to sidekick, which is fine. But there's a difference between that and learning from the mistakes other people made, so you don't have to make them. Trust me, I'm older than you, I've seen things you wouldn't believe." At least she's not talking about attack ships on fire off the shores of Orion…

"Okay. Okay." Miles feels like he's not really got a choice in this matter. "Though there was someone I was gonna see about a costume. Mari Mccabe. Do you know her?" he asks the others curiously as he looks between the three. Of course he would have seen her designs and shown an interest. "Right now I'm using the gear SHIELD gave me. But I've never used a webshooter. And if I need them.. it might be a good idea. Since I'm a Spider person. Just not Spider-Man. Okay?" he asks the others in a slightly pleading voice. "I can't live up to that. Or Spider-Girl. Or Spider-Woman."

Mary looks in between all of them, she could call Peter, and explain, but that would be outing both of their secrets in a way, and there was no way for her to do that. Well, no good way. It'll definitely backfire. So she remains silent, eating her food, bopping her head in between the three as they discuss the heroing business. Mary Jane had no dog in this fight!

Kurt eyes Miles and smiles, "Don't sell yourself short, Miles. None of us know what we can truly do until we try. I was just a circus performer for a long time." She shrugs a shoulder and wipes his mouth with a napkin held in his tail. "It's a far leap from doing somersaults from a trapeze to fighting for mutant rights and against evil mutants. Time changes us all." He pauses to take a bite, "I haven't heard of Mari Maccabe, no? Should I have?"

Angela shakes her head, "I haven't… but then, I mean, I think the number of superheroes I know are pretty much in this room. At least as far as names are concerned." See, Spidey doesn't count for that.

She does look over at Kurt, then looks over at Miles, and grins a bit, "Though now I'm curious who this person is."

"She does fashion stuff. But she's also a hero of sorts. I was gonna see about helping her. Maybe a bit of quid pro quo." Miles admits with a little laugh. "I didn't want to be a problem for anyone. And I totally came here expecting you to say that I'm not going to have a job because of things." he admits. "But I'm glad I was wrong." he sighs. "And I probably owe MJ dinner now because she totally said this would work out."

"Life is full of surprises." chuckles Kurt. "You can never anticipate what is going to happen…unless you happen to have precognition as a power. In that case just ignore what I am saying since you already know anyway." He slips his tail around Angela's shoulders and gives her a squeeze. "I'm glad you came to talk to Angela about it."

Angela grins and places her hand on Kurt's tail, smiling over towards him as she nods, "Indeed. I might not be a superhero, but I know… a few things, from seeing them around. I have been in New York for a little while, after all." She chuckles, "So, yes, and you definitely owe MJ dinner, but I think she'll let you off easy. Just this once."

"Thank you. Thank you both. It means a lot to me. Besides MJ, you're the only two that know. Not even those I work with at SHIELD. I should also tell them where I've been because I sorta just said I needed to do a thing." Miles admits as he gestures, popping the last bit of the gyro into his mouth. "The rest of that is for you two! Have a nice lunch!" And with that, he's gettig up to find MJ and take her out.

Kurt watches Miles head out to find Mary and look over to Angela. "Nice kid. Smart. Has a good head on his shoulders. I see why you hired him. I think he is headed down the right path but he lacks self confidence…but he will get there. "

Angela chuckles, "I think getting the powers that young always messes with self-confidence. Remind me to tell you about some of the Greeks sometime. I was around in Athens when they were in their heyday, and it's not that much different than this… at the core of it anyway." She leans back against Kurt, "All I can do is give what wisdom I can."

She pauses, then chuckles, "I think he suspects something is weird about me, but I don't think he's quite made the leap to what it is, yet."

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