2019-12-03 - Date with an Angel?


Angela tells Kurt some important news.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Dec 3 18:47:02 2019
Location: Carpenter Studios

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It's been a few weeks since seeing Hamilton, and well, Angela is a pretty busy angel. Between commissions and special orders and the fact that it's the busiest sales weekend of the year and she's a Small Business Owner?

Yeah, not much time to follow up with a certain fuzzy elf.

Currently, she's just in her human seeming, drinking some coffee behind the counter of her shop as… well, it's not like she needs caffeine. But it would be a lie to say that it wasn't a nice way to start a weekday morning as she goes over her emails.

Having been busy himself a certain fuzzy elf hasn't had the time to follow up either, but seeing he is in the city today doing some x-mas shopping for the x-men he makes sure to 'happen by' Angela's shop.

*DING* the little bell attached to the door rings as Kurt wanders into the store, bags upon bags hanging from his hands, even one hanging from his tail. Yes, he is not wearing his image inducer today. "Hallo? Angela?"

Angela looks up, and smiles brightly when she sees it's, "Kurt! Come in!" She sets the coffee down and comes around the counter towards Kurt, grinning wryly as she sees Kurt has been laden with bags, "Well, I can see that's one way a tail is very useful… doing some holiday shopping?" Her eyes seem to almost sparkle a bit as she takes in the visage of the literal Christmas Elf.

"Ja." says Kurt with a nod as he sets the bags down to the side, absent-mindedly shaking his hands slightly to get the blood flow moving again.

"I have been trying to get it all done, but I think I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew." he says with a chuckle. "I forget just how many people reside at the institute, and you can't just get select people things, that is just bad form. Sorry I haven't called, it's been…hectic. I hope things have been alright with you?"

Angela pauses as she stands in front of Kurt, letting him warm up as it definitely feels warmer inside than out. "Oh, it's alright… I should have called too, I mean, I sent some texts but that's… not quite the same thing. I guess I'm a little old fashioned that way." She grins a little, "But things have been good, very busy with work since it's that time of year, and I had a few rush commissions come in that I had to take care of." Her German is as flawless as ever, as she continues, "It's really good to see you, Kurt."

"It's good to be seen." Kurt says with a chuckle. "I'm glad business has been kind to you. I am always amazed at just how much of a market there is for hand-forged weaponry. Make you wonder if people are hording for the upcoming zombie apocalypse or something like that."

He gives Angela a wink and moves in for a friendly hug if she allows, "Anything I can do to help? I may not be a blacksmith, but I am a pretty good go-for."

Angela accepts the hug, embracing the elf tightly with that as she chuckles, "This is why I have an intern now, Kurt, but I appreciate it. Though, I think you might be a touch… distracting if you were around too much." A hint of a tease there as she winks at the fuzzy elf.

Then she continues, "And well, apparently there's an outbreak of faeries, as people are requesting a lot of cold iron weapons. Not that there's anything special about 'cold' iron, but it helps the margins I guess." She says that with a pretty straight face, but… wait, she can't be serious, right?

"Oh, you have an intern now?" Kurt says with a look of surprise on his face. "Well, that must be helpful indeed! Guess I am out of a job then." he says with a chuckle. "Besides, we wouldn't want you distracted while swinging a hammer over hot metal would we. That is how accidents happen."

As Angela starts to talk about fairies, Kurt raises a brow. "You're serious…aren't you? I mean, I suppose I should be flummoxed that there are such a thing as fairies, but by far that isn't the weirdest thing I have ever heard. I mean, I hang out with people that shoot beams from their eyes, or have wings. What do I know."

Angela blinks, "Wait, how did you…!" She pauses, then realizes he wasn't exactly talking about her, then she ahems, "Yes, well, apparently my reputation spread to certain Asgardians, and they have a bit of a dark elf problem. Presuming they aren't related to you." She winks and then nods, "Yes, a very nice college student who needed an internship for his art degree. I needed an assistant, so… voila. Easy enough to manage. But I'm sure I can figure out something for you to do around here."

"How did I what?" Kurt asks as he looks at Angela quizzically.

He shrugs it off, blinking as she starts talking about Asgardians. "Um…not that I am aware of? At least I haven't had any guys with Viking horns and swords come after me yet. The day is young?" He hrms, "Guess I should keep an eye out."

Sitting back on his tail, Kurt nods. "Well, sounds like you lucked out. I hope he works out for you. Just don't work him to hard." he says with a chuckle. "Just let me know what you want me to do, and I am all yours."

Angela gets a bit of a sly look at that, then hmmms, "Well, I've been putting off telling you something, mainly because I wasn't sure how you'd react." She smiles a bit, placing her hands over his, "Especially since I nearly let it slip just now anyway, I feel like… well, I feel like you should know this. Especially if you're all mine anyway." She tosses a wink at Kurt, then pauses, as if gathering the courage to say something.

Arching a brow, Kurt looks at Angela with a puzzled expression. "Hey, it's ok. You don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to Angela. It's not like I am going to judge you for anything. Glass houses, rocks and all that. It's not like I am exactly open and honest about who I am all the time." he says as he taps his image inducer. "What, are you Asgardian? I mean, it makes sense with the weaponry and everything."

Angela laughs, "Oh no… not as Asgardian, but that's not too far off." She pauses, and keeps a hold on Kurt's hands in her fingers, as she says, "I'm… well, I'm an angel. Literally. Flaming sword. Wings. Halo. Though I stopped smiting enemies of the Name a few thousand years ago in favor of more, um, creative pursuits." She smiles a little sheepishly at that, looking at Kurt with a bit of concern.

"… Surprise?"

Kurt just stands there silent for a moment, the yellow of his eyes staring back at Angela as his little mortal brain processes this information. "Uh." is all he manages to force out between his lips for a moment before he blinks and clears his throat, "Ahem. Well. Honestly, that is…unexpected."

To his credit, he hasn't pulled away as he contemplates this information. "I mean…angel? Like heavenly chorus? Hand of God? I mean Warren is angel-like…but he is not holy by any means."

He cocks his head, "Why are you here? What are you doing with me?"

Angela smiles a little, "I'm here to help inspire mankind to Create Art, actually. Been doing it for a long time, now. But yes, angel, heavenly chorus, though I'm more of… um, hm, maybe like the pinky toe of God really. I'm not that high rank, since I'm only twelve thousand years old." Only, she says.

Then she looks at Kurt, "What am I doing with you? Well, this isn't part of any Plan, or anything like that. It's just… well, look, I like you. A lot. And well, I didn't want to keep things from you. It wouldn't be fair." Her lips quirk slightly, "Angels aren't that different, really. Well, we are different, but we have free will like everyone else."

Kurt lets go of one of her hands and reaches up to rub the back of his neck nervously. "So…I'm dating an angel? A twelve thousand year old angel at that. Well, you will have to let me in on your skin care regiment. You don't look a day over nine hundred." he says with a nervous chuckle. "I'm kidding, please don't smite me.." he says in a low whisper.

Kurt won't be smote today! There's a jingling of keys at the front door, and it opens up. "Angela?!" comes a youthful voice. "Jet lag is killer on those trips.. especially when you're going back in time instead of forward!" Miles. Just returned from New Zealand. Great timing, right? At least his spider-sense isn't going absolutely crazy at the shenanigans. In his arms he's carrying a package wrapped in brown paper. A gift for his boss. "Mary Jane would have come with but she said something about an audition…"

At least there's a warning and he's not just showing up?

With that, Kurt gets a light kiss on the cheek from Angela, who whispers, "I'm glad that you said we're dating." She winks at Kurt, and looks about ready to say something else… which is exactly when Miles announces himself.

So Angela smoothly shifts gears, "Oh, Miles! You're back! How was New Zealand?" She slips her arm through Kurt's, and gestures, "Kurt, this is Miles Morales, my intern, when he's not world-hopping with his girlfriend. Miles, this is Kurt Wagner, my… ah, well." She pauses, then grins a little at Kurt, "Too soon to say boyfriend? You said we were dating, after all…"

The fuzzy blue elf-like demon looking man next to Angela looks a bit shell shocked as his glowing yellow eyes do a slow blink, repeated by another slow blink. "Uh.." he manages to say with all the eloquence of someone whose brain has ceased firing on all cylinders.

A shake of his head, and he seems to regain some semblance of sentience back as he looks over to Miles, a smile coming to his lips that expose nice pointy canines. "Guten tag, Miles." Kurt reaches a hand out in an offer to shake Miles' hand.

He looks back to Angela and then back to Miles. "I'm Angela's…boyfriend, Kurt."

Tons of mutants and such in the city, and well, Miles has his own thing. At least, he considers, his own paticular issue didn't make him sprout legs and all that. The item that Miles was holding is nearly dropped, and he keeps from panicking for one simple reason. Okay, it's that Angela introduced him as her dating and then it escalated to boyfriend. Well. "Which is it?" he asks the pair playfully, balancing the package in one hand as he uses the other to greet the blue mutant with four fingers. "Miles Morales. Uh. Sup." What, he said Guten Tag!

"New Zealand was amazing! Spectacular.. and altogether awkward. I don't even know where to begin!" Oh, he does. he holds out the package. "I brought you back a gift!" It's shaped sorta like a violin. Is it a violin?

Angela grins, "Well, boyfriend. We were just talking about… things, you know." She blinks at the gift, taking it from Miles as she tilts her head, "Can I open it now, or should I wait until Christmas?" A wry look at Miles, "And how's Mary Jane? She seems like she's doing remarkably well, at least from what she wrote to me." And what she asked for as a commission for someone else, but Angela doesn't exactly go into that.

"Ja, we were just discussing our relationship when you joined us, Miles." Kurt says as he returns his hand to the side. "I believe we just…how is it put these days? Unlocked that achievement?" The blue furred mutant shrugs a shoulder and looks to Angela, "Well, now I feel like a cad. I didn't bring your gift. Do I need to port off and go grab it? Are we doing gifts now?"

"No, no, this was just me being touristy and you know.. a thank you gift! Christmas.. I still have a month. To figure out what to get people." And especially Mary Jane. But for now, this was like a gift for his boss for letting him mhave the time off! "Go ahead, unwrap it!" When Angela unwraps it, it's not a violin. It's a heavy carved piece of whalebone with intricate designs on it. "It's called a wahaika. It's a weapon from there, and I know that you do weapons and stuff, I thought you'd like it…" he shrugs.

And he maybe knows about the thing MJ paid for, but isn't saying anything on it. "Anyway, thank you for letting me go with her and not like.. telling me I won't have a job if I go."

Angela smiles over at Kurt, "You don't have to go anywhere, Kurt… besides, there's a few weeks left until Christmas as it is." She whistles as she unwraps the weapon, nodding, "A wahaika? I've heard of them, but never actually seen one. This is… truly a delight, Miles. I'll put this somewhere special." She then smiles wryly at Miles, "And really, a job is a job, but a trip to New Zealand? That's a once in a lifetime thing, so you should definitely go and enjoy it. What kind of boss would I be to try and stop that?!?"

Then she reaches over and gives Kurt a hug, "Besides, I have to confess… I don't have your gift ready yet either. It's something I should be done with in a little while, but I think you'll enjoy it a lot."

"MY gift?" says Kurt as he glances back over to Angela. "You're making me a gift. Well, I will have to make sure I step up my game." Kurt says with a chuckle before looking over at Miles.

"I'm trying to recall if I have ever made it over to New Zealand. I probably have, but never for pleasure. Most my trips are always…business…related. I don't have much time to go sight seeing. I do hear that it is beautiful over there." A pause, "So Angela was telling me you are an art major? What medium?"

When Kurt asks him about being an art major, Miles ducks his head a little, and he laughs. "I'm sorta.. urban?" he suggests. "My medium used to be spray paint, but Ms. Carpenter is trying to get me to try my hand at making real sculptures." Not that it's stopped him from going out and tagging on occassion. "I was only there because Mary Jane was awesome and had me come with her as her plus one. Though I suppose it's as her boyfriend now." Apparently that became official while they were overseas.

Angela chuckles a bit at Miles' explanation, then brightens a bit, "Excellent. You'll have to bring her over again Miles. And not just so I can treat you both to dinner, but I owe her thanks for… ah, what's the phrase? 'Blowing up' my social media? I might even be able to do some long-overdue renovations thanks to what she did to boost my business." She chuckles a bit at that, and gives Kurt a wry look, "The other reason why I haven't really had time to call since Hamilton."

Kurt glances between Angela and Miles and a look of confusion is evident. "Ok, I'll bite. Who is this Mary Jane? Why would she blow up your social media?"

He loosk to Miles, "Ah, urban art. I have a friend who paints. I guess you could say Bobby does some sculpting, though his medium is more ice sculpture…without tools." Kurt grins.

He looks back to Angela, "Renovations? What do you need done? Maybe I can help."

When Kurt asks who Mary Jane is, Miles chuckles. "Sorry, I forget not everyone…" reaching into his pocket, he pulls out his phone and after a bit of scrolling, finds a picture of him and the redhead who could probably be mistaken for Angela's younger sister is brough up and he offers it to Kurt. "Mary Jane Watson. She's an actress and model and goes to Julliard.. and well out of my league." Laughing at himself at that. "She's been trying to share my art on her social media, but I'm sorta shy about it.." And some of it is illegal, as far as locations go, "…so she started sharing the pieces that Ms. Carpenter helped with on the set of her latest movie." he explains.

Angela nods, "Yes, it was quite the opportunity and… well, Kurt, you don't have to help with that. That's what contractors are for, especially with all the red tape in this city." She does give Kurt a grin, "Though, well, if you want to sip cocktails with me while watching them work, I wouldn't mind the company." With that, the elf gets another one of those impish looks from the angel. "Though, well, if your friend ever wants to have a place to show off his work, I can definitely make room."

Angela then nods over at Miles, "Well, she definitely is… what do they say, a 'keeper'? She definitely has a lot of promise, as do you Miles." A stern look at that, "So don't you forget that."

Taking the phone and looking at the picture, Kurt ahs and hands the phone back. "Out of your league? Seems there is some of that going around." Kurt says as he looks over to Angela. "You /have/ been busy. Dark elves and movie props. Looks like you are going to put that extra set of hands to good use." he chuckles as he looks over to Miles, "Just make sure she doesn't work you to hard."

"I don't mind the work. My parents don't either. Keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. I mean. When I'm not out." Putting the phone back in his pocket, Miles gives a little shrug of his shoulders, and gives Angela a grin. "Hey, I have you to give me that disapproving look.." he starts to say, when he feels.. something. His body posture straightens for a moment. A couple of blocks over, there's the sound of a siren, and the young man smile blandly for a moment. "I should let you two get back to canoodling or whatever that old fashioned term was for making out!" he grins slightly, though he's already turning to the door. If what Angela suspects is true about Miles - it's a pretty safe bet she knows where he's heading.

Angela smiles a bit too knowingly, perhaps, and nods, "Take care Miles, let me know if you're planning any more impromptu trips!" She waves as the young man scurries out from whence he came, then gives Kurt a sidelong look.

"Canoodling? Was that ever really a thing?" She sounds a bit amused, but she's still leaning up against the fuzzy elf, giving him a wry expression. "Though, I suspect you have questions that do not involve canoodles." One eyebrow arches, ever so slightly.

"Canoodling?!" says Kurt as he watches Miles head out the door. "We were not..oh, never mind. You're long gone anyway."

He looks at Angela, "I mean, can you even…canoodle?" He shakes his head and chuckles, "Questions. I am sure I do, but honestly right now I'm in a bit of a state."

He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "Ok, so I guess this explains how you can speak and understand all languages. Not a mutant…heh. Nope, just an angel."

Angela gives Kurt a very not-angelic look, "Oh, I can do some canoodling, let me assure you of that." She then smiles warmly at Kurt, "I figured you would, but it's like… I didn't want to keep this from you, I care about you too much to lie. But at the same time, especially as you're a man of faith… it's a rather hard thing to tell you. Does that make sense?"

Kurt chuckles a bit nervously as Angela gives him that look. "Sorry. I mean, I don't know! Everything I know about angels is in the bible, and the bible isn't very clear about things like that. Mostly it is smiting and holy proclamation. Heck, from what I read all angels are male and a-sexual…and you are most certainly not male."

Angela snickers, "Well, let's just say that the Bible doesn't always get things ah… right." She shrugs, "Actually, no religion has really gotten it correct yet, but that's another story."

She hmms, "Really, our vessels are for us to decide, but angels can be, well, anything. And well, why should mortals have all the fun with sex?" She grins, "Seriously, don't get me started on how humanity got so repressed about sex over the centuries."

Kurt blinks, these answers being a bit jarring to hear for someone who has been dedicated. "I mean, ok. I get that the scriptures were written by men and men are inherently fallible so I can understand that things may not always be right, but if no religion is correct…"

His tail reaches up and scratches at his head, while his fingers itch at his jawline. "As far as sex, um…" The indigo hue of Kurt's skin darkens a bit as he clears his throat, "I…one step at a time."

Angela ahems, "Just because they haven't gotten it right yet doesn't mean they aren't good Kurt. It's not what you have faith in, it's that you have the faith. That shows your true quality as a person, how you live, how you act, how you treat your fellow men. Or mutants, as the case may be."

She does, however, grin a little more at the blush, "Of course, I mean, I do want to get to know you better. And I'm sure you feel the same way."

A pause, then, "But… I think you can see why I was a little hesitant on telling you the truth, now?" Since, well, yes, that can be a challenge to faith to know that angels do, in fact, exist. And like Hamilton. Well, okay, maybe not the Hamilton part.

Kurt snorts. "I must look like a child finding out Santa isn't real to you right now."

He pauses, "Santa isn't real, right?"

"Anyway, if it is just about faith than are all religions 'right' in that way as well? Judaism, Christianity, Muslim, even the Buddhist? And if that is the case then what about the wars? Is it just because we as humans are so messed up we can't accept that each path might lead to the same place?"

He sighs, "I need a drink." He smirks, "Or a good canoodle."

Angela gets a bit of a weird look at the mention of Santa, then coughs a little, "Well, we try not to interfere actively, but… well." She gently places a hand on Kurt's shoulder, "Human hearts are funny things… they can be more divine than any angel, and more sinful than any demon. Sometimes at the same time."

She grins, "And well, if you want to come in the back, I can definitely provide a drink. More than that… well, we can see how it goes?" One eyebrow arches, as she extends the invitation.

Kurt's jaw just drops. "No. NO! Really?! Elves and everything? No way!"

Kurt snickers and reaches up and runs his fingers through his hair, "Irony…a demon dating an angel. Oh how the people will talk, such scandal. Yeah…drink. A drink sounds good right now."

Angela laughs, "Well, you don't seem particularly demonic to me. But yes, let me fix you a drink. I have quite a bit of experience over the years at that." She gets a wry grin, hooking her arm through Kurt's and gesturing to the back.

She also doesn't mention Santa.

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