2019-12-01 - Playing straight is a cruel Taskmaster


Selina's arrival at a crime scene is expected, and she finds out there's a bounty out for her.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Dec 1 19:34:13 2019
Location: Staten Island

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Honestly, when Bruce sets up the patrol routes nightly, he tends to keep Selina away from the financial and diamond district. Why? Call it habit. He did it when she first made the decision she had switched sides - to take away the temptation. But now it's just habit. He trusts her. But again, another night, another patrol that has her on the edge of the jewelry shops that line the Staten Island commerce scene.

And it my have stayed that way if the police radio and Batcomputer had not alerted Selina to a robbery in progress at Casale Jewelers. The shop is actually where Bruce had gotten Selina's engagement ring. The alarm had just gone off a few moments ago. The nearest police response is over five minutes out, and the nearest Bat is Bruce himself - as he comes over the radio. "Catwoman, I will be there as soon as I can. I have a situation here." there's a grunt. He's currently occupied with breaking up a drug ring about ten blocks over.

Selina's on her own.

And of course Selina has realized Bruce does so, the way she's kept out of a certain part of the city not lost on her. She's never called him on that but she has noticed. Just one of those things she's taken in stride, one of those things best left alone, no need to talk about it.

When the report comes in she manuevers her bike towards the site of the crime, the throttle of which is gunned so she can get there quickly. Upon hearing a certain man's voice come up over the comms she can not help herself and rolls her eyes, shaking her head at the same time. "Your timing, as always, sucks." Oh well. Hopefully she won't be too out matched this time.

Once on site, she parks her bike somewhere secluded and starts her approach, her whip taken in hand as she does. "I'm here…"

It's another night in another corner of a new town for a lady with snow hued skin. There's always certain challenges that come with uprooting to a new area of operations. Domino's having to track down a safehouse or three, find somewhere a bit more normal to actually call home, establish relationships with the people who hold the contracts and the ordnance, and everyone's favorite: Earning her rank within the pecking order.

It never fails. Every 'new' kid on the scene winds up getting slipped a sucker job at some point. No one likes the competition so if they can weed out the wannabe's early on then everyone gets to go home happy. Sometimes these gigs are obvious from the start. But, sometimes…

The jewelers is a prime target for tonight's hunt. The sound of an approaching motorcycle is another good sign. It takes a certain type of person to run around on a bike at night during the winter months. Dom's having to go at this one oldschool with nothing more than binoculars, a couple of smaller weapons, and good old fashioned luck. At least the latter detail is working out in her favor.

If he were Dick, or someone adept at quipping, Bruce may have made a comment about it. Instead, Batman's gravelly voice responds. "Noted. Be safe." So very helpful. The door to the delivery area of the shop has been opened and as Selina starts her approach, there's noone on watch. It seems her approach to enter the store is clear. The sound of breaking glass inside the store alerts her that whoever broke in is still in the shop - and Selina may be able to get the drop on them.

For Domino, she saw the car pull around the back of the shop, but by the time she set up for obersevation, whoever was breaking in was already there. She didn't get a good look at the person, they were in very quickly. A professional, clearly.

Normally Catwoman would be more methodical with her entry into a potentially dangerous situation but something makes her feel like being slow and steady would be a bad idea, causing her to rush in. Domino just might see her, based on how she's not overly-worried about being seen at the moment, a woman in a skin-tight catsuit and cat like cowl who finds the fastest point of entry and thrusts herself in through it.

Once inside, she looks around, frowning while trying to get her bearings.

"Okay. I am in." She runs towards where the glass displays are, yelling as she does. "You all got one chance to get the hell out of here, otherwise you're in for an asswhooping like you've never been…" That threat doesn't get finished as she's bum rushing whatever thug might be close enough for her to tackle.

It seems like a classic case of 'it takes a criminal to catch a criminal' but Domino hasn't been dealt a full hand yet. As the other shadowy lady arrives the albino sets the binoculars aside in the older model Buick she recently laid claim to then steps out into the cold, all black on black with a padded leather trench for warmth.

A jewelry heist seems so oldschool. Isn't everyone about the ransomware and bitcoin these days? It's almost nice to see that the dying art of a proper smash and grab is still alive somewhere in this city. This has the feel of a pro hit which hopefully means they'll be focused on the prize rather than getting into a fight. Dom's not interested in competition. They can have their score so long as she can have hers.

Now there's yelling coming from inside of the store. As the mercenary marches across the street she's drawing a matte black HK sidearm out of hiding, ready to join this party good and proper.

If the thief has any fight in 'em maybe they'll take it out on the Catgal first. It'd save Neena some trouble!

Thugs? She was expecting thugs. There's only one person in the store when she comes rushing in. And the first thing she'll notice is that he's dressed.. oddly. A white skull mask with a matching hood and cape. Dark blue armor is trimmed in orange and white, and he's wearing a shield and carrying a sword. The shield is used to easily block away Selina and knock her to the side.

"Aha. The quarry has arrive." comes the response from the figure as he rises to his full height. "No offense, Catwoman, but someone's put a pretty penny on your head - and I plan to collect on it. You're worthless dead.. but I'm sure I can get something for you, anyway." He probably meant worth less, but no need to tell her that.

Amd that may be the first time that Catwoman is made aware that someone's taken out a bounty on her. And it may not take many guesses to figure out exactly who it was that did so.

"Now are you gonna be a good kitten and let me collar you, or are we gonna have to do this the fun way?" he asks, rolling his neck as the bones pop in prepartion for the fight he's sure to come. And Taskmaster plans to make it a very short fight.

Again? Come on. This isn't the first time this has happened, there being more than a few times when the competition decided she needed to be dealt with. Still, this one does come as a surprise as she thought she had been flying under the radar since she started walking the straight and narrow path. Grunting, she tries to discreetly set her comms unit on open mic so Bruce can hear what's going on without her having to activate the device every time she speaks.

Head canted to the right, she takes in the guy, her eyes narrowed behind those red lenses of hers. "Oh. Well, here's the thing," she says, her words a semi-slurred growl thanks to the sneer she has on her face, "you could try to take me in for that reward but I'm not going to go down easy. I'm a fighter, something you should know about me. So…" A hand is raised, back facing the bad guy, and then she gestures much like Neo did to Smith, inviting him to a fight.

Another crash. More talking. Less shouting, though… Domino comes around the corner to see one very much alive Catwoman, and one very much caped dingbat.

A dingbat who's trying to lay claim to -Dom's- bounty!

"Well. This is embarrassing," she announces in a level tone. It does a good job of hiding the inner fury which is already giving her an extra hit of adrenaline. This'd be one of those sucker contracts, alright. A three-for-all deathmatch. Dollars to donuts if any one of them falls then someone gets to sleep easier tonight.

"Look, I know that S and M references are all the rage lately but—"

She never finishes the thought. Up comes the nine millimeter pistol, two shots rapidly thundering out. Both are sent toward each of the caped man's legs.

Someone wants to scrub the new girl off the list? Not friggin' likely. This should be over with soon enough.

Or so it might be if she hadn't just picked a fight with Taskmaster… This oughta be a fun lesson.

The shield is brought around quickly, deflecting both shots, and Taskmaster grunts. "What's this, amateur hour?" he asks, as he flings the shield at Domino - and it's very accurate and on point. And very much like how Captain America would throw his shield in a fight.

Accessing the comms and the camera link on Selina's gear, Batman takes only a moment to access the situation, and then his voice quickly shows the concern in his tone. "His name's Taskmaster, former SHIELD agent, he can…" And then Taskmaster sets off a small EMP, frying all the devices in the area that are unshielded. "Nuh-uh, no phoning a friend!" he crows as he lashes out towards Catwoman, forcing her onto the attack. And as Catwoman responds, he is on the defensive.

But learning. Memorizing. Catwoman's fight style is being adapted to.

There's a grunt as Selina gets an early hit, but if she returns to try to the same attack, she'll find that Taskmaster is quickly able to defend and defeat the attach and force her back.

"The fu…" Catwoman glances towards Domino, the pale woman getting her to swear. Or almost swearing. She does manage to keep herself from cussing almost outright but it is with some effort that the f-bomb never gets fully dropped. "Who are you?" Leave it to her to ask for introductions in the middle of a fight.

When Bruce's voice gets cut off midsentence she hisses, that getting the last of her ire built up. She lashes out, not bothering to see if Domino's alright after having the shield hurled at her, her intent being to claw the ever loving eff out of Taskmaster's face. "You'll have to do better than throw your toys-" that being his shield, "-like a spoiled child. Go home, Taskmaster." Yikes.

-Amateur- hour?! Granted Neena might be a little on the young side for this line of work but she's not an AMAT—


Who throws a freaking -shield?- Besides Captain America, sure, that's his deal. Dom's never had the opportunity to fight against the guy and she's REALLY not expecting to get shield-checked from across the room!

All she can do is flinch. It's enough to keep her from getting completely knocked out. Instead she gets knocked backward into a display case with a crash and several thousand dollars' worth of very pointy gems and precious metals to break her fall.

Who knows, maybe something manages to fall into her pocket along the way. It might happen!

Then comes the EMP. This guy's got the goods! Now she's going to need a new phone, too. Seriously, what a jerk…

Seething, Dom grabs a broken chunk of the display case and whips it toward Taskmaster while rolling away from the damaged goods to take some cover. She should be ready to send another volley of fire his way once the chunk of wood makes contact. Introductions can wait! There's a score which needs settling and it has no cash value.

Catching the shield after it rebounds from Domino, Taskmaster brings it up, causing Catwoman's claws to dig into the shield instead of his face. "Now now, kitten, you could really hurt someone with those things." He drops the shield to swing a punch at Selina's jaw, just as the piece of wood catches him in the side, and he's having to leap backwards on the defense as Domino opens fire on him.

The shield comes up, deflecting several of the shots, but one gets through, catching him in the side and he grunts. "Girl, you're over your head and out of your league." But he's bruised and hit, and as he turns to face Domino, for a second he's open to Selina's changing tactics. Something he hasn't adapted to yet.

Sel turns slightly, lfiting her arm to try and block as much of Taskmaster's punch with her shoulder as possible but she knows it won't stop it entirely. Her jaw does get hit, sending her already-twisting body askew even further, putting the stunned former-burglar off balance. Oh ow. That's going to bruise.

With a window of opportunity presented to her when Taskmaster turns his attention to Domino, she does the only thing she can think of doing, that being resorting to dirty fighting. Kicking upward swiftly, she aims that attack between his legs, hoping to be able to connect with his… family jewels well enough to hurt him badly. Knowing her luck, he probably is wearing a cup so it won't matter, assuming she'll land that kick to begin with, stunned from the punch as she is.

Out of her league? "And yet I still got ya," Domino calls back with a grin while hastily wiping the blood off of her face. "Looks like we're even." Though not for long if she has anything to say about it.

If the two ladies had been properly teamed up they'd have a real good chance of dealing with this guy. The Cat's got the 'rip your face off' approach covered and the albino's got the range. Both styles put together is a great way to keep someone else on their toes.

While Selina's aiming to leave a lasting impression upon the guy Dom is sticking to cover and going for the surprise attacks. Fire, move, fire, move. She's not even going for the kill shots! -Someone- needs to be here for the police to arrest and she's not about to get pinned down for stealing a bunch of necklaces!

The shot that she's really trying to line up is one to the -in-side of Taskmaster's shield. It deflects bullets alright but that trick happens to go both ways… Keep him busy, Warkitty!

Working so hard to deflect Domino's shots leaves Taskmaster open to Selina's kick. And while he may be wearing a cup, there's enough force in it to cause him discomfort and he lets out some very un-PG curses as he is about to sling the shield at Selina and knock her out - but Domino's luck comes into play. The bullet strikes the strap and knocks the shield loose, sending it careening sideways and impaling itself in the wall. "Alright, ladies, we're going to do this the hard way."

Outside, the lights of the Batmobile illuminate the interior of the shop through the burgular bars, and Taskmaster growls. His time's running short. And as much as he would love a chance to tangle with the Bat, he grunts. "I ain't getting paid enough for that." he decides. Reaching onto his belt, he pulls off a canister and pulls the pin and the handle pops off as he flings it towards the two women. He doesn't shout 'GRENADE!'. He'll let them figure it out as the flash bang explodes, in a loud brilliant flash and a extremely loud explosion that shatters a few cases, and will hopefully blind the pair so that he can make his escape before it becomes a three on one.


The simple, two word command is given to Domino just as she makes contact with Taskmaster's bits, his reaction gaining quite the ferally grin from her. "Messing with one woman is bad enough, but when you dare to try and mess with two of us…" Glancing at Dom, she gives the woman an upnod, giving her her thanks for the help, intentional or not.

When the shop becomes lit up and the familiar rumble of an engine is given she turns slightly, making her miss the fact that he has pulled that thing from her belt and his throwing it. The sudden bright flash has her blinded some, the goggles preventing the worst of it, but she's in no condition to fight. Taskmaster's down to one opponite, depending on whether or not Dominio can stay in the fight.

Bam, and there goes the shield! "Amateur hour my ass!" Domino yells out while flicking a spent magazine aside. "You're the one looking like you got back from the Ren Faire!"

She's actually mimicking Catwoman's grin when Taskmaster talks about doing this the hard way, the pistol getting reloaded with a timely *Chak!* "Alright you sonuva—"

That sound. Dom KNOWS that sound. That's the sound of—

Eyes pinch shut just before the grenade goes off. Her vision might be spared but the concussion is still like having the head run over by a bulldozer. With the excessive ringing in her ears she's at least spared from hearing all of the vicious swearing that's now erupting from her side of the store but others may not be so fortunate.

Taskmaster has his window to escape. At the same time Batman has his opportunity to arrive on scene. For a few precious seconds the albino's not going anywhere.

"Next time, kitten. And you're on my shit list, albino." Taskmaster growls, but he's on his way out, because any moment.. he's screeching away on four wheels as the skylight gives way and Batman drops into the middle of the floor in a crouch. He's ready for a fight, and with Selina down and Taskmaster not there - it's Domino that's about to catch the full fury of the Bat's attention.

Unless Selina says something first.

Well, like she said. His timing sucks! Selina, with a swimming head and ears that ring despite being covered by her cowl, rushes over to stop the Caped Crusader from making a mistake. "No, not her. She's not with him. She was fighting him." She will try to restrain him if needed, not wanting to let the other woman get hurt because he doesn't understand what happened.

As for Domino herself, she adds quickly, "You might want to take this opportunity to make with the hasty departure." Domino is a smart woman, or so Catwoman assumes, but she still has to make with the suggestion.

A firm shake of Domino's head is followed by looking up to see..the Batman. She can't keep up with every hero and vigilante in the area but there are some which stand above the others. It's enough to know that her sitting in a busted up jewelry store with a gun in her hand is noooot an ideal first impression.

Not that it stops her from giving the cowled man a cheeky smile. Nevermind that she still can't hear a damned thing.

Catwoman seems to be running interception which is all that she needs to pull herself together and get going while the going's good. A quick pistol-salute is given to the two on her way out the door, if allowed to leave.

It's a close encounter, to be sure. She wouldn't be surprised if there are to be some words shared with one or both of them later. Not many people enjoy being hunted, after all.

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