2019-11-30 - Fire Walk With Me


Allerdyce comes back for revenge, and almost has devastating results!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Nov 30 21:14:38 2019
Location: New Zealand

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The crews were all getting ready. Inside the trailer, Miles acted as Mary's personal assistant with getting her wardrobe ready, which meant wrapping the garb that she was meant to wear during this current shoot in an artistic, yet medieval way, as one could get with being burned at the stake. He wasn't alone. Black make-up was spared across her cheeks, chin, neck and arms to resemble dirt, the other artist had Mary Jane dig her fingers into a fresh pot of soil to mess up her well manicured nails. Her hair was constantly fluffed and made to look dull and ratty, nothing about Mary Jane looked like her, but that was the point.

Outside, the director called the shots. A call for wood, a call for a barrier to protect MJ from the heat, a call for a bit more blood and crowds and scores of make-up and stand-ins were appropriately dressed for the scene. A few of them snuck off to grab a quick bite to eat from the buffet table too far back, and were immediately called as soon as they reached the table, only to snag a tiny piece of fruit to get back to work.

The initial shots start, which would be cut to the movie later. The crowd chanting, the crowd throwing things, some people crying on cue, children running in circles. The executioner lighting his torch dramatically, putting it near the flame, then stopping. "Wait." He grumbles through the mask, then looks towards the director. "Something ain't right about this Hoss.."

The executioner in the director inspect the mound of wood where Mary Jane would be housed, bending down to sniff the wood, each of them sharing looks of absurdity as they both behind to laugh.

In the shadows of the set, John Allerdyce watches on, saying nothing, keeping out of sight. While a good portion of them knew he was fired, he was able to get past security with a good laugh and a few hand-claps and a promise of things that could have either been food or a tour.

"Alright, run the scene again, someone go get Watson!" The director calls out.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. A young woman holding a clipboard, as well as wearing an earpiece with a microphone stands upon the other side. "Mary? We're ready for you!"

"Okay!" She calls out, allowing the other women to quickly do their final touches. "You ladies can stay here if you want, you don't have to rush to pack." Mary Jane assures. "Plus I have some italian iced soda in the fridge.." Teasing, she wriggles in her dirtied white gown, then glances towards Miles. "You staying here too?"

There was teasing and joking just a little about Mary Jane trying to get her skin as smudged as her boyfriend's. Miles helped where he could, but for the most part let the professionals handle things. He was unaware that the man that would become the mutant Pyro was on the set. But when MJ asks him if he's going to stay in the trailer, he shakes his head. "I saw a place for me to perch and get a better view of the scene."

Pausing in thought, he steps up, and kisses Mary Jane. "Try not to break a leg." comes the teasing comment as he watches her leave and get ushered off to be tied at the stake for the dramatic finale to shoot for her movie. He lets out a little sigh and mouths a 'Love you.' to her when she catches a glance at him, but he's sneaking off, away from the others, opposite of John as he finds a good spot to climb. And up he goes. Up and up until he's in the rafters where he can perch and look down at the scene and controlled environment.

He's not assuming that there will be any trouble, so he reaches into his backpack, past his costume and pulls out a saran wrapped sandwich. Leftover turkey and dressing with gravy and cranberry sauce on french bread. The Leftover Poboy. Starting to chow down, his eyes are wide as he gets out his phone to snap a few pictures. She may want them for her portfolio later!

All in all, getting dressed and made up was the fun part. A few bruises here to make the part look well, a little pasted on cut with coffee grounds upon the lip and the cheek. Mary Jane looked like a warrior princess true to form. The knock at the door was almost persistent, and a look to Miles and his answer made her grin. The others, clearly didn't know what he meant. "Okay.." She says quietly, leaning up to place a kiss on his lips. He -was- leaning for it, anyways!

"I can't break a leg!" Mary Jane says, faux-incrediously. "I'm going to be standing in one spot the -entire- time!" She had to laugh at that, then stops to take a selfie. She quickly types in -hashtag Warrior Princess-, then tossed the phone back onto the couch. The small 'love you' was caught, and MJ presses her fingers to her lips to blow a kiss….

The trek to the final scene in NZ was quick, Mary J hiked up her gown and walked as the lady assistant to the director ran over the lines and placement. She was speaking fast, but she was clearly happy to be doing this. The one lady who actually loves her job of being a gopher and everything else that someone needs. "Got it MJ?! So, you may want to scream. But you can't. Because it took hours to get the set right and without Allerdyce, we had to do our best.."

Mary Jane frowns, "I got it. No screaming, always look intense, show a little bit of pain, lower my head and scene?"

"Right. CGI will take care of your actual body burning. I think it'll be cool to have your cheek implode.."

"That's dark, Linda."

"Well I know but, wait til we get to the cutting room, I'm going to show you what it looks like.."

"Can we just have my eyeballs melt first?"

"That's dark, Mary Jane.." Linda remarks.

The set was approached, and soon after, the director calls for places, leaving Mary Jane alone to step up to the platform. It was all routine, but two shots. One of Mary Jane fighting her way to the podium in a struggle, the other where she calmly walks to the set. Each scene was shot at least five times, varying emotion and candor.

And with each shot, Allerdyce was getting quite impatient and really, really fucking angry.

These things take time, and Miles had gotten used to the hurry up and wait that comes with MJ's chosen profession. Ghnoshing on his sandwich, the wiry teen swings his sneakered shoes idly while watching everyone get set up and for the action to begin. The phone is left to the side to roll footage to offer to MJ later so that she can use it.

Popping the last bit of his sandwich into his mouth as they are finally finishing up the shots to prepare to tie Mary Jane to the stake, Miles stretches out. Maybe he can get in a nap before they actually start shooting the scene. He knows it could be another couple of hours. Leaning back against one of the steel beams, he folds his hands behind his head and leans back - getting all relaxed and comfortable. The ringing of the bell, the call for action and cut, it's all a lulling process. Maybe he should have brought his coffee up here to relax with. Taking out his headphones, he slips them on, putting on his mix to bob with.


It was the final call; all quiet on the set, lights where appropriate surround the area as crews stand by to watch. A few here and there eat. The crowds placed in the background at a safe distance of the fire, which would be edited to show that they're a lot closer than they really are.

"Alright people. Final cut. ACTION!"

There was no sense in Mary Jane acting out being brought to the stage, she was already there, the men who were her captors tying her to the stake as she struggles just a little, the bishop (played by Hayerdahl, stood by mournful). Soon the fires were lit, much to Allerdyce's glee, who keeps it cool to let those final words play out..

"I AM COME!" The 'Bishop' says aloud to Mary Jane (Joan). "I exhort you for the last time to repent and seek the pardon of God!"

The flames grew in intensity, and the actor looks mildly alarmed, but he trusted in the crews and said nothing. He does back away quickly, as Mary Jane looks to everyone, her features severe, weary.. but she couldn't hide that slight touch of fear which Allerdyce thought made it look all provocative..

"I die through you."

And it was time!

The flames rise in intensity, Mary Jane could almost feel the fire bleed through her feet through the floorboards below. But she remained true. Art is pain, right? She didn't even scream, she only looked out to the 'crowd' of onlookers, keeping her lips pursed, her shoulders wriggling against the binds..

She could feel the heat intensely, so much so that she begins the sweat, the smoke.. it was real! For when she inhaled she begins to cough, and then the true struggle begins.

"Yes! Yes! Yesss!" Allerdyce cried out, the loud crackles of the fire soon grew with his own crackling, fingers crooked as he steps out into the open. He shows out, playing a concerto with the fire, allowing it to go out of control by his own means to fully engulf the stage and throw -everyone- else who watches into the mix.

They stand-ins and actors, they were surrounded as well!

A collective scream comes across the board, most people attempting to leave, but being surrounded by a ring of fire that reaches out with tendrils to snap them back into a huddle. A few of them actually get burned, but no worse than one of the men, who fell upon that ring to snuff out that portion by accident, yet horribly burning his midsection as a result.

It was nearly 3 AM. Time for a nap, right? The music is relaxing, all is well.

Miles is asleep. He figured Mary Jane would buzz him when things were done and he'd swing back by. He was in the middle of the dream, when the fire was lit —

And his spider senses go absolutely batshit. It starts with a tenseness that crawls his spine and hits him square in the brains. Suddenly everything is awake and alert, just as the flames spread. Just a second too late to start it.

Stepping out in a suit of red and yellow, Allerdyce is controlling the flames - keeping others from escaping. "Oh no, don't run away. The roast of Mary Jane Watson has just begun!"

Miles is immediately pulling off his pants and exposing the black and red trimmed tights beneath. Reaching to grab his mask from the bag, he yanks it on and he immediately leaps downward, the lenses of the mask flaring as the black suited Spider-Man lands on one of the trailers. "Oh, you got flames and game, huh? You need a permit to pun in this town, clown." the young hero quips as he's already leaping up again to grab a hold of the fire control system and as Allerdyce brings the flames up towards him, he's yelling. "I'll fry you too, bug!"

"Sorry, I'm more of a boiling type!" comes the response from the black suit as the flames lick at him and he twists away, hoping the heat is just enough to cause the wax to melt on the fire suppression sprinklers and set them off as he leaps towards the set, landing on a nearby parapice, and his hands come up to shield himself from the flames. "MARY JANE?!" he calls out into the pile, trying to get a bearing on where the woman may be located.

Hearing the cackle and the laugh, Mary Jane -knew- something wasn't right. She still didn't scream, she had to try her best to get out of the fire before it was a little too late, but with her constant coughing and hacking, it was getting a little hard to focus. Her feet immediately begins to try to kick at the podium she's attached to, attempting to knock it off its hinges, and maybe using the weight of it to splinter and shatter so that she could be free. And looking out into the crowd, so many people were afraid and crying..

Hearing her name called out.. she glances up, her eyes watering, unable to see through the thickness of the smoke. It was getting hot. She was getting tired and thirsty, and it was hard to breathe.

"Save everyone!" She cries out hoarsely, still struggling, kicking.. twisting back and forth.

The people who were surrounded by the fire attempt to find other ways to go, but they were trapped, and a blood curtling scream rips through the crowds as a dress is caught on fire. The woman, too frightened and out of her mind to stop, drop and roll.

The director and crews who were not apart of the set were frantic, and calls for water, police, ambulance, anything went out as a few gathered to try to douse water on the flames to no avail. It seemed to grow in intensity, and get angry at their efforts to save Mary Jane and the rest trapped inside.

This is getting serious. And worse. Miles has no water powers. And no control of water. Coughing a couple of times from the smoke, Miles does the only thing he can. He leaps at Pyro. "Allerdyce, put out the flames, noone else needs to get hurt for your madness!" he offers in a plaintive plead. "You don't want to be a murderer!"

"She ruined me, I'm going to ruin all of her!"

As he twists the flames into a snake to snap at Miles, the black suited hero is twisting and leaping. "This isn't the way, man. You can't get anywhere just by burning it all down!"

There had to be some kind of fire control on stage to put out the small fire they had planned to set. His eyes are frantically scanning the studio to try to find it. "If I was a fire extinguisher.. where would I be.." he mutters to himself, feeling that small panic inside of him. He heard the pain and fear in Mary Jane's voice, as he rolls and bounces away from the snake, grabbing the woman that was on fire and rips her skirt off. "Borrowing this!" he yells. "If you're wearing pettycoats, get them off, smother the flames!" He leaps forward, smashing the burning clothing onto the fire, trying to smother it, to make an opening for the others so that he can turn his attention to Mary Jane. "Let the others go, Allerdyce, this doesn't involve them!"

"How dare you!" Allerdyce screams out!

Miles was already in the moment of action, smashing the fires out with the dresses. The women and the men follow suit, frightened, but their anger takes over as they begin to use their own clothing to beat out the flames. Women and a few children escape and run towards the directors who were splashing the waters, which seemed to meet with some effort. The concentration of Allerdyce was now falling onto the Black Spider, forget everyone else.. they didn't anger him as much as this bug did!

Mary Jane gives one, last.. resounding kick with the bottom of her bare feet to the podium, which finally cracks and falls at an angle, which puts Mary Jane at her side. She was close to the flames, but she was able now to work herself and roll to the opposite side as best she could, nearer to the flames that was being doused by water. She was able to breathe just a little, but still she coughed in attempts to clear the smoke from her lungs.

"That son-uv-a-bitch!" Hayerdahl cries out towards Allerdyce, all the while beating the ground to quell the flames. "You could have killed everyone!" With his accent, the anger itself was hard to ignore.

Other people began to site with Hayerdahl, crying out their frustrations, beating their fists against the air with a chant that calls Miles' to handle him before everyone dies.

Sure, he can't be Spider-Man, could he?! He's wearing black!

"Get him Black Spider!" One of the women call out!

Allerdyce suddenly got nervous.

"Get Mary Jane!" Miles calls out to Hayerdahl, knowing that she's still in danger, even if she had done a bit of self-rescuing, she still needs a little help. But his attention is keeping on Allerdyce, as more flames lick at him and call his attention. "The Towering Inferno set is in California!" comes the quip from the spider.

He so needs help with the one-liners. Leaping and skittering along the ground, Miles tries to find an opening, keeping ahead of the flames that lick and flicker at him. "You hear them, Pyro? You're not really helping anyone here. Stop this, while you can…"

But apparently there's flames still being sent, molded, and flickered at him.

Miles takes to the air one more time in a high and tight spiral as he twists in mid-air, and using a piece of the set to launch forward, vaults himself over Pyro, landing behind the flame-controlling mutant. "Did you know that electricity causes over 25000 fires a year?" Why does he even..

Because Miles swings into Pyro and unleashes a massive electrical burst, hoping to disrupt his control of the flames and snuff them out by breaking his fine motor control over them.

Hayerdahl hears the Spider, and immediately rushes to Mary Jane's side. It was a bit of a feat for the older actor, but he jumps through what little flames that try to lick through his boots, and immediately crawls to her side.

"The rope!" She wheezes out to Christopher, which he immediately begins to try to untie.

"Christ, they did a good job.." He remarks, attempting to keep the mood and rescue light, though his gravely voice fails to do so. Finally he gets her free, and ushers her off with a crouch towards the opposite side.

They were now safe.

Allerdyce's focus was now directed on the flames that attack Miles, leaving the others to get free and run for safety as well. Siren's were heard in the distance, and real fear starts to creep upon the attacker as he tries to fight back, his attention split. Screw the quips, he was now going for murder as he flings a fire bolt at Miles, who effectively dodges and slams into him, sending him flying backwards, his entire body disrupted as he falls to the ground in a writhe and tremble. The flames were dying, leaving only a few flickering embers that had engulf the wood and the set around them. Everyone was saved!

The effort was everyone; the ones who escaped helped with dousing the flames with buckets of water, others were performing a few bandaging tasks and first aid.. security guards surround Allerdyce to keep him pinned until the cops came.

A few women and children attempt to surround the Spider Man, offering their praise and thanks, even one little kid attempts to hug Miles by the leg.

"Thank you evil Spider-Dude! You saved us!"

With the flames dying out and being taken care of, the Black Spider does what he can to help. But when the adoration comes, he immediately balks.. backing away. "Just remember, only you can prevent madmen from starting fires." That was even lamer. He needs so much work on the quips. But there's no offering of hugs. Instead the spider just suddenly.. vanishes. Completely from view he disappears as he finally leaps back into the rafters.

Because he has to change.

After a few moments, coughing and straggling in, Miles Morales is rubbing at his eyes. "…is everyone accounted for?" he asks, before his eyes are immediately scanning the crowd. "…where's Mary Jane?!" worry tears at his voice - something he had to hide in costume, but now can offer up better. The true worry he has. "There's police and ambulance on the way.."

There was a gasp from the crowd as the Black Spider disappears! Most of the mumblings disappear as everyone disperses to collect the others who remain fallen due to shock, helping the up, patting their backs, bringing them water from the bottles. Everyone remained in one spot as they speak amongst themselves, some of the kids remarking on what they've seen the Black Spider do, one kid mimicking with hand-movements how Miles twisted through the air and landed with a shocking .. punch? Land? They couldn't tell!

It was exciting!

Hearing Miles, Mary Jane immediately leaps from her spot in the back, blanket that was covering her fallen off as she leaps into his arms to hug him tight! Her lips were close to his ears, whispering words that only he could hear. "You. Kick. Ass!"


Mary Jane swore!

But still, she keeps that tight embrace with him, rocking back and forth, her eyes closing as she buries her face into his neck. She was -so- glad he was there, so glad that everyone was saved.. and just so glad that she was able to hug him this time after a tragedy. While no one died, the fact that people were attacked called it just that, a tragedy.

"You need to be laying down!" Miles is chiding, worried. His mother's rubbed off on him enough to know she's been through a trauma - but he's holding onto her tightly. "I was terrified." She knows what he really means, but there's no need to translate that for others. He glances up as everyone else is looking around at everyone else, and he meets her eyes, in the midsts of this tragedy, and he just blurts.

"I love you," he manages, but closer, and quieter, he adds, "Stop trying to kill yourself to prove it though." It's partially teasing as he pulls her back in, just holding onto the redhead until the paramedics seperate them to take her in for observation, and he plans to follow. And while the police are taking in the unconscious Allerdyce, he starts to come to, glaring over at Miles and MJ. They will pay. They will all pay.

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